10 Most Economical Refrigerators – Rating 2022

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022


When choosing a refrigerator, many people pay attention to the capacity of the chambers, the type of defrosting (removal of excess moisture), the presence of a display and design. But not everyone notices such an indicator as energy consumption per year. But some models have it 100 kW, while others have 600 kW. Although for some buyers the benefit in a year is not so obvious, it is worth considering a longer period. Taking into account the average life of a refrigerator of 10 years, during this time, the amount of money spent on a new refrigerator is saved on electricity. If you are one of those who care about energy performance, we offer an overview of the best refrigeration units with the most economical performance.

What determines the efficiency of the refrigerator

First, let’s take a quick look at how to choose an economical refrigerator. Here we will not discuss the selection of the volume of compartments, depending on the number of users, the defrosting system, etc., but will only touch on the parameters that affect efficiency.

Energy efficiency class

When choosing a refrigerator that would save energy, you need to pay attention to the energy efficiency class. It is indicated in English letters A, B, C, etc. The higher the letter to the beginning of the alphabet, the better. The most economical models are designated A +, A ++, and A +++. For example, a unit with an A + rating can consume 270 kW per year, and a refrigerator with an A ++ rating 200 kW.

But here there is a direct connection with the volume of the chambers. After all, the larger the refrigerator and freezer compartment, the longer the compressor will have to pump freon to cool them. This means it will use more electricity. Therefore, sometimes you may encounter this picture: a refrigerator with energy efficiency class A and a volume of 100 liters consumes 100 kW per year, and a model with class A ++ and a volume of 400 liters consumes 300 kW per year. It is proportional and normal.

Compressor type

The type of compressor that pumps refrigerant through the system also affects energy savings. It can be a classic (regular) unit or an inverter one. The first works intermittently (pumped up pressure and turned off). It can turn on dozens of times a day. In each case, the compressor of a two-chamber refrigerator consumes about 1.8 kW at the start, although then the power consumption drops to 25-40 W / h. Inverter compressors do not stop, but only change their frequency of operation, so there are no high starting currents, which means that the consumption of “light” is more economical. But models with an inverter compressor are more expensive.

Rating of the most economical refrigerators

Best Inexpensive Economy Refrigerators

Here we have collected refrigerators from the budget category with an energy efficiency class of A + and higher, which makes them economical not only in terms of kilowatt consumption, but also in terms of cost. Experts have selected different volumes of cameras so that everyone can find here a product that suits their needs. This is the best choice for a young family starting to live separately from their parents. It will help to save when there is still so much to buy your equipment and furniture.

Kraft KR-115W

Rating: 4.5

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

The economical model from the Kraft brand is made with dimensions of 87x49x46 cm and is endowed with a useful volume of 98 liters. Of these, 88 are allocated for the refrigerator compartment and 10 for the freezer. The unit functions perfectly at an ambient temperature of + 18 … + 38º C. With the help of one conventional compressor, the refrigerator freezes up to 5 kg per day, and if the electricity is turned off, the device will keep the cold up to 17 hours. The economical model weighs only 20 kg, so it will not be difficult to rearrange it to another corner of the room. In the reviews, buyers are satisfied with the affordable price of the refrigerator and the ability to rehang the doors at their discretion. At a budget cost, the manufacturer has implemented No Frost in the freezer and issues a 2-year warranty on the product.

The energy saving advantage of the refrigerator is immediately indicated on the door. The sticker with the vertical scale of the energy efficiency classes contains the A+ rating. For a year, a 100 liter unit consumes only 110 kW. If this value is divided by the number of hours in a year, then 12 W / h will be obtained. This is less than most LED lamps. We recommend the product for a small dorm room or for mini-hotels.


    • affordable cost;


    • 2 year warranty;


    • No Frost in the freezer;


    • doors can be re-hung.



    • very small freezer


    • to get frozen meat, you have to open two doors.


Pozis RS-405

Rating: 4.4

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

The second place in the category of economical budget refrigerators is occupied by Pozis RS-405. This is a single-chamber model with dimensions of 130x54x55 cm and an internal volume of 195 liters. It is divided in the ratio of 166/29 liters. Access to the freezer compartment is obtained through the refrigerator, which causes some inconvenience. But with large sizes, the installation consumes only 182 kW per year. You can regulate the temperature inside by means of a relay from 0 to 10 degrees. Drip defrosting system removes excess moisture. Shelves can be moved to the desired level thanks to the numerous slots in the side walls. The contents of the refrigerator are clearly visible with a 15 watt light bulb. Meat and fish can be frozen down to -12º C. A conventional type compressor hums at a volume level of 40 dB, so it will hardly be heard from the kitchen in the hall or bedroom.

