HOW to CHOOSE the RIGHT BLENDER Steamer – Which One Is Better

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLENDER steamer - which one is better


A steamer-blender is 2: 1: it steams and grinds even raw potatoes and boiled meat into a mush. A smart thing in everyday life!

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLENDER steamer - which one is better

Read below about how to choose a blender-steamer to “feed” your son, daughter and (God forbid, wait) grandchildren.

Why do you need a blender-steamer?

Steamed baby food is prepared in it. WITH preservation of vitamins and nutrients up to 99.9%. The device grinds meat and vegetables into a soft, airy puree without lumps and pieces.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLENDER steamer - which one is better

The volume of a device such as the Nuvita Papasana Vapor Combo is enough for several servings at once. You can prepare porridge for several meals or feed several children at once.

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The principle of operation of a steamer-blender

Outwardly, the device looks like a blender: a block with control buttons, a bowl and a lid for it. However, devices are divided into two types:

  • vertical – the jug is placed on top of the block;
  • horizontal – where the body has 2 working zones. In one there are Shades, a battery and electronics; a cup is placed on the second. An example of such a steamer is the Gorenje BFM900BY.

In some horizontal models, you can install several bowls at the same time and cook vegetables, chop meat and sterilize bottles.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLENDER steamer - which one is better

Usually bowls are made of glass. Less often, it is made of metal, covered with plastic on the outside in order not to burn during cooking.

But all devices have one thing in common – the body has a compartment for the water inlet. Hot steam enters the cup with products in two ways:

  • through a hole in the bottom, protected from the ingress of food inside the device;
  • through the slits on the side. Steam goes into the lid, then sinks to the bottom of the bowl, continuously circulating from bottom to top.

In fact, both types of components release steam from the bottom: since hot air tends to rise, this type of preparation looks the most logical. It’s just done in different ways.


Types of steamers-blenders

With models that look like a standard blender, there is more gloom. Before preparing complementary food, you need to perform a number of actions.

  1. Cook the food in the appliance → pour into a plate.
  2. Install the nozzle with knives (if hired) into the bowl → fix it on the block → pour back the food.
  3. Process the products to a puree-like state → pour the porridge into a bowl or bottle.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLENDER steamer - which one is better

Another thing is the AVENT werewolf cup (SCF885/01). Cooking in such a way is simplified many times.

  1. The ingredients must be placed in the bowl → close with a lid → turn the container upside down and fix it on the block.
  2. Pour water into the tank → activate the “Steam cooking” mode.
  3. When the food is cooked, return the bowl to its original position → turn on the blender, and grind the products.

Some models are equipped with an additional sterilizer container. It is convenient and practical. Because on such a device you can not only cook, but also disinfect baby nipples and bottles without too much trouble.

Importantly: children’s dishes are not sterilized in a standard steamer-blender bowl. It melts or deforms.

What to consider when choosing a blender-steamer: table

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Device care

Considering the fact that the device is used to prepare baby food, it will have to be washed more often and more thoroughly.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BLENDER steamer - which one is better

Universal rules of care for a blender-steamer:

  • After each cooking, wash all parts and accessories in running water/dishwasher.
  • The case should be wiped. Do not submerge in water, as the bottom is filled with electronics.
  • It is necessary to regularly remove scale.
  • After washing, thoroughly wipe the legs and removable parts so as not to create conditions for the appearance of rust.
  • Only use dishwashing gels. Abrasive particles of soda can damage the knives or get into the evaporator.

Summing up which steamer-blender is better, the conclusions are obvious:

  1. you need to look for a quiet but powerful device with which you can prepare everything necessary for the baby in a matter of minutes;
  2. other functions, according to the type of different knives, the possibility of a pressure cooker and others, it is better to choose based on your needs.

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