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I poured the grains into the tank, poured water, and the drink is ready. Rich, with fluffy foam and chic chocolate notes. Hmmm … Yummy!

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

Here. Some drank, some licked their lips, and it didn’t bother anyone to think about which is better – an automatic coffee machine or a corn machine. Let’s not waste time, the most interesting is below.

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The principle of operation of the Rozhkova coffee maker

The device passes hot water under pressure through a filter disc into which 2-3 teaspoons of coffee are pressed. The principle of operation is that hot water, which the device heats up to the desired temperature on its own, passes through a layer of ground coffee under pressure.

Depending on the type of device, the drink comes out with exclusive shades of taste.

  1. The pump coffee maker heats water almost to boiling (95° C) and pushes it through the cone with coffee under a pressure of 15 bar. The drink turns out to be aromatic with a maximum of useful substances.
  2. In a steam model, water in a closed container boils and evaporates to a condition of four bars. Then the valve opens, and the hot mist passes through the grind into the horn. The result is less aromatic coffee, but it has more caffeine. It invigorates well.

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

In Ardesto ECM-E10B, get a pressure of up to 20 Bar. If you overdo it with coffee, the water will seep through the ground beans too slowly. As a result, a bitter drink. Do not overfill – the liquid will not remain in the grains and will not be saturated with taste and aroma. The coffee will be sour.

A professional horn device works according to standard rules.

  1. Pour 6-7 grams of ground coffee (for 1 serving) into a cone (special filter).
  2. Compact the coffee using a tamper.
  3. Attach the horn to the machine and start the process.
  4. The coffee maker prepares it under pressure.
  5. Wait 20-30 seconds until 1 cup of espresso is brewed.
  6. For a new portion, the filter is emptied and everything goes through the second circuit.

Horn models with extended functionality can help in preparing cappuccino. They whip milk and cream. You will have to add them to the mug yourself, there is no such function in the automatic device.

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A set of functions

Combined coffee makers often have limited functionality. They can brew espresso and churn milk. Milled grains are rare in which model.

Variety of drinks

Such coffee makers prepare espresso. Saturation and subtlety of taste is adjusted according to preferences. The ability to manually create a unique espresso taste, on which all other coffee drinks are based, is exactly what combined devices have in store.

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

Some combined ones, such as the Ardesto ECM-EM14S, have a cappuccino maker – a device that whips milk or cream. But you will have to add foam to the drink yourself, the machine is not adapted for this.

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Operation and maintenance

The corn machine, like any other kitchen appliance, requires regular maintenance. Easy to clean:

  1. It is necessary to remove the horn system.
  2. Wash the part under a stream.
  3. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Once every few weeks, you need to clean the horn with a special pill to remove deposits. This is how it is done.

  1. The scale tablet is placed in the horn, standard espresso brewing is included: 30 seconds, the device is turned off. Then again half a minute – turned off. And so 10 minutes.
  2. When clear water starts pouring from the horn, stop the process.
  3. Rinse the horn under running water.
  4. Boil 2-3 liters of water to clean the knots for sure.

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

Constant operation of the coffee maker leads to the appearance of scale. Therefore, you should clean the tank once every few weeks. They do it in this way.

  1. Add some water and descaling agents to the coffee maker. The proportions are written in the instructions for the tool.
  2. Pass the solution through the filter washer for half an hour (the exact duration is indicated in the instructions for the descaling agent)
  3. Rinse the coffee maker with clean water.

The cappuccino maker also needs to be washed regularly, and once every few weeks cleaned with cappuccino maker liquids. The method of application is individual for each tool. In general, it looks as follows.

  1. Pour the liquid into the milk container.
  2. Turn on the hot milk function.
  3. The mixture will come out in small portions through the cappuccino machine.
  4. Wash the device.

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The price varies from 2 to 8 thousand hryvnias. Those that are more expensive are innovative or status models.

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The principle of operation of an automatic coffee maker

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

Coffee needs human help. The only thing you need to do is pour coffee, pour milk into the tank and choose the desired drink. Many models have an auto-cleaning system, auto-grinding, adjustment of taste saturation, etc.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. Whole coffee beans are ground right before preparation.
  2. The machine whips the milk/cream in the designated container.
  3. Adds the required volume to coffee (single/double/triple espresso).

The device does everything by itself. The user only needs to replenish consumables on time.

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A set of functions

This device has a wide range of features. Most automatic coffee machines have extended functionality:

The more additional functions, the cooler the automatic coffee maker is considered. The most upgraded models have 15 coffee preparation modes in their arsenal, and 10+ additional functions such as timer cooking, automatic shutdown, etc.

Variety of drinks

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

Almost any coffee drink is prepared in an automatic coffee machine. On average, such devices have 5-10 modes in their arsenal. Advanced models – up to 16-18 preset settings and a customization mode, where the user can adjust the ratio of ingredients himself. You don’t need to stand and monitor the process – the machine will do everything by itself.

Operation and maintenance

Automation cooks by itself, cleans itself. A coffee machine with cleaning sensors, such as the Miele CM6350D, will tell you when it is better to remove and clean the container with coffee residues. But in order for the machine to work even longer, it is better not to wait for the indication signal, but to look inside from time to time.

It is enough to remove the container with coffee residues and rinse it under running water. Detailed cleaning of the brewing section and rinsing of the tube with the help of special means will rid the machine of scale, residues of coffee and dairy products.

Water decalcification should be carried out even when using distilled water. Although it is not recommended to use it for making coffee at home. Filtered water is better.

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

Artesian and mineral waters are not suitable for use from a coffee maker. Salts and minerals quickly clog the device. The use of water pipes is also undesirable. Or you will have to use a powerful filter to clean the water before pouring it into the machine.

When cleaning from scale, the filter is removed. If a mixture of water and decalciner passes through it, consider throwing the device in the trash.

The built-in coffee grinder is cleaned once every 10-15 days. This is done according to the following instructions:

  1. Take out the grains.
  2. Pour in the cleaning agent for the coffee grinder.
  3. Fill the container with a small amount of grains.
  4. Grind the mixture and throw it away.
  5. Repeat several times.

After this procedure, the coffee grinder is immediately ready for use. It is not necessary to wash it additionally.

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The price list for coffee machines starts from 9 thousand hryvnias. An example of a budget machine is Beko CEG5311X.

The more functions – the higher the price of the product. Multifunctional models can cost 40-50 thousand hryvnias. As a rule, they are used in business centers, airports and other places where representative equipment is needed, which can easily serve several people almost simultaneously.

Rozhkova OR AUTOMATIC - choose, buy

So, what is better – a horn coffee maker or an automatic one? For those who like to make coffee, it is better to choose a horn device. An automatic coffee maker is suitable for busy people and lovers of “press and go”.