12 Best Electric Hobs

10 best glass-ceramic panels - Rating 2022

We decided to dedicate this review to built-in electric hobs. For our rating, 12 best models from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers were selected. At the same time, for the convenience of users, we divided all positions into two groups – full-sized panels for 4 burners (8 nominees) and compact built-in electric stoves for 2 and 3 burners (4 nominees).

Regardless of the size, configuration and functionality of a particular model, we adhered to one key rule – in principle we did not consider mechanically controlled electric stoves, as well as options with a stainless steel or enameled metal base. The reason is very simple – the moral and technological aging of these categories of equipment.

Only glass-ceramic hobs with touch controls were included in the rating, as they meet modern requirements for aesthetics and safety, and also have improved operational and technical performance compared to models of previous generations.

Each affixed model has its own features and advantages, and is also considered the best solution in terms of price / quality / functionality in its product group.

In addition to brand awareness and reliability, we focused on one of the key selection criteria – practical experience from real customers. To do this, we analyzed consumer reviews of products taken from open sources – official websites of manufacturers, as well as from popular online services Walmart, irecommend.ru, .

The order of the models is purely arbitrary and cannot serve as an indicator of the superiority of one built-in electrical panel over another.

How to choose an electric hob

When choosing an electric hob, the following important criteria should be considered:

  1. Overall dimensions and number of burners.
  2. Type of heating element.
  3. Functionality.

The first important criterion – these are the dimensions of the hob, on which it depends how harmoniously the equipment fits into a specific seat. Traditional models for 4 burners have a web size of 50×60 cm along the outer perimeter (this is a generalized dimension, since actual dimensions can be 2-3 mm smaller). The size for embedding each manufacturer has its own, and it is indicated on the packaging or in the instruction manual. Despite the general external dimensions, in order to embed a specific model, it is necessary to cut a rectangle with different sides in the countertop.

Hobs for 3 burners have a generalized size of 45×50 cm, and for two-burner models, the external dimension is 30×50 cm.

More than 98% of electrical panels produced today have a glass-ceramic working areaunder which the heating elements are located. It makes no sense to consider surfaces with a stainless or enameled case for comparison, since this technique is considered obsolete and many manufacturers are no longer producing it.

Among the heating elements that are installed in modern glass-ceramic panels there are only 2 options:

  1. Tape or Hi-Light.
  2. Induction.

First option – this is a kind of evolution of the traditional heating element, only instead of a spiral and a core base, a thin tape is used, folded with an “accordion” and twisted into a spiral. This modification has an increased usable area (heats faster, consumes less energy), and is also practically not subject to burnout and other damage. Among all previously existing heaters, Hi-Light is considered the most practical and durable, so most glass-ceramic panels are equipped with this particular element.

Induction coils installed on premium hobs. They are even more economical than Hi-Light, and most importantly, they eliminate the risk of burns if you accidentally touch the working area of ​​​​the burner after the end of cooking. Their principle of operation is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which converts eddy currents into heat directly inside the dishes, and not by secondary heat transfer from a hot heating element. The only caveat is that you need to purchase special dishes with a ferromagnetic bottom (stainless steel, cast iron). Suitable pots and pans will have a special pictogram indicating the spiral of the inductor.

An important role in choosing a hob is played by functionality and usability. For example, models with slider control are very popular due to the ease of settings and a wide range of power (for most manufacturers, these values ​​​​are from 1 to 9, but for some models the upper threshold is 12 or even 20 positions). Also, the system of blocking the control panel from children and the presence of a timer to turn off will not be superfluous. Many housewives choose cooktops with variable burner diameters (including the presence of an oval-shaped burner for a goose/duck roast), which allows the use of cookware with different bottom sizes.

A properly selected electric hob will not only fit perfectly into any kitchen interior and last for many years, but will also ensure quick, convenient and safe cooking of your favorite dishes.

Rating of the best electric hobs

The best 4-burner electric hobs

Our review begins with the best glass-ceramic hobs for 4 burners with a standard size of 60×50 cm. 8 models from world-famous manufacturers of built-in household appliances were selected for the rating. We have selected the best options in different price ranges and did not pursue brand fame, but paid attention to practicality, functionality and reviews from real owners of equipment.