According to reviews, buyers like the economical unit with a spacious vegetable box. This was achieved by moving the side shelf on the doors higher. Due to this, all the space below is allocated for the vegetable compartment.


    • three shelves are height adjustable;


    • transparent capacious box for vegetables;


    • bottles are held by an additional rim;


    • door hinges can be placed on the right or left.



    • access to the freezer through the refrigerator compartment;


    • the freezer is defrosted manually.


NordFrost NRT 143 332

Rating: 4.3

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

This is already an economical two-chamber model, so access to frozen and fresh products is more convenient here. At the same time, the dimensions of the goods remain quite compact – 125x57x62 cm, which is suitable for a kitchen in a small-family house. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 139 liters, and the freezer – 51 liters. The economical unit does an excellent job with its tasks even at an ambient temperature of +38 degrees. Electricity consumption per year reaches 234 kW, and the energy efficiency class of household appliances is A +. Masters praise such a refrigerator in reviews for the copper winding of the compressor, which extends the life of the unit. Users like that if the power goes out, the small refrigerator will keep the freezer at -9º C for 16 hours.

We singled out the economical model as the best for the antibacterial laminate coating that increases the level of hygiene inside the refrigerator. Spilled juice and other traces of food are easily removed and emit less unpleasant odors.


    • affordable cost;


    • two doors;


    • the compressor has a copper winding;


    • good backlight.



    • low freezing power 2.5 kg/day.


Zarget ZRB 210LW

Rating: 4.2

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

Household appliances with dimensions of 143x50x54 cm and a useful volume of 185 liters belong to class A +, consuming 206 kW per year. The refrigerator gives out the declared characteristics at an ambient temperature of +16 … +38 degrees. If the room is hotter, electricity consumption will increase The manufacturer placed the freezer compartment at the bottom, which increased ease of use and is liked by the owners in the reviews.

We have singled out the product as the best because of the LowFrost technology. Although the economical model has a drip defrost system, the evaporator is not located in the upper part of the case, but along the entire length of the rear wall. This innovative solution ensures an even temperature distribution and a thinner layer of ice during the active phase of the compressor. With it, your products will be better preserved on any shelf (for other budget models, the higher the level of food placement, the colder and vice versa, so milk often turns sour at the bottom).


    • freezer compartment below;


    • low frost technology;


    • ice forms much more slowly;


    • reliable and easy control.



    • 1 year warranty;


    • murmurs loudly.


Shaige FR240-1RR1AAA-C3LTJ1A

Rating: 4.1

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

Finally, in the budget category, a refrigerator from the Shaige brand. The economical model is available in several colors, which helps to match the appliances to the design of the kitchen. Dual chamber design simplifies product access. With the dimensions of the outdoor unit 147x56x63 cm, it was possible to allocate a usable volume of 220 liters inside. Of these, the refrigerator compartment is quite roomy – 166 liters, and 46 liters are reserved for freezing food at -18 degrees. The annual electricity consumption is 211 kW, and the energy efficiency class of the refrigerator is A++. Inside, tempered glass shelves are used, which are not scratched and can withstand the weight of pots up to 10-12 kg.

The editors of the magazine liked the economical unit for its antique design. To do this, the side corners and edges of the lid are rounded, like in old models, and the handles for opening the chambers are chrome-plated and are mortise. In addition to the stylish look, household appliances are characterized by increased safety, since it is impossible to get hurt on such a case if you accidentally hook it.


    • high-quality interior lighting;


    • comfortable handles;


    • increased security;


    • nice design.



    • low freezing power 2 kg/day.


The best economical premium refrigerators

Products in this category are endowed with numerous features that increase the capabilities of the refrigerator and the comfort of use. At the same time, economical energy consumption will be a nice bonus and save money on other purchases. We recommend this technique to accomplished people in order to use the best.

Liebherr CTel 2931-20

Rating: 4.9

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

Kitchen appliances have dimensions of 157x55x63 cm and a useful volume of 279 liters. Inside, the manufacturer managed to create a 226-liter refrigerator and a 53-liter freezer. The latter implements SmartFrost technology. This gives uniform cold throughout the compartment and is liked by the owners in the reviews. Here you will not encounter a situation when the top shelf is -18 degrees and the bottom shelf is -12º C. The annual consumption of electrical energy is 183 kW. Given the size, this makes the refrigerator class A++. In terms of functionality, the economical model is distinguished by the ability to change the height of three of the four shelves, LED lighting, which is much brighter and more comfortable than incandescent lamps. The unit also works reliably even at an ambient temperature of +43 degrees, which means it can be used in the kitchen of a cafe, barbecue or other catering establishments.

