Blender Bosch MSM 26500.Photos, Specifications, Reviews, Pros and Cons.


Blender Bosch MSM 26500 will allow you to get a smart professional result in minimal time. Thanks to its power, it will not be difficult for you to grind nuts, herbs, hard cheeses, mix sauces or whip creams. It is useful even just for making an omelette, meringue or dough. And also because of the installed splash protection, you do not have to clean up for a long time after cooking, which will make your life more convenient and easier.


Thanks to the universal mode of use, by pressing just one button, without unnecessary effort and long study of the instructions, you can easily chop, mix, puree or whip a variety of products. It is important that the kit includes a whisk attachment, which significantly expands the list of features of this blender model and allows you to easily prepare whipped cream, meringue, dough or just an omelet.

Blender Bosch MSM 26500

Distinctive features

The handle of the blender is ergonomically designed, which provides you with maximum contact with the device, and in combination with its low weight, you can cook in the kitchen with ease and convenience. Also, you should pay attention to the fact that the plastic parts of the device that can come into contact with products are made of a special non-toxic plastic.

The immersion part of the blender is made with a special design that will protect you from splashes when cooking, so you do not have to waste time cleaning up after cooking or thinking about how to use the blender to avoid splashing.

Pros and cons of the model

Comfortable ergonomic handle, good quality, decent power, compact and comfortable, copes with a wide range of tasks without difficulty.


  • Type – submersible blender
  • Power – 600 watts.
  • Number of speeds – 1
  • Turbo mode – no
  • Power – Mains
  • Material — Metal, plastic
  • Warranty period — 1 year
  • Country of manufacture – Slovenia
  • Nozzles – 3 nozzles, a whisk, a chopper bowl.

Complete set – blender, nozzles, measuring cup, power cord, instruction manual, warranty card.

Bosch MSM 26500

TOP 8 Best Blenders for Nuts and Nut Butter


TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butterThe preparation of many dishes is not complete without crushed nuts, which are quite difficult to obtain when crushed by hand, for example, in a mortar.

Of course, there are special choppers for this purpose, but experienced chefs successfully use blenders.

A high-quality powerful blender is able to easily and almost instantly chop any nuts, so its use is fully justified.

The blender can not only crush the kernels of nuts, but also prepare a mass of a homogeneous consistency, so it can be used to make nut paste.

Rating of the TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter 2022-2023

How to choose a blender for nuts and nut butter?

Blenders designed for grinding nuts, as well as other hard ingredients, such as some dried fruits, are more powerful and durable.

When purchasing such a blender, you should rely on the following things:

  • Power. The performance of the blender must be high enough, otherwise it simply will not cope with hard nuts. The lowest power bar can be called the value of 800 watts. To prepare nut butter or nut milk, a much stronger appliance is required, its motor must have a power of at least 2500 watts.
  • Number of speeds. Expensive blenders are equipped not only with a speed controller, but also with special automatic modes for preparing one or another raw material, when selected, the device itself sets the necessary speed and grinding time settings.
  • nozzles. The solid food blender must be equipped with high quality stainless steel blades. This metal provides the greatest strength and is excellent for working with nuts.
  • Bowl. It must also be made of durable material, since its walls experience significant pressure during operation of the device. Often the bowl is made of tritan – a particularly resistant, safe and heat-resistant plastic. Polycarbonate bowls are more fragile and are not recommended for food contact, as polycarbonate can release the toxic substance BPA. The volume of the bowl in powerful appliances is quite high, it is enough for home cooking.
  • overheat protection. Such a productive device consumes a lot of electricity and heats up quickly, so you need to periodically take breaks in work. This problem can be solved by having an automatic engine control system that, when overheated, turns it off for a while.

Other parameters and functions of the blender, such as the material and size of the body, type of control, availability of automatic modes, timer, speed controller, are optional. You can choose them according to your choice.

One of the important factors contributing to the final decision, of course, is the price of the device: for such productive models, it can range from 15 to 60 thousand rubles.

Increasing the cost, as a rule, indicates an improvement in the quality and functionality of the blender, but this law is not always fair. Some devices have an unreasonably high price, which is explained by the popular brand and its desire to recoup the money invested in the production and promotion of the product.

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 5 blenders for grinding nuts

Which blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Blenders are very versatile devices that are focused on the processing of a wide variety of products, and with an increase in their power, the number of such products only increases.

Therefore, nut blenders are simply those blenders that are able to grind nuts due to their capacity. They can be used to prepare various foods.

Kitfort KT-1301

Stationary blender Kitfort KT-1301 has a stylish metal body, glass bowl andTOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter electronic control type. Its maximum power is 1000W. This model has proven itself well in 2022-2023.

The complete set of the device is not striking in variety, inside the box there is a body, a bowl with a block of knives, instructions and a warranty card.


  • rated power -1000 W;
  • knife rotation speeds – from 7500 to 13000 rpm;
  • number of speeds – 6;
  • bowl volume -1.8 l;
  • the working volume of the glass is 1.5 l;
  • bowl material – glass;
  • material of knives – stainless steel;
  • dimensions (with a bowl) – 24 × 21 × 48 cm;
  • weight: 4.4 kg.


  • clear instructions;
  • simple control;
  • good performance;
  • logical price.


  • the large weight of the bowl and the overall bulkiness of the blender;
  • the device does not work with small volumes (up to 250 ml);
  • not very easy to disassemble.

Kitfort KT-1342

A more powerful model (1500 W) also has electronic control and a metal case.TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter The bowl is made of plastic, in addition, the device has a smooth speed control. There are preset automatic modes.

In addition to the body and bowl, the blender is equipped with a bowl lid, instructions, a warranty card, as well as a plastic measuring cap and a pusher, necessary for better mixing of food.


  • power – 1500 W;
  • bowl volume – 2 l;
  • maximum knife rotation speed – 32000 rpm;
  • bowl material – plastic;
  • body material – aluminum;
  • knife material – stainless steel;
  • dimensions – 23 × 30 × 48 cm;
  • weight – 6.0 kg.


  • high-quality, light and comfortable plastic bowl;
  • high power reserve;
  • preset programs (smoothies, shredder, ice crush, cocktail);
  • knife self-cleaning function.


  • quite noticeable noise during operation;
  • sometimes it is difficult to completely remove the finished mixture from the bowl.

Philips HR3655 Avance Collection

Electronically controlled blender with a maximum power of 1400 watts. Has a metal bodyTOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter and glass bowl, as well as stepless speed control.

The appliance comes with a stirrer, 2 tritan glasses of 600 ml, instructions, a warranty card and a recipe book.


  • maximum power – 1400 W;
  • case material – metal;
  • bowl material – glass;
  • knife material – stainless steel;
  • bowl volume – 2l;
  • dimensions – 43 × 16 × 17 cm;
  • weight – 4.49 kg.


  • sufficiently high power;
  • the presence of special modes (smoothies, ice crushing, shredding)
  • good work stability.


  • heats up quickly;
  • the need for manual mixing of thick mixtures.

Moulinex LM936E10

Electronically controlled blender with a maximum power of 1500 watts. The bowl is made of tritan,TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter there are automatic programs and smooth speed control.

The complete set is standard: the case, a jug, a pusher for products, the instruction and the warranty card.


  • maximum power – 1500 W;
  • knife rotation speed – 45000 rpm;
  • bowl volume – 2 l;
  • body material – plastic;
  • bowl material: tritan
  • number of speeds – 10;
  • the presence of auto modes (chopping ice, soup, nuts, cocktails, sorbet);
  • self-cleaning function;
  • weight – 4.9 kg.


  • simple control;
  • high performance;
  • availability of installed programs;
  • suggested recipes in the instructions.


  • high noise level.

Braun JB 5160

Blender with a maximum power of 1000 W and mechanical control. Distinguished by glassTOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter bowl and the presence of a drain tap.

Instructions, a warranty card and a measuring cup are supplied with the body and bowl.


  • maximum power – 1000 W;
  • mechanical control;
  • number of speeds – 11;
  • bowl material – glass;
  • knife material – stainless steel;
  • the presence of modes (turbo, ice crushing);
  • bowl volume – 1.6 l;
  • dimensions – 41.5 × 20 × 16.5 cm;
  • weight – 4.1 kg.


  • the bowl is made of thermal glass, so you can immediately load cold components after hot ones, and vice versa;
  • the bowl can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • 11 speeds allow you to cook any dish.


  • noise at work;
  • mechanical control, which may seem uncomfortable to someone.

TOP 3 blenders for making nut butter

Which blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Blenders capable of making nut butter are even more productive. Such models can be safely called semi-professional, they can be used not only at home, but also for production purposes.

RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04

Powerful blender (2900 W) on mechanical control. The body and bowl are made of plastic, there is a drain tap.TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter The manufacturer positions this model not only for domestic use, but also for commercial purposes. This model is highly reliable for 2022-2023.