Hansa BHC66504

Rating: 4.9

12 best electric hobs

Our rating is opened by the Hansa BHC66504 hob from the famous Polish brand with a German name. The model is assembled in Poland, and the manufacturer provides an official 1-year warranty. There will be no problems with maintenance and possible repair of products, since the Magorta Group concern (the owner of equipment under the Hansa and Kaiser brands) has a wide network of branded service centers throughout Europe and the CIS countries.

One of the features that makes this hob stand out from other stoves is its design. Unlike traditional black glass ceramics, the working area is painted gray, the symbols of the Zodiac signs are applied over the entire surface, and the working areas of the burners are made in the form of astrological charts. For the first time, the Zodiak design appeared at Hansa in the early 2000s, which brought a sharp increase in sales and high popularity. As you can see, this decor is still relevant today.

The model is equipped with two standard burners and two burners with a variable diameter (12-18 cm and 14-21 cm), which allows you to use a large number of dishes with different bottom sizes. The controls are located at the bottom in the middle of the panel. The model is equipped with all the basic functions, including blocking the panel from children and automatic shutdown in case of overheating or when water gets on the surface.

The electric panel is equipped with automatic boiling. This is a useful option, thanks to which boiling of the liquid with subsequent spillage over the stove is excluded. The system monitors the moment of boiling and independently reduces the heating level, ensuring further uniform cooking, which is especially important for first courses.

According to reviews from the Walmart online resource, the model has
rating 4.6, and this hob is recommended for purchase by 86% of users. Among the advantages, the owners of the equipment noted the unusual design of the stove, the speed of heating and high-quality assembly. Among the shortcomings, some respondents note a not very convenient menu, which requires getting used to after using other electrical panels.

The original appearance, the presence of automatic boiling and two burners with expansion zones allowed the Hansa BHC66504 hob to take one of the leading places in our rating and in its price category.


  • Appearance.
  • Boiling automatic.
  • 2 burners with variable diameter.


  • Not very convenient control panel (according to consumer reviews).

Hotpoint-Ariston HR 616X

Rating: 4.8

12 best electric hobs

The Hotpoint-Ariston HR 616 X model from a well-known Italian manufacturer continues the review of the best electric built-in panels for 4 burners. The official factory warranty for equipment is 1 year, and all repair or maintenance issues can be resolved through one of the company’s service centers, which are available in almost all cities of Europe.

The model has two burners with a changing bottom diameter. The first one is a maiden distant one with the possibility of increasing the size from 12 to 21 cm, and the second one has an oval zone for a duck and other suitable dishes.

One of the important points is the presence of stainless steel edging around the entire perimeter of the panel. The frame not only gives the model a stylish look, but also protects corners and edges from accidental chips (for example, when placing or moving dishes).

The touch control panel is quite simple and easy to use. There is a separate button for each mode, so the user, who has never dealt with similar equipment, can easily manage it. The model has standard equipment – a timer, blocking, emergency shutdown, which is enough for convenient, fast and safe cooking.

According to user reviews, most owners of the hob are absolutely satisfied with the functionality, heating speed and quality of work, and only a few compare this model with an induction hob to find flaws. Such a comparison is unacceptable, since these are two completely different devices that will differ in the principle of operation, technical indicators and type of design.

We recommend the Hotpoint-Ariston HR 616 X hob as one of the best models in its price range. Analogues from other manufacturers with the same functionality will cost 30-40% more.


  • Stainless edging.
  • Oval burner for goose and radial expanding burner.
  • Simple control menu.
  • Convenient connection.


  • When switching modes, the sensor may react with a delay of up to 3 seconds.

Electrolux EHF 96547 FK

Rating: 4.8

12 best electric hobs

The next hob from our review is Electrolux EHF 96547 FK from a well-known Swedish concern. The manufacturer provides a standard 1-year warranty on its equipment.

