How to Choose a 220v Voltage Stabilizer for a Refrigerator

How to choose a 220v voltage stabilizer for a refrigerator


Despite its impressive dimensions, the refrigerator is a sensitive household appliance. Its serviceability depends on the supply of electricity, and in the city, as you know, problems often arise with this. As a result, service centers do not remain without work and every day, hundreds, “reanimate” refrigeration units. Is it possible to protect household appliances from “jumps” in the network? Of course! A voltage stabilizer will help you with this. Now let’s figure out how to choose the right voltage stabilizer for the refrigerator.

Why do you need a voltage stabilizer?

How to choose a 220v voltage stabilizer for a refrigerator

Regardless of the coolness of the brand and type, all refrigerators are powered by the mains. But we know perfectly well what a disgusting quality the current “walks” through electric networks and electric mains. And every day its quality is getting worse and worse.

The main reason for the constant voltage drops is the congestion of the networks, which has long exceeded the permissible norms. But for the refrigeration unit, it is not the voltage itself that is dangerous, but the “jump”, that is, the length of time between turning it off and on. Imagine turning on the refrigerator requires twice as much power (nominal) as indicated in its passport.

The most vulnerable part of the refrigerator is the compressor, or rather the board placed on it, which is “responsible” for “cold reproduction”. Just think about it, its repair will cost you at least half the cost of the unit itself. How to avoid unwanted breakdowns? Install a voltage stabilizer.

Of course, you can say that you have the latest generation of “frost giant” in your home with built-in protection features, and you do not need additional equipment. You may not need it, but it will not hurt the refrigerator.

Remember, the built-in voltage regulator (if there is one, of course) will not pull the refrigerator protection due to low power. So all these “loud statements” are nothing more than a simple marketing ploy to increase sales and raise the reputation of a particular brand. In practice, it has been proven that any refrigerator must be connected to the network through additional protection systems. Otherwise, it will not serve you even the warranty period.

How to choose a voltage stabilizer

How to choose a 220v voltage stabilizer for a refrigerator

You came to the store. How do you plan to choose a voltage stabilizer for your refrigerator? Do not know? Then listen carefully. The most common mistake people make is buying protective devices based on brand and cost. Like, more expensive is better. A well-known brand will never “put a pig” …

Forget about it once and for all. Today, price is not an indicator of quality. And, by the way, the name of the manufacturer too. Yes, and put the appearance of the device immediately into the background, you can’t go out with it. What should you pay attention to when choosing a stabilizer?

One phase or three?

For your refrigerator, the stabilizer is protection. But what it will be, the second question. Today, single-three-phase stabilizers are very popular.

A single-phase stabilizer will “pull” only a refrigerator, a three-phase one will be able to protect several household appliances at once. Before making a final choice, be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Think about whether there are other “serious” household appliances in your house that need protection from power surges. If this is not available, it is enough to get by with a single-phase device.

Moreover, consumer home electrical networks often have only one phase, so buying a three-phase stabilizer, which is several times more expensive, simply does not make sense.

The most important criterion is power.

The most important indicator of the performance of the unit is its power. It should be 20% higher than the capacity of the refrigerator itself. If the device should “pull” any other household appliances, you need to calculate the total amount of power of all connected appliances and add 20% of the total amount you received to it.

It is not difficult to find a 220v voltage stabilizer for a household refrigerator. Yes, and calculate the necessary parameters too. And for this it is not at all necessary to be a great mathematician. Moreover, the manufacturer took care of you in advance, and took care of all the calculations. The main thing is to know the power of your refrigeration unit (available in the passport). And based on this data, buy an inexpensive but effective stabilizer.

Types of stabilizers

How to choose a 220v voltage stabilizer for a refrigerator

Voltage stabilizers are:

  • Electromechanical. Such devices are used only where voltage drops are the exception rather than the rule. The input and output voltage is regulated electronically.

Advantages: high accuracy.

Flaws: low voltage conversion rate.

  • Triac. An expensive pleasure with a lot of advantages, which is controlled by means of adjusting levers with proximity switches.
  • Relay. Power regulation occurs by relay switching activated by electrical impulses.

Whether a stabilizer is needed is up to you, of course. But do not forget that buying it is an investment that will save you from trouble and big expenses in the future.

Each room has its own stabilizer

A stabilizer purchased for an apartment is not suitable for a summer residence. Country equipment is mainly equipped with an asynchronous “insidious” motor. No, the engine itself is not terrible. Its launch is terrible. So, in order to put into operation some pump with a power of 1.3 kW, you need twice as much power, that is, 2.6 kW.

Therefore, when choosing a power stabilizer for a summer residence, you need to find the sum of all household items that will be connected to the device and add another 45% of the result to it. Believe me, it’s better to choose more here, in order to surely protect your household appliances from breakdowns.

With “home” stabilizers it’s easier. Especially if you plan to buy a device exclusively for the refrigerator. Well, if you own a private house, when connecting a stabilizer, you also need to take into account the phase of the network.

It is easy to measure with the help of special devices that connect to a power outlet. Analyze the data, find errors, measure the power of all household appliances and go shopping. And do not forget to save this article in case you forget how to choose the right 220v voltage regulator for your refrigerator.


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