How to Choose an Electric Kettle? Test Buy Tips & Videos

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos



To select the model of the electric kettle that is right for you, you should work hard, because there are a very large number of different types and models on sale. To understand what exactly will look most organic in the kitchen, you will need to know your own priorities regarding the kettle and apply them to the main characteristics for this kitchen appliance.

Basic selection options

The options for choosing an electric kettle are as follows:

  • The material from which the teapot is made is not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the longevity of its operation, the environmental friendliness of use and the high quality of the drink that will be brewed from this teapot.
  • Type and method of operation of the heating element. It is he who plays the main role in the process of heating water, that is, the main purpose of using the kettle is concentrated in it.
  • The kettle comes with a pitcher and a stand.
  • The overall appearance plus the convenience of the whole design.
  • The volume of the jug. It all depends on the frequency of use of this device, and on the number of people for whom it is designed.
  • Power indicators. They directly affect the rate of boiling water. The standard indicator in the kettle is 2-2.5 kW. This is usually sufficient for operation with the average needs of the family.
  • Presence and type of filter. It is this detail that purifies water from foreign mechanical impurities, which is beneficial to health. There are both kettles on sale without filters (their price is the lowest, as well as the quality of the resulting boiling water), and with 1 or 2 filters (they guarantee maximum water purification and a drink with the best taste).
  • Depending on the number of people and the possible volume of water needed, you can choose this kitchen appliance as a large (up to 4 l) and small volume (0.5-1.5 l). This is an individual need.
  • Possibility to adjust the temperature. This function is already additional, bringing convenience to the operation of the kettle. For example, when preparing food for a baby, it is imperative to observe a special temperature regime. And brewed at a temperature just a few degrees below the boiling point of water (100°C), tea is famous for its most open taste – especially for various types of green tea.
  • Brand affiliation is a measure of loyalty to a brand or manufacturer.
  • Modification – a kind of teapot. Today, more and more different subspecies of electric kettles appear on sale: tea makers, thermopots, thermoses, which also serve as a kettle.
  • Has an auto-off function. For especially forgetful people, turning off the device on its own when it starts working without water is an important component when choosing a model. A good electric kettle always has this handy and important feature.

Types of electric kettles

Being an integral part of any kitchen, electric kettles also play the role of an interior detail. It is for this reason that their classification is very diverse and the choice should be made taking into account personal preferences.

Kettles by type of materialfrom which they are made, can be plastic, metal and glass.

Features of plastic teapots

Plastic – the most common types of this kitchen unit. They can be made of various types and compositions of plastics and have a variety of colors.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

Such models have a long service life, the plastic is very impact-resistant and strong. The plastic properties of plastic make it possible to create different shapes of the teapot.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

This allows you to find a kitchen appliance that fully matches the color and style of the kitchen. And since the cost of such teapots is very affordable, they are popular with a wide range of people.

However, plastic electric kettles have several disadvantages:

  • plastic quickly loses its aesthetic appearance;
  • low level of environmental friendliness – in the process of boiling water, an inevitable reaction occurs between water and plastic, and at high temperatures this can manifest itself in a gradual negative impact on health.

The use of high-quality plastic in the creation of such models and a guarantee from a well-known manufacturer will minimize this defect and allow you to drink tea without the taste of plastic.

Electric kettles made of metal

Metal electric kettles are more environmentally friendly, but when drinking water from such a kettle, a taste of metal can be felt in the drink. The durability of this type of equipment makes it possible to use it for a long time, under difficult operating conditions (for example, in extreme cold, in conditions of high humidity, at high ambient temperatures).

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

The strength of the material is also a significant plus when choosing such a model.

However, metal does not allow diversifying appliance models, although a combination of materials is possible, for example, a metal electric kettle sheathed in plastic. This type will make it possible to create any color of the model and will not allow the device to overheat, because metal teapots get very hot when boiling water, which is another disadvantage.

The cost of such a kettle is quite high, and in combination with the heavy weight of the metal model (about 3 kg with water), it makes it popular with a limited number of fans of metal kitchen appliances.

Glass teapots

Electric kettles made of glass are very beautiful, elegant and will suit any interior. Glass is an environmentally friendly material that, when in contact with water, does not give any reaction. Glass models of teapots will become a real decoration of any kitchen, because the ease of care for them and ease of operation, as well as the affordability of the price, make them one of the most popular.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

Limited forms, a high degree of body heating during boiling, fragility – these are the negative qualities of glass electric kettles.

If speak about the form of a heating element, which is the main part of any electric kettle, there are also several types of them.

Types of heating element

closed type

The closed heating element, or disk, is most often found in teapots presented on store shelves. Long service life and high-quality performance of its main purpose are, perhaps, the main advantages of this type of heating disc. The disadvantages include increased noise during the heating process, a rather high cost.

Open heating element

The open heating element is a well-known spiral located at the bottom of the kettle. The main disadvantage of this arrangement of the heating element is the difficult access to care for the bottom of the kettle. An important disadvantage is the need to start work when the spiral is completely closed with water, which means that you cannot boil one glass of water in it. And due to the small area of ​​​​contact between the water and the spiral, the boiling speed in such models is less compared to kettles with a hidden heating element.

Types of stands for electric kettle

A pirouette type stand is considered more convenient to use. A feature of its use is the ability to turn on the kettle in any position.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

The central round contact makes it possible to use the electric kettle for both people with an active right hand and left-handers.

The second type of delivery has, as a rule, a rectangular shape and a contact located on the side. It is less durable and not as convenient to use.

In demand today

Thanks to advertising campaigns and the analysis of consumer surveys, several models of the most popular manufacturers of electric kettles can be identified. Among them, there are both budget models that are affordable to everyone, and expensive ones that have additional features that can become a real decoration of any kitchen. Let’s list the main ones.


Manufacturer Boschrepresenting model TWK 8613has long been known for the high build quality of kitchen appliances, affordable cost.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

This model is made of plastic, and double walls will allow you to keep water hot longer, not to burn yourself during operation. Its feature is the ability to maintain the desired temperature – this additional “bells and whistles” will appeal to lovers of long tea drinking.

Braun WK 300

Model Braun WK 300 is also available to a wide range of customers, its design and the availability of models of various colors will not leave indifferent the most demanding consumer. The presence of a water filter and the ability to rotate the kettle on a stand are important characteristics of this electric kettle.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

Tefal BF 9251

The Tefal BF 9251 electric kettle model is also in demand today due to the presence of additional features that make this kettle easy to use. This is the coating of the walls of the kettle with silver ions, which improve the quality of the water in it, the possibility of rotation on the stand and protection against the likely inclusion of an empty kettle. And the backlight and operation indicator improve the design of the model.

How to choose an electric kettle?  Test Buy Tips & Videos

To choose an electric kettle, you should analyze both the models available on the market and reviews of the selected types of such kettles.

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