The model is very popular due to its high functionality and thoughtful design. The panel is equipped with two standard burners, one with three circuits and one with an oval shape. This configuration allows you to use almost any utensils – from the Turks for coffee, to the goose.

Touch control is made in the form of a slider, which also makes the operation of the panel as comfortable as possible. Due to the high sensitivity of the sensors, the user can set the appropriate power level with a light touch.

Of the additional options, it is worth noting the Stop & GO mode (stop / pause) and automatic boiling, thanks to which the system will automatically reduce the power level after the water in the pan reaches the boiling point. Another useful option is a two-position timer, which not only works to turn off, but can also simply count the time, which is important if the user does not know exactly how long the dish should be cooked, or experiments with different kitchen processes on his own.

Despite the fact that the model is made in a traditional form factor, it is worth noting the front beveled edge, which gives the surface a modern and stylish look.

Users have left a large number of reviews on popular online resources. As advantages, the German assembly, high functionality, the presence of an installation kit and ease of operation were indicated. The disadvantages of some consumers include the high total power consumed when all burners are turned on.

Stylish appearance, wide functionality, accurate electronics and adequate cost have allowed the Electrolux EHF 96547 FK hob to become one of the best solutions in its product niche, as well as take its rightful place in our rating.


  • German assembly.
  • Lots of expansion areas.
  • Stop&GO option.
  • Boiling automatic.


  • Total power consumption 7.1 kW (according to user reviews).

Midea MCH64160

Rating: 4.7

12 best electric hobs

We could not include the Midea MCH64160 model from a well-known Chinese manufacturer of climate control and built-in appliances in the ranking of the best built-in hobs. The factory warranty for the surface is 2 years, and the service life is at least 5 years, which indicates good build quality and materials used.

The model is made in a traditional size and is equipped with basic functions – 4 burners without expansion zones, touch control (individual for each burner) and a shutdown timer with an audible signal. The panel looks quite stylish and modern.

One of the key advantages of the hob is a very favorable price, which ranges from 100$ It is almost impossible to find high-quality glass ceramics with Hi-Light heating elements and touch control in this price category. The exception is little-known brands that have not earned a good reputation, so they were not automatically included in our review.

According to information from the Walmart online resource, the model received
rating 4.4 points, and 82% of users recommend this product. In the positive feedback from the owners of the equipment, the price and good quality of the products, as well as convenient touch controls and ease of settings, are in the first place. We recommend the Midea MCH64160 built-in hob to all users who want to replace a gas stove or an old electric oven with a glass-ceramic surface, but do not have the opportunity or desire to spend 200$ This model will be an excellent solution for a budget kitchen, and can also be considered as an option for a rented apartment or even a summer cottage.


  • Low price.
  • High-quality glass-ceramic cloth.
  • Shutdown timer with audible signal.
  • Control panel lock.


  • There are none for this price.

Bosch PKM645FP1R

Rating: 4.7

12 best electric hobs

Another interesting and original hob from the well-known German manufacturer Bosch PKM645FP1R. The factory warranty for the surface is 1 year, but as practice shows, consumers rarely turn to the service center due to the high build quality and almost zero defects.

One of the key features of the model is the CombiZone mode, which allows you to combine two adjacent burners into a single heating zone. In this case, the user will be able to choose not only the heating area, but also the configuration of the circuit – for example, under a pan with a volume of 2-3 liters, under a large cast-iron roaster or under a grill pan with a square bottom. This is a very convenient option that allows you to individually adjust the size of the heating zone for almost any cookware.

The second interesting point is the presence of the PowerBoost function, thanks to which one of the burners receives an increased power supply (by reducing the power of the other burner), which allows you to cook 20% faster for a limited time (for example, this is enough to boil water in a kettle or saucepan for soup).

The third useful option is ReStart. The principle of its operation is a bit similar to the “start / pause” mode, but with the difference that the function is activated independently in the event of an emergency shutdown of the hob. When restarting, the stove prompts you to confirm the restoration of the previous settings within 10 seconds, and continue cooking in the same mode as before the shutdown.

The panel is equipped with an intuitive and convenient slider control, and also has a shutdown timer and a control panel lockout mode.

