Compare iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Rating of new robotic vacuum cleaners for the home in 2022


The Korean manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners iClebo is one of the leaders in the robotics market and annually releases improved models of smart assistants. A wide range and choice always raises the question for the consumer: “which vacuum cleaner is more efficient?” We analyze and compare the most popular models. Today in the article iClebo robot vacuum cleaners: O5, Omega, Pop, Arte, Arte IronMan Edition.

iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Comparison of Specifications and Features

What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner? We advise you to study: the volume of the dust collector, the type of cleaning filters, suction power, the presence of a wet cleaning function, operating modes, the type of navigation and cartography, the method of controlling the device, as well as its cost. This is what we will do!

Compare iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners

iClebo Robot Vacuum Navigation

Navigation and building a map of the room are important components of the effective operation of the gadget. The simplest navigation system in the form of IR height and obstacle sensors is implemented in the iClebo Pop model. The rest of the vacuum cleaners are equipped not only with an optical camera and many additional sensors, but also have almost perfect vSLAM technology. This allows the devices to correctly analyze the external environment and build a map of the premises.

iClebo robot vacuum cleaners and wet cleaning

iClebo robot vacuum cleaners: iClebo 05, Omega, Pop, Arte and Arte IronMan Edition have a wet cleaning function. Due to the lack of a water tank, this cannot be called a full-fledged mopping, but for everyday dusting of hard floors, this option is an ideal solution. A microfiber cloth is attached to the bottom of the devices and wetted by hand.

Compare iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Dust container volume

Almost all representatives of our review can boast of sufficient dust capacity of 600 ml. The Omega robot vacuum has excelled and offers as much as 700 ml. Both indicators are worthy and save the user from cleaning the dust container after each cleaning cycle.

Suction power

Here it can be noted that iClebo O5 and Omega can operate in turbo mode, which is necessary for residential areas with carpeted floors. This functionality allows you to increase the suction power, effectively cleaning carpets from dust and dirt.

Filtration system

As representatives of the premium segment, Omega and O5 are equipped with an advanced fine filter with an antibacterial effect – HEPA E11. The rest of the devices carry out the filtration process using conventional antibacterial filters.

iClebo robot vacuum cleaners and available modes of operation

The budget model iClebo Pop has the simplest and most basic set of modes:

  • Random cleaning algorithm
  • Local mode in circular motion format
  • Cleaning around the perimeter (along the walls)
  • Manual control of the device

She also does not have the ability to program cleaning for a certain time. The remaining representatives of iClebo have a timer and a delayed cleaning start mode.

Compare iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Other models allow you to use a slightly more extended range of modes. For Arte and Arte IronMan Edition:

  • Auto
  • Chaotic (random movement mode)
  • Maximum
  • Local
  • Manual control of the device

For O5 and Omega models:

  • Auto
  • Maximum
  • Local
  • Manual control of the device
  • Turbo mode

Compare iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Device Management

Of all the devices we have listed, only the iClebo Arte IronMan Edition can be controlled using an app on a smartphone. Other devices can be run through the control panel on the case or the remote control.

The cost of gadgets

Each user is ready to spend a certain part of his budget on buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Someone seeks to immediately purchase a premium model, while others stop at budget versions, costing up 200$. The Korean manufacturer Yujin Robot makes it possible to choose a smart assistant for any type of audience. We will arrange the models in ascending order of their cost, revealing the average value in the market:

iClebo Pop – 185$.

iClebo Arte – 250$.

iClebo Arte IronMan Edition – 32,9 dollars, while the model differs from its predecessor only in design, made in the style of the famous Iron Man comic book, and the control function from a smartphone.

iClebo Omega – 360$.

iClebo O5 – 400 dollars.

Compare iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Results of our comparative review

iClebo Pop, Arte, Arte IronMan Edition, Omega and O5 are made of durable materials and equipped with quality internals. The models are similar in almost all technical characteristics, they differ only in some functional capabilities. The most advanced are the new Omega and O5 vacuum cleaners, they are distinguished by an antibacterial pleated HEPA filter and cleaning in turbo mode.

However, the choice of gadget directly depends on the money that the buyer is willing to spend on the purchase of an assistant. For example, for the budget segment and the price tag of 18,5 dollars, the iClebo Pop robot vacuum cleaner does an excellent job of cleaning the room.



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