10 Best Combines With a Meat Grinder

10 best combines with a meat grinder

Many housewives have repeatedly faced such a situation in the kitchen when it is necessary to knead the dough, make minced meat, chop vegetables, and they had to get and turn on the mixer, meat grinder, blender, look for free sockets for them or places where you can place all these devices. Such cooking did not bring pleasure, but only negative emotions. Multifunctional combines have replaced all narrow-purpose devices and made the life of women much easier, and cooking their favorite dishes is an interesting and exciting experience.

Today you can buy harvesters with various options, nozzles, designs, types of control. When choosing such a device, you first need to decide for what purposes you will use it. After all, the more functionality, the more expensive the model, and, you see, you don’t need to spend money on accessories you don’t need.

How to choose a reliable meat grinder

Combines are presented in various complete sets. Many include a blender, meat grinder, juicer, grinder, ice cream maker, sausage attachments, citrus press. We select exactly those options that you intend to use in the future.

    1. Power is an important parameter. And the higher it is, the faster the cooking process will be. Optimum indicator: 1000 watts. Such a device will process meat of any hardness into minced meat, knead a thick dough. 700W of power is enough to mix the ingredients in a 3L bowl. But it is worth remembering that the higher this indicator, the higher the load on the network and the more electricity is consumed, so you need to choose the best option for you.


    1. bowls made of plastic, glass or stainless steel. The first material is inexpensive, light in weight, but may crack and lose its original appearance over time. Although the glass is impact-resistant, it is not recommended to drop it. The stainless bowl will last much longer, will not crack or tarnish. The volume may vary. A two-liter is enough for use in a small family. Most often presented are 3-liter bowls. But there are also volumes above 4 liters.


    1. nozzles. If you like to bake pies, pies, cakes and pastries, then we pay attention to special nozzles for various types of dough and whisks for whipping. If your menu has more salads, then we look at the configuration of graters and shredders.


    1. Blade material. For better processing into minced meat, the knives in meat grinders must be made of stainless steel. The presence in the set of 2 or more disks with different hole diameters will diversify the menu.


    1. If you plan to take the harvester with you to the country or on vacation, then a device with a plastic case and bowl will be ideal. It is light in weight and compact. Heavy, bulky models require separate storage space and a solid work surface.


    1. Control type. Devices differ in mechanical or touch control and the number of speeds. In many models there are 5-6 of them. In budget devices, there are 2 speeds, but expensive models are equipped with 10 and above. The pulse mode will allow you to complete the mixing job better.


    1. An important parameter when choosing is noiselessness. The presence of rubberized feet reduces vibration.


    1. It is desirable that the nozzles be stored in one place, but this is not always possible. Many models have compartments for storing them, so the hostess will always have them at hand.


Our rating includes 6 combines with meat grinders of different price categories, which have become sales leaders, and their quality does not cause any complaints from users, and they recommend these models for purchase.

Rating of the best combines with a meat grinder

Garlyn S-500

Rating: 4.9

10 best combines with a meat grinder

The versatile Garlyn S-500 food processor is the perfect assistant in the kitchen. With a power of 1200 W, it quickly and efficiently chop vegetables, mixes dough, beats eggs and creams, even rubs food with slices when using a special attachment. The capacity of the bowl of 5.5 liters is more than enough for preparing various dishes and preparations, the volume of the blender is 1.5 liters. The device operates at five speeds with smooth switching – you can adjust the speed directly during the operation of the combine.

The meat grinder is already included in the Garlyn S-500 kit, as well as nozzles for dough, whipping, slicing, even for making sausages and kebbe – there are 9 of them in total, you don’t need to buy anything extra. The body of the combine is made of steel, the bowl is also metal, the blender is glass. The device has rubberized feet that securely fix the harvester on the tabletop during operation.

Users note the high speed of cooking any dishes – dough, cocktails, minced meat. True, the device can work no more than 10 minutes, then the motor needs to cool down for 30 minutes.


    • 9 nozzles included;


    • metal case;


    • simple assembly and maintenance of working parts;


    • relatively silent operation;


    • 5 modes of operation with smooth switching.



    • Significant ones are not defined.