Based on online reviews
, the rating of the model is 4.5 points. Users appreciated the multifunctional heating zone for any dishes, as well as other useful features of the hob. Some owners of equipment complain about transformer clicks that appear from time to time, which are sometimes heard during panel operation.

We recommend the Bosch PKM645FP1R electric hob to all fans of German quality and modern technology at a reasonable price.


  • Variable control of the CombiZone heating zone.
  • Increasing the power of the burner thanks to PowerBoost technology.
  • Slider control.
  • Restart option on previous ReStart settings.


  • Sometimes clicks of the transformer are heard (according to user reviews).

Candy CH 64 BVT

Rating: 4.6

12 best electric hobs

The next in the list of the best electric hobs is the Candy CH 64 BVT model from a well-known Italian manufacturer. The plate is assembled in Turkey, its official warranty is 1 year, and the minimum service life is 5 years.

The model is made in a modern style, looks concise and has no unnecessary decorative elements, which allows it to be perfectly integrated into a set in a minimalist or hi-tech style.

A distinctive feature is an adjustable heating zone with the ability to combine two right-hand burners into one. Such a solution will allow you to easily cook on the surface in a dish such as a roaster or in a frying pan with a non-standard bottom shape. The contours of the combined zone are marked with blue lines, as is the touch button that activates the extension.

The control of the panel is intuitive and simple, so that an elderly person or a user who has not previously dealt with such devices can figure it out. As additional options, there is a timer to turn off the burners and a child lock.

According to consumer reviews, most of them speak positively about this hob. For example, Walmart online service, the panel rating is 4.8 points, and the model itself is marked with the prestigious “buyer’s choice” sign. There are no fundamentally negative reviews about the hob, but some users complain about the lack of a function for automatically determining the diameter of dishes, which is allegedly mentioned in the instructions.

The original appearance, minimalist style, affordable cost and the ability to combine two burners into a common heating zone allowed the Candy CH 64 BVT panel to take one of the leading places in our rating and become one of the leaders in its price category.


  • Combined heating zone.
  • Simple and intuitive touch controls.
  • Affordable cost.


  • There is no function to automatically determine the diameter of the bottom of the dishes (according to user reviews).

Kuppersberg ECS ​​603 GR

Rating: 4.6

12 best electric hobs

The Kuppersberg ECS ​​603 GR model continues the review of the best electric hobs for 4 burners. This is a well-known and popular brand with German roots, which occupies one of the leading positions in the European market. The official warranty is 2 years, and all issues regarding the repair and maintenance of technicians can be easily resolved through a network of branded service centers.

The first thing that attracts the hob is its non-standard appearance. Unlike black gloss, like most analogues, the panel is painted in gray matte color, which not only looks original and impressive, but also not so easily soiled.

The second important point is the near left burner, which has three expansion zones, which allows you to use dishes of almost any diameter.

The touch control panel based on a single slider is very convenient, which makes it possible to select the optimal power level with a light touch. Also, the model is equipped with child protection, a timer for each burner and the Stop & GO function, which we better know as “pause”.

According to consumer reviews from open sources, the model enjoys well-deserved popularity due to its original appearance, well-thought-out arrangement of burners, high functionality and the best combination between cost and quality in its price range.

The model deservedly got into our review due to its non-standard appearance, good functionality, practicality and affordable price. We recommend Kuppersberg ECS ​​603 GR to all fans of German quality and technology at the right price.


  • Non-standard graphite color.
  • Triple extension area.
  • Slider control.
  • Stop&GO function.


  • The bevelled edge increases the risk of ceramic chipping.

Beko HII 64401 MTX

Rating: 4.5

12 best electric hobs

Our review of the best four hotplate electric hobs is completed by the Beko HII 64401 MTX model from a popular Turkish brand. The surface is made in Turkey and has an official factory warranty of 2 years, and a developed network of branded service centers throughout Europe will help solve any situation with the maintenance or repair of equipment.