The standard package of the device includes: a body, a bowl with a lid and a food pusher. There is an extended kit that includes a plastic funnel, a silicone spatula, a bag for nut milk.


  • maximum power – 2900 W;
  • knife rotation speed – up to 50,000 rpm;
  • bowl material – tritan;
  • knife material – stainless steel;
  • body material – plastic;
  • bowl volume – 2 l;
  • number of speeds – 7;
  • overheat protection;
  • dimensions – 25 × 21 × 52 cm;
  • weight – 5 kg.


  • simple control;
  • very high performance;
  • high-quality grinding of nuts, grains and other solid products;
  • smooth speed control.


  • relatively high price.

L’EQUIP BS7 Quattro

The blender on mechanical control, the maximum power of which is 3400 watts.TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter The body and bowl are made of plastic.

The following items are supplied with the blender: a set for removing knives (a service key and tongs), a food pusher, a lining for a block of knives, an additional bowl, instructions, a warranty card.


  • maximum power – 3400 W;
  • knife rotation speed – up to 33,000 rpm;
  • bowl volume – 2 l;
  • bowl material – tritan;
  • knife material – stainless steel;
  • body material – plastic;
  • overheat protection;
  • dimensions – 18 × 18 × 46 cm;
  • weight – 4.6 kg.


  • amazing performance;
  • stylish design;
  • possibility of expansion of a complete set.


  • with all the power, the device may not be able to grind too large pieces of solid food.

RAWMID Dream Luxury 2 (BDL-09)

Blender with a maximum power of 2900 W, control type – electronic. It has a metal body and a plastic bowl.TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter

TOP 8 best blenders for nuts and nut butter


  • frame;
  • bowl;
  • bowl lid;
  • pusher for products;
  • plastic funnel;
  • silicone spatula;
  • nut milk bag;
  • special key for removing knives;
  • warranty card;
  • instruction.


  • maximum power – 2900 W;
  • knife rotation speed – up to 50,000 rpm;
  • bowl material – tritan;
  • knife material – stainless steel;
  • number of speeds – 8;
  • availability of automatic modes;
  • the presence of a timer;
  • dimensions – 20×21×50 cm


  • very high speed and significant power;
  • there are pre-installed programs;
  • stylish look.


  • high price;
  • during operation and heating of the bowl, a technical smell appears;
  • makes a loud noise.

In addition, there are holes in the lid of the bowl for an incomprehensible purpose, which leads to splashes jumping out even at low speeds and a small amount of mixture.

Conclusion and Conclusions

For crushing nuts and making nut paste, it is advisable to use powerful blenders.

When choosing a device, you should first of all rely on its power, strength, and the speed of rotation of the knives, but there are other criteria by which you can choose a blender to your taste and needs.

Rating of the Best Thermex Water Heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)


Thermex is a popular manufacturer of water heaters. The product line of the company is quite wide, which makes it difficult for buyers to choose. We propose to consider the rating of Thermex water heaters for 2022. Separately, the TOP of the best flow-through and best storage heaters is highlighted, because. they differ significantly in the type of work and purpose. The advantages and disadvantages are described based on the opinions of users.

The best flow

The principle of operation of flow heaters is to pass water through the heating element. The temperature of the water depends on the power of the latter and on the pressure. Apparatuses of this type are mainly used in the summer during the shutdown of hot water supply or in the country. The manufacturer offers different versions.

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex Surf Plus 4500

The model (130x180x68 mm) has one spiral-shaped heating element made of stainless steel. Designed for wall mounting. It has a power of 4.5 kW. Designed for incoming pressure up to 6 atmospheres. Can be connected to several consumption points, because the device belongs to pressure. Has protection against an overheat. Automatically turns off when there is no water in the system. Price: 4500 rubles.


  • compact size, can be installed anywhere;
  • simple installation with the possibility of connection from above or below;
  • equipped with a wire with a plug;
  • the water heats up very quickly, you can take a shower;
  • The water pressure is sufficient for use throughout the house.


  • high power consumption;
  • you can not turn off the device with a button, you must always pull it out of the socket;
  • fasteners are not very reliable, but they can withstand the weight;
  • some customers feel that the water is not heated enough.

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex City 3500

The device (272x159x115 mm) is designed to connect one draw-off point. The instructions state, and the reviews confirm that it does not create pressure. Has horizontal execution, fastens on a wall, is connected from below. The heating element is made of copper. Power 3.5 kW. Includes faucet, nozzle and shower hose. The degree of heating is set by a rotary switch, it depends on the pressure of the water. Price: 2100 rubles.


  • compact;
  • easy to install;
  • convenient regulation of the degree of heating;
  • the water temperature is sufficient;
  • well-known firm.


  • does not create pressure;
  • low power.

The best cumulative

The storage heater is filled with water, which is heated by a heating element protected by a magnesium anode. Hot water is stored in the tank, which can be used as needed. Storage type water heaters consume less energy than flowing water heaters. The popular manufacturer Thermex offers models that differ in volume, shape, installation and connection method, control type, and additional functions.

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex Champion Silverheat ESS 50V

The vertical device (36.5×72.2×37.8 cm) is designed for wall mounting. The tank with a volume of 50 l is covered with glass-ceramic inside. Provides bottom connection. Power 1.5 kW. The heater is equipped with a thermometer. It is controlled by a mechanical switch. The tank reaches its maximum heating in 105 minutes. When the limit temperature is reached, the heating is turned off. Price: 5100 rubles.


  • good assembly, quality materials;
  • convenient reliable fasteners;
  • 50 liters is enough for a small house (for 3 draw-off points);
  • warms well;
  • keeps water temperature for a long time.


  • the temperature is not indicated on the thermometer, as with all instruments;
  • there was a poor fixing of the wiring (the terminal is not crimped to the end).

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex Hit H10-U

Small tank (34x36x28 cm) 10 l with top connection. The interior is made of glass ceramic. Power 1.5 kW. When turned on, the indicator lights up. Designed for incoming pressure up to 6 atmospheres. Rotary switch control. There is an overheating protection and a valve that protects against excessive pressure. Price: 3900 rubles.


  • model of the original form;
  • low cost;
  • compact size;
  • included in the RCD;
  • can be installed under the sink;
  • impact-resistant outer coating;
  • keeps water temperature for a long time.


  • there are no retaining nuts on the pipes;
  • the instructions do not indicate the nuances of connecting this model (it is common to all);
  • there is no way to drain the water (a problem with many water heaters);
  • according to the instructions, you need to change the anode once a year, otherwise the warranty does not apply.

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex ER 300V

High cylindrical floor heater (56×173.6×56 cm) with a capacity of 300 l. Suitable for creating hot water for the home (pressure). Inside glass-ceramic coating. Power 6 kW. Mechanical control. There is a valve that protects against excessive pressure in the system. When the limit temperature is reached, it turns off. The plumbing is connected from below. Price: 25.7 thousand rubles.


  • the best choice for a large family;
  • heats water in a couple of hours;
  • high-quality case, the water does not cool for a long time;
  • installation is quite simple.


  • requires a lot of space;
  • the anode must be changed periodically, otherwise the tank will fail.

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex Flat Diamond Touch ID 80V

Modern design hot water tank (49.7x105x29.7 cm) is designed for wall mounting (vertical). Designed for 80 liters. Power 2 kW. The incoming pressure should not exceed 6 atmospheres. The inner wall is made of stainless steel. The heating element is made of copper, there is a protective anode. A thermometer and a display showing the set operating parameters are installed on the case. Electronic control, there is a remote control for switching modes. It is completed with the return and protective valve, UZO. It has a bottom connection, a branch pipe for draining water. There is protection against overheating. The maximum heating temperature is 75 °C, it is reached in 130 minutes. There is a function of accelerated heating. Price: 12 thousand rubles.


  • Beautiful design;
  • flat shape, which takes up less space than a round one;
  • 80 liters is enough for a family of 2-4 people;
  • touchscreen;
  • timer;
  • easy installation, clear instructions.


  • shiny surface, prints remain;
  • settings are reset when the power is turned off;
  • Heating elements fail due to hard water.

Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best Thermex water heaters in 2022 (TOP 8)

Thermex Flat Plus IF 50H

Water heater in a horizontal version for 50 liters (88.7 × 43.6 × 23.5 cm). You can choose this option for installation above kitchen cabinets, in the toilet above the barrel. Due to the non-convex shape, it remains invisible and does not interfere. Stylish design allows you to fit into the interior. Power 2 kW. The inner lining is stainless steel. The pressure type device is designed for several points of consumption. The incoming pressure should not exceed 6 atmospheres. A thermometer and a display are installed on the case. Electronic control. There is a check valve, a pipe for self-cleaning and draining water. It heats up to the maximum temperature in 80 minutes. Equipped with RCD. Turns off when the set temperature is reached. There is protection against overheating. Bottom connection. Price: 13.2 thousand rubles.