Caso KM1200

Rating: 4.8

10 best combines with a meat grinder

A multifunctional device will help you knead the dough, make minced meat, chop greens, cut vegetables, whip sauces and mousses. The compact size will allow you to fit it even in a small kitchen. The bowl is made of stainless steel, its volume is 3.6 liters. LED lighting on the control panel adds convenience during the cooking process.

The lid of the bowl will protect against splashing during operation and from dust during storage. Ingredients can be added to the hole without unplugging the food processor. Smooth adjustment will allow you to adjust the speed as you wish.

The harvester has rubberized feet that significantly reduce vibration even at high speeds. The device is also quiet in operation. Customers noted that the combine, thanks to the silver cast aluminum body, fits into any kitchen interior.


    • silent operation;


    • panel illumination;


    • convenient management;


    • 7 nozzles included;


    • reliable metal gears;



    • not detected.


Kenwood KHH 326WH

Rating: 4.7

10 best combines with a meat grinder

A worthy place in the ranking is occupied by a device that combines so many options that it replaces a juicer, a citrus press, a blender, a meat grinder. 7 different attachments will help you chop vegetables, beat eggs and cream, knead the dough. The package includes a spatula for extracting the finished product. The large bowl is made of brushed stainless steel.

The model has 5 speeds, for a better result, a pulse mode is provided. It is not difficult to get juice from pears, apples, beets, tomatoes with a centrifugal juicer. For oranges, a citrus press is included.

The body is made of durable plastic. According to reviews, it does not fade, does not crack, and dark spots do not form on it. The harvester is light and compact, it is convenient to carry and store.


    • volumetric bowl (4.3 l);


    • comfortable spatula;


    • parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher;


    • 2 juicers;


    • sharp stainless steel knives;



    • not detected.


Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet QA50AD

Rating: 4.6

10 best combines with a meat grinder

The combine has increased functionality and includes a meat grinder, blender, grinder, nozzles for dough, whipping, slicing and grater. 6 speeds and a planetary mixing system allow you to make any dish quickly and easily. Device control is mechanical.

The main feature of the harvester is an elongated stainless steel whisk. Its shape was developed by the company’s specialists, and thanks to it, the nozzle reaches the very bottom of the bowl and can mix the minimum amount of products and even beat one egg white. The meat grinder is equipped with two grates with small and large holes for minced meat of various consistency.

The bowl holds a useful volume of 4.3 liters. Handles are provided on its body. The lid prevents splashing and keeps the kitchen clean. Rubber feet provide stability and reduce vibration even at the highest speeds.


    • all-metal body;


    • stainless bowl with handles;


    • optimal equipment;


    • elongated whisk;


    • updated design;



    • not detected.


Kitfort KT-1371

Rating: 4.5

10 best combines with a meat grinder

The Kitfort KT-1371 combine has a power of 1000 W – somewhat less than that of more advanced models, but impressive functionality: 6 speeds and a pulse mode, there is even a planetary movement, a large bowl of 6 liters and a blender of 1.5 liters, included meat grinder, nozzles for dough, sausages, kebbe, whipping pasta. The device has protection against overload and electric shock.

The Kitfort KT-1371 works relatively silently and almost does not vibrate, and rubberized legs protect it from movement on the countertop. The design of the harvester is thought out in such a way as to make it as convenient as possible to operate it: the nozzles can be easily removed and installed in the working position, the kit includes a pusher, a whisk for whipping. Users note the compactness of the combine with its large bowl, fast and perfect cooking of dishes and preparations, quiet operation, the ability to use a meat grinder or a mixer with a blender at the same time.


    • simultaneous use of several functions;


    • compact body (albeit made of plastic);


    • thoughtful security systems;


    • smooth shifting 6 speeds.



    • significant are not identified.


Moulinex QA519D32 Masterchef Gourmet

Rating: 4.5

10 best combines with a meat grinder

The reliable and functional Moulinex QA519D32 Masterchef Gourmet combine with a power of 1100 W is equipped with 8 speeds with smooth switching, this is the highest figure in our rating. At the same time, there is also a pulsed mode of operation. The combine is suitable for preparing any dishes – there are 9 nozzles in the kit: for dough, for whipping, slicing or strips, a bowl of 4.6 liters. Moulinex QA519D32 Masterchef Gourmet has a grinder, a meat grinder, and a 1.5 liter blender. The combine works quickly, while it does not heat up, as users note, no foreign smell was found during the operation of the device.

