How to Choose a Dehumidifier for an Apartment


It is probably not a secret for anyone that the fungus that appears on the walls due to high humidity is extremely dangerous for health! And, if you notice a black spot of mold in your home, then you need to not only get rid of it, but take care of creating a normal microclimate in the room. It is for these purposes that the dehumidifier for the house and apartment serves.

If you do not purchase this device, then the cleaned mold will still return, and quickly enough. But, not only the fungus is a factor that undermines health. Let’s take a closer look at what’s what, since excessive humidity is no joke.

Why is the fungus on the walls so dangerous to health?

dehumidifier for home

If you see a stain on the wall, it means that there is already too much fungus. And the air is literally teeming with active spores.

Fungus spores are present in almost every room, but under unfavorable conditions for them, which means, with normal humidity, they are in a state of hibernation. The norm is 50-60%, but as soon as the pendulum swings to 70%, the fungi begin to move into the active phase and multiply at an incredible speed, releasing enzymes that destroy everything in their path.

Not only do they spoil the appearance of things, they also enter the body with a sigh, destroying the DNA of the cell! They weaken the immune system and sores begin to fall on a person, as if from a cornucopia, while every day the body accumulates toxic waste products of their vital activity, and this is a real poison that can even provoke oncology. Children, the elderly and people with congenital or acquired respiratory diseases, such as:

  • Asthma
  • allergic rhinitis
  • Chronic bronchitis

Therefore, as you understand, removing a mold stain is just an attempt to hide the consequences. And you need to overcome the root cause, namely, to regulate healthy humidity. But, you must also understand that not only a fungal infection threatens your well-being. The matter is much more global.

What are the consequences of high humidity?

effects of high humidity

The most elementary: a constant chilly feeling and coldness. Even if the temperature on the thermometer shows that in all respects the apartment should be warm, but you are still cold, then most likely it is a matter of humidity. You can, of course, wear a warm sweater, but what about the bed, which seems to be dry, but at the same time too cold?

But that’s not all! The most insidious thing about high humidity is that it disrupts the natural metabolism of a person, forcing organs to work for wear and tear. How? And so here: a normal body should receive 2-3 liters of moisture per day inside, and output about 1 liter. But, if a person is constantly in a room with excessive humidity, then he involuntarily absorbs much more, and the body is simply not able to remove so much. Therefore, the remnants of moisture settle in the tissues, which makes it difficult for the cardiac system, excretory and circulatory!

So much for the increased risk of heart attacks, kidney and liver diseases, and other life-shortening delights.

Food products that can lie for two or three days in a normal environment (the same bread, for example), spoil too quickly in a humid environment. Literally in just a day, a green coating forms on the bakery product and it has to be thrown away, since it is impossible to use a product on which at least one small speck has appeared: it is already soaked through with spores that are simply invisible to the eye. And if you cut off the damaged area, nothing will change. Bread will still be with fungi inside.

And, of course, a humid environment can spoil furniture, paintings, wooden floors … But, compared to the harm done to health every second, these material losses are mere trifles.

What instruments can be used to measure humidity

The scary thing is that the high humidity is not particularly felt. If the air is dry, it becomes difficult to breathe, the skin begins to peel off, the hair breaks, the mucous membranes of the eyes dry up. But you don’t feel moisture for the time being and you attribute such effects as chilliness to completely extraneous things.

If your home is located near the sea or a reservoir, or on the ground floor, or the ventilation system is not brought to mind, then you should purchase a special device and make sure what kind of microclimate is in the house at the moment. The device is called a hygrometer and has many modifications:

  • wall
  • Desktop
  • Mechanical
  • Digital

Their prices are different. The more modern and accurate the device, the more expensive it is. By and large, the humidity in the apartment does not need to be measured every day, this is not a production room, where the slightest deviation can become critical. Therefore, you can use the old and proven method, for which you need to have only an ordinary glass and a refrigerator.

Fill the glass with water, without adding 2-3 cm to the top and place it in the refrigerator. After about 5 hours, when the water temperature drops to 5 degrees, pull it out and put it in a place away from heat sources (for example, away from the battery). And now just watch what happens to your glass.

If the air in the room is dry: the edge first fogs up, but dries completely within 7-10 minutes.