  • made of quality materials;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • compact design, takes up little space;
  • the ability to adjust the heating parameters;
  • keeps water hot for a long time;
  • simple installation.


  • no remote control;
  • when the power is turned off, the settings are reset.


What to Look for When Choosing a Stationary Blender?



We live in a high-tech world, don’t we?

Indeed, in the 21st century, every housewife in the kitchen has electrical appliances that greatly facilitate the cooking process.

We will consider a stationary device, which is a small bowl at the bottom of which there are knives.

The container is installed on a special stationary base, which has a drive mechanism inside.

Such devices are used for grinding and preparing various semi-liquid mixtures.

Bosch stationary blenders (Bosch) are very popular. Manufacturers are so eager to please the buyer that now on the market you can find a huge variety of blenders in taste and color!

What to look for when choosing a stationary blender?

When choosing a blender, you need to clearly define what exactly you need it for and which device will be more convenient in your kitchen.

The German company Bosch has long established itself as one of the best.

Indeed, German quality inspires confidence, you can not argue here. But how to choose the right device for yourself, among so many?


Perhaps one of the most important factors is that the higher the power, the better the performance.

Power ranges from 350 to 1600 watts. As practice shows, satisfactory power starts at 500 watts. Thus, 600 watts is enough to cope with almost all tasks.

If you need to grind nuts or frozen berries, it is better to opt for a blender with a power of 700-900 watts. To perform a more difficult task, for example, kneading dough, you need already from 1000 watts.


Number of speeds

It can range from 1 to 20.

Of course, the presence of most modes is convenient. For example, at low speed you can get large pieces, and at high speed you can achieve a puree consistency. But it is not necessary to overpay for the presence of multiple speeds.

An ordinary stationary blender with 2-4 speed settings will cope with most of the tasks presented.

There is also a pulse and turbo mode. Turbo mode will provide maximum speed, and pulse mode will prevent equipment from overheating.

Most budget devices are equipped with two speed modes. There are also devices with stepless (smooth) speed control.

Nozzle set

Each set may include one or more knives. Knives can be of different types, depending on what consistency you want to achieve, as well as how hard the product you want to grind.

For example, curved blades mix products more thoroughly, so if you need a homogeneous mass, choose them.

Of course, the more knives, the faster you can chop food and the better for you.

Preference should be given to knives that are made of high-quality and durable material. Thus, stainless steel knives will last more than one year, because they are not afraid of corrosion.



Metal, plastic or glass, what to choose? Let’s sort each of them from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Plastic is a budget and lightweight material. However, along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages, such as a high risk of damage and scratches, and plastic absorbs odors quite well. Most blenders are equipped with plastic bowls.

Glass is quite heavy, but at the same time fragile material. You can work with hot products in a glass bowl, and everything will be clearly visible to you. Glass does not absorb odors, but it breaks easily and this is its main drawback.

Stainless metal seems to be the ideal option, but it is quite expensive. It is also worth considering that in a metal bowl you will not see anything, which cannot be said about glass and plastic bowls.

The golden mean among all the listed options will be a composite material.

Overheat protection system

An important parameter to pay attention to.

Fortunately, now almost all blenders are equipped with protection against overheating. They just turn off and do not turn on until they cool down.

The overheat protection mechanism is usually a simple bimetal that opens the contact when overheated. The presence of a protection system will provide you with a longer service life of the device.

Power type

Everything is simple here, most often it is mains power.

At the same time, it is important that the cord be of a convenient length, it would seem that such a trifle, but many users note inconvenience when using devices with a short cord.

bowl size

The size of the bowl can be different from 0.5 to 3 liters. The larger the bowl, the more food you can grind in it.

So, for example, in a 0.5 l bowl it is convenient to prepare a drink for yourself alone, but in a 1.5-2 l bowl you can prepare soups and drinks for several people. But the most convenient and more commonly used is 1.5 liters.


TOP 3 Inexpensive Stationary Bosch Blenders

What is the best budget Bosch stand blender in your opinion? You can vote one once.

Of course, like any other kitchen appliance, a blender, although necessary, is not a cheap pleasure.

However, there are budget options that can serve you well, not even worse than expensive devices! We will look at three inexpensive but good blenders from Bosch.


This blender rightfully occupies the first place in our top. After all, if you believe the statistics, 5

he enters TOP 4 best stationary blenders from Boschand also at an affordable price!

Thanks to its compact dimensions, there is a place for this device even in the smallest kitchen, and due to the legs with rubberized pads, the device stands securely on the surface.

According to the standard, we are offered two speeds and the usual, rotary control for control.

A large bowl will allow you to prepare drinks for several people, an impulsive mode is also available, which will not allow the device to overheat.


  • Good enough power of 500 watts.
  • The size is not quite standard, but also convenient 2.4 liters.
  • impulsive mode.
  • The lid is equipped with a measuring cup.
  • Filter mesh included.


  • No deficiencies found.

MMBM 401

The following device is also included in the TOP-4 of the best stationary blenders from Bocsh. Has two 6

Removable containers with airtight lids are included, which will allow you to easily take a glass of fresh smoothie on the road.

As you might have guessed, this model is ideal for lovers of smoothies and other similar drinks. The volume of the bowl is 0.5 l. Two speeds, removable knife block for easy cleaning. So, if you like to often prepare drinks for yourself and take them with you, this model is for you!


  • 2 speeds.
  • Removable knife block.
  • Acceptable cost – 4000 rubles.


  • Insufficient power of only 350 watts.
  • Tight fastenings of glass containers.


Also suitable for lovers of smoothies and cocktails. A small volume of the bowl – only 0.6 l, will allow you to make 7

a drink for one or two persons and promises not to take up much space in the kitchen.

This model with glass bowl, which is very pleasing to buyers, because now basically plastic is everywhere. Also 2 speeds, quite high-quality materials, but the power may not be enough if you want to grind, for example, frozen berries.

And there can be problems with washing, because disconnecting, as well as attaching a bowl with a blender, is not an easy task.


  • Quality materials.
  • 2 speeds.
  • Convenient size.


  • Not enough power – 350 watts.
  • Tight connection of the bowl with the blender.

TOP-7 stationary Bosch blenders in the middle price segment

Which stationary Bosch blender in the middle price segment do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

The following list of blenders will be presented in the standard price category. It presents models that have more relevant features and a very attractive price.

Of course, here the price is slightly higher than average, but not fabulous. Such devices can chop ice, knead the dough, and chop food. In other words, functionality for more advanced users.

We will try to choose the best devices at a reasonable price and consider each of them.


The first stylish unit in our top, pleasing to the eye. But the beautiful body of this blender is fareight

not the only plus. Users noted that this device is silent and works 4 times quieter than the others.

Good build quality, a glass bowl that can be easily removed and inserted until it clicks, however it is quite heavy, but this is not critical.

As many as 5 operating modes, here you can diversify your diet with various cooking options. Just be prepared that you won’t go far from the outlet, as the cord is quite short.


  • Above average power -700 watts.
  • Silent.
  • Convenient to assemble.
  • Stylish body.
  • Convenient bowl volume – 1.5 liters.
  • As many as 5 speeds.


  • Short cord.
  • Heavy.
  • Some complain that the power is still not enough.


Great blender for smoothies, in many ways similar to the previous one. Quiet and overall works great9

with its task, but again, the glass bowl is too heavy.

But there is enough power even for crushing nuts. And rubberized feet provide a stable position on the surface. There are only two speeds, but many users note that this is quite enough, and the volume of the bowl will allow each member of the family to prepare drinks.


  • Power – 700 watts.
  • Silent.
  • It grinds well.
  • Does not slip on the surface.


  • No deficiencies found.


Also suitable for lovers of cocktails and smoothies. Very similar to previous Bosch model ten

MMBM 7G2M, but it was this device that most users liked.

There are no problems with attaching the bowl to the blender, which means that even a fragile girl can handle the device. The volume of the jug is again 0.6 liters. A travel bottle is included as a bonus. The “ice-breaking” mode, it would seem, everything is perfect, but still there is not enough power.


  • Quality materials.
  • Convenient bowl size.
  • 2 speeds.


  • Not enough power – 350 watts.


And again in the top, only in another, loved by many, this particular blender!

He has a huge eleven

bowl – 2.4 liters, which means that you can easily make puree soup for the whole big family in it or provide drinks for the whole party. At the same time, it is quite powerful and can cope with any solid products, it also allows you to chop ice.

The body and bowl are made of plastic, however, this plastic is quite high quality, it is strong and durable, so it will last a long time.

There is a mesh filter, it is ideal for making cocktails and juices. Through it, you can easily strain the mixture and get ready-made pure juice without impurities in the form of fibers or pulp.

Although, this model has its drawbacks – the lid is not fixed. Buyers note that when grinding something hot, there is a risk of getting burned. Therefore, the cover must be held while working.


