How to Choose an Electric Meat Grinder for the House: 5 Main Criteria

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria


Choosing a good electric meat grinder is not an easy task. But from the article you can find out which features should be looked at first. Here we talk about the types, materials, characteristics and other nuances that will help the buyer of the best – convenient and productive device.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Types of meat grinders

According to the principle of product processing, electric meat grinders are divided into 2 types:

  1. Augers – like MG-2018R. turns around and feeds the meat to the knife. Most users buy screw electric meat grinders for their home. They do not grind the meat to the state of paste, but shred it, which makes the minced meat more juicy.
  2. Kutterny Such a device acts like a mixer: it does not chop, but grinds products to the state of puree. Practically not common.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

In terms of functionality, electric meat grinders can be:

  • classic – without auxiliary functions: they only grind meat;
  • universal – allow not only to cook minced meat, but also to cut vegetables, make juice and puree.

By purpose, electric meat grinders are also of two types: industrial and household. Such units are more powerful, more productive and able to work longer without interruption. They are needed only in production – or if a large family of a hundred people lives at home :).

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Household meat grinders

Household soft toys that work on electricity are not much different in their device from manual models: except that they have an electric motor.

So, a household electric type meat grinder consists of:

  • body;
  • receiver – tray for products;
  • auger;
  • the knife;
  • matrices – grids made in the form of a disk with holes;
  • clamping nut, which fixes the parts of the device;
  • executive electrical.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Manufacturers also equip models with additional nozzles and functions. The ME105830, for example, has a sausage nozzle.
from industrial electric meat grinders, household ones are less productive and work more quietly. They should be chosen for everyday use.

Industrial meat grinders

To choose the ideal industrial electric meat grinder, if you need it not at home, but in a store or restaurant, you need to follow only one rule: the more powerful, the better. It will not hurt to take a closer look at the number of knives. This affects both the performance of the device and the quality of product processing.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

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Characteristics of meat grinders

How to choose a meat grinder for home?

In order to choose the right meat grinder, it is necessary to take into account not only the criteria that were listed in the table above. Some things, for example, the height of the neck, it is better to check live or look at the measurements in the technical data sheet of the device.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

It would be good if the body of the electric meat grinder had a place for conducting and nozzles, as in the MFW3520W. This way, it is not only more compact to store the device, but also safer: the nozzles do not come into contact with water, and the cord does not get tangled or broken.

The power of the meat grinder

When choosing an electric meat grinder, this indicator must be taken into account. It is closely related to processing speed. Usually, manufacturers write 2 types of power:

  1. Nominal (the same is working) – from which the device works in standard mode.
  2. The peak/threshold is the limit indicator, which is triggered if the meat grinder is difficult to cope with the processing: cartilage, too large or stringy piece of meat has been caught. At this load, the engine runs for a couple of seconds (usually this is enough to grind a difficult-to-process piece), and then returns to normal mode.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Note: MFW67440 jamming power is 2 kW. Such a model will definitely cope with veins and cartilage. And it also has a cord compartment.

Usually, the power when jamming is indicated on the package. It varies between 1000-2000 Watts in most models. The peak power of home appliances rarely exceeds 1500 W.

Importantly: the more powerful the meat grinder, the more “complex” pieces it can process.

The material and shape of the body of the electric meat grinder

If the knives must be made of stainless steel, then the body is made not only of metal, but also of plastic. Food-grade plastic models are lighter, but they can change color over time and are less impact-resistant than all-metal models. But on the latter, scratches and fingerprints are more clearly visible.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Note: for products, which is attached to the neck, can also be made of metal or plastic. For example, in MG2000SJE it is metal.

In order to buy a convenient meat grinder, you need to pay attention not only to the material, but also to the shape of the body: if it is convex, then the plate for ready minced meat should NOT be placed close to it, and this is not very comfortable. So that the processed meat does not fall on the table, it is better to choose an option of such a shape that allows you to put the bowl close to it.

necks are insurance against accidents. Most electric meat grinders have a neck with a height of 11-15 cm. Special pushers for products are added to all meat grinders (for example, to ME208139).

