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360 robot vacuum cleaners are gaining popularity. Firstly, these are worthy technical parameters for a democratic cost. Secondly, a fairly wide range of models, offering a choice depending on your budget. Robot vacuum cleaner 360 S5, S7 and S6 Pro will fight in today’s battle!

Budget Segment – 360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (cost from 120 $)

The most budgetary current model of a robot vacuum cleaner among all 360 devices. We add that this is the only sample that performs only dry cleaning. Therefore, the floors will have to be washed in the traditional way. Go straight to the next models if you want to completely get rid of household chores.

The 360 ​​S5 robot vacuum cleaner has the smallest battery capacity compared to its counterparts – 2600 mAh. One charge is enough for a full cleaning up to 90 minutes. Great option for medium sized apartments.

The absence of the function of wet cleaning and the water tank is compensated by the large volume of the dust collector – 550 ml. In comparison, the most advanced S6 Pro model has a dust container of only 400 ml. The suction power of the device develops up to 2000 Pa – an average value, but very good for a device from the budget segment.

Navigation, like that of the other participants in the comparison, is carried out on the basis of lidar. This means that the room map will be generated in the most accurate way. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner remembers up to 10 cleaning plans in its memory.

For maximum cleaning efficiency, you can use several operating modes, adjust the optimal suction power and monitor the process in real time. There is a delayed start function and a cleaning schedule. For undesirable territories, restricted areas should be built.

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Middle Segment – Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 S7 (price from 200 $)

The cooler the features, the higher the cost of the product. The 360 ​​S7 robot vacuum cleaner is the penultimate model of the brand, which has incorporated decent features and a whole “bouquet” of functions. Note the large battery capacity – 3200 mAh, which allows you to work on a single charge up to 120 minutes. Like the previous version, the dust container holds 550 ml. At the same time, the device is equipped with an additional tank for wet cleaning.

The motor installed next to the dust container allows a suction intensity of 2000 Pa to be achieved. The remaining functions are standard and completely copy the capabilities of previous models. A detailed review of the robot vacuum cleaner 360 S7 can be read here.

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Premium segment – robot vacuum cleaner 360 S6 Pro (price from 300 $)

Let’s move on to the most interesting – the flagship model of the premium segment. The 360 ​​S6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is rightfully considered the brand’s best gadget to date. The suction power of the device has increased to 2200 Pa, and the battery capacity to 5200 mAh. The best performance for the best results. The device will cope with the cleaning of the apartment up to 300 sq. meters on just one charge.

In the new version, the volume of the dust collector has been slightly reduced, while the possibility of combined cleaning has been preserved. It is only necessary to attach a tank with water and microfiber. The flow of liquid is regulated electronically through the application on the smartphone. It also builds restricted areas and virtual walls.

Like all modern devices, S6 Pro is programmed by time and day of the week. The key difference from its predecessors: the new model automatically changes the suction power, recognizing the type of flooring. So, the maximum intensity of debris capture will be turned on on the carpet. You can find out more about the robotic vacuum cleaner here.

which is better?

Choose a robot vacuum cleaner according to your needs and capabilities:

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need a wet cleaning function?
  • Large or medium size apartment?

Having answered your key questions, you will definitely stop at one of the proposed models.


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