If the air is excessively humid: condensation forms on the edge and begins to drip literally in drops after the same 7-10 minutes.

But if the climate is normal, then the edge will be just wet, without any large drops and will dry no earlier than in 25-30 minutes.

What causes high humidity and how to deal with it

What causes high humidity

In addition to purchasing a special dehumidifier, additional measures will need to be taken to prevent the accumulation of excess moisture. So, what factors lead to excessive humidity in the room?

  • Insufficient ventilation of the room, which may be due to improper installation of plastic windows and roof
  • Low plinth and thin external walls that are not additionally insulated
  • Small kitchen with a small window and no extractor fan
  • Lack of extractor in the bathroom and toilet
  • Too frequent cooking in the kitchen, which is accompanied by a huge vaporization, but at the same time – the windows are closed. Then moisture gradually begins to accumulate in the walls, which eventually leads to fungus.

It is imperative to deal with this and the first step is to purchase a special dehumidifier. But, do not forget that the dehumidifier fights only with the consequences, and at the same time draws electricity. Therefore, you definitely need to try to eliminate the root cause, at least a little.

Naturally, you cannot move your house from a damp lowland. But to insulate the basement, make a good blind area and a waterproof coat is quite realistic. Then the dehumidifier will not have to be turned on too often.

How a dehumidifier works and how it works

It has a very simple principle. The device captures the air that enters the condenser, the temperature of which is lower than in the room. And from this, the water in the gaseous state turns into condensate and flows into the tank, and the air returns back to the room, passing through the heating radiator. That is, the room is also additionally warmed up, which is necessary, since a humid room is always cooler than with a normal balance of dryness.

Choosing an air dryer: what types are there?

Choosing a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are industrial, for swimming pools and household. The first two options are of no interest to us, since these are huge and very expensive colossus and for living quarters we only need a household dehumidifier, the price of which is quite acceptable and the coverage range of cubic capacity is not very large. For a day, such a device is able to remove 12-25 liters of excess moisture, and this, you see, is a rather impressive figure.

But they differ in their characteristics and designs, so before you decide to buy, you need to find out everything for sure. Moreover, if increased moisture is an eternal companion of your home, and you cannot lower it by any means, then you will have to buy two types of dehumidifiers.

Let’s say the best option is a condensing dryer that works on the principle of an air conditioner. As already described above, it absorbs moist air and gives out dry air. But its trouble is that it cannot be used in any way at sub-zero temperatures! And this means that in countries with a harsh climate and long winters, this option is a seasonal thing.

They used it in the summer and in the off-season, and for the winter it will be necessary to use another dehumidifier – a sorbent type. Air, getting into it, passes through a special composition that retains this moisture, that is, it is a kind of desiccant. But, sorbents need to be changed regularly, which is why they are unprofitable for year-round use.

There is another type of dehumidifiers that work on the principle of air exchange, otherwise – assimilation. They bring humid air directly to the street, and constantly fresh air is driven inside. But this is a very expensive pleasure, since such a device must work constantly. For an apartment, this is an unfortunate option, as it turns out to be too expensive in terms of electricity consumption.

What to look for when buying

Noise level: the lower it is, the more comfortable you will feel. Remember that the optimal range is 40-50 decibels. If it is more, it will begin to affect the nervous system with a belt. That is, you treat one, and cripple the other. It is better to overpay a little right away, but buy a model that is safe in this regard.

Power: the more powerful the device, the faster it will dry the area. And although it consumes more energy, but in the end, the savings will still be greater, since it copes with its task much faster than low-power models. And the service life of such dehumidifiers is longer.

Air exchange range: it is specified in the device parameters. But in order to understand which one is optimal for you, you will need to calculate the volume of the room. To do this, you need to multiply the area of the room by the height of the ceilings. And already based on this figure, look at the technical characteristics. The number of air exchange levels should be 3-4 times greater than the volume of the room. No more, as this is fraught with the fact that you will dry out the air. Also, do not take less, as there will be no special meaning in it.

Rating of the most popular brands

We offer you a list of the most popular brands that are popular with us:

These are all companies specializing in climate control equipment and having many options and models for every taste and budget. Of course, there are household dehumidifiers from lesser-known manufacturers, but we would recommend that you look at these four.

