6 Best Multicookers for Price and Quality

6 best multicookers for price and quality

Our review is dedicated to multicookers. This is one of the types of kitchen appliances that appeared in the early 2000s and quickly gained popularity. The key advantage of the multicooker is the automatic preparation of various dishes, from cereals to soups. At the same time, the process itself is as simple as possible – just load the ingredients according to the recipe and select the desired program. Then the device will do everything on its own, and when the dish is ready, it will signal this.

For our review, we have selected 6 of the best multicookers from popular European and foreign manufacturers. Among the main criteria are functionality, modern technological solutions, ease of operation and practicality. Also, an important selection factor was the feedback from real consumers who purchased the equipment and revealed its strengths and weaknesses during operation. Additionally, the rating of models from popular marketplaces (Walmart, NewEgg) was taken into account.

All nominees were divided into two groups according to cost – budget models and multicookers of the middle/high price segment.

6 best multicookers for price-quality

The best inexpensive multicookers

Despite some similarity in functionality and design, each model has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the background of analogues.


Rating: 4.5

6 best multicookers for price and quality

Our review opens with an inexpensive multicooker SUPRA MCS-5114 from a popular Japanese brand. The model is made in a classic form factor in a stainless steel and plastic case. This not only gives the technique a spectacular look, but also provides additional mechanical strength.

The slow cooker has 10 built-in automatic programs that allow you to cook a wide range of first and second courses, as well as make homemade yoghurts. The “multi-cook” mode allows the user to independently set the cooking parameters by changing the power level and working time. There is also a delayed start mode, thanks to which you can program the device to cook food at a specific time.

On the front of the case there is a control panel with a display. The menu in several languages, which makes it easy to deal with the settings and programs.

The volume of the bowl is 5 liters. That allows you to cook a dish for the whole family at the same time.

According to consumer reviews, the advantages of the multicooker include ease of operation and good functionality, and among the disadvantages is the absence of an external non-stick coating of the bowl, which complicates its care.

We recommend the SUPRA MCS-5114 to all users who have never had a multicooker before, but are not ready to pay big money for multifunctional devices from famous brands.


  • Russified menu.
  • Multicook mode.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • 5 liter bowl.


  • There is no external non-stick coating on the bowl.


Rating: 4.6

6 best multicookers for price and quality

The next nominee in our review is HYUNDAI HYMC-2401 from a Korean brand of small household appliances. The model is made in a modern design in a stainless steel and black plastic case.

Almost the entire front of the product is occupied by the control panel, on which there are mode selection buttons and a large informative display. The multicooker is equipped with 31 automatic programs, which allows you to cook hundreds of different dishes. One of the features of the model is the presence of a container for steaming in the kit (plus there is a separate steamer mode). This option will appeal to people who are on a diet or are supporters of a healthy diet.

Bowl 5 liters with non-stick coating and measuring scale inside.

The multicooker received a lot of positive feedback from customers, especially consumers liked the quality of the assembly and materials used, as well as the functionality and ease of use. However, no critical deficiencies were noted.

Low cost, quality of cooking and ample opportunities allowed HYUNDAI HYMC-2401 to take one of the leading positions among budget multicookers.


  • 31 programs.
  • There is a steamer.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Convenient and clear menu.


  • No critical deficiencies were identified.

Midea MPC-6032

Rating: 4.7

6 best multicookers for price and quality

Completes the category of budget multicookers Midea MPC-6032 from one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of large and small household appliances.

Like the other nominees, this model is made in a classic form factor in a case made of plastic and stainless steel. The central part of the housing is an electronic control panel with buttons and a display. The number of built-in auto programs 12, including the yogurt cooking mode, as well as the steam kitchen. All buttons in several languages, which greatly simplifies the choice of program and equipment settings.

The advantages of Midea MPC-6032 include the optimal combination of cost and functionality in its price group. Consumers respond positively to the ease of use and the quality of the prepared meals. Among the shortcomings, some buyers mention the flimsy lid opening mechanism and the thin metal of the case.

We recommend Midea MPC-6032 as one of the best inexpensive multicookers with wide functionality.


  • Simple Russified menu.
  • Good functionality.
  • The optimal combination between cost and quality.


  • Thin body metal.
  • Flimsy lid opening mechanism (according to consumer reviews).

