7 Best BEKO Refrigerators – Rating 2022

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

The Turkish brand Beko is known as a manufacturer and supplier of inexpensive and reliable household appliances, in particular refrigerators. Their assembly is carried out not only in the homeland of the brand, but also in other countries, one of their enterprises is located in EU – this contributes to favorable pricing for the domestic buyer.

The experts of our website have identified the best BEKO refrigerators based on the characteristics of the devices and the reviews of the owners.

Rating of the best refrigerators


Rating: 4.9

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

The free-standing BEKO refrigerator of the RCNK 365E20 ZX series with a lower freezer and overall dimensions of 59.5x65x186.5 cm made it to the leaders of the rating. The silvery metal case without enamel looks organic and presentable, it is non-staining. There are no opening handles on the facade, the top door is crowned with an electronic display with a temperature indicator and a touch control panel, and a modernized BEKO logo. The door can be hung, the process does not require special knowledge and qualifications – everything is stated in the instructions concisely and intelligibly.

Of course, when choosing a refrigerator, not only the exterior is important, inside the RCNK 365E20 ZX model is also worthy: one compressor works properly, cooling the chambers uninterruptedly, while consuming only 337 Wh per year, which corresponds to the A + efficiency class. In the event of a power outage in the network, it keeps the temperature for 21 hours. In the upper chamber with a volume of 220 liters, there are 4 shelves, a freshness zone, a bottle holder – here you can place products for a large family, including a large pot – the position of the shelves can be adjusted. By the way, they are made of glass, able to take on any load, easy to clean and durable. Below is a 100-liter freezer capable of deep-freezing up to 6 kg of food per day, including thanks to the super-freeze mode.

You don’t have to defrost either the refrigerator or the freezer; it’s enough to remove dirt in a timely manner by ordinary wiping. It is also easy to control the temperature inside the refrigerator: when heated above the set temperature, the system gives sound and light signals, and a long opening of the door is identified by a “beep”. The noise level of a standard single compressor does not reach 40 dB.


    • Modern design in a silver body;


    • Touch control and informative display;


    • Sound signals for temperature control;


    • Freshness zone in both chambers;


    • Many shelves, the places of which can be changed;


    • Silent operation;


    • Reliable design, breakdowns are surprisingly rare.



    • There is no handle on the facade – opening is not convenient for everyone with a horizontal recess under the bottom door.


    • No ice maker.



Rating: 4.8

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

In second place is a tall but narrow refrigerator of the CNMV 5335EA0 S series with dimensions of 54x60x201 cm. The facade, like that of the leader, is made of silver-colored rolled metal with plastic inserts; a digital display with a control panel is located on the door. The energy consumption of the model is relatively increased to 306 kWh per year, and the ability to maintain cold, on the contrary, is reduced to 18 hours – this is a feature of the elongated design of the refrigerator.

In the upper chamber there are only 4 glass shelves and one drawer for vegetables and fruits, on the door there are traditional drawers for bottles and small things. There is no supercooling function, so the first temperature drop occurs in standard mode. In the freezer it’s different – super-freezing works by pressing the corresponding button on the touch panel, the camera is able to bring 7 kg of products to the condition per day.

The indication is only on the open door – when it is held, the refrigerator will emit a sound signal. On the walls inside there is an antibacterial coating to maintain a healthy climate inside the chambers, it remains even with regular wet cleaning (the No Frost function does not imply defrosting).

Doors can be reversible for left or right hand opening.


    • The maximum noise level is only 40 dB;


    • Easy maintenance and antibacterial coating of the inner walls;


    • Narrow model, suitable for small kitchens;


    • Stylish exterior;


    • Reliable compressor;


    • Extended climate class N, SN, ST, T.



    • There is no option for fast cooling in the upper chamber;


    • Relatively short maintenance of the internal temperature when the power is turned off.



Rating: 4.7

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

Narrow (60 cm) and low (171 cm) refrigerator BEKO CNL 7270KC0 S is perfect for the kitchen of a small family up to 4 people. It, like its predecessors in the rating, is made in a silver case, with two chambers: the refrigeration top holds 136 liters on 3 glass shelves and a box for vegetables, the lower freezer is only 76 liters with a capacity of 5 kg per day. Accordingly, the CNL 7270KC0 S is the third in size and performance. It has a simplified electromechanical type control system, that is, temperature control is carried out by turning the switch, there is no display either on the facade or in the chamber.

The noise of the compressor is similar to other models of Beko refrigerators – 40 dB, it is felt as a slight hum that does not cause discomfort.

