How to Choose a Coffee Grinder for Home. a Guide for Coffee Lovers

How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers


How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers

A coffee grinder is an item that a faithful coffee lover cannot do without. The connoisseur will confirm that no packaging and ground coffee in packs give the same taste and aromatic pleasure as freshly ground and brewed coffee.

the coffee grinder is narrow: in most cases, it is not advisable to experiment in it with products other than coffee beans. But they also produce such coffee grinders that you can grind cereals into flour for pancakes and baby food, grind spices and herbs.

Types of coffee grinders

The main question is which coffee grinder to choose: manual, electric grinder or electric rotary. Do not take at random, because each grind has its own characteristics, which means it is suitable for coffee brewing methods.

Knife electric coffee grinder

What knife coffee grinder: a plastic or metal glass, inside which the motor is hidden, and on top there are open knives. They have a removable transparent container for grains.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers

    • Principle of operation: knives rotating at high speed cut the grain.
    • The amount of grinding depends on the power: the higher the power, the longer the coffee grinder grinds in one step. Knives will pass through the grains more times, and the powder will be finer.
    • The powder is not homogeneous, but if there is a pulse mode, then the coffee is ground more evenly.
    • The bean container functions as a container for ready-made coffee. Because of this and the open blades, it is inconvenient to shake out the ground coffee and clean the hopper.
    • The weak point of rotary coffee grinders is the knives, the motor, fragile plastic parts.
    • A plus is the cheapness of knife devices.

Get a model with knives just for those who prepare coffee rarely and not much, and also prefer to brew the drink in a kettle.

Grinding electric coffee grinder

What grinder coffee grinder: this is a device with steel or titanium disks of conical or cylindrical shape. Together with the engine, they are hidden in the body. A bowl for placing the product is attached from above, from which the coffee beans are poured into the grinders.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers

1. How it works: millstones do not cut, but grind grains.

2. The amount of grinding depends on the space between the disks: the larger the gap, the larger the diameter of the resulting crumb.

3. The coffee grinder supports 10-17 grinding modes, grinds coffee to a homogeneous powder.

4. In the lower part of the structure there is an outlet or a separate hopper for ground coffee.

5. In modern models, you can specify the amount of coffee from the ground poured into the cup, up to the task of the number of cups.

6. Grinding coffee grinders are considered to be of higher quality than knife grinders, especially models with titanium conical discs. But they are also the most expensive among coffee grinders.

7. Grinding wheels are prone to abrasion, therefore, in the name of durability, you should not save on their material.

A coffee grinder with grinders is a universal device that can grind grains into weightless powder for coffee in the Turkish style, which makes the average grind of a DRYZ coffee maker coarse for a French press. Choosing a grinder is a tip for those who cannot imagine a morning without coffee and like to experiment with its preparation.

Manual coffee grinder

A manual grinder is often a rectangular wooden box on top with a hole for pouring grains, and a box for ground coffee at the bottom. Inside the souvenir-like device are millstones that move with an external handle.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers

Plus a manual coffee grinder in the mechanism, the ability to finely adjust the grind and a nice appearance with a touch of antiquity.

The minus is that what the electric model will do in a minute, you need to grind manually for 15 minutes.

Manual grinders are suitable for coffee connoisseurs who do not mind spending half an hour on the perfect coffee, or as a gift.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home

If you are attracted to electric models, there are a few more nuances of how to choose coffee grinder for home.

– The volume of the grain hopper is 30-140 g of product. Calculate the required volume based on the fact that 8 grams of ground coffee fits in a teaspoon, and 7-10 g of powder will be needed for a portion of espresso. And it is advisable to grind in advance no more than three coffees ahead.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers

– Power – 100-250 W. Choose an average indicator, because at high power it is easy to burn the grains and spoil the future drink.

– Body material – plastic or metal. Metal is more reliable, but plastic heats up less.

– As already mentioned, the best choice is a grinder and adjustment of the degree of grinding.

How to use a coffee grinder

In the instructions to coffee grinder, how to use itIt is written in details. Study it and use the device to grind products other than coffee, only if it is allowed there.

If you decide to grind something other than coffee, let it be products with a density and hardness no higher than coffee beans – otherwise you risk breaking the device.

How to choose a coffee grinder for home. A guide for coffee lovers

Do not grind sugar in a coffee grinder, or make powder with short turns and small portions. With prolonged processing, the sugar will melt and stick to the knives. Also, do not grind oily products such as nuts – they will leave a greasy mark.

Remember that any products will leave their aroma. Mixing with coffee during grinding, it will spoil the taste of the drink. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a model with separate replaceable knives for cereals and spices, and thoroughly clean the hopper.

It is not necessary to grind a lot of coffee at once: the powder is quickly exhaled. It is optimal to grind grains before brewing.

Do not pull out the cord when the coffee grinder is in full swing – you can break it.

To avoid injury, do not open the rotor until it is turned off – there are exposed blades.

To see how to choose a coffee grinder and what kind of coffee is produced in each of the three types, watch the video:


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