A multicooker is like an oven, a rice cooker and a yogurt maker. So let’s use its capabilities to the maximum! Catch 4 good recipes in your piggy bank, how to make yogurt in a slow cooker. Even without leaven.

Is it possible to cook yogurt in a slow cooker – yes!

For those who have a Yogurt mode in the device, you only need to pour milk and pour sourdough into it (approximately 1-2 liters from a 0.5 g bottle). Next, you should spread the mixture in jars and put it to languish. The device will do everything on its own:

  • Will raise the temperature of the mixture to 38-42 degrees
    At these values, the fermentation process takes place at an optimal speed.
  • It will maintain this value for 8-10 hours
    That’s how long it takes bacteria to turn milk into yogurt.

If this program is not available, the “Heating” mode is suitable. It works in the same temperature range, so it completely replaces it. You will have to set the time yourself. In some multicookers, the maximum “heating” timer is 2-3 hours, so you will have to restart the device several times. Yogurt needs to stand for 8-9 hours – either one long “approach” or several sessions of 3 hours. Yogurt jars are included with some slow cookers. It is convenient. If they are not available, it is advisable to use small glass jars for preservation. Such dishes can withstand prolonged heating.

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Method 1: yogurt in a slow cooker with sourdough starter

Everything is simple in preparation: milk (from 1%, with some leavens you can even take vegetable), leaven (you can make it yourself from sour milk) and yogurt maker mode.


It is enough to mix the ingredients in the proportions described in the instructions for the leaven and start the “Yogurt” mode. Detailed recommendations are in the table:


Preparation of milk

Pasteurized milk does not need to be boiled. But it is desirable to warm up the farm food well, but do not bring it to a boil.

It is allowed not to boil farm products only if you buy them from the same person for a long time and are sure of the health of his livestock

Pour the milk into a large bowl and add the sourdough starter Mix until smooth – it’s easier to do this in a large container
Pour the milk into jars for leavening Fill the containers to the top, then close with lids
Start the fermentation process Start the “Yogurt” mode. After that, the device itself will set a timer for 7-9 hours (depending on the model)
Check readiness Treats should thicken – be the consistency of sour cream. If it “pours like a river”, it is better to turn on the mode of the yogurt maker for another 1-3 hours.
Refrigerate and store the dish After cooking, wait half an hour and put in refrigerator. Can be stored for up to 5 days

It is advisable to add tasty additives such as honey, sugar or muesli before use. Otherwise, yogurt will spoil already 2-3 days after preparation.

Method 2: yogurt in a slow cooker without sourdough

If for some reason it is not possible to buy sourdough, yogurt without fillers from the nearest supermarket will save the situation. It also contains beneficial bifidobacteria that ferment the milk to the desired state. The following ingredients will come in handy for this:

  • Milk in a package or bottle
    Volume from 800 ml to 1 liter. Fat from 1% and above.
  • Yogurt without flavor additives
    It is necessary to take not liquid, but the one that is eaten with a spoon. 130-170 g or 1-2 packages per liter of milk is enough.


Yogurt is prepared in a multicooker without leaven in the same way as with it:

  1. Farmer’s milk should be heated and cooled to 36-40°C
    Boiled food is not good, useful bacteria die in it.
  2. Rinse the tablespoon and remove the film
    Otherwise, it will become part of the mixture.
  3. Add store-bought yogurt
    Mix the composition to a homogeneous consistency and distribute it among the cans.
  4. Start Yoghurt mode
    The device itself will set the required time. After the programmed time, the multicooker will notify about readiness.
  5. If the mixture is liquid, turn on this mode for another 1-2 hours
    This will make the yogurt thick. It can be used as a separate product or added to salads.

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Method 3: yogurt in a slow cooker without the “Yogurt” mode

If the device does not have a separate mode – no problem! Everything can be configured even on a device with a minimum of parameters. Instead of the “Yogurt” mode, you should click on “Heating”. So the cartoon will not allow the mixture to boil, but will maintain its temperature within 35-45°C. If you can adjust the duration of heating in the multicooker, it is advisable to set it for 7-8 hours.


Those who do not have the opportunity to set the cooking time without the Yogurt mode should set a timer on their phone. And after the mobile phone signals “It’s time!” you need to go turn off the device.

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Method 4: yogurt in a slow cooker without jars

Many recipes recommend cooking yogurt in jars. But if they are not available, a multicooker bowl is also a good option, this delicacy will not get worse. Yogurt is made according to the standard instructions: heat milk, pour in sourdough or yogurt without additives and leave to infuse at a temperature of 40°C or slightly lower.


You can replace the yogurt jars in the slow cooker with baking dishes, glass or ceramic plates with glasses, or food-grade plastic that can withstand hot temperatures and stay in ovens.

When making sour milk, do not remove the original bowl from the multicooker. Additional dishes are placed only on the basic one. It is forbidden to work directly with the heating element – this can lead to unforeseen consequences. Otherwise, it is enough to follow simple recipes, and a healthy dessert will always be ready. Bon Appetit!

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