How to Choose a Robotic Pool Cleaner

How to choose a robotic pool cleaner

Land-based robotic equipment is not a novelty for us – it has already adapted in houses and apartments, offices and shopping malls. And what do we know about their underwater “brothers”? The need for daily cleaning (or at least 2 times a week) of small, medium and huge outdoor pools starts to go off scale with the onset of the outdoor swimming season. What reliable, functional and affordable robotic pool cleaner will work for more than one season? By what criteria is it right to choose the best option that guarantees the transparency of the water, the cleanliness of the bottom and side walls of the huge pool bowl? What is the quality of the purification of the water itself and why does it not need to be drained? There are many questions.

We decided to dedicate a short review to this topic. In all respects, the underwater robot vacuum cleaner for the pool with unrealistically cool functionality and stylish design easily overtakes mechanical manual cleaners. It is with him that water procedures become beneficial to health! Have you trusted smart robots to clean for a long time? Then you will be interested in the top 10 best robot vacuum cleaners for the home.

In order to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for pool cleaning in terms of functions and price from a kaleidoscope of automated models, we will reveal the secret of its safety and basic technical characteristics – we pay attention to them first of all. Top 5 reliable models are waiting for you!

What criteria to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for the pool

For optimal navigation on the sliding surfaces of the bottom and walls, stable wide wheels (or tracks), an articulated short cable cord and a powerful motor that rotates the brushes are required. The second level of criteria is no less important:

  • the total area of ​​the cleaned surface (up to 50 m2, up to 80 m2 and more);
  • several cleaning modes (floor + the ability to clean the “sides” + water line);
  • weight (it can be significant!), range from 5 to 20+ kg;
  • availability of programmable operating functions and sensors;
  • performance in m3/h (the more the better). Range from 10 to 36+ m3/h.

Additional features include versatility – cleaning of any surfaces: mosaic, vinyl, concrete, PVC film, etc.

Now about safety (water is an excellent conductor of electric current!) The pool cleaner works on low-voltage power sources, when an “electrical force majeure” occurs, the power supply is automatically blocked. Therefore, electric shock is not possible. But it is better to run the device to work in an artificial reservoir without people.

Along with the price, such an indicator as energy consumption is positioned, an acceptable value on average is 100-200 W / h. If the value exceeded 500-600 W / h, the cost of “eaten” electricity will quickly make a “hole” in your budget.

Choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for the pool: a parade of models

Consider the pros and cons of popular models from different price segments in order to choose “your” home robotic assistant for cleaning an artificial reservoir.

Dolphin S50 brand Maytronics

A compact device, similar to a children’s caterpillar moon rover, is designed to clean the bottom of small pools (max area 50 m2, max length 10 m). Price 800-900 $. It features good water suction power – 15 m3 / h, the presence of a garbage container (instead of a bag) and low weight – 6.3 kg. The battery charging time is 1.5 hours, which is enough for 1.5 hours of work. Automatically turns off at the end of the work cycle.

If you already liked this robot vacuum cleaner for the pool, we will additionally get acquainted with its attractive features.

  • t water in the range of 12-35°C.
  • Versatility – works on all types of surfaces.
  • Cable cord length 12 m.
  • Two motors, motor voltage 29V, power consumption 180W.
  • Water protection class IP68 (continuous operation at a depth of up to 1.5 m for 0.5 h).
  • Overall dimensions 50x40x30 cm. Brushes 30 cm wide are made of PVC.
  • 4 replacement cartridges.

The disadvantages of an underwater cleaner from an Israeli manufacturer include the absence of a waste basket full indicator and a remote control, and the cord can twist. Only cleans the bottom of the pool, although the model Dolphin S100 perfectly cleans the walls of the pool.

How to choose a robotic pool cleaner

Reliable underwater robot pool cleaner Dolphin S50 is easy to operate and efficient in operation!

aquabot FRC90

The proposed range of universal cleaners for private pools belongs to the premium segment – the lower price threshold starts from 1000$ aquabot FRC90 is an underwater robot vacuum cleaner for a pool area of ​​60-80 m2 and a length of up to 12 m, with a navigation system based on a gyroscope.

