Blender Philips HR3655. Specifications, Reviews, Pros and Cons, Photos.

Blender Philips HR3655. specifications, reviews, pros and cons, photos.


Philips HR3655 will cost more than those described above, but worth the money. The model is stationary, has a glass jug with a volume of 2 liters. 4 speeds of work are regulated smoothly, there is also a pulse mode. The body is metal, rectangular in shape with a speed controller in the middle.

Important! The knife block is removable and can be washed by hand.


6 knives at different angles of inclination twist the flow, create a whirlwind, due to which the homogeneity of the mixture is achieved. Grinds even berry bones, pomegranate seeds, seeds. Indispensable for those who want to add fiber to the diet.

Blender Philips HR3655. specifications, reviews, pros and cons, photos.


  • Two On the Go glasses and a spatula are included. In glasses, you can chop small vegetables.
  • There is a ready-made program for smoothies. The cutting unit makes several intermittent revolutions, then changes to a constant rotation with increasing speed.
  • In ice crush and smoothie mode, it will automatically turn off after 1 minute.


  • To reduce the amount of dirty dishes, it is convenient to prepare smoothies immediately in travel bottles.
  • The bowl withstands high temperatures, does not scratch or absorb odors.
  • Illuminated speed controller.
  • Due to the suction cups on the legs, it is installed like a glove.
  • The flask is removed easily.


  • Massive, heavy.
  • High cost.

Additional Information. This model is sold separately grinder for coffee and spices.


Power of 1400 W provides rotation of edges to 35000 revolutions per minute, at the expense of it there is a fast and thorough mixing. The weight of the kitchen gadget is 5.3 kg, dimensions are 18 × 19 × 42 cm.

Blender Philips HR3655. specifications, reviews, pros and cons, photos.


The best combination of price and quality! I have been using it for about a year, mostly chopping raw vegetables and fruits. The previous blender lasted a long time, but skipped a lot of large pieces. There are no complaints: the mass is homogeneous.


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