How to Choose the Right Blender for Your Home? Submersible or Stationary?

How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?



When choosing a blender, you need to understand the purpose of the purchase. For example, some are better for mixing cocktails, while others are great helpers in the kitchen. There are two types of blenders – stationary and submersible! It is better for the hostess to choose the submersible option – for making baby puree, various yogurts, cereals. For parties and experiments, as well as for bartenders, a stationary blender is suitable.

What to look for when buying?

The price is influenced by two serious factors – the number of blender functions and the company. More advanced, branded options are more expensive. An ordinary consumer will not need an expensive blender, most of the functions are specific, that is, unnecessary.

Buy a blender according to your needs. Pay attention to the characteristics of the blender (price, company, number of functions). If you need to prepare baby puree, then take a blender suitable for this task (ask the seller or look at the packaging, usually you can find out all the charms of the device before buying). Thus, you can buy a cheap but useful blender in the kitchen.

How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?

Types of blenders

stationary view

The “bartender’s tool” starts the dance with us – this is a stationary blender, sometimes it is also called a shaker. Used for mixing cocktails, with the help of it they crush ice. Compared to a homemade kitchen blender that you have to hold, it is much easier to use, press the button and get the result. It is cheap and there is no need for washing – it cleans itself, a special function is provided for this.

A feature of such a blender is the bowl, or rather what it is made of. There are two options – plastic or glass, both bowls have their pros and cons.

Plastic absorbs unpleasant odors and begins to darken – this effect is gradual, becoming stronger over the years. Glass is fragile and can break, and buying and inserting a new one is quite problematic. Plastic, of course, is cheaper, but pouring “hot” into such a bowl will not work. They are already starting to sell bowls that do not absorb anything and do not turn into a dark clot over the years. Therefore, everything is purely individual – it is better to choose a proven model, consult with friends or read reviews.

If the family is large, we recommend choosing a 2.5 liter bowl. If you live alone, then 500 ml is enough, but keep in mind that it cannot be completely filled, so we remove 200 ml – this will be the optimal volume.

Power – the more the better. After all, the blender will “process” products faster. Experts advise buying blenders with a power of 350-600 watts. A milkshake at this speed is prepared in 10-20 minutes.


submersible view

Buying an immersion blender is a great choice for small kitchen jobs. It will help to make baby puree, perfectly chop simple foods, such as onions. It does not take up much space and is extremely convenient. Finely chop fruits, vegetables, is able to chop meat – turn it into minced meat, etc. But one minus – the blender needs to be held in your hands when working, you can get tired. The price is affected by the material from which the “leg” is made. Plastic is cheaper, but it’s better to buy with iron! It’s more expensive, but more reliable.

We pay attention to the power so that the hands do not get tired – you need to choose a more powerful blender. Also some blenders have a speed setting!

Usually, an immersion blender is sold with additional tools (nozzles for various applications). Therefore, it is important to choose a model that will really be as useful as possible in the kitchen. The most powerful model will cost about 100 dollars, but the low price category is 10 dollars.

Cheap or expensive?

If you buy a simple model, then you will not get a lot of features. Just one nozzle, start/stop button and easy gear shifting with a lever. Expensive models are more functional, but consume less energy. If the operation is frequent, then it is more correct to choose an expensive, but more reliable and less electrically consuming model.

How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?

What are the best blender models?

Braun MQ735 HB

A real kitchen helper, a great help for an inexperienced hostess. The kit includes a small number of nozzles and a couple of convenient bowls. Gets the job done quickly and excellently. Suitable for solid products, capable of crushing them – for this there is a special powerful Turbo mode. Perfectly grinds greens or even nuts. Able to knead the dough. No flaws, highly recommended! A rather expensive submersible blender – the approximate price is 80 dollars.

How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?

RUSSELL HOBBS 20230-56 Illumina

Those who like to create cocktails and experiment will like RUSSELL HOBBS 20230-56 Illumina! Buyers appreciate it for its power, volume and unique design. But it is quite “bulky” and noisy. It mixes well, works well and the price is good – only 4,000 for this stationary miracle for smoothies and other drinks.

How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?


Powerful motor – 450 watts. Turbo mode, which starts to act instantly (one has only to press the button). Lightweight, convenient to use. It is suitable for whipping egg whites, a special nozzle for mashing, crushing nuts and greens. It has 4 sharp blades, the leg is made of stainless steel! Attention – the price of this device is only 30 dollars!

How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?


As many as five speeds with turbo mode! Powerful immersion blender – 500W! The knife is made of stainless steel, and the price will pleasantly surprise you – only 15$! Beats the dough, crushes the fruit. Buyers are satisfied! Stylish, functional, powerful and reliable – we recommend!How to choose the right blender for your home?  Submersible or stationary?

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