How to Choose Dishes for a Microwave Oven – More Than 10 Tips to Help

How to choose dishes for a microwave oven - more than 10 tips to help


Microwave ovens are convenient and functional to use, but there is one small nuance – for their proper operation, you need to choose the appropriate containers.

How to choose dishes for a microwave oven - more than 10 tips to help

Otherwise, you can achieve sparks inside the device and its failure. How to correctly choose the right dishes for a microwave oven in order to avoid these and other troubles is described in the article.

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What dishes cannot be used?

How to choose dishes for a microwave oven - more than 10 tips to help

Regardless of the shape and material of the container, there are several options that are strictly prohibited for use in microwave ovens:

  1. Metal plates and bowls. Food in such containers simply will not heat up, because the material is resistant to the influence of microwaves. In addition, metal can cause real “fireworks” with sparks inside the device, causing the latter to malfunction.
  2. Containers decorated with pictures. This is especially true of a saucer with gilding patterns. It is not recommended to use containers with any pattern on the outside or inside, they may contain metal particles. The consequences of violating this rule are food with a burnt taste or a broken device. It is better to pay attention to this option: form MR11142-43.
  3. Crystal. Beautiful salad bowls should be saved for decorating a festive feast. Such plates have a non-uniform structure, which interferes with the proper operation of the microwave unit. Another minus: the composition of crystal utensils contains lead, silver – metals that lead to problems with the product.
  4. Disposable container. Plastic without special marking (icon with the image of a microwave oven) will simply “melt” inside the device, cardboard in turn will be covered with steam, which will negatively affect the taste and appearance of food inside such a vessel.

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Before sending the dish to the microwave oven, you need to carefully inspect the bowl for chips and cracks. All these defects can lead not only to damage to the container, but also to the malfunction of the kitchen device itself.

Another nuance – the food in the container should not be tightly closed with a lid or wrapped in a film. It is necessary to make holes through which steam will escape without problems. Otherwise, you can wait for a real local explosion inside the device.

What is recommended to use?

There are many options that are optimal for trouble-free cooking and heating with a microwave oven.

How to choose dishes for a microwave oven - more than 10 tips to help

The best of them are presented below:

  • Glass. The ideal option is heat-resistant and fire-resistant. The walls of such containers are quite thick and strong. Under the influence of microwaves, they do not heat up, only the food inside is heated. ARCUISINE 123AA00 can be cited as an example. ordinary salad bowls and glass plates can be used, if there are no cracks or patterns on them.
  • Plastic. Not all containers made of this material are suitable. You need to choose options that have an icon with a picture in the form of microwaves. Containers must withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius. At the same time, you cannot use plastic molds for cooking sweets with sugar or fat: such ingredients easily heat up to high temperatures and lead to deformation of the vessel.
  • Silicon. Convenient and light containers in which you can prepare an unusual dessert or second course (for example, LT3011). Silicone easily withstands high temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius, while not being deformed.

It is also allowed to use ceramic, clay, porcelain containers in appliances, which are covered with glaze on all sides and do not have a gold or silver border. Artificial products, for example, buns, can be heated using a cardboard box, the bottom of which is lined with parchment paper, a napkin.

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Utensils for cooking using a grill or convection

These modes in the microwave allow you not only to heat up food or prepare the simplest dishes, but also to pamper your household with biscuits, cakes, and chicken with an appetizing crust.

How to choose dishes for a microwave oven - more than 10 tips to help

For grilling and convection, you can use containers with:

  • glass or glass ceramics – a universal option for all modes and any types of dishes. The material must be heat-resistant and heat-resistant;
  • ceramics or porcelain – you can use it, but don’t forget to cover it with glaze on all sides (for example, a baking dish);
  • silicone – withstands high temperatures, so it is quite suitable for frying chicken or baking cupcakes.

During convection and grilling, the temperature inside the device can rise above 180 degrees Celsius, so you should not use plastic. Also, after cooking in these modes, you should take out the container in tongs so as not to burn yourself. Another nuance – you need to choose a container with a “reserve”, because when baking, the dough will rise higher, and the juice may spill out if the bowl is shallow.

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When choosing the right container for microwaves, it is worth remembering – it is worth avoiding colored, patterned plates, metal inclusions. Depending on the selected cooking mode, you should select an individual container (just heating or baking). For combined cooking – for example, grilling until crispy, and then switching to standard mode – you need to choose a universal option of a bowl or plate (glass, silicone).


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