  • good enough power of 500 W;
  • the size is not quite standard, but also convenient 2.4 l;
  • impulsive mode;
  • the lid is equipped with a measuring cup;
  • filter mesh included;


  • The lid does not fit well and needs to be held tight.

MMBM 401

The following device has two removable containers with sealed lids included, their 12

convenient to take with you on the road. As you might guess, this model is suitable for lovers of smoothies and other similar drinks.

The volume of the bowl is 0.5 l, which is quite enough to quickly prepare a cocktail for your loved one. The removable knife block makes it easy to clean the device.

Two speeds, judging by the reviews, is enough, and the price does not bite. However, a light female hand may not be able to cope with the fastening of glasses.


  • 2 speeds;
  • removable knife block;


  • insufficient power of only 350 W;
  • tight fastenings of glass containers.


This model has the most positive reviews, unlike its predecessors.13

The bowl is not only glass, but also huge. Making hot soup for the whole family won’t be a problem with this blender. Good power, very sharp knives and great design.

Users note that the blender copes with a bang with solid foods, frozen berries, nuts, and even meat. Everything you need to enjoy the transition to proper nutrition, right?

But the cord on this miracle machine is quite short, so don’t expect to go far from the outlet.


  • The volume of the bowl is 2.3 liters.
  • Sharp knives.
  • Quality materials.
  • Good build.


  • No deficiencies found.


And the last but not least instance! A real German machine for grinding even the most fourteen

solid products. It will cope not only with ice, nuts and meat, but also easily knead the dough.

Sharp knives in large quantities, as quickly as possible, grind everything that is needed. There are 6 speed programs and a large jug volume – 2 liters, the cord is quite long.

Impeccable design and ease of use are all for your comfort, only the price bites, but judging by the reviews, this model fully justifies its cost.


  • Power – 1600 watts.
  • High speed, 6 programs.
  • Sharp knife with 6 blades
  • The volume of the jug is 2 liters.
  • Long power cord.


  • No deficiencies found.

Rating of the Best Kitchen Grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)


In this ranking I have collected The 5 Best Kitchen Grinders for 2022. Only got into my TOP the best models with a price tag up to 3500 rubles. When selecting models, I paid attention to such characteristics as the volume of the bowl, the design and features of the knives, the presence of additional nozzles, ease of operation, and power. And in order to be as objective as possible and identify the pros and cons of each model, I studied customer reviews and expert reviews.

2022 Kitchen Grinder Ranking Table

Zigmund & Shtain CH-12R

Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)


  • power: 500W
  • bowl capacity: 1L
  • number of speeds: 2, pulse mode
  • utility knife, total number of attachments: 1
  • nozzle storage: yes
  • overload protection: yes

The fifth position in the ranking is occupied by Zigmund & Shtain CH-12R. Chopper with 1 liter glass bowl. It is designed for cutting vegetables, fruits, mashed potatoes, baby food. Equipped with a nozzle with four knives made of stainless steel (2 double knives stacked on top of each other).

The cutting speed is controlled by buttons, placed on the upper part of the body, where the motor block is located. The engine provides a fairly high power – 500 W. The model works in two modes, while using the impulse method (speed increase).

  • Glass bowl with lid.
  • Moderately powerful. Copes with meat (without veins).
  • There are two operating speeds.
  • Quick assembly / disassembly.
  • 2 knives.
  • The knife does not reach the bottom.
  • Knives do not understand. Their mount is fixed (built into the bottom of the bowl), which makes maintenance somewhat difficult.

. An important advantage of this chopper over other TOP models is a fairly voluminous bowl made of glass. It comes with a lid that allows you to store products or blanks directly in it. The design of the knife deserves special attention in the model. Due to vertical placement, it is able to capture more products., and not grind only those that are closer to the bottom. 96% of owners recommend it for purchase.

Gorenje S450E

Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)


  • power: 450W
  • bowl capacity: 1.25 l
  • bowl: glass
  • utility knife, total number of attachments: 1
  • number of speeds : 1
  • 15.8×18.5×22 cm

Gorenje S450E ranks fourth in the ranking. The chopper has the largest bowl in the ranking (1.25 l), which, like Zigmund & Shtain, is made of glass. The body of this model is made of stainless steel.. This ensures its durability and resistance to scratches and damage.

The chopper has a knife with two blades and an emulsion disc for mixing sauces, soups. Gorenje S450E works at one speed in pulsed mode.

  • Reliable build.
  • Large glass container.
  • Knives are sharp.
  • The bowl and nozzles can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Disc for mixing and emulsifying.
  • There is protection against overheating.
  • Quiet at work.
  • The power seems to be insufficient for some users.

. Compared to Zigmund & Shtain, Gorenje has slightly less power, a typical knife and only one speed. But the bowl has a larger volume, there is an additional nozzle for making emulsions, and the body is more durable, and Gorenje has a lower price. Because of this, 97% of users recommend it for purchase.

Kitfort KT-1351

Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)


  • power: 200W
  • rubberized feet
  • disc for shredding / slicing
  • continuous work time: 10 min
  • number of speeds : 1
  • 21x16x29 cm

In third place Kitfort KT-1351. A model that differs from the described choppers in design and principle of operation. He rather resembles a meat grinder, but instead of a screw and nets, it has nozzles for cutting: 3 grating knives with different hole diameters and 1 shredding knife.

Loading of products is carried out through the elongated opening from above. This design allows you to protect your fingers when working with a vegetable cutter. Also included is a pusher. The device is turned on with just one button, for operation it is necessary to hold it.

  • Good materials. Metal case.
  • Easy assembly / disassembly.
  • Simple care. Nozzles are well washed.
  • Nozzles are sharp. Well cut, rub vegetables, fruits.
  • The knives are durable, do not deform, even if you press on the vegetables with force.
  • The button must be held down (one hand is always busy). A push button would have been better.
  • There is a piece of vegetable left unfinished.
  • Noisy at work.

. Unlike Zigmund & Shtain and Gorenje, this is not a chopper, but a vegetable cutter. It differs by half the power, but longer operating time – up to 10 minutes without interruption. This is due to a different type of work and less load on the engine than typical shredders. Kitfort cuts vegetables and fruits with 4 types of knives. 96% of users recommend it for purchase.

Moulinex DJ755G Fresh Express

Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)


  • power: 200W
  • multicut
  • power cord: with storage compartment
  • continuous work time: 10 min
  • number of speeds : 1
  • pulse mode

In second place is Moulinex DJ755G Fresh Express. A vegetable cutter similar in design to the Kitfort, but made of plastic. Due to the large feed opening, many products can be served whole. The set includes 5 cone-shaped nozzles with sharp stainless steel grater knives. In addition to those that Kitfort has, a potato pancake grater is additionally provided. Nozzles differ in a color fringing. You can wash them in the dishwasher.

The power of the device is similar – 200 W. Thanks to the gearbox, high torque is provided for fast grinding. At the same time, the engine does not overheat during prolonged use. The device is equipped with stable rubber feet., which ensures stability, although no vibration is observed during operation. Attachments can be stacked for compact storage. The cord is also easily hidden in the case.

  • Compact, stable technology.
  • Convenient storage. Takes up little space.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly. No complicated fasteners.
  • Sharp knives, easy cutting.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Does not make noise during operation.
  • No dicing tool.
  • It does better with soft vegetables than with hard ones.
  • There are pieces of food that are not rubbed.

. A model with a more stylish design than the Kitfort KT-1351, made in a bright case, is equipped with a large number of nozzles, provides for their convenient storage directly in the case and is less noisy. 90% of Moulinex owners recommend it for purchase.

Bosch MMR 08A1 white/black

Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)Rating of the best kitchen grinders in 2022 (TOP 5)


  • power: 400W
  • bowl capacity: 0.8 l
  • utility knife, emulsion nozzle, total number of nozzles: 1
  • bowl: plastic, body: plastic
  • number of speeds : 1
  • pulse mode

The first place in my TOP is Bosch MMR 08A1 white/black. Compact chopper with 0.8 l glass bowl. The bowl itself is made of impact-resistant plastic., which does not stain from fruit juices and aggressive products. It can be washed in the dishwasher or used to heat food in the microwave. Starting is carried out by pressing on the top of the motor block. It works at one speed, which provides for a pulsed mode (gradual increase in rotation).

The chopper is designed primarily for cutting vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, cheese, crackers. It is stated that it can cope with chopping meat, although the power for high-quality grinding is most likely not enough. As well as suitable for whipping and mixing emulsions: homemade mayonnaise, sauce, soup, milkshake. The kit includes a standard 2-blade slicing knife and an emulsion nozzle.

Knives are made of chromium-nickel stainless steel, do not blunt and are resistant to acids and aggressive environments. The nozzles can be washed in the dishwasher. Bosch equipped with a fairly long cable (1.2 m)which can be wound around the case during storage.

