Dishwasher Midea MFD45S500 S.Photos, Reviews, Specifications, Pros/cons

Dishwasher Midea MFD45S500 S.Photos, reviews, specifications, pros/cons


The compact free-standing dishwasher Midea MFD45S500 S is designed for a family of up to 4 people. Included in the MFD series, for which the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty.


Supported list of functions in the Midea MFD45S500 S dishwasher:Dishwasher Midea MFD45S500 S.Photos, reviews, specifications, pros/cons

  1. Loading up to 10 sets.
  2. Power consumption when heating water – up to 2100 watts.
  3. Water consumption – 8 liters per full cycle at maximum load.
  4. There is a digital display.
  5. There is a button lock (used as child protection).
  6. Drying – condensation.
  7. There is a half load, an intensive washing mode, a quick wash.
  8. Delayed start up to 24 hours.
  9. Leak protection (partial).

Pros and cons of the Midea MFD45S500 S dishwasher

Key advantages of this dishwasher:

  • inexpensive, but in terms of functionality it is not inferior to dishwashers of the middle price category;
  • the set also comes with a holder for glasses and a separate tray for cutlery;
  • consumes water very sparingly;
  • energy class – A ++.


  • sometimes you can buy a marriage;
  • the salt and detergent indicator does not always work correctly.


Midea MFD45S500 S specifications listed on the official website:

  1. Power consumption – up to 2200 W.
  2. Water consumption – 8 liters.
  3. The duration of the standard dishwashing program is 220 minutes.
  4. Noise – 44 dB.
  5. Weight – 31 kilograms.

Dishwasher Midea MFD45S500 S.Photos, reviews, specifications, pros/cons

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