The best multicookers of the middle and expensive price segment

We have selected the best multicookers, which differ not only in high-quality performance, but are also equipped with unique technological solutions, ranging from induction heating to voice control.

Moulinex MK622832

Rating: 4.8

6 best multicookers for price and quality

Opens the category multicooker Moulinex MK622832 from a popular French manufacturer of home appliances. This is a novelty of 2022, made in a modern design in an oblong black case.

The model is equipped with 12 programs that allow you to cook a large number of different dishes, including baking bread (the dough must be kneaded by yourself). There is also a manual mode, thanks to which the user can adjust the cooking time from 5 minutes to 9 hours, as well as the temperature from +40 to +160 degrees. Such a wide range of settings will allow you to create your own recipes with individual parameters. Additional functions include keeping the dish hot and delaying the start.

The front part of the case is occupied by a control panel with buttons and a display. For the convenience of the user, the cover is completely removable, which makes it easy to clean.

According to data from the Walmart resource, the model received the “buyers’ choice” mark. This speaks of the high quality of products and the confidence of consumers. The advantages of technology include appearance, thoughtful design and functionality. Among the shortcomings, some buyers indicate the lack of a carrying handle, as well as a not very convenient menu (it took a long time to figure it out).

We recommend Moulinex MK622832 to all users who want to buy a high-quality, reliable and stylish multicooker with wide functionality.


  • Modern design.
  • Wide range of custom settings.
  • Large selection of programs.
  • Removable cover.


  • There is no carrying handle.
  • Not a very convenient menu (according to consumer reviews).

De’Longhi FH1396/1

Rating: 4.8

6 best multicookers for price and quality

Continues our review of De’Longhi FH1396/1 from the famous Italian manufacturer of kitchen appliances. A distinctive feature of the multicooker is that it is considered one of the most functional devices in its category of goods. The model combines the advantages of several types of equipment – a multicooker, a convection oven and an oven. This significantly expands the functionality and allows you to cook almost any dish, from side dishes to Ukrainian borscht or Italian pizza.

From most analogues, the product is distinguished by the presence of an upper and lower heating element, as well as a built-in convector. This allows not only to select the heating mode, but also provides a uniform temperature distribution due to convection blowing. It is also an important option for baking bread and various confectionery products. In convection mode with top heat, you can not only bake, but also make french fries or grilled food.

The next innovation introduced by the manufacturer is a special bowl design. It has a folding handle, thanks to which it is convenient to remove the container from the device. In addition, a removable paddle is provided at the bottom of the bowl, which, in some modes, begins to rotate, evenly mixing the contents of the container. This mode will be relevant for cereals and stews. The ceramic coating of the bowl is not only non-stick, but also environmentally friendly.

The control panel consists of two modules – on the left is the mode selection knob, and on the right is the display and buttons for adjusting the heating time and power.

Wide functionality, as well as the use of innovative technological and design solutions, allowed the De’Longhi FH1396/1 multicooker to take one of the leading positions in its product group.


  • Combines several devices.
  • There is a mode of convection and aerogrill.
  • Wide range of cooking methods.
  • Unique bowl with stirrer.
  • Simple and convenient control panel.


  • There is no delay start timer.
  • High price.


Rating: 4.9

6 best multicookers for price and quality

Our review of the REDMOND SkyCooker RMC-M92S multicooker completes. This model differs from other nominees from our review by the presence of remote control via a mobile application. This will allow you to cook your favorite dishes at a convenient time, without looking up from work or other affairs.

The equipment itself is made in a modern design and has a touch control panel with a display and indicators. In total, the model has 17 automatic programs, including baking bread, steaming and deep-frying, stewing and boiling. Also worth noting is the ability to cook using sous-vide technology and the option of sterilizing baby bottles.

Thanks to the 3D heating system, food cooks faster and more evenly without the need to stir or turn the ingredients.

The package includes a book of recipes for 200 dishes, which were developed specifically for this model.

In addition to control via a smartphone, the multicooker can work as a virtual assistant Yandex.Alisa, which allows you to turn on the cooking process using voice commands.

We recommend the REDMOND SkyCooker RMC-M92S as one of the most advanced multicookers in its price range.


  • Smartphone control.
  • Manufacturer support.
  • Recipe book for 200 dishes.
  • Wide functionality.
  • Modern design and touch control panel.
  • Bowl with ceramic coating.


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to synchronize with a smartphone (according to consumer reviews).

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