  • Reliable performance. Durable materials.
  • A bowl of sufficient capacity with volume markings.
  • Simple control.
  • There is a knife and a nozzle for pureeing and mixing liquids.
  • Easy care.
  • Quiet operation due to low RPM.
  • The wire is fixed on the bowl for easy storage.
  • Not the highest power (does not handle meat very well).
  • There are cases of breakage of the bowl (the appearance of a crack).
  • Doesn’t work well with some products.
  • A large volume cannot be loaded due to the low location of the knives (for example, at Zigmund & Shtain CH they are located along the entire length of the nozzle).

. This is an all-purpose chopper with a small bowl and a high-performance 400W electric motor. Bosch is inferior to Zigmund & Shtain due to the lack of the ability to change speed, but wins due to the presence of an additional nozzle. His bowl is plastic, not glass, like the first two described models, but in this case, which material is more practical is a moot point. Bosch is recommended for purchase by 91% of owners.


Blender Philips HR2602.Photos, Specifications, Reviews, Pros and Cons.


Compact functional blender. Stationary model with a plastic body and a 0.6 liter jug, the shape with the installed container is almost rectangular. It is controlled by only two buttons – speed selection.


Prepares liquid, semi-liquid dough, mixes soft ingredients together in a matter of seconds. Stirs solid foods: cheese, nuts, vegetables and more. The density of the mixture can be adjusted by the duration of operation and the addition of liquids.

Blender Philips HR2602

Distinctive features

Comes with a travel bottle that can be used as a container for making smoothies. It is installed with a knife instead of a bowl. After preparing the drink, it does not need to be poured, it is enough to tighten the lid instead of a knife.


  • Compact yet powerful technology. Chop hard components, including ice.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to disassemble, dishwasher safe.
  • It is firmly fixed on the table with suction cups.


  • When fully loaded, pieces get stuck under the blade.
  • Be sure to add water when chopping nuts.
  • Noisy.
  • The lid closes tightly, you need to adapt.
  • Not suitable for a large family, the useful volume of the flask is 0.5 liters.


  • Power 350 W, cord length 0.85 meters.
  • Compared to the model described above, the HR2602 is tiny.
  • Dimensions only 11 × 34 × 11 cm, weight 1.14 kg. Has 1 removable knife.

Philips HR2602


With the Philips HR2602 blender, I trained myself to drink healthy smoothies. Everything mixes quickly, easy to wash. I often use a bottle, cook right in it and take it with me for a snack.


Rating of the Best Deep Fryers for the Home in 2022 (TOP 7)


In this ranking, I have collected the 7 best air fryers for 2022. Only the best models from different price ranges got into my TOP – from 2,500 to 8,000 rubles. When selecting models, I paid attention to such characteristics as the volume of the oil bowl, the capacity of the basket for loading potatoes, power, control features. And in order to be as objective as possible and identify the pros and cons of each model, I studied customer reviews and expert reviews. The ruble exchange rate changes daily, so I recommend that you look at the current price using the links left in the description and in the pinned comment.

2022 Fryer Ranking Table

Kamille 6810

Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 2.5 l
  • potato capacity 0.8 kg
  • removable bowl
  • mechanical control
  • cool case
  • power: 1800 W

And I will start from the 7th place in my rating, which is occupied by Kamille 6810. The model with dimensions of 20.5 × 31.5 × 28.5 cm is made in black in a thermally insulated plastic case. The handles of the device also do not heat up. The heating element is hidden in the housing. Non-stick coated aluminum bowl holds up to 2.5 liters of oil. It is fitted with a stainless steel work basket. Its dimensions are 22x16x7 cm. It can hold up to 0.8 kg of potatoes. The cover is equipped with a filter against the spread of odors throughout the room. The lid has a transparent window for easy inspection.

Model power – 1800 W, which provides fast heating. The mechanical heating temperature controller is located on the front of the housing. They can set the temperature up to 190 degrees. There are also operation indicators, hints about the required temperature for frying different types of products, as well as a button for opening the lid. The wire at the fryer is small – 67 cm. For storage, it can be rolled up and hidden in a special compartment.

  • Large mesh.
  • Simple control.
  • High power.
  • Outside, the case does not heat up.
  • Wire storage compartment.
  • Short wire.
  • The bowl is not removable.

. The deep fryer has a simple mechanical control, is equipped with a capacious oil bowl and a large grid for products. It has high power, provides fast heating and quick cooking of various products – potatoes, wings, donuts.

TefalFF 2200 Minifryer

Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 1 l
  • potato capacity 0.6 kg
  • made of stainless steel
  • mechanical control
  • odor filter
  • power: 1000W

In sixth place is TefalFF 2200 Minifryer. This model is more compact, not made in such a streamlined shape. The stainless steel body is thermally insulated, does not heat up during operatione. The model is equipped with large comfortable handles and a removable lid with a viewing window. Through it you can watch the cooking. Under it is a metal filter. This allows you to remove the lid during frying without fear of splashing oil.

The non-stick bowl of this deep fryer is small – it is designed for only 1 liter of oil. But the grill is quite large and can hold up to 0.6 kg of potatoes. The power of the model is 1000 watts. Mechanical control, represented by only one regulator. With it, you can set the oil heating temperature in the range up to 190 degrees. There is also a work indicator next to it.

  • Compact.
  • Metal case.
  • Convenient removable cover.
  • Small oil consumption.
  • Fast heating.
  • Fast cooking.
  • High quality bowl material.
  • The bowl is not removable.

The price is 6,500 rubles. Compared to the previous model, it has a lower power level, is designed for a smaller load of frying products, but consumes oil more economically. As with most models, the oil bowl is non-removable, making maintenance difficult. 86% of users recommend the model for purchase.


Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 2.5 l
  • potato capacity 0.6 kg
  • made of plastic
  • mechanical control
  • viewing window
  • power: 1800 W

The fifth step of the rating is occupied by ENDEVER FR-111. This model is made in white color, looks beautiful. The dimensions are similar to the first described model – 31.1×21.2×29.4 cm. The case has thermal protection and does not heat up during operation. Removable fryer lid. It has a viewing window, as well as a filtration system that prevents the spread of odors throughout the room. Complete safety during cooking is ensured by the lid locking system. The bowl has a non-stick coating. It holds up to 2.5 liters of oil. For convenience, notches of minimum and maximum volume are applied on the inner surface of the bowl.

The power of the model is 1800 W, which ensures fast heating. The heating is controlled by a rotary switch. It allows you to select the desired temperature for frying in the range up to 190 degrees. The choice of the optimal temperature is easier to carry out, taking into account the prompts printed on the case in the form of pictures. There are also two operation indicators – power and heating.. The wire of the model is not long – 70 cm.

  • Spacious basket.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • The case does not heat up.
  • Fast cooking.
  • Simple control.
  • The bowl is not removable.
  • No pens.
  • Short wire.

. Compared with the previous model, it has more capacity, more power, and also stands out with an attractive appearance. And also cheaper. 87% of users recommend the model for purchase.


Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 3.5 l
  • operation/heating indicator
  • made of stainless steel
  • mechanical control
  • viewing window
  • power: 1800 W

Fourth place goes to CENTEK CT-1431. This is a large model, made in a stainless steel case. It has a not so streamlined, but rather a rectangular shape. The fryer differs in execution and design. The control panel is moved to the top and is represented by a separate block.m. There is also a temperature controller with a maximum value of 190 degrees and power and heating indicators that will tell you when the desired temperature has been reached and ready for loading.

The power of the model is 1800 W, which ensures fast heating to the required temperature.. The enamelled inner bowl holds up to 3.5 liters of oil. The metal grid with the big not heated handle contains bigger volume of products. Fryer lid is completely removable. It is equipped with a comfortable handle, viewing window and filter.

  • Good assembly.
  • Fast heating.
  • Big basket.
  • Removable cover.
  • Simple control.
  • Removable bowl.
  • High oil consumption.

. Compared to the previous model, it has large dimensions, is designed for large capacity, is made in a metal case and is equipped with comfortable handles. It has the same power and control. Given the larger capacity and reliable performance at a similar cost, 91% of users recommend it for purchase.

GFGRIL GFF-012 EasyCook

Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 1.2 l
  • potato capacity 0.3 kg
  • made of plastic
  • mechanical control
  • viewing window
  • power: 840 W

The top three is opened by the budget GFGRIL GFF-012 EasyCook. The model is presented in a plastic thermally insulated case. Made in white, equipped with black cool handles and a removable black lid. The lid has a viewing window, and there is also a filtration system that prevents unpleasant odors from entering the room. The aluminum bowl is designed for a volume of oil of 1.2 liters.

Metal basket holds about 300 g of potato slices. For convenient and safe operation, it is equipped with a non-heating handle. On the front of the case there is a rotary switch to select the heating temperature in the range up to 190 degrees. The power of the model is only 840 W, but due to its compactness, heating occurs quite quickly.

  • Compact, lightweight.
  • Fast heating.
  • Convenient loading basket.
  • Economical oil consumption.
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning.
  • Uncomfortable handles on the lid.
  • Removable bowl.
  • Small download size.

