Refrigerator Haier A3FE742CGBJRU.Pros and Cons, Photos, Reviews, Specifications.

Refrigerator Haier A3FE742CGBJRU.Pros and cons, photos, reviews, specifications.


We present to your attention a three-chamber premium refrigerator manufactured by Haier. Everything says that this is a premium class, including a stylish black design that looks very expensive and spectacular.


The height of the refrigerator is 190 centimeters, the width is 70 centimeters, the depth is 67 centimeters – quite average dimensions. The digital control is very conveniently located on the front panel of the refrigerator, and the front panel itself is made of impact-resistant tempered glass.

Refrigerator Haier A3FE742CGBJRU.Pros and cons, photos, reviews, specifications.

The inverter type compressor allows you to get an A ++ energy efficiency class, the noise level here is only 38 decibels. In addition, the warranty for the compressor here is 12 years – this is the largest warranty among refrigerator manufacturers.

Distinctive features

Multi Air Flow technology allows you to evenly cool products due to the multi-flow cold air supply system. The freshness zone maintains optimal humidity and temperature to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Fuzzy Control is an intelligent mode that allows you to measure the ambient temperature through built-in sensors, thereby automatically selecting the optimal temperature in the refrigerator and freezer.

You can regulate the temperature not only in the common refrigerator compartment, but also in a special compartment with the speaking name My Zone. This is a 47 liter independent container that can store delicate foods such as fish and meat without freezing. Here they will retain their freshness at zero temperature and will not lose their useful properties. There is also a special compartment Special Box, which allows you to instantly cool soft and alcoholic drinks.

Finally, the T.ABT module purifies the air inside the refrigerator, disinfecting the chamber from pathogenic bacteria and microbes. So the freshness of the products will last much longer.

Pros and cons of the model


  • very stylish design;
  • vast interior space;
  • the highest build quality;
  • beautiful backlight.

Cons: Quite noisy.


  • W x H x D: 70 x 190 x 67cm
  • total volume: 436l
  • energy class:A++
  • refrigerating chamber volume: 283l
  • freezer volume: 129 l

Refrigerator Haier A3FE742CGBJRU.Pros and cons, photos, reviews, specifications.

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