HOW to CHOOSE a Multi-Oven

HOW TO CHOOSE A multi-oven


The multi-oven is more like a desktop electric oven that can bake, grill and deep-fry. In it, the heating element heats the air, which interacts with the food.

HOW TO CHOOSE A multi-oven

You can fry it without oil, the crust is crispy, and the flesh is juicy. If you add water to the bowl, the device extinguishes the food perfectly.

How the multi-oven works

  1. Halogen heaters warm the air inside the device.
  2. The fan evenly distills the hot masses inside.
  3. If the multi-oven works in the grill mode, the rotary rotates the products, putting them under the stream of hot air. In the convection mode, products are immersed in a retractable bowl and cooked under the pressure of hot air.

What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing

Since the operating algorithm of most multi-ovens is similar, it is advisable to choose a device based on:

  • dimensions – enough to feed a large family;
  • availability of accessories that “untie the hands” of housewives for preparing various dishes.


Multi-ovens are divided into small, medium and large.


Even the simplest multi-ovens perform the functions of grilling, baking and deep-frying. TOP models know how to make yogurt, as well as:

  • defrost,
  • cook kebabs;
  • reheat food by replacing the microwave;
  • act as a diet fryer – you literally need a tablespoon of butter;
  • fry steaks;
  • bake brownies, bread, cake pans, etc.

HOW TO CHOOSE A multi-oven

In models with several bowls, it is convenient to prepare the main course and dessert at the same time – put the products in different compartments.

Additional accessories

The multi-oven can only bake like an electric oven and work like a multi-cooker. To simplify work with the device and to increase its functionality, you should purchase the following small items:

  1. Grill grill – allows you to grill meat and vegetables.
  2. Basket for frying – with its help, juicy French fries and nuggets are prepared.
  3. Deco for flour products – so that the baking does not spoil the main bowl.
  4. Skewers for vegetables and meat – for a convenient and compact arrangement of food in a bowl.
  5. Food spatulas – for flipping without damaging the metal bowl.
  6. Baking tongs – to easily remove hot food from a bowl.

HOW TO CHOOSE A multi-oven

To decide which multi-oven is better, you need to understand what opportunities you want to get. The more functions you need, the more accessories should be included. It is also desirable to compare the household appliance with the appetites of the family and the dimensions of the kitchen. A miniature model is suitable for those who prepare “dinners for one”, and for a large family, you need to look for a suitable stove.


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