The hallmark of the series FRC – not only the bottom, but also the walls + waterline are cleaned “excellent”, as for more expensive models of the series Magnum and UR. And the rest of the features are decent.

  • The duration of cleaning is from 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Throughput – 19 m3 / h.
  • The length of the float (non-sinking) cable is 18 m.
  • The container for debris, grains of sand and dirt is a reusable bag with a double fabric filter.
  • Weight 8 kg.
  • 2 rollers made of high quality PVC.
  • Economical energy consumption based on innovative technology platforma Dual.

Minus one – high cost.

How to choose a robotic pool cleaner

Your pool will always be in perfect condition – this maneuverable robot pool cleaner Aquabot FRC90 will ensure this.

Dolphin Supreme M400

High tech pool cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Dolphin Supreme M400 differs not only in the presence of a trolley for transporting the device. An advanced (and expensive) model designed to clean any surface – ceramic and metal, PVC film, glass mosaic and composite materials. How does he surprise buyers who decide to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for the pool?

  • 3 modes for cleaning the bottom, walls and waterline of pools up to 12 m long and with an area > eight0 m2 + 3 brushes + 2 motors.
  • Navigation system based on a gyroscope.
  • Remote control via mobile app My Dolphin on the phone and through Bluetooth.
  • Continuous operation up to 2.5 hours
  • Power consumption – 150 W.
  • Suction power – 17 m3/h.
  • Weight – 10 kg, 18 m cable cord (not twisted).

The cost is 2000$ for owners of country houses with large outdoor pools, it may not be a disadvantage – the model has too many pluses! In the top 5, she takes the place of the leader. There are also more expensive cleaning robots.

Perfect cleanliness of the pool bowl and water without problems guarantees the best underwater robot vacuum cleaner for the pool Dolphin Supreme M400!

How to choose a robotic pool cleaner

The best underwater robot pool vacuum cleaner Dolphin Supreme M400 guarantees the ideal cleanliness of the pool bowl and water without any problems!

Zodiac Tornax RT3200 PRO

I turned it on, launched it into the pool, took it out after 2-2.5 hours – and all the problems with cleaning the artificial reservoir were solved. This is a great cleaning algorithm if you have a compact robotic pool cleaner. Zodiac Tornax RT3200 PRO with caterpillar drive. We are returning to the price segment up 1000$. Consider the important characteristics for cleaning a pool with an area of ​​no more than 50 m2 of any shape (oval, with right angles, fantasy) and up to 4 m deep.

  • Cleaning of PVC / polypropylene walls and the bottom of various shapes – flat, multi-level, gently sloping.
  • The duration of cleaning is from 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Throughput – 10 m3 / h.
  • Max power consumption – 100 watts.
  • t water from 15 to 35°C.
  • The length of the floating cable is 16.5 m.
  • The weight of the robot is 5.5 kg, overall dimensions are 37x29x30 cm.
  • 2 operating modes: only bottom / bottom + walls.
  • The capacity of the filter tank is 3 liters.

During the operation of the robot, you cannot swim in the pool!

A small minus: for other surfaces (concrete, mosaics, etc.), you must additionally buy a special brush.

How to choose a robotic pool cleaner

Quick cleaning of the walls and bottom of the pool without draining the water!

In conclusion, we note that buying a robot vacuum cleaner for a pool is not only a profitable investment in your health and transferring labor-intensive work to a reliable assistant, but also increasing time for personal relaxation and water procedures. While the robot vacuum cleaner is running into the pool (no need to drain the water), there is time to relax, comfortably sitting in a sun lounger, and get acquainted with a high-quality novelty – the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 laptop.


Any equipment needs to be looked after, then it will last a long time and will delight with the results of work. Robotic cleaners are no exception!

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