It is convenient to disassemble and assemble the harvester. The design is plastic, but inside there is a reliable motor, we did not reveal any breakdowns or any complaints about it, which is typical for European technology.


    • ergonomic design;


    • 9 functional nozzles;


    • 8 speeds with smooth switching;


    • reliable motor.



    • significant are not identified.


Bosch MUM4880

Rating: 4.4

10 best combines with a meat grinder

The next in the rating is a device that has received a lot of positive feedback from hostesses due to its good equipment, high-quality work results and affordable cost. By purchasing this model, you get a blender, meat grinder, citrus juicer. With the help of 9 attachments, you can prepare any kind of dough, whip mousses, sauces, cut and chop vegetables.

Bowl material – stainless steel, volume – 3.9 l. The body is made of durable plastic. According to reviews, it retains its original appearance throughout the entire period of operation.

The power of the device is 600 W, which is enough to knead the dough of any density. The combine grinds vegetables well, grates cheese and chocolate. Many users noted that the meat grinder does not always cope with tough and sinewy meat, therefore, preliminary processing of raw materials is required: removal of the film, cartilage. And the rest of the harvester received only positive ratings.


    • 9 nozzles;


    • affordable cost;


    • citrus press;


    • stainless steel bowl;


    • overload protection;



    • little power.


Bosch MUM4855

Rating: 4.3

10 best combines with a meat grinder

Introducing another Bosch brand device, which is chosen by economical housewives and which replaces several appliances in the kitchen. The compact size allows you to use and store it in any convenient place. The package includes a blender with a capacity of 1 l, a meat grinder, 3 discs for cutting, a ball-shaped whisk and a dough hook.

Unlike the MUM4880 model, the bowl is made of impact-resistant plastic, which reduces the price of the entire device. The harvester has a thoughtful storage system for nozzles. The cord folds into a special compartment. Rubberized feet make the device stable, and at high speed it does not budge.

Users noted interesting recipes presented on the DVD included in the kit, as well as the ability to clean some parts of the combine in the dishwasher.


    • 8 different nozzles;


    • budget price;


    • a place to store the cord and nozzles;


    • recipe disk;


    • volumetric bowl – 3.9 l;



    • low power – 600 watts.


Zigmund & Shtain ZKM-950 De Luxe

Rating: 4.2

10 best combines with a meat grinder

The powerful Zigmund & Shtain ZKM-950 De Luxe 1200W food processor is equipped with a small 4.5 liter bowl, it operates at 6 speeds and in pulse mode, there is a planetary whisk movement. There are 10 nozzles in total, a meat grinder is also provided. The body of the combine is made of plastic, but the bowl is metal, and the one and a half liter blender is made of glass. Knives, according to some users, are small, but there are no questions about their quality.

The combine works noticeably loudly, but this is a problem for most models. The model also has weak points – these are plastic gears and fasteners of their weak metal. In general, there are no problems with them, but cases of thread breakage have been identified – careful use and strict adherence to the operating instructions are required.


    • 10 nozzles included;


    • bright case made of red shiny plastic;


    • 6 speeds and pulse mode;


    • lightweight design – 5.3 kg.



    • noisy engine operation.



Rating: 4.1

10 best combines with a meat grinder

Inexpensive harvester VITEK VT-1440 is a basic solution for the kitchen. With a power of 1300 W, it operates at 6 continuously adjustable speeds, thoroughly mixing or chopping food. In total, there are 7 main nozzles in the kit, which are quite enough for daily use. His bowl is small – only 4 liters, but it is necessary to beat a sufficient amount of products in it – the whisk at the bottom simply will not reach 1-2 eggs, and this is a minus. The glass blender is also small – only 0.8 liters. There are no complaints about the meat grinder, it grinds meat well and in any quantities.

The harvester has a plastic body, which is not surprising for such a price category. The legs are rubberized, they ensure the stability of the device while working on the table. The motor is not very noisy, without much vibration.


    • low price with basic options;


    • stable device;


    • 6 speeds and high power;


    • no engine odor.



    • the whisk in the bowl does not reach the bottom.


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