. Compared with the previous deep fryer, it has a much smaller capacity, more compact and with less power. But on the other hand, it is more economical in terms of oil consumption and is suitable for cooking small portions. Given the affordable price, 93% of users recommend it for purchase.

Kitfort KT-2025

Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 5 l
  • potato capacity 1.2 kg
  • made of stainless steel
  • mechanical control
  • non-stick system
  • power: 3270 W

In second place is Kitfort KT-2025. This is the largest deep fryer in my rating – 35.5 × 47.4 × 25.1 cm, made in a strict, laconic style. The case is made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life, and retains heat well, does not heat up during operation. The device has two durable handles for easy portability.. The lid is completely removable, equipped with a window and a filtration system that blocks odors from entering the room.. The inner bowl is removable. It has a non-stick coating and is designed for a large capacity – up to 10 liters of oil. The power of the model is 3270 W, because it is necessary to quickly heat up a large amount of oil.

This model is distinguished by its complete set. Includes 3 roasting baskets. One of them is large for the entire width of the bowl and two smaller ones that can be placed together to fry different foods at the same time. All baskets are equipped with long, non-heating handles. This deep fryer works on the technology of “cold zone”. It prevents the burning of small pieces and ensures long-term preservation of the purity of the oil. So, with one oil it will be possible to produce about 10-15 fries.

There are two controllers for control. One can set the heating temperature, and the second is a timer, its maximum operating parameter is 30 minutes. There are also 2 indicators on the panel. One indicates the device is turned on, and the second informs when the set temperature has been reached. The deep fryer is easy to disassemble, down to removing the handles from the baskets and removing the control unit. This allows you to efficiently and simply clean all the details. The 93 cm cord can be wound into a special compartment for easy storage.

  • Quick warm up.
  • Designed for high volume.
  • 3 fry baskets.
  • There is a timer.
  • Convenient cover.
  • Big wire.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Thin body metal.

This is the most expensive model in my rating. Among all other deep fryers, TOP stands out for its large load capacity, three baskets, a timer, and most importantly, it has a removable bowl design and a fully collapsible design, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. 96% of model owners recommend it for purchase.

Kitfort KT-2009

Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)Rating of the best deep fryers for the home in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • oil volume 1 l
  • potato capacity 1.2 kg
  • made of stainless steel
  • mechanical control
  • non-stick system
  • power: 1000W

And the inexpensive Kitfort KT-2009 became the leader of my TOP. This small model with a diameter of 20.5 cm and a height of 21.5 cm is made in a cylindrical shape. Although the device belongs to an inexpensive price segment, the case is made of stainless steel. On the sides there are easy-to-carry handles that do not heat up during operation. The lid is equipped with a filter to eliminate foreign odors. The 1 liter inner bowl has a non-stick coating. Model power – 1000 W, which, given the small volume, provides very fast heating.

The fryer is controlled by one regulator, with which you can select the heating temperature up to 190 degrees. The corresponding indicator will tell you when the set temperature has been reached. To select the temperature according to the type of product, you can use the hints printed on the body. The 92 cm cord can be tucked away in a compartment on the case for compact storage.

  • Compact.
  • Economical oil consumption.
  • Fast heating.
  • Convenient removable lid with odor filter.
  • Long cord that can be hidden for storage.
  • There is no viewing window in the lid.
  • Removable bowl.

. When compared with inexpensive models, for example, with GFGRIL, it has high power, compact size and high-quality assembly. Inferior only to the absence of a viewing window in the lid. According to the owners, this model is optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. It is recommended for purchase by 97% of users.

What is a deep fryer and what does it “eat” with?

Surely, each of you tried to cook a deep-fried dish using various containers and pots. It is worth saying that this is not only dangerous, but also not practical. Not only does the boiling oil splatter, but it can also be harmful to health in the form of burns. Manufacturers have taken care of this issue and boast a wide range of deep fryers for every taste.

Translated from French, fries or fries is a culinary product cooked in a large amount of boiling vegetable oil. The device of our time is an electric apparatus with a container for oil and a sealed lid. All models are equipped with a temperature regulator and a special filter. The outer casing is made of thermally insulating material.

See also – 6 best vegetable cutters – 2022 rating according to customer reviews

Choosing the best air fryer for your home

Many people ask the question, “Which air fryer is better to buy for the home?”. Please note that when choosing household appliances, you should pay special attention to the characteristics and parameters, including:

  • Oil bowl. It is considered the main element of the device, on which the quality and performance of the deep fryer directly depend. Bowls can be made from stainless steel and aluminium. It is advisable to pay attention to the metal coating. For easy cooking and quick cleaning of the container, choose bowls with a non-stick coating.
  • Volume. Also an important indicator. If you are looking for a more economical model for preparing one serving, then a baby is quite suitable, the volume of which is 0.5-0.7 liters. But for more frequent cooking and in large quantities, it is better to buy a bowl with a volume of 1.5-2 liters. Also, some models can be used with strictly calculated oil consumption, while others have the ability to reduce.
  • Capacity. It all depends on the volume of the bowl itself. Small models can handle 0.25 kg of raw food at a time, while large appliances for the home can easily cook 1.6 kg.
  • Power. This parameter depends entirely on the volume of the bowl. On average, the figures range from 800 to 2000 watts. Here you need to remember – the higher the power, the faster the oil will warm up.
  • Heating element: closed or open. So which fryer is better, closed or open heating element? For the home, you should choose a model with a closed heating element. The plate is much easier to maintain and wash, unlike the spiral.
  • Filters. The frying procedure in a deep fryer is always accompanied by the release of odor and smoke, and in order to remove the foreign odor, special filters are used, which are of two types. Against odors – are able to keep fumes and odors of food inside the deep fryer, without letting it out. Oily – separating oil from breading and pieces of food

In turn, they can be divided into single-word and multilayer, non-removable and removable. Naturally, sealed filters of a removable type are much more practical and easier to maintain, but their price is much higher.

Additional amenities can be considered a nice bonus that facilitates the use of the device. Among which are:

  • removable type parts – the more of them in the design, the easier it is to wash the fryer
  • transparent window – now you can enjoy the cooking process
  • used oil drain system – will greatly facilitate cooking at home, as the device will automatically get rid of stale oil
  • cold bottom – a unique feature that allows you to evenly brown food, getting rid of overcooked pieces
  • Thermally insulated housing will protect you and your children from burns
  • electronic type of control will allow you to quickly and effortlessly set up the device for work
  • the timer will automatically complete the frying process at the desired time period.

To choose a deep fryer for your home, you need to evaluate three characteristics of a household appliance – power, bowl volume and cleaning method. Below is a ranking of the best deep fryers in 2022, compiled by customer ratings. The TOP offers equipment from popular brands Kitfort, Tefal and those whose products are not so well known, for example, GFgril. Here is a brief overview of them. Rating models are arranged in ascending order of price.


Rating of the TOP 10 Best Bosch Electric Meat Grinders of 2022



Bosch is one of the most popular manufacturers of household and kitchen appliances.

All products manufactured by him are of excellent quality, and innovative technologies make them first-class.

Electric meat grinders of this manufacturer fell in love with consumers not only because of the beautiful design, but also due to the wide functionality.

Rating of the TOP 10 best Bosch electric meat grinders of 2022

The rating includes the best meat grinders from Bosch according to customer reviews.

How to choose a meat grinder?

Consider how to choose the right meat grinder and what you need to pay attention to:

  • materials. This criterion is responsible for the reliability and safety of the device. In most cases, augers, knives and nets are made of durable stainless steel. The body of the device itself can be made of food-grade plastic or metal.
  • Power. The higher this parameter, the more meat the meat grinder can process. However, it should not be considered when choosing that the more power, the better. It is important to remember that too powerful units also consume a large amount of electricity.
  • Performance. This parameter shows how many raw materials per minute the device can process. The productivity directly depends on the power, quality of the working tools and the rotational speed of the auger.
  • Safety. Various protective technologies allow you to protect the meat grinder from breakdowns and failure.
  • Functionality. This characteristic depends on the number of nozzles in the kit. In addition to the usual disks for minced meat, the manufacturer can complete the device with shredders, juice presses, etc.


Overview of the best standard models

Bosch MFW 3X10

This multifunctional electric meat grinder belongs to the middle price segment and is great for3

home use. In one minute, the device is able to process more than two kilograms of meat.

In the kit, the manufacturer offers three disks for minced meat, nozzles for cooking sausages and kebbe. Thanks to this, the meat grinder allows you to cook various meat dishes, while significantly saving time.

The reverse function rotates the auger in the opposite direction and allows you to quickly get rid of stuck meat or veins. Another advantage is overload protection, which ensures long-term operation of the motor.

This is one of the highest quality models for 2022.


  • Power (max) – 2 kW.
  • Productivity — 2.5 kg/min.
  • Dimensions – 16x25x23 cm.
  • Weight – 4.04 kg.