We specifically included at least one induction panel in our rating, despite the fact that a separate review can be carried out for this category of household appliances. The reason is very simple – it is this model that has an affordable cost, which is lower than the standard hobs of famous brands discussed in our review (for example, the same Bosch PKM645FP1R or Electrolux EHF 96547 FK surface will cost more), and the functionality is an order of magnitude higher.

Among the distinctive features of the model, it is worth noting the function of automatic recognition of dishes. If no cookware with a magnetic bottom is placed on the burners, the stove will automatically turn off. Another useful feature in this hob is the Booster mode, which provides a short-term increase in the power of any burner. This allows you to boil water faster or provide the most powerful frying of meat so that its pores instantly close and juiciness is preserved.

The model is equipped with all the necessary options for comfortable, quick and safe cooking of your favorite dishes – blocking the control panel from accidental pressing, an indicator of operation and residual heat, a timer to turn off the burner.

According to online service
Walmart, the hob has a top rating of 5.0 and the prestigious Buyer’s Choice mark. At the same time, 100% of equipment owners recommend this product. High ratings and positive reviews are due to affordable cost, reliable assembly and a fundamentally better approach to quality, safety and speed of cooking. Among the negative points, some consumers noted a slight hum that inductors emit during operation.

We recommend the Beko HII 64401 MTX hob as one of the cheapest induction hobs with full functionality and high build quality.


  • Low price (compared to analogues from other manufacturers).
  • Booster mode for quickly heating water or roasting.
  • Automatic dish detector.
  • Convenient touch control.


  • A slight hum from the inductors (according to consumers).

The best built-in electric hobs with 3 and 2 burners

The second part of our review is devoted to non-standard compact solutions – hobs for 2 and 3 burners, which will be an excellent solution for a small kitchen. Models with two burners have received the common name “Domino”, since their overall dimensions (30×50 cm) correlate with each other in the same way as in dominoes. In addition to compactness, the key advantage of such panels is versatility, as well as a large selection of related modules in the same size and design. If there is a technical possibility and desire, the user can choose one electrical panel “Domino” and supplement it with a compact grill, wok-burner, built-in fryer and other functional modules.

Our review includes 4 best panels for 2 and 3 burners from two brands – Weissgauff and Krona, which optimally combine functionality, reliability and affordable cost.

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Weissgauff HV 431 B

Rating: 4.9

12 best electric hobs

Our review of compact panels opens with the Weissgauff HV 431 B model. The brand with German roots belongs to a large European concern, and the hobs themselves are manufactured at a modern Chinese factory, where they undergo multi-stage quality control. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty, and also regulates the service life of the product for at least 5 years.

This is a glass-ceramic three-burner built-in hob with dimensions of 45×51 cm (embedding size 43×49 cm). The model has 3 burners equipped with Hi-Light heaters, which have a ribbon structure and an increased heating rate. The right burner has a two-circuit configuration, which allows the use of dishes with different bottom diameters on it.

The model is equipped with one common power level slider, which allows you to quickly set the required degree of heating in the range from 1 to 9. A convenient and understandable touch control panel makes it easy to set each of the burners to the desired mode. For maximum convenience, the panel is equipped with a sleep timer with an audible signal and a child lock on the control panel.

According to reviews from the Walmart resource, the model has
rating 4.4 points, and 90% of consumers recommend it for purchase. At the same time, most users appreciated the compact size, stylish appearance, slider control of the stove, practicality and convenience. Among the shortcomings, some owners of equipment call a short power cord, which for some reason comes out of the side of the case, and not from the back.

We recommend the built-in glass-ceramic hob Weissgauff HV 431 B due to its compact size, well-thought-out functionality and the absence of unnecessary options that increase the cost of equipment.


  • Small size.
  • Practicality.
  • Thoughtful arrangement of burners.
  • Slider control.


  • Short power cord (according to consumer reviews).

Krona FIDATO 45 BL

Rating: 4.8

12 best electric hobs

The next model in our rating is the Krona FIDATO 45 BL glass-ceramic hob from a well-known German brand. The manufacturer provides an official guarantee of 5 years, which is considered one of the longest terms among all companies producing hobs.

