360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7


Most recently, we talked about the popular 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7 robot vacuum cleaner, noting its similarities with the flagships of the Chinese Xiaomi corporation. The brand stepped forward and with the onset of 2020 released an even more advanced device, or rather an updated version of its predecessors – 360 S6 Pro. The cost of the device averages 450 $, which is commensurate with the price tag of flagship devices. Assessing whether it is worth overpaying for the coveted prefix “Pro”?

Device package

The complete set of the device is basic and does not include additional elements:

  • The robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Docking station for recharging.
  • Power adapter for different types of sockets.
  • Wet cleaning module with attached microfiber cloth.
  • Warranty card.
  • User manual.
  • Remote control.
  • Brush for cleaning elements.
360 S6 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Design and appearance

The design of the model has remained the same: white glossy plastic, round shape of the device, control panel consisting of two mechanical buttons. A laser rangefinder protrudes on the lid, which is responsible for a clear construction of a cleaning plan and navigation in space. Opening the case cover, you can see the dust container with a volume of 420 ml.

The main wheels, a swivel roller, one side and central brush, as well as a place for attaching a wet cleaning module are located below.

Design 360 S6 Pro

Functionality and Specifications

The suction power of the vacuum cleaner has been increased to 2200 Pa, in contrast to the 2000 Pa power of the previous version – S7. The battery capacity remains the same – 5200 mAh, which allows the device to clean for 180 minutes. The maximum cleaning area reaches 300 square meters. meters.

Engine 360 ​​S6 Pro

SLAM technology, Mapping 6.0 system, many sensors scattered around the perimeter of the device, and LDS are responsible for building cleaning plans by analyzing the space, identifying obstacles, and choosing the appropriate trajectory.

360 S6 Pro lidar

What kind of cleaning does the robot do?

  • Dry cleaning.
  • Wet cleaning.
  • Combined cleaning – parallel dry and wet cleaning.

There are three ways to control the robot vacuum cleaner: buttons on the control panel, using the remote control and a smartphone. Let’s analyze in detail all the functions inside the mobile application:

  • Electronic adjustment of liquid supply to microfiber.
  • Store up to 10 cleaning plans in the device’s memory.
  • The possibility of zoning the premises into the desired areas, dividing and combining rooms.
  • Allocation of prohibited areas for cleaning. Separate installation of unwanted areas for wet cleaning.
  • Local cleaning, coping with difficult pollution in specific places.
  • Schedule cleaning.

An important difference between the device and its younger version is that the 360 ​​S6 Pro is able to automatically change the suction power, determining the type of flooring.

Mobile App 360 S6 Pro

Final verdict

The robot vacuum cleaner from 360 can become a smart assistant in your home. It has all the necessary characteristics and functions for a premium segment device.

The gadget has practically no drawbacks, but there is an important warning: all models of robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand are not multilingual. In some cases, such a limitation can play a negative role in case of problems. We advise you to consider the article “Top 5 robotic vacuum cleaners that speak European”.


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