Refrigerator BEKO CNL 7270KC0 S is a classic of its kind, not stuffed with modern electronics, but reliable in operation. The average price is 180$, which is fully consistent with the build quality and durability of operation without maintenance.


    • Compact dimensions and weight 55 kg;


    • Classic exterior;


    • Optimal price;


    • Extended climatic range;


    • reversible door;


    • Reliable stuffing.



    • There is no digital temperature indicator;


    • There may be a temperature discrepancy in the refrigerator compartment (exceptional cases).



Rating: 4.7

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

The fourth place in the ranking was taken by the Beko two-chamber refrigerator of the RCNK 356E21 A series in black. It is not the smallest among those presented – the height for equipment is maximum (201 cm), and the width and depth are standard – 60×59.5 cm. This model has ergonomic handles for opening, but new owners have difficulty rehanging the door due to incorrect instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

Electronic control on the panel with an indicator of temperature and modes is located on the facade, but it is very high – it is problematic for short people to get it. The 220-liter refrigerator has five shelves made of durable glass and a freshness zone, but there is no space for bottles, and the drawers are located close to each other on the door, so a bottle of oil can only be placed on the lower tier. Due to the elongated design, cold storage is possible only up to 17 hours from the moment the mains power is turned off.

The freezer for 96 liters is equipped with a super-freeze function, in the department there are 3 shelves without doors. Otherwise, the refrigerator is similar to its “brothers” in the brand: identical noise, reliable design and relatively low weight of 70 kg.


    • No Frost in both chambers;


    • Temperature indicator;


    • Enough shelves;


    • Door hanging;


    • Handles for opening doors;


    • Touch control.



    • Keeps the temperature inside for a short time;


    • A margin of 3 cm is required behind the door to open it;


    • Difficulties with hanging the door.



Rating: 4.6

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

This is another tall refrigerator in the BEKO range. But unlike its predecessor, this model does not have touch controls and an electronic display, the temperature is set with a rotary wheel in the upper chamber, which, by the way, holds 241 liters (5 shelves, a box for storing vegetables and fruits). There is no supercooling in the department. The freezer is relatively small – only 94 liters, but freezes quickly.

The BEKO RCNK 356K00 W refrigerator is the first in the rating, presented in a white case, which is preferred by 80% of all home appliances buyers. A solid model without difficult control and weak nodes, the device proved to be positive for the majority of users surveyed. Third-party sounds are observed along with the declared noise level of 40 dB, but as practice has shown, they do not affect functionality and power consumption.


    • Compact model in width and depth (60×60 cm);


    • Organic exterior without unnecessary details;


    • Large internal volume due to the height of 201 cm;


    • No Frost in both branches.



    • Extraneous sounds of a periodic nature;


    • The impossibility of monitoring the temperature inside the chambers;


    • Rough assembly (hidden defects are revealed in the form of coating irregularities, metal inserts).



Rating: 4.5

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

The next in the consumer rating is the BEKO RCNK 310K20 W refrigerator of a classic look with a bottom freezer. Its body is not so high – only 184 cm, but the interior space is very roomy – 200 and 76 liters for the refrigerator and freezer, respectively. Reduced width to 54 cm – the device can fit even in a miniature kitchen.

Inside the refrigerator there are plastic walls with an antibacterial coating, shelves made of tempered glass with plastic stops on the console. The control is mechanical, there is no electronic display with a temperature indicator. But there is no doubt in accordance with the set temperature regime – it cools and freezes well.

The freezer has drawers. Lacks fast cooling and freezing functions.


    • Stable cooling and freezing;


    • Reduced width;


    • Quiet compressor at 40 dB;


    • Clear mechanical control;


    • Budget price.



    • There is no freshness zone;


    • No rapid cooling and freezing;


    • Small freezer.



Rating: 4.5

7 best BEKO refrigerators - Rating 2022

At the end of the rating is a modest refrigerator with a basic set of functions and a standard design BEKO RCNK 270K20 W. It has electromechanical control, no display and touch buttons, modest dimensions with a reduced width of 54 x 60 x 71 cm – this is an ideal solution for a small family. At the same time, the energy saving class remains within A + or 317 kWh per year. The refrigerator compartment holds 163 liters, the freezer compartment – 76 liters, a little, but for the overall dimensions it is quite acceptable.

The refrigerator does not have additional functions in the form of supercooling and quick freezing, but the internal surfaces are coated with an antimicrobial agent. The price corresponds to the quality – 180$.


    • Compact refrigerator with basic functions;


    • Preservation of temperature up to 17 hours;


    • Simple mechanical control;


    • Robust build with a two-year warranty.



    • No door closer


    • There are not enough shelves, there is free space;


    • There are no fast cooling and freezing functions.


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