  • good power and performance;
  • design;
  • storage compartment for cord and attachments;
  • stable legs.

  • deficiencies were not found.

Bosch MFW 3640A

Bosch MFW 3640A is a modern and powerful device that is distinguished by its high quality and reliability.four

at work.

The versatility of the meat grinder is due to the presence of three drums for shredding and grater vegetables, nozzles for minced meat, sausages and kebbe. High power allows the technique to quickly process a large amount of raw materials in a short time.

Thanks to the engine protection technology, the meat grinder can work for a long time without interruption. If necessary, you can use the reverse function. All working elements are made of high-quality food steel, which is not able to change the taste of products.


  • Power (max) – 1.6 kW.
  • Productivity — 1.9 kg/min.
  • Weight – 4.6 kg.

  • grinds quickly;
  • works in two speeds;
  • practically silent;
  • compact.

  • metal parts can only be washed by hand.

Bosch MFW 3X17

This electric meat grinder is capable of grinding more than two kilograms of minced meat per minute. Reliable motor equipped5

function of a reverse, works in the two-speed mode.

A durable knife with double-sided sharpening ensures fast and high-quality chopping of meat of various varieties. The presence of three disks allows you to get ready-made minced meat of the required consistency.

In addition, the meat grinder is equipped with drums for shredding and grater vegetables, which expands its capabilities. If necessary, it can be used to squeeze juice from fresh citrus fruits.


  • Power (max) – 2 kW.
  • Productivity — 2.3 kg/min.
  • Dimensions – 23x25x16 mm.
  • Weight – 5.13 kg.

  • multifunctionality;
  • stable legs;
  • compartment for storing nozzles;
  • power and performance.

  • deficiencies were not found.

Bosch MFW 45020/45120

This meat grinder will help you quickly prepare minced meat, homemade sausages or oriental kebbe. The presence of a reverse6

allows you to quickly remove stuck products without disassembling the device.

Within a minute, this powerful meat grinder can process almost three kilograms of meat. The presence of several nozzles makes the device even more functional.

Convenient carrying handles allow you to easily move the equipment from place to place.


  • Power (max) – 1.6 kW.
  • Productivity — 2.7 kg/min.
  • Weight – 5 kg.

  • build quality;
  • excellent work speed;
  • affordable cost.

  • short cord;
  • expensive parts.

Bosch MFW 68660

The Bosch MFW 68660 is distinguished by its performance and ease of use. In minutes7

it can process almost four kilograms of meat.

The reverse function allows you to quickly resume work in case of hitting the veins and jamming the meat on the auger. The meat grinder knife is made of durable stainless steel and sharpened on both sides.

Rubber feet provide a stable position during operation and guarantee the safe use of equipment. A separate compartment for attachments saves space in the kitchen and facilitates storage.

Drums for shredding and grater allow you to quickly chop the necessary vegetables.


  • Power (max) – 2.2 kW.
  • Productivity — 4.3 kg/min.
  • Dimensions – 25.4×19.9×29.5 cm.
  • Weight – 6.4 kg.

  • power;
  • multifunctionality;
  • fast work;
  • stylish design;
  • build quality.

  • short power cord;
  • price.

Overview of the best models with a vegetable cutter

Bosch MFW 68640

This device is designed for high-quality and fast grinding of products. It is equipped with oneeight

speed, reverse and safety system.

The meat grinder is made of practical and durable materials that are easy to clean. Due to its small size, the equipment can be easily transported and conveniently stored in the kitchen.

The manufacturer completes the device with disks for minced meat, a grater, a shredder, as well as special nozzles for making kebbe and sausages. You can store all these nozzles at hand – in a special compartment of the meat grinder.

The model does not lose its relevance in 2022.


  • Power (max) – 2.2 kW.
  • Productivity — 4.3 kg/min.
  • Dimensions – 25.4×19.9×29.5 cm.
  • Weight – 5.94 kg.

  • power;
  • low noise level;
  • Beautiful design;
  • sharp knife;
  • steel tray.

Bosch MFW 3850B

This meat grinder is distinguished by its versatility and performance. It comes with a lot of accessories9

which help not only grind meat, but also cut vegetables and fruits, make sausages or cook exotic kebbe.

In the event of overloads or power surges, the meat grinder automatically turns off, thereby protecting the engine. The return stroke of the auger allows you to quickly free it from the veins and meat fibers. The working part is made of durable steel, which ensures a long service life of the device.


  • Power (max) – 1.8 kW.
  • Productivity — 2 kg/min.
  • The length of the power cord is 1.2 m.
  • Weight – 4.8 kg.

  • low noise;
  • compact;
  • a large number of nozzles;
  • excellent work speed.

  • metal nozzles cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Bosch MFW 3540

Meat grinder Bosch MFW 3540 will be an excellent assistant during the preparation of meat dishes. 5 different nozzles allowten

quickly chop meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

The minced meat discs differ in the diameter of the holes, so you can cook minced meat of different consistency. For grinding, a durable steel knife is provided that is not afraid of corrosion.

The device is easy to disassemble and assemble, as well as wash all its parts. Rubberized feet keep the device stable on any surface.


  • Power (max) – 1.5 kW.
  • Productivity — 1.9 kg/min.
  • Weight – 4.4 kg.

  • build quality;
  • nice design;
  • quiet work;
  • good equipment.

  • no reverse.

Bosch MFW 67440

This meat grinder has good power and allows you to cook meat dishes in a matter of minutes. Included in the packageeleven

includes nozzles for farce, shredding, grater, slicing, as well as special nozzles for kebbe and sausages.

The engine is reliably protected from overloads and in case of problems the device is automatically switched off. Such a system increases the service life of the device. Reliable suction cups instead of legs ensure a stable position of the meat grinder on the countertop.


  • Power (max) – 2 kW.
  • Productivity — 3.5 kg/min.
  • Weight – 6.74 kg.

  • quality assembly;
  • high performance;
  • ergonomics;
  • quickly disassembled and assembled.

Bosch MFW 68680

The Bosch MFW 68680, thanks to its powerful motor, is capable of grinding almost four kilograms of meat in a minute.12

Eight nozzles make it as multifunctional as possible, and allow you to work not only with meat, but also with vegetables and fruits. If necessary, you can use this device to chop nuts, grate cheese or cut vegetables into cubes for salad.

The meat grinder is equipped with a special compartment for storing attachments. The tray for loading raw materials is made of durable steel, which indicates its reliability and durability.

It is worth noting that this is one of the best models of 2022.


  • Power (max) – 2.2 kW.
  • Productivity — 4.3 kg/min.
  • Weight – 7.95 kg.

  • Beautiful design;
  • power;
  • ease of use;
  • high performance;
  • perfectly grinds the veins.

  • metal parts must be washed by hand.

How to Choose a Bread Maker for Home?


Many people love the aroma of fresh pastries, and now imagine that this aroma will wake you up in the morning instead of an alarm clock, you will enjoy fresh, crispy bread at breakfast, and what’s there at breakfast, at any time you want. All this will become available to you if you purchase a bread machine. There is a large selection of different models on the market, how to choose the right one for you and not regret your choice in the future, you will learn from this article.

External parameters of the bread machine

Select body material

Most models have a plastic case, which is lightweight, economical and resistant to stains from water drops or fingerprints, which cannot be said about the metal case. But metal is a stronger material, resistant to damage. The stainless steel case has models of a higher price category, they have a more presentable look.

Before buying a bread maker, make sure you have enough space in your kitchen, as most models are large, comparable to the size of a microwave oven.

Bread machine control panel

The control panel can be touch or push-button, plus the first is that such a panel is easier to clean from flour and other contaminants that can get stuck between the buttons. The larger the panel, the more informative it is. This can be a board that displays all the information or a light indicator that highlights the selected mode.

Some models have a viewing window through which you can observe the progress of kneading dough or baking bread.

Basic and additional characteristics of the bread machine

The main characteristics that must be considered when choosing a bread machine include:

  • Output of finished products, that is, the weight that the baked bread will have. This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a bread maker. Keeping homemade cakes for as long as store-bought ones will not work, after a day the bread will start to get stale. Therefore, choose a model either with the bowl volume that is optimal for you, or with the ability to adjust the weight of the finished product.
  • Power – This is an indicator on which the speed of making bread, as well as the amount of energy consumed, depends. There are models with power from 450 to 1650 watts. This indicator is especially important if you want to cook rye bread, since the cooking technology implies a baking mode, immediately at a high temperature.
  • Stock memory is simply necessary in cases where frequent power surges occur in the house. The machine remembers all the settings and the point at which it stopped, and when the electricity is turned on again, the process will continue from the same place. This is a very handy feature if you urgently need to free the outlet or rearrange the bread machine. Some models save settings for 30 seconds, others for 40 minutes.
  • The breadmaker has at least three programs: dough kneading, basic baking mode and accelerated mode. The more programs in the memory of the device, the larger the dimensions of the bread machine itself. Modern models have several dough kneading and baking modes that allow you to experiment and get not only bread, but also muffins, Easter cakes, gluten-free pastries and even jams. But for such a multifunctional bread machine, you will need to pay a considerable amount.
  • Dimensions and weight depend not only on the number of built-in functions, but also on the material of the bread machine itself. Most models are large in size and weight, which can be either four kilograms or seven and a half. If you constantly rearrange the stove, then choose the model with the smallest weight for yourself so that you do not have to endure such a burden every time or call someone for help.
  • Safety very important indicator, especially if you have children. Opening the lid during baking can not only disrupt the cooking process, but also cause burns. Therefore, choose models that block the lid until the entire process is complete. Also a useful feature is the automatic shutdown to prevent the bread machine from overheating.

