Functionality ATLANT ХМ 4421-009 ND.Photos, Reviews, Specifications, Pros/cons


This refrigerator has a very spacious freezer compartment. The refrigerator compartment consists of 3 compartments. The refrigerator has 2 doors, one of which is glass. The refrigerator is equipped with an electronic control system. For convenience, it is possible to outweigh the doors.

Functionality ATLANT ХМ 4421-009 ND

Inside the device there are LED lamps that make it possible to see the level of products. The door has child safety locks. There is a quick freeze mode and “Vacation”.8521

You can also adjust the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, which allows you to ensure optimal humidity in the refrigerator.


  1. Electronic control system.
  2. Possibility to move doors.
  3. Spacious freezer.
  4. The presence of the mode of fast freezing.

Distinctive features

  1. Modern design.
  2. LED backlight.
  3. Humidity regulation.

Pros and cons of the model


  1. spacious freezer;
  2. electronic type of control;
  3. the possibility of hanging doors.


  1. low compressor power.


  1. Energy consumption 365 kWh/year.
  2. Freezing capacity 6 kg/day.
  3. Freezer defrosting / HTO No Frost.
  4. Fridge Defrosting: No Frost Min.
  5. Freezer / HTO temperature: (C) -18°.
  6. Freshness zone (zero chamber): no.
  7. Noise level: 43 dB.
  8. Autonomous cold storage: 15 hours
  9. Refrigerant: R600a (isobutane).
  10. Egg stand: yes.
  11. Form for ice: is.
  12. Bottle holder: no.
  13. Total useful volume: 288 l.
  14. Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber: 203 l.
  15. Useful volume of the freezing chamber / NTO: 85 l.
  16. The volume of the zero chamber (freshness zone): no.