How to Brew Coffee in a Geyser Coffee Maker Correctly? Instruction and Video

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly?  Instruction and video



Geyser coffee makers are the most popular in Europe. They captured the coffee market in Europe not only for the ease of making coffee, but also for their original design. But, despite the ease of use of this type of coffee machine, the question still remains how to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker.

Design of a geyser coffee maker

Before you understand how to brew great coffee in a geyser-type coffee maker, it’s best to study its design first. A geyser coffee maker includes three main elements – a water container, a coffee filter and a container for the finished drink. In addition, there is a fuse in the water container, which, if necessary, relieves excess steam pressure.

The process of making coffee itself consists of two stages:

  • The first stage is boiling water. Due to the expansion of water when boiling, it rises through the tube to the ground grains.
  • The second stage – boiling water passes through the filter with ground coffee, boils it and pours into the container for the finished drink.

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly?  Instruction and video

But, despite the seeming simplicity of the process, a certain experience and skill are required to prepare a quality drink. It is important to choose the right temperature and time of production, as well as the grinding of coffee.

The main principles of making coffee in a geyser coffee maker

First of all, cold water should be poured into the water container, not exceeding the filling level mark. Then you should pour freshly ground coffee, preferably medium or coarse grinding, into a special filter and put it in the lower section. It is important to compress the ground grains well in the filter in order to obtain a quality drink. To do this, you can use a protective grid or a special tamper.

After all the containers are filled, you can assemble the coffee maker and put it on the stove or connect it to electricity, depending on the model of the coffee maker. It is better to brew coffee over low or medium heat (temperature) so that the coffee boils well and transfers all the beneficial properties to the drink. If you brew coffee at a high temperature, you can simply burn it and get a bitter and disgusting drink as a result.

On average, coffee in a geyser coffee maker is prepared from 5 to 10 minutes. It is worth pouring coffee into cups only after the preparation process is completely completed.

To better understand how to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker, you can watch this video, where everything is clearly shown:

Helpful Hints

These tips will tell you how to properly brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker.

  • It is better to grind coffee immediately before preparing it, choosing medium or coarse grinding. This will improve the quality and taste of the finished drink.
  • It is better to use pure spring or bottled water to make coffee. The quality of the water also greatly affects the taste of the drink.
  • It is advisable to wash the coffee maker after all preparations of the drink so that the remaining coffee oils or grounds do not spoil the taste of the new drink. Do not use detergents or hard washcloths. Simply rinse well with warm water.
  • The denser the coffee is pressed and the stronger the coffee maker is assembled, the better and tastier the finished drink will be.
  • Ready coffee drink is best poured into warm mugs. This will make your coffee taste even better.
  • Do not open the coffee maker until the brewing process is complete. You can get burned.
  • If the drink is weak and liquid, then it is worth reducing the grinding of grains.
  • There should be no sediment left in the coffee drink. If it appears, then you need to increase the grinding.
  • If the coffee maker is new, then the first couple of cups of coffee should be poured into the sink.

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly?  Instruction and video

coffee recipes

  1. Espresso. To prepare this strong and invigorating drink, you need about 8 grams of medium-ground coffee and 20-30 milliliters of water. Optionally, you can add cinnamon or a slice of lemon. This will enhance the invigorating effects of the coffee drink.
  2. Cappuccino. To prepare a classic cappuccino, you need a portion of brewed espresso and about 50-60 milliliters of milk frothed with a blender or cappuccinatore. The frothed milk is poured directly into the espresso mug. You can add cinnamon or syrups to taste.
  3. Frappe. For this drink, you need a shot of espresso, ice, 15 milliliters of cream and sugar to taste. Espresso, cream and pieces of ice should be well whipped in a mixer. Then pour everything into a glass with a small amount of ice cubes and add sugar to taste.
  4. Mocha. This amazing chocolate drink requires a shot of espresso, 15 milliliters of chocolate syrup, 30 milliliters of milk and whipped cream. Chocolate syrup is poured into the bottom of the mug, followed by espresso and warm milk. Now you can add grated chocolate and whipped cream to this drink.
  5. Latte. For a latte, you need a shot of espresso and 80 milliliters of foamed milk. Unlike cappuccino, you first need to pour milk into a mug, and then pour espresso in a thin stream. If everything was done correctly, then you get a drink of three layers: milk, espresso and foamed milk.
  6. Coffee “Real Indian”“. You will need freshly brewed coffee, 2 tablespoons of dark rum, 2 tablespoons of dark chocolate, ginger and nutmeg on the tip of a knife. Sweeten with cane sugar. Pour melted chocolate into a mug along with spices. Top with hot coffee. Then dissolve sugar in rum and add to coffee.
  7. “St. Louis Blues. You need to take freshly brewed coffee, egg white, 20 grams of dark chocolate, 1 tablespoon of cognac and cane sugar. Pour melted chocolate into a glass, then pour in coffee with cognac. Egg white must be well knocked down with sugar until a dense foam is obtained. Spoon the egg foam into a glass of coffee and sprinkle with sugar. The resulting drink must be put in a preheated oven for 1 minute so that the protein turns into a crust.

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly?  Instruction and video

If everything is done correctly, according to the above tips, then you can teach how to make amazing coffee at home. Coffee can turn out like in the best coffee shops, as if it was prepared by a real barista. And you can find out about other types of coffee makers and how they work here.

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