Do-It-Yourself Gas Stove Repair: Electric Ignition, Burners, Doors and Other Parts

Do-it-yourself gas stove repair: electric ignition, burners, doors and other parts


Everyone at least once in his life tried to repair household appliances on his own. And if it is difficult to fix a refrigerator or a washing machine, then it is possible to fix a gas stove with certain skills and abilities without the help of a master. Starting repairing gas stoves with your own hands, you should be aware of the danger and take all safety measures.

Disassembling the body of the gas stove and identifying the main breakdowns

Dismantling the plate gives access to taps and nozzles. But before removing the panels, it is necessary to turn off the gas stove by turning off the tap on the pipe from the gas supply system. In order to remove the top panel, unscrew the bolts that are under the burners. Therefore, the first step is to remove the burners and unscrew the bolts. Now you can remove the top panel by applying force to release it from the clips.

If necessary, after removing the top panel, you can dismantle the control panel. First you need to remove all the handles from the stove for a while and then unscrew the bolts. Often these bolts are located at the bottom, but for each model their location is individual. Having freed the panel from the bolts, you can begin to pull it in parallel, pulling out the buttons, pressing their clips to the body. Now the panel can be removed completely.

Repair of the gas stove oven is also carried out by disassembling the cabinet. To do this, you must first remove the gas stove door, which is removed using technological stops. They need to be inserted into special holes and close the door by pulling a little, the lower hinges are released. And by slightly opening and pulling the door, you can remove it completely by removing the upper hinges. The side walls are removed by unscrewing the screws and fasteners. You can remove both walls or one as needed.

The most common problems that may arise and require do-it-yourself gas stove repair are:

  1. Low intensity burner flame.
  2. Broken oven door.
  3. Thermocouple unstable.
  4. Problems in the operation of electric ignition.

How to solve burner problems

It is the interruptions in the operation of the burner that prompt the owners to search for an answer to the question of how to repair a gas stove. It is often possible to observe when turning on the fire, at first the flame burns very weakly and after a while it disappears completely. This problem occurs due to clogging of the grooves in the divider or burner. And there are blockages due to inaccurate cooking. Therefore, allowing the food on the stove to boil away can provoke the formation of blockages. Also, litter in the burner may appear if you do not rinse off the detergent.

Repairing such a breakdown is quite simple; for this, you need to remove the burner and clean the nozzles or dividers. This is best done with a knitting needle or a gypsy needle. But before disassembling the burners, it is necessary to wait for them to cool completely, if something was cooked on them before that.

Do-it-yourself gas stove repair: electric ignition, burners, doors and other parts

Oven door repair

Another problem that occurs after long-term use of the stove is the breakage of the oven door. Door repair may be needed if it starts to jam, close poorly, or not close at all. This occurs due to careless handling or after a long period of use of the equipment. Since the door is a key part in the operation of the oven, the repair of the gas stove oven cannot be postponed.

Do-it-yourself gas stove repair: electric ignition, burners, doors and other parts

To repair the door, slightly loosen the screws, but do not remove them completely. After the screws are loosened, the door should be gently shaken until it enters the hinges. To check how well the door sat on the hinges, you need to take a regular sheet and insert it between the door and the stove, holding the door. If the leaf is not pressed tightly enough, then you need to repair the door again by repeating the procedure with the screws.

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Solving problems with gas control

Monitoring gas leakage is essential when operating a gas stove. Therefore, many stoves have a special gas control system called a thermocouple. It looks like a small sharp metal pin located near the burner.

The failure of this pin is characterized by the fact that after ignition the flame immediately goes out. It is this pin that controls the gas supply in gas stoves after the flame involuntarily goes out. With this control, even when the burner is on, the gas does not spread.

To eliminate this problem, the thermocouple must be well cleaned from grease, dust and chemical deposits with sandpaper. If cleaning did not help, then you should disassemble the panel and replace the part.

Do-it-yourself gas stove repair: electric ignition, burners, doors and other parts

Electric ignition failure: causes and solutions

Another type of malfunction may occur due to a breakdown of the electric ignition. This device, which is found in almost all modern stoves, allows you to light a fire without the use of matches. To operate the stoves with electric ignition, it is necessary to plug it into the socket. Using electric ignition is safe and, as a rule, such a device rarely fails.

Repair of gas stoves with electric ignition is required in two cases:

  • The device may be clogged with grease and dirt.
  • The electric ignition is partially or completely broken during the washing of the stove.

Both cases require replacement of the part. To do this, turn off the gas supply for the duration of the repair and disassemble the top panel. Then replace the ignition unit. But sometimes the cause of a breakdown can be the failure of only one spark plug, which also needs to be changed. Also, a breakdown may be associated with the failure of the entire electrical part of the stove, and in order to repair it, you should know how to disconnect the gas stove from the system.

Do-it-yourself gas stove repair: electric ignition, burners, doors and other parts

Visual aid for oven repair (video)

In the video you can see a good example of how to repair an oven if there is no spark in its burner. The master tells how to disassemble the oven to find a breakdown. But, the video shows that there is no problem in the oven burner, and in order to find a solution, the master spins the top table and checks the block that is responsible for the operation of the oven. In order for the oven to work again, the master carefully cleans the contacts and tubes and reassembles the stove. After the procedure, the oven started working.

Do-it-yourself gas stove repair is possible, but not recommended if you do not have the proper knowledge and skills. After all, gas is much more dangerous than electricity, and one wrong move or a forgotten fuel supply valve and the consequences can be very deplorable. Therefore, it is better to start self-repair only in extreme cases, when there is no opportunity to call the master.

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