The first difference between this plate and most analogues is its spectacular appearance. The panel can really be called designer, because instead of the traditional circles and ovals that mark the boundaries of the burners, there are triangles, irregularly shaped geometric shapes and other decorative elements on the entire surface, giving the model a stylish and non-standard look. Despite the atypical design of the hob, the heating zones are easily guessed on it and the double-circuit burner is clearly marked.

Touch control allows you to individually set the desired operating mode for each burner, and the shutdown timer (from 1 to 99 minutes) will automate the cooking process. As an additional option, it is worth noting the Stop & GO mode, which allows you to pause the burner with one click on the sensor, and then continue cooking. In fact, this is a pause mode that maintains a pre-selected heating power level, which is very convenient when preparing complex dishes, and also if during cooking some of the ingredients need to be added in the middle of the process.

According to reviews from various online resources, many users are satisfied with the purchase of this hob and note not only the compact size and original appearance, but also the ease of operation and high heating rate. The disadvantages of some owners of the stove include difficulties with maintenance, as well as not always clear operation of the sensors on the control panel.

The original design, affordable price and thoughtful control system allowed the Krona FIDATO 45 BL hob to take one of the leading places in our rating and in its price group.


  • Effective look.
  • Thoughtful arrangement of burners.
  • Burner with expanding contour.
  • Stop&GO function.
  • A scraper for cleaning the panel is included.


  • You need to buy expensive care products for glass ceramics (according to consumer reviews).

Weissgauff HV 312 B

Rating: 4.7

12 best electric hobs

The next model in our review is the Weissgauff HV 312 B double-burner glass-ceramic hob of the Domino type. The model has a laconic design and simple touch control. A distinctive feature of the hob is the presence of one heating pad with a variable diameter, which allows the use of dishes with different bottom sizes.

The location of the controls deserves special attention. On the left is the control of the near burner, and on the right – the distant double-circuit. Between them is the timer control panel. This configuration is very convenient and will not allow you to accidentally confuse the burners. Digital indicators will indicate the power level, as well as the number of minutes before shutdown (when the timer is activated).

According to user reviews on the online resources otziv-itziv.ru, irecommend.ru and Yandex. Market, most owners of the hob positively evaluated the compactness, ease of operation and ease of use of the device. Among the negative points, many consumers note the absence of mounting locks in the kit (special brackets that securely fix the panel inside the countertop).

We recommend the Weissgauff HV 312 B glass-ceramic hob as one of the most affordable double-burner built-in cookers with one expanding heating zone.


  • Simple touch control.
  • Burner with double diameter.
  • Laconic appearance.
  • Easy maintenance due to a flat, smooth panel without mechanical switches.


  • No mounting brackets (according to consumer reviews).

Krona ORSA 30BL

Rating: 4.6

12 best electric hobs

Our general review of built-in hobs is completed by the Krona ORSA 30 BL model with two electric burners, one of which (far) has a variable diameter.

Like many hobs from Krona, this model has an original appearance, which is given by stylish decors that mark the boundaries of the heating zones. Such a panel will perfectly fit into any modern kitchen interior.

Touch control, convenient and intuitive. There is a child lock, a timer and a safety shutdown system (when the burners overheat or when liquid gets on the control panel). It is also worth noting the presence of the Stop & GO option, which allows you to pause the cooking process and resume it at the previous settings.

Most electric stove owners are positive about the appearance of the model, ease of operation and quick heating of the burners. As a drawback, some consumers indicate too little time for the touchpad to be active, which goes into standby mode after 3 seconds of inactivity. At first, it will be quite difficult for the user to set the required heating level out of habit, since the panel will turn off after 3 seconds, and the setting will have to be repeated many times.

The original appearance, a simple control panel and the availability of all the necessary functions for the quick preparation of various dishes allowed the Krona ORSA 30 BL hob to take one of its worthy places in our rating and become a leader in its price range.


  • Stylish look.
  • Warranty 5 years.
  • Simple and clear control.
  • The presence of an expansion zone.
  • Availability of the Stop&GO option (start/pause).


  • Blocking of sensors after 3 seconds of inactivity (according to consumer reviews).

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