6 Best Chocolate Fountains – Rating 2022

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

The chocolate fountain is a great gift for kids and those with a sweet tooth. These appliances are made of high quality stainless steel, which makes them elegant and durable, allowing them to be used over and over again. With the help of a fountain, you can make not only a delicious and beautiful dessert, but also an attractive decoration for the festive table. The principle of operation of the device is quite simple, as well as its use. We reviewed the best models, as well as their functional features and technical parameters.

How to choose the right chocolate fountain

A chocolate fountain is a device that is bought once and for a long time. These are not the devices that are often improved and updated. Therefore, it is important to immediately find the optimal model. The advice of our experts can help you choose the right product:

  1. Manufacturing company. Choose the right supplier who can provide all the necessary information regarding the fountain, technical parameters. It is also worth paying attention to the possibility of support from specialists. In addition, reviews on the Internet about the company and the device will always help you make the right choice.
  2. Dimensions. It is important to choose the correct size. The largest devices are fountains with a height of 111 cm, designed for 100 people. For small holidays, a simpler and smaller device is suitable.
  3. Capacity. Consult with the seller about the capacity and volume of the bowl. Everything here is individual and depends on personal preferences, the number of guests, etc.
  4. Material. Choose only stainless steel products. They are resistant to wear and corrosion. The more durable the product, the better.
  5. Exploitation. If you plan to use the chocolate fountain in places with a large number of guests, choose a multi-tiered structure from which several people can draw chocolate without interference.
  6. Sweet selection. Determine exactly what raw material the device uses. Some models work great with processed cheese and drinks, making them versatile.
  7. Stability. It is advisable to choose chocolate fountains with rubber feet, this makes them more stable at maximum load. Our experts highlight the stability of work and the ability to withstand heavy loads at a children’s party as one of the main parameters that affect the duration of operation.
  8. Transportability. Depending on the purpose of use, choose the device according to dimensions and weight. If you plan to regularly move the chocolate fountain, then give preference to light weight and dimensions. For home use, compact devices that do not take up much space in the kitchen are also relevant.
  9. Price. Our experts recommend not to save on the purchase of a device that guarantees fun for children and adults. Chocolate fountains from well-known and large companies are guaranteed to last longer and will delight guests during any holiday.
  10. Functionality. To keep the chocolate fountain working properly, it is important that it has a heating and keeping warm function. Otherwise, the sweetness may harden.

Our experts have identified the top 6 options for large and small companies. They differ in characteristics and parameters, but they are definitely suitable for organizing a holiday.

Rating of the best chocolate fountains

Gastrorag CF24A

Rating: 4.9

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

The leader of the rating is a modern chocolate fountain, the body of which is made of stainless steel. The device is used to maintain the atmosphere of a holiday during a wedding, anniversary or corporate party. Gastrorag CF24A is made in screw design. The height of the product is 600 mm, it has 4 tiers. The device allows you to load up to 2500 g of chocolate. Attractive silver color and light weight of 6kg makes Gastrorag CF24A an excellent choice for celebrations.

For heating, it is recommended to use only Belgian brands of sweets, which contain a large amount of cocoa bean oil, which does not require additional addition of vegetable oil to the workpiece. After activation of the chocolate fountain, the mass will begin to rise and then flow down between the tiers, forming an attractive blanket with a velvety sheen. The device is ideal for small celebrations, but is also suitable for use at home.


  • reliable screw design;
  • great option for a family celebration;
  • made of durable steel that withstands corrosion;
  • small dimensions (330x330x600 mm);
  • low energy consumption.

Clatronic SKB 3248

Rating: 4.8

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

An honorable second place was taken by a device from the popular manufacturer Clatronic. SKB 3248 is an excellent chocolate fountain for small companies. It is designed for use in the process of children’s parties, weddings, anniversaries and much more. Clatronic SKB 3248 will show itself perfectly as part of a buffet, with the right frame it will create an atmosphere of celebration. The device is designed for use with a load of 500 to 1 kg of mass.