Experts liked the refrigerator with its matte silver finish, which does not show fingerprints. This increases the visual cleanliness of kitchen appliances and does not require frequent wiping of the surface.


    • three shelves are height adjustable;


    • can work at a temperature of +43º С;


    • prints are not visible on the surface;


    • LED lightening.



    • no audible door open alarm.


Gorenie NRK 6192 CRD4

Rating: 4.8

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

The refrigerator is made with dimensions of 185x60x64 cm. The refrigerator compartment holds 230 liters, and the freezer 95. With such indicators, the electricity consumption does not exceed 234 kW (class A ++). During the day, an economical unit is able to freeze up to 5 kg of food. Electronic control ensures accurate maintenance of the set climatic parameters. If the lights are turned off, the refrigerator will be able to save food for another 21 hours, which is much more than the capabilities of other models. The fiery red color is quite unusual for kitchen appliances, so it looks extravagant and attractive. The goods are assembled in Serbia and serve for a long time, although the guarantee for it is only 1 year.

The energy efficient refrigerator is highlighted as the best thanks to IonAir MultiFlow 360º technology. The unit ionizes the air, creating an optimal microclimate for preserving the freshness of products. The channel system evenly distributes the flow to ensure the same temperature in all compartments.


    • high-precision electronic control;


    • LED lightening;


    • autonomously keeps the cold up to 21 h;


    • air ionization prolongs the preservation of food freshness.



    • noise level 42 dB;


    • not suitable for rooms where the voltage “jumps” (or you need to buy a stabilizer).


Bosch KGE 39 AL 3 OR

Rating: 4.8

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

The huge economical two-chamber refrigerator from Bosch has dimensions of 203x60x63 cm and holds 351 liters. Of these, 257 is the refrigerator compartment, and 94 liters remain under the freezer. For a year, a large unit consumes only 219 kW. The manufacturer has implemented Vario XL technology in the refrigerator, thanks to which there are many levels for rehanging glass shelves. You can model the interior space yourself to adjust it to the size of dishes and cooked dishes (you can even place a whole roasted boar). The NatureCool function is also implemented here, providing the desired level of humidity. This will better preserve the taste and aroma of the products. Despite the economical energy consumption of A ++, the refrigerator is able to freeze up to 9 kg of meat per day. If there is no light, the cold will last another 22 hours.

The refrigerator is notable for one compressor working on two circuits. Thanks to this, it is possible to more accurately maintain the temperature in both chambers, which means that the products can be stored more correctly.


    • humidity control inside;


    • autonomous preservation of cold 22 hours;


    • many options for organizing the internal space;


    • very quiet operation – 35 dB.



    • handles protrude far beyond the dimensions and you can catch on them.


Samsung RS 54 N 3003 WW

Rating: 4.8

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

This is an economical two-door side-by-side refrigerator. Its useful volume is 566 liters, of which 359 are the refrigerator compartment and 207 are the freezer compartment. The energy class here is A +, but taking into account the size, household appliances wind up up to 444 kW per year. The freezing capacity is 10 kg per day, which is quite good. The No Frost defrosting system is implemented everywhere, so there is no moisture and frost inside, but you still have to empty it periodically for washing. LED lighting on the ceiling well “finishes” to the lower shelves. An abandoned open door will remind you of itself in 30 seconds. All parameters are displayed on the display from the outside, and control is carried out by touch buttons.

To increase the efficiency of a huge refrigerator, the manufacturer has provided cyclopentane thermal insulation, which delays the return of cold to the outside. The digital inverter compressor runs continuously, further reducing energy consumption.


    • 4 side shelves on each door;


    • four drawers;


    • LED lights;


    • touch control on the left door.



    • protruding handles;


    • murmurs loudly – 43 dB;


    • without electricity will last 8 hours.


Haier HRF521DM6RU

Rating: 4.7

10 most economical refrigerators - Rating 2022

This is another full-size two-door refrigerator with a volume of 518 liters, which winds up 435 kW per year. It can even work in a hot kitchen next to the hob at an ambient temperature of +43 degrees. Each compartment has 4 tempered glass shelves that can hold up to 10-12 kg. The No Frost system with fans is implemented everywhere, so the temperature is maintained the same both from the bottom and from the top of the refrigerator. Many people like the economical vacation function, which saves leftover food (for example, if you did not have time to eat everything before your trip), but reduces energy consumption.

The experts singled out the economical unit for its super powerful freezing. During the day, the refrigerator is able to turn into a “stone” up to 12 kg of meat. This is true if you like to shop for the whole week at once for a large family.


    • no need to defrost;


    • increased capacity of boxes;


    • there is a super freeze mode;


    • signal for a long door opening.



    • loud work 43 dB;


    • without electricity, it will only be able to keep the cold for 5 hours.


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