How to Choose an Electric Fireplace for a House or Apartment: Varieties, Advantages and Disadvantages

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages


A fireplace is a real luxury in a home. Its presence adds chic and wealth. And most importantly, it is the creation of a cozy homely atmosphere. But, not everyone has the opportunity to equip their home with such an attribute of the interior. Firstly, even where there is the possibility of arranging a natural fireplace, this is a rather painstaking and expensive pleasure. Secondly, in an ordinary apartment, the possibility of installing it is limited.

However, don’t deprive yourself of the fun. Now there is a great alternative – electric fireplaces. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, it usually serves to heat the room. In order to understand how to choose an electric fireplace, it is worth considering in more detail their types and characteristics.

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Types of electric fireplaces

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Electric fireplaces have been successfully in demand for a long time, so there is a wide choice depending on the manufacturer, mechanism of operation, design, and the like, and choosing the one is not so easy. If the task arose to buy a modern artificial fireplace, then you should know how they differ from each other.

According to the principle of work

In addition to decorating the room, the electric fireplace also performs the function of a heater. According to the principle of this function, they are divided into:

  • Spiral – heat comes from a heated spiral. However, the level of its heating can be critically high and this causes overdrying of the air and a decrease in the level of moisture in the room.
  • Infrared – heating in this way has a mild effect. This type does not affect the state of the microclimate, does not burn oxygen. Therefore, it is considered to be predominant.

By installation method

  • Electric furnace. Freestanding fireplace. Style may vary. However, its main advantage is its portability. Easily moves around the room without any extra effort. Usually it has a stove body and looks quite impressive in a home interior.
  • Hearth. This is a frameless type of electric fireplace. Such a device is easy and convenient to build in any place. Usually such a place for him is a portal, a niche, a wall. A very successful type for any design decision. It can be framed for every style.
  • Wall electric fireplace. This is a very simple and concise solution for a home fireplace. It is compact, mounted by mounting on the wall, like a plasma TV. If you prefer this type of fireplace, then you can install it yourself without any problems.
  • Built-in fireplace. This electric fireplace is difficult to distinguish from a living one. It produces such an effect through a visual recess in a niche or portal. That is, this electrical device needs a mandatory frame. Quite a good option, because it can be used in any style. Interesting design solutions are mounting it in furniture or a wall.


How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

All types of fireplaces, except for electric stoves, require a good frame (portal, niche). In stores, you can pick up a case specifically for the type of electric fireplace. In this regard, there are many options that will satisfy every taste.

You can also make a portal yourself. It is not very difficult and the costs are low. However, if you have your own view on the arrangement of the fireplace, then with the help of improvised means (drywall, decor) and imagination, you will make the original fireplace of your dreams.

By the effect of a living flame

Electric fireplaces for a house or apartment should be chosen taking into account how realistic they reproduce a live flame. Manufacturers in this sense are progressing. In particular, it is possible to buy a fireplace equipped with different mechanisms:

  • The “flame” effect is reproduced by vibrating red stripes and foil.
  • Flame – reproduced by the image on the screen and the sound of firewood crackling.
  • Built-in fragrance, which adds naturalness due to the smell of burnt firewood.
  • Steam electric fireplace. Such a mechanism most realistically reproduces the glare of the flame. This is due to halogens – yellow and red backlighting in combination with steam. In addition, it does not dry at all, but rather moisturizes the air.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Like a real fireplace, an electric fireplace has its pros and cons.


  1. A great way to improve the design, make the room stylish. In addition, they are quite safe and do not require additional care like a natural fireplace. For example, the owners are deprived of the burden of cleaning it from soot after each ignition.
  2. Easy installation. In most cases, it just needs to be plugged into an outlet. Does not require excessive preparation of a place for a fireplace: base, stove, hood.
  3. Safe. They do not heat nearby interior items and do not heat up themselves.
  4. Price. Buying a decorative fireplace is much cheaper than installing a natural version.
  5. New models of electric fireplaces are able to convey the effect of fire in a very natural way, which is difficult to distinguish from the real one.
  6. This type is unpretentious in care, unlike the wood version.
  7. Does not require additional funds. Works from the mains, while a real fireplace needs a constant supply of firewood.
  8. Not only decorates the interior, but also is a means of heating.


  1. The reproduction of the flame, although as close as possible to the real one, is not a natural fire.
  2. The fireplace itself consumes little electricity, but when the heating function is connected, consumption increases significantly.

How to choose

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

When choosing an electric fireplace, it matters for what purpose you purchase it. If only for interior decoration, then you will only be interested in its design and reproduction quality. But if you are also interested in its practical aspects, then you should carefully approach the choice. In any case, in order for this attribute in the house to bring aesthetic pleasure and be practical, pay attention to the following points.

  • Power. Not all artificial fireplaces have a heating function. Therefore, if you need it, find out if it is provided for in the electric fireplace you have chosen and what kind of power (what area it can heat).
  • Options. Choose an electric fireplace according to the dimensions of the room. Do not choose a giant fireplace in a small area room. So you only emphasize its modest space.
  • Style. The main thing is that it harmoniously blends into the existing interior: it emphasizes and complements.
  • Find out the possibility of separating the functions of simulating a flame of fire and heating. And also, the ability to control the heating power.
  • Backlight. There are models that provide for the possibility of its regulation: brighter, dimmer.
  • Sound. Can be built into the fireplace or missing. Ask about the availability of this function in the selected model or about the possibility of embedding it additionally.
  • The best option with a humidifier. Such a fireplace reproduces a flame very realistically, and at the same time is an air humidifier.
  • Framing. To do this, there are various materials, both natural and artificial options. True, marble and wood will be more expensive, and plastic is cheaper. Choose an affordable option, but make sure it’s safe.

Choice of interior style

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Style is the main issue when choosing a fireplace. After all, with its help you want to make your home elegant, with a beautiful design. To do this, use the general recommendations.

  • If the design of the room is classic, choose the same frame for the electric fireplace. It is better to make it rectangular. Modeling, marble is best suited as a material for framing.
  • The effect of gold is successful for baroque.
  • For a living room or office, successfully equip the English style. In this case, the portal for the fireplace can be decorated with wood boards.
  • Stone (natural or artificial) can be successfully used to equip a country-style fireplace.
  • If this is a loft style, then the brick is simply irreplaceable.
  • Ceramic framing will successfully emphasize the epic.

An electric fireplace is, of course, not a real fireplace and the cost of installing it is incomparably less. But still, you should carefully approach the choice so that his presence in the house seems integral and creates a positive atmosphere.


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