Food Processor and Kitchen Machine

food processor and kitchen machine


Getting rid of manual shredding, slicing and whipping together with a food processor, even experienced housewives are unlikely to think about how they differ. But this issue is acutely faced by buyers who are confused by the similar capabilities of units. will help you figure it out. This article explains what the difference between these two devices is, how important it is, and which is better to choose.

food processor and kitchen machine

In fact, the answer lies almost on the surface: just compare the devices by size. The bigger one is a kitchen machine. A more accurate device is a combine harvester. By the way, another possibility to determine which equipment is where is to compare it with a blender, to which the harvester is a cousin.

What is a kitchen machine?

The unit is very similar to a large food processor, with the same accessories that are indispensable in the kitchen. Both techniques maintain parity in matters of slicing, chopping and the level of general assistance. However, there is still some difference.

food processor and kitchen machine

3 features:

  1. It is more powerful than a harvester, so it is able to process solid products faster.
  2. An excellent choice for a large family or even for a cafe due to the capacity. The machine is indispensable in the rapid processing of a large number of ingredients. Yes, with the KVL 8320 S unit, it is not a problem to feed many people at once with a bowl of almost seven liters.
  3. A wide range of equipment: most cars come with a decent set of accessories, and if something is missing, they can be purchased.

Separately, it is worth talking about the capabilities of kitchen machines. They not only know how to cook cream, beat eggs or crumble vegetables for a salad, like harvesters. Such devices give a huge space for imagination.

What is such an assistant capable of

With different nozzles of kitchen machines, you can easily feel like a chef of a cool restaurant. If you want homemade noodles or pasta – with such an assistant it is easier than simple: you just need to put on the appropriate nozzle (for example, such as for KAX971ME).

food processor and kitchen machine

Grinding cereal for the machine is also not a problem, it just needs a grinder. With some nozzles, you can grind spices, sift flour. There are devices to which a leavening agent for chops is added. Few harvesters are capable of this.

food processor and kitchen machine

Kitchen machines can also pleasantly surprise fans of sweets. A Fruitpress nozzle is added to some of them (for example, this one – KAX644ME). He quickly “invented” puree from fresh berries or juices. And even with the power of machines, it will take less than an hour to prepare several liters of useful berry juice for the winter.

food processor and kitchen machine

What is a food processor?

The combine is a combination of a blender, as well as a mixer and a vegetable slicer. Sometimes it can replace a meat grinder. For example, MUM4856EU prepares juice and chops meat.

food processor and kitchen machine

The combine attracts with an optimal balance of functionality and price, but this device has other nice qualities.

Main features:

  • such equipment requires less space than a kitchen machine;
  • ease of transportation;
  • the model can replace a mixer, grater, grater and slicer, and some devices can also perform the function of a juicer (such as Gorenje SB800B).

Both kitchen appliances can make life easier for the owner and reduce preparation time. You can’t say right away what is better to buy, a combine harvester or a car. For large families, as well as in a cafe, a machine is better suited: it is more powerful and it can process a larger number of products at once. For small kitchens, you should buy a food processor. If there are children in the family, this option will be the right solution, because it works more quietly.


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