During operation, the mass gradually warms up, and then rises with the help of a pump to the upper part of the screw, after which it flows down. The lower bowl has a diameter of 21.5 cm. Clatronic SKB 3248 is designed to use any kind of chocolate. The design of the fountain is quite simple, the manufacturer has also provided a clear control. Users in the reviews confirm this, they share positive impressions about the model.


  • low power consumption;
  • high stability;
  • simple operation thanks to convenient switches;
  • made of stainless steel;
  • small dimensions 215x395x215 mm;
  • great option for home use.

Gastrorag CF16A

Rating: 4.7

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

Gastrorag CF16A is a small size appliance made of stainless steel. The professional device, according to experts and customers, is highly reliable, corrosion resistant and suitable for creating a festive atmosphere at any celebration. The Gastrorag CF16A is a 3-tier auger design. The main bowl has a diameter of 21.5 cm, which is suitable for loading up to 1 kg of chocolate.

The dimensions are quite compact – 215x215x400 mm. Gastrorag CF16A is only recommended for use with quality Belgian chocolate due to its high oil content. This feature of the raw material does not require additional preparations for use. To operate the device, you need to warm up the mass, turn on the electric motor and the heater. Buyers praise the reliability of the design, the device can serve for years.


  • durable stainless steel case;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • light weight (2kg);
  • compact dimensions;
  • attractive silver body color.

Princess 292994

Rating: 4.6

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

The following chocolate fountain is designed to create a special festive atmosphere. The case is made in a stylish silver-black color, which allows it to fit perfectly into any interior. The device has excellent qualities inherent in premium level fountains. For one activation, you can load up to 500 g of mass, which will allow you to automatically get a good portion of sweetness.

The power of the heating element is 32 W, which is quite enough to maintain the normal temperature of the chocolate without the participation of users. The case is made of durable stainless steel, which simplifies storage conditions. This chocolate fountain will last a really long time. According to users, Princess 292994 has many advantages. They praise the stylish appearance and fully automatic chocolate making mode.


  • durable case;
  • ease of use;
  • high reliability;
  • long service life;
  • good feedback;
  • attractive design.

Gemlux CF20C

Rating: 4.5

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

This device is a high chocolate fountain made of stainless steel, which significantly increases the service life of the device. The manufacturer made the fountain high (45 cm), and the main tower is elegantly decorated. Together, this makes the appearance very catchy and beautiful. In addition, the cost of the device is relatively low. It is assumed that the device will be used instead of a cake. It is recommended to serve it with fruits, marshmallows or other sweets.

The design of the Gemlux CF20C is quite simple. A heating element with a temperature of up to 60 degrees is installed in the lower part. After loading the mass, heating is carried out until a state of fluidity occurs. Then the chocolate is fed to the top, thanks to the screw mechanism located inside. Customers are satisfied with the level of performance and appearance of the device. They especially like the excellent combination of price and quality.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • metal tower with plastic auger;
  • compact dimensions 45x29x22 cm;
  • large possibilities of mass loading (up to 1.4 kg).

Tristar CF-1603

Rating: 4.4

6 best chocolate fountains - Rating 2022

Tristar presents an excellent gift option for birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. This chocolate fountain is suitable for all those who want to quickly taste a delicious dessert, but do not want to take up a lot of space in the kitchen. The model is one of the most compact in the ranking, its dimensions are 160x260x160 mm. The design of the device is quite simple and reliable. It is based on a case made of high-quality plastic, as well as a spiral made of stainless steel.

Tristar CF-1603 is designed to be used for a long time. The fountain has several temperature modes, as well as a heater that provides fluidity to the chocolate mass. Additionally, an indication is set using a diode. Ergonomics and compactness make this model very attractive. The power is 32W. Users highlight a lot of advantages of the device and leave positive feedback. They especially like the light weight and small size.


  • light indication;
  • built-in pump with heater;
  • stable legs;
  • reliable design;
  • light weight – only 800 g.

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