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Note: convenient when the case is disassembled (neck and food tray are removed). This allows you to store the device more compactly.

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Complete set of an electric meat grinder

TO any electric meat grinder with an auger, in addition to this part, a knife and a grate – disc are added. The auger is a spiral spare part. Knives and additional accessories are attached to it. When the auger rotates, it pushes the meat towards the knives.

Note: some devices have two screws made of different materials. One is classic made of metal, and the other is made of plastic. It is designed to work with dough and vegetables: these products will slide off easier from plastic, which means that it will be easier to wash them.

Knives are made of stainless steel. They are unilateral or bilateral. The latter shred meat faster. Over time, the knives have to be sharpened, but if you want to save yourself from having to do it yourself or carry parts to the workshop, it is better to buy a model with self-sharpening accessories (like the MG516).
mincemeat help to achieve the desired consistency of meat, potato, fish mince. To vary the degree of grinding, it is better to choose a meat grinder with two, and ideally with three grates. The smaller the diameter of the holes in the disc, the smaller the device shakes.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Purpose of gratings:

  • Small – for pâtés, mashed potatoes, baby food, chicken and fish mince.
  • Medium – for minced meat from beef, pork.
  • Large – for preparing chopped patties, chopping raw vegetables and fruits.

Also, any electric meat grinder includes a tray. With it, it is more convenient to put products in the throat. The deeper and wider it is, the better. In some meat grinders, the tray comes with a lid: it can be easily removed and used as a food container.

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Additional nozzles

Manufacturers add various auxiliary accessories to meat grinders, which greatly expand the field of activity. With the help of such devices, you can prepare salads, mashed potatoes and sausage, and form cookies.

Note: in some cases, such nozzles are not included in the set, but are produced separately. On the one hand, it is convenient, as it allows you to buy the accessory you need and exclude unnecessary ones. On the other hand, you will have to spend time and money on choosing and buying the necessary device.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

7 types of additional nozzles:

  1. Kebbe (as in) – suitable for preparing kebabs.
  2. The juicer is ideal for pampering yourself and your family with fresh juices. In addition, if the meat grinder is powerful enough, you can prepare mashed potatoes and juices as a reserve.
  3. For sausages – somewhat similar to a kebbe, but here you can fasten the gut, where the minced meat will go.
  4. Grater, slicer can be used to prepare mashed potatoes, cut/grate products.

  5. For cookies – makes shaped sausages/circles from the dough.
  6. For pasta, he makes spaghetti, noodles.

  7. Cutlet molds – will come in handy so that all the cutlets come out the same size. They not only look beautiful, but also fry more evenly.

“Reverse” function

How annoying it is when the wires wind up on the auger, and you have to disassemble and clean the meat grinder so that it can work properly again! You can put up with this and continue to deal with the problem in the old way, or you can choose a device with a reverse.

When this function is activated, the auger rotates in the opposite direction. Thanks to this, pieces of unprocessed meat and veins are pushed out. With reverse, you don’t have to stop and clean the device.

Note: on some electric meat grinders, the button that activates the reverse mode is combined with the shutdown button. In these cases, a short press usually works. It is more convenient if there is a separate reverse button on the body of the electric meat grinder.

Protection against overloading of the electric meat grinder

Many manufacturers equip meat grinders with electronic protection against overheating. It prevents overloading of the device, prevents the engine from burning out. Buying a device with such protection means choosing a device that will last a long time.

How to choose an electric meat grinder for the house: 5 main criteria

Note: rubber suction cups reduce vibration and noise.

How does automatic overload protection work? When an electric meat grinder, for example, the MFW3640A, works for too long without rest, the engine temperature exceeds the norm, the protection system with a fuse “feels” this and interrupts the operation of the equipment.

The main manufacturers of electric meat grinders

You should not trust strangers not only at parties, but also when choosing kitchen appliances. Of course, meat grinders from “Noname” can cost less than devices of well-known brands. But in this case, the miser will pay two or even three times, since cheap devices from little-known manufacturers do not differ in reliability.

Examples of companies that make good meat grinders:


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