Economy Class Kitchens: The Pros and Cons of Choosing on a Low Budget


When choosing a new kitchen, having a strictly limited budget, many questions arise, and the main one is where such kitchens are sold so that the price is minimal and the quality is good enough. There are economy class kitchens in every city. The price category starts from 15 thousand rubles. for the most minimal set (sink, cabinet and a pair of hanging drawers). The ideal solution for a summer residence or for a small cubic capacity home kitchen.

Economy class kitchens: the pros and cons of choosing on a low budget

Advantages of an economy class kitchen

Expensive doesn’t mean better. Many cheap models have proven themselves with the following advantages:

  • Many options for ready-made solutions – no need to waste time creating your own project. I came, I saw, I bought.
  • Suitable for any buyer.
  • Sizes are standard.
  • It is easy to find a replacement for damaged parts of the kitchen.
  • You can add a headset.
  • It is not a pity to spoil (when renting an apartment).
  • The ability to update the kitchen if the old budget is tired.
  • No need to pay for the measurer and assembler.

Cons of cheap kitchens

For people who do not have the opportunity to buy an expensive, designer kitchen model, all the disadvantages described are not so significant. In general, they are already obvious:

  • Short service life – from 1 to 5 years. Depending on careful use.
  • Often there are outdated designs.
  • Difficult to size.
  • The material is poorly resistant to moisture – part of the material (more often on the sink) swells over time.
  • There is no protection against fungus and mold.
  • Often the material smells like chemicals.
  • Distortions of lockers due to poor quality of the material.
  • There may be defects.
  • Retractable mechanisms are not firmly fixed.
  • The tabletop is rubbed and scratched after a month of use.
  • It is not profitable to buy a cheap kitchen for built-in appliances.

Despite the fact that economical kitchens have more disadvantages, they are still in great demand. It makes no sense to pay more than 100 thousand rubles, to get into debt. This option will be good for pensioners, a country house, a young family, students.

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