7 Best Samsung Refrigerators – Rating 2022

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

We dedicate this review to the refrigerators of the famous Korean manufacturer Samsung. The ranking includes the top 7 models, which we divided into three categories according to the type of design – with a top freezer, with a bottom freezer and Side-by-Side. Each group has its own characteristics, unique differences and advantages.

One of the key selection criteria was the indicator of how the equipment behaves in real operation. To do this, we have processed numerous reviews from customers who have been using Samsung refrigerators of specific models for a long time, so they can highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

All information was taken from open sources. These are the so-called “reviewers”, the official website of Samsung in EU, data from the Walmart marketplace, thematic forums and other online resources available.

7 Best Samsung Refrigerators

The best Samsung refrigerators with a top freezer

This category includes two models in which the freezer is located at the top. Despite the high similarity among themselves (outside and inside), there are some differences between refrigerators, which will be indicated in the description.


Rating: 4.8

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

The RT-25 HAR4DWW model opens our review. The refrigerator has a compact size and is made in a modern design. The equipment is available only in white. The useful volume of the chambers is 202 liters (refrigerator compartment) and 53 liters (freezer).

The model is equipped with recessed handles, which not only gives the product a modern look, but also reduces its actual depth.

The key feature of the refrigerator is the presence of an inverter compressor, which is economical, reliable and low noise. Unlike an ordinary motor, the Samsung inverter has 7 speeds, which allows you to maintain the set temperature as accurately as possible and consume a minimum of electricity. Energy efficiency class A+. The manufacturer gives a ten-year warranty on the motor.

Inside the refrigerator compartment there are 4 shelves and a drawer for vegetables. One shelf is retractable (Easy Slider technology), which allows you to quickly find the right products even with maximum load.

The freezer has an ice maker. It consists of two flexible molds, a common swivel arm and an ice cube storage tray. To get ice, you need to pour water into the molds, wait until it freezes, and then turn the lever to remove it from the molds. The cubes will fall into a retractable container, from where it is very convenient to get them.

The advantages of the model, users include a quick exit to the mode, No Frost technology and the presence of an inverter compressor. Among the shortcomings – a small volume and not very convenient mechanical control on the rear wall of the chambers.

We recommend the RT-25 HAR4DWW refrigerator as a reliable and practical appliance that will be an excellent solution for a small family.


  • inverter compressor.
  • Ice maker.
  • Retractable shelf.


  • Small volume.
  • Inconvenient mechanical control (according to consumer reviews).


Rating: 4.9

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

The next model in our review is the RT-43 K6000DX. The refrigerator has a modern minimalist design and is available in brown color. This model is made in four colors, only the difference between them will be in the last two letters of the marking, which indicate a specific color.

Unlike the previous refrigerator, this model has an increased volume – 329 liters in the main chamber and 111 liters in the freezer.

Also, the equipment is equipped with an inverter motor with low energy consumption (A +) and almost silent operation.

Thanks to the Twin Cooling Plus technology, the moisture content in the main compartment is kept at 70%, which allows vegetables, herbs and fruits to be stored longer. In addition, both chambers have independent cooling, which prevents the mixing of odors.

Another unique feature of the model is the ability to turn the freezer into a refrigerator compartment if necessary. In this case, the main camera can be turned off, which is important in case of a long absence of users.

The presence of a special filter purifies the air, fights odors and destroys bacteria.

Users note a large usable volume, uniform illumination, stylish design and high efficiency of the equipment. There are no critical shortcomings, but some consumers call the lack of a display on the door.

Modern cooling technologies, reliable design and stylish appearance have made the RT-43 K6000DX refrigerator one of the best in its product group.


  • Large volume, thoughtful interior filling.
  • Two independent cooling circuits.
  • The ability to turn the freezer into a refrigerator compartment.


  • Mechanical control, no display (according to consumer reviews).

The best Samsung refrigerators with a bottom freezer

For this group, we have selected three models of Samsung refrigerators with a lower “European” freezer location. Each nominee has its own characteristics and advantages, thanks to which they stand out from their competitors.

All nominees have a “buyers’ choice” badge on the portal of the large Walmart marketplace, which confirms the high-quality assembly and indicates a high level of consumer confidence.


Rating: 4.7

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

We start the review of this category with RB37A5000WW / WT. The model is made in a modern design with a predominance of minimalist style, and is available in two body colors – white and silver.

Thanks to Space Max technology, the internal volume of the compartments has been increased, and the thickness of the case walls has been reduced, but the dimensions of the refrigerator have not changed. At the same time, the equipment retained the energy efficiency class at the A + level. The volume of two chambers is 337 liters in total, which is enough for a family of 3-4 people.

Inside the main chamber there is a separate FreshZone tray, inside which the optimum temperature is created for long-term storage of fresh meat, fish or dairy products.

The refrigerator is equipped with an inverter motor. This made it possible to reduce background noise and ensure smooth and precise temperature control (unlike traditional compressors that operate cyclically).

Behind the top door on the case there is a touch display with which you can conveniently set the temperature, as well as use some additional options, such as “holiday” or “superfreeze”.

Features and benefits of technology – thoughtful interior design, bright LED-backlight, inverter motor and modern design. There are no critical shortcomings, but some users indicate a small container for eggs (only 6 pcs.).