Additional features can greatly facilitate and diversify the whole process, they include the following functions:

  • Additional cooking mode. As mentioned above, modern models can not only bake bread, but also perform other interesting tasks. The function of kneading dough without baking allows you to make dough for dumplings, pizza, pasta, pancakes. In some models you can make jams, it is recommended to use powdered sugar so as not to scratch the Teflon coating of the bowl.
  • Choose the color of the bread crust. Someone likes a light soft crust, like a long loaf, while others prefer a crispy and dark one, while others choose something in between. In models with this function, you can create the perfect, in your opinion, loaf of bread.
  • Heating up the finished bread. If you baked fresh bread for your husband’s arrival, but he is late and you don’t want the bread to get cold, then the function of maintaining the temperature of the finished loaf will be very useful for you, so you can please your beloved husband at dinner with hot fresh bread. Different models maintain the temperature from one to three hours.
  • Delay start timer very useful feature. Since the whole process of kneading, punching, and baking can take three to six hours, if you want to make bread for breakfast, you will have to get up three or even six hours earlier than usual. Agree, not everyone is ready for such sacrifices. But if your model can delay the start of baking, then you can set the time when the whole process starts.
  • Availability of a dispenser can make the cooking process even more automated. The dispenser is a separate tray for dried fruits, nuts or seeds, the bread machine itself will add these ingredients to the dough when it is needed by the recipe. If there is no dispenser, then you will need to manually add additives at the sound signal of the oven.

Popular Models

bread maker scarlett SC-400

This model is characterized by relatively small dimensions and a weight of 4.6 kg, but the maximum weight of the loaf is only 750 g. The power of this baby is 600 watts. 16 baking programs are stored in the memory of the bread maker, it can also cook jams, muffins, cereals. You can delay the start of cooking by 13 hours. The bread maker saves all settings in memory for 10 minutes. It has a relatively low cost on average 4500 rubles.

Breadmaker Scarlett SC-400

bread maker Moulinex OW 3101

If you strictly follow the instructions, then this model will delight you with excellent pastries weighing up to 1 kg. You can choose the color of the crust and delay the start by 14 hours. Fifteen cooking programs will allow you to give free rein to your imagination. And the viewing window will allow you to monitor the process. The power of the model is 650 W. The average cost is 7900 rubles.

Bread machine Moulinex OW 3101

bread maker Redmond RBM-1906

This model has a small power of 500 W, but this does not prevent it from gaining more and more fans. All finished products can be adjusted, the maximum weight is 1kg. Fourteen programs, including cooking, allow you not only to bake bread, but also to cook jam, yogurt and soups. The start of cooking can be postponed until 13:00 using the timer. The bread machine can maintain the temperature for an hour, and save the settings for 10 minutes. The average price is 6399 rubles.

Breadmaker Redmond RBM-1906

A bread machine can become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, many people completely refuse store-bought bread after buying such a mini-bakery. You will be able to prepare bread according to your tastes and preferences, choosing the recipe and choosing the perfect crust color. Surprise your family and guests with unusual bakery products at least every day.

How to Choose the Right Blender for Your Home? Submersible or Stationary?


When choosing a blender, you need to understand the purpose of the purchase. For example, some are better for mixing cocktails, while others are great helpers in the kitchen. There are two types of blenders – stationary and submersible! It is better for the hostess to choose the submersible option – for making baby puree, various yogurts, cereals. For parties and experiments, as well as for bartenders, a stationary blender is suitable.

What to look for when buying?

The price is influenced by two serious factors – the number of blender functions and the company. More advanced, branded options are more expensive. An ordinary consumer will not need an expensive blender, most of the functions are specific, that is, unnecessary.

Buy a blender according to your needs. Pay attention to the characteristics of the blender (price, company, number of functions). If you need to prepare baby puree, then take a blender suitable for this task (ask the seller or look at the packaging, usually you can find out all the charms of the device before buying). Thus, you can buy a cheap but useful blender in the kitchen.

Types of blenders

stationary view

The “bartender’s tool” starts the dance with us – this is a stationary blender, sometimes it is also called a shaker. Used for mixing cocktails, with the help of it they crush ice. Compared to a homemade kitchen blender that you have to hold, it is much easier to use, press the button and get the result. It is cheap and there is no need for washing – it cleans itself, a special function is provided for this.

A feature of such a blender is the bowl, or rather what it is made of. There are two options – plastic or glass, both bowls have their pros and cons.

Plastic absorbs unpleasant odors and begins to darken – this effect is gradual, becoming stronger over the years. Glass is fragile and can break, and buying and inserting a new one is quite problematic. Plastic, of course, is cheaper, but pouring “hot” into such a bowl will not work. They are already starting to sell bowls that do not absorb anything and do not turn into a dark clot over the years. Therefore, everything is purely individual – it is better to choose a proven model, consult with friends or read reviews.

If the family is large, we recommend choosing a 2.5 liter bowl. If you live alone, then 500 ml is enough, but keep in mind that it cannot be completely filled, so we remove 200 ml – this will be the optimal volume.

Power – the more the better. After all, the blender will “process” products faster. Experts advise buying blenders with a power of 350-600 watts. A milkshake at this speed is prepared in 10-20 minutes.

The approximate price of a stationary blender is from 900 to 10,000 rubles.

submersible view

Buying an immersion blender is a great choice for small kitchen jobs. It will help to make baby puree, perfectly chop simple foods, such as onions. It does not take up much space and is extremely convenient. Finely chop fruits, vegetables, is able to chop meat – turn it into minced meat, etc. But one minus – the blender needs to be held in your hands when working, you can get tired. The price is affected by the material from which the “leg” is made. Plastic is cheaper, but it’s better to buy with iron! It’s more expensive, but more reliable.

We pay attention to the power so that the hands do not get tired – you need to choose a more powerful blender. Also some blenders have a speed setting!

Usually, an immersion blender is sold with additional tools (nozzles for various applications). Therefore, it is important to choose a model that will really be as useful as possible in the kitchen. The most powerful model will cost about 10,000 rubles, but the low price category is 1,000 rubles.

Cheap or expensive?

If you buy a simple model, then you will not get a lot of features. Just one nozzle, start/stop button and easy gear shifting with a lever. Expensive models are more functional, but consume less energy. If the operation is frequent, then it is more correct to choose an expensive, but more reliable and less electrically consuming model.

What are the best blender models?

Braun MQ735 HB

A real kitchen helper, a great help for an inexperienced hostess. The kit includes a small number of nozzles and a couple of convenient bowls. Gets the job done quickly and excellently. Suitable for solid products, capable of crushing them – for this there is a special powerful Turbo mode. Perfectly grinds greens or even nuts. Able to knead the dough. No flaws, highly recommended! A rather expensive submersible blender – the approximate price is 8,000 rubles.

RUSSELL HOBBS 20230-56 Illumina

Those who like to create cocktails and experiment will like RUSSELL HOBBS 20230-56 Illumina! Buyers appreciate it for its power, volume and unique design. But it is quite “bulky” and noisy. It mixes well, works well and the price is good – only 4,000 for this stationary miracle for smoothies and other drinks.


Powerful motor – 450 watts. Turbo mode, which starts to act instantly (one has only to press the button). Lightweight, convenient to use. It is suitable for whipping egg whites, a special nozzle for mashing, crushing nuts and greens. It has 4 sharp blades, the leg is made of stainless steel! Attention – the price of this device is only 3,000 rubles!


As many as five speeds with turbo mode! Powerful immersion blender – 500W! The knife is made of stainless steel, and the price will pleasantly surprise you – only 1500 rubles! Beats the dough, crushes the fruit. Buyers are satisfied! Stylish, functional, powerful and reliable – we recommend!

Video instruction

We recommend listening to tips on choosing a blender to make the right choice:

Thus, the blender is an indispensable thing for preparing baby food or a variety of fruit desserts. It is this device that makes life easier in the kitchen. We need many inventions in everyday, modern life, why not get this “miracle”? The price is small, but how much time we save! Everything turns out qualitatively and quickly, the main thing is to choose a good unit. Therefore, think carefully – it is worth saving or embarking on a kitchen adventure. The choice is yours!