We can recommend the RB37A5000WW/WT due to its high performance, modern design, increased volume and well-thought-out packaging.


  • Energy efficiency class A +.
  • Availability of additional features.
  • FreshZone zone.


  • Small container for eggs.

Samsung RB30A32N0SA/WT

Rating: 4.8

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

The next model in our ranking is Samsung RB30A32N0SA/WT. This is a stylish, modern and functional refrigerator, made in a modern design. Three body colors are available to the user – silver, beige and white. This allows you to choose the best option for the interior of any kitchen.

Thanks to the air flow system, the temperature inside the refrigerator is maintained at an optimal temperature, which allows you to cool food faster and more efficiently. Energy efficiency class A + is ensured by the operation of the inverter motor and good thermal insulation of the walls of the case.

Thanks to the thoughtful configuration, a large number of products can be stored inside the refrigerator, and the user can independently adjust the location of the shelves for specific dishes.

On the front panel of the upper door there is a large touch screen with which the user can control the refrigerator and set the desired mode of operation.

The owners of the refrigerator note the stylish appearance, convenient and intuitive operation, as well as good build quality. The disadvantages of some consumers include not a large selection of options for the layout of the internal space.

We can recommend Samsung RB30A32N0SA/WT to all users for whom not only the reliability and ease of control of equipment is important, but also its design.


  • Energy efficiency A+.
  • Large touch display.
  • Thoughtful shelving.


  • Not many options for changing the height of the shelves (according to consumer reviews).


Rating: 4.9

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

Completes this category RB37A52N0WW/WT. The refrigerator is characterized by an increased working volume (269 l main compartment and 98 l freezer) and a thoughtful configuration of the internal space.

The model is presented in silver and white, which will make it easy to choose the right option for a different kitchen interior.

Thanks to walls with reduced thickness (Space Max technology), the manufacturer managed to increase the capacity of the chambers, while maintaining energy efficiency at the A + level. The inverter motor provides precise temperature control, runs almost silently and features a robust and durable design.

On the inside of the door there are 5 trays of different sizes and capacities, some of which are removable. This allows you to conveniently arrange compartments for storing food and drinks in containers of different heights.

Temperature control is carried out using a large touch display, which is located on the outside of the door.

Users note the high-quality assembly, spaciousness and inverter motor. Among the shortcomings – the refrigerator makes noise when reaching the set mode, but when the temperature is set, the noise decreases.

Modern design, simple and convenient operation, Space Max technology and high energy efficiency have provided the RB37A52N0WW/WT refrigerator with a leading position among analogues in its category.


  • Spaciousness.
  • Optimal shelf position.
  • Touchscreen.


  • Sometimes it makes noise when entering the mode (according to user reviews).

Best Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerators

This category includes 2 models of Side-by-Side refrigerators from Samsung. Both models received the “Customer’s Choice” mark Walmart service, which indicates high build quality, functionality, and consumer confidence.


Rating: 4.8

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

RS54N3003WW/WT is a classic Side-by-Side refrigerator with basic functionality. The model has a minimalist design and strict symmetry of the structural elements. The case is made in white, but the manufacturer offers this model additionally in stainless steel and beige.

On the door of the freezer is a small touch screen with which you can set the temperature in both chambers. There is also support for the “superfreeze” function.

The total volume of compartments is 535 liters, which is enough for the needs of a large family of 3-5 people. Thanks to the inverter technology motor, the energy class is A +, which is considered a high indicator for this class of equipment.

The owners of the equipment note the laconic modern design and fairly quiet operation. Disadvantages – basic functionality and not very thoughtful interior space.

Spectacular appearance and good technical performance allowed the RS54N3003WW/WT model to become one of the leaders among Side-by-Sides with basic functionality.


  • Volume 535 l.
  • Touch control panel.
  • Motor with inverter technology.


  • Basic functionality (according to user reviews).


Rating: 4.9

7 best Samsung refrigerators - Rating 2022

The RS62R50311L/WT completes our review. This is a Side-by-Side of the middle price category, equipped with all the necessary functionality for long-term storage of various types of products. One of the features of the model is a spectacular appearance, which became available thanks to the glossy glass-like finish of the facades. The manufacturer offers two versions – white and black glass.

The model has standard external dimensions for vehicles of its class, but its volume has been significantly increased and amounts to 647 liters. Another design feature of the model is the presence of Metal Cooling panels on the rear walls of the working chambers. In addition to a spectacular appearance, these panels help keep the cold inside and evenly distribute the temperature.

Thanks to the built-in deodorizing filter, the air inside remains clean and fresh, without foreign odors. Inside the freezer there is a portable ice maker with mechanical control.

The owners of the refrigerator attribute the inverter motor, large capacity and modern minimalist design to the advantages. The disadvantage is the increased noise level during the first start when the temperature is set.

Minimalist style, increased volume, convenient operation and reliable design are the main advantages of the RS62R50311L/WT refrigerator, thanks to which it stands out from its peers in this price category.


  • Increased volume (647 l).
  • Metal Cooling Panels.
  • Touch control.
  • Built-in deodorizing filter.


  • Increased noise when first turned on (according to consumer reviews).

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