We have told you the most important things to understand when choosing a dehumidifier for your home and apartment. We hope that the information will be useful for you!


The Best Premium Ultrasonic Humidifiers. TOP 15 Best for an Apartment.


In this ranking, I have collected the 15 best ultrasonic humidifiers of 2022. Maintaining an optimal microclimate in the apartment is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle, a help in the prevention of acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections and other diseases. In this matter, people are increasingly resorting to the help of technology. Modern humidifiers can not only increase the level of humidity, but also maintain it, spray droplets of aromatic oils into the air, and also serve as a lamp and wake you up in the morning.

I made a selection of the most interesting devices in terms of functionality and design solutions from different price categories and conditionally divided the rating into 3 parts. The first part is top models from well-known brands that can surprise even demanding users. The second is the “golden mean”, devices with an average price and advanced features. Third, for those who want to save.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers

Premium segment humidifiers provide the user with additional control options – remote control, smartphone and can serve a large area. Some surprise with the peculiarity of forms and principles of work, for example, Dyson AM10. I assigned places to all models in this section of the rating based on the opinions of experts, user reviews and the demand for the device on the market.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Okami Air 710 Aqua

The first place in the ranking is occupied by the most powerful humidifier in terms of evaporation intensity. Water consumption 750 ml/h. At the same time, it has a maximum operating time without “refueling”, about 30 hours. To do this, it was equipped with a tank with a volume of 23.4 liters. This affected the dimensions of the device 620x310x250 mm and weight 5.13 kg, it is installed exclusively on the floor. Equipped with 4 wheels for ease of movement.

It works in 5 intensity modes, supports ionization, has a built-in temperature sensor and hygrostat. Able to provide an optimal indoor climate up to 90m². The large LED display shows information about the current temperature and humidity in the room. There is a timer. Control: touch panel or remote control. The price is 19,990 rubles.


  • Functional.
  • Control from the remote control.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Large service area.
  • Efficiency, quickly raises the level of humidity, maintains it at a given level.
  • 4 rotary nozzles.
  • Large top-fill tank.


  • Dimensions.
  • The weight.
  • Power consumption 110 W.
  • Error in determining the current humidity level.
  • When operating at maximum mode, condensation forms on the floor.
  • Mediocre quality plastic remote control.
  • The remote control is supplied without batteries.
  • No water treatment.

The best humidifier for large rooms, a good option for offices with several adjacent cabinets, and homes. It copes with maintaining the humidity level of an average room in an apartment even in low mode. At the same time, it can easily move from one room to another, thanks to the wheels.

The only humidifier in the rating capable of operating up to 30 hours from one “refueling”, evenly humidifying the air, thanks to 4 omnidirectional evaporators. The price in this context is quite justified. If you want to save some money, pay attention to the Boneco U700. All other models presented in this section of the rating are designed for a smaller area and have a much smaller tank volume.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Boneco U700

The second place in the ranking is occupied by a high-performance humidifier from a well-known Swiss brand. Able to serve a room up to 80m². At the same time, it has more modest dimensions compared to the Okami Air 710 Aqua. The volume of the tank is 9 liters. With a capacity of 600 ml / h, which on average provides 15 hours of work – a decent result, but the leader of the rating can work twice as much. Of the features of the Boneco U700, it should be noted:

  • Design – most of the tank is transparent, with backlight.
  • Mechanical water purification with a filter, disinfection with a silver ionizer.
  • 2-jet rotating spray that provides fast and uniform humidification to the desired level.
  • The function of “warm steam”.
  • Indication of low water level, the need for cleaning.
  • Night mode.

The price is 16,000 rubles.


  • Efficiency.
  • Brand.
  • Limescale remover and brush included.
  • Design.
  • Adjustable backlight.
  • Large service area.
  • Big tank.
  • Quickly raises the level of humidity, maintains it at a given level.
  • Water purification system.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Large power consumption.
  • It is inconvenient to fill the container with water.
  • Expensive consumables (filter cartridge).
  • Noisy during operation.
  • No remote control.
  • After turning off, the settings are lost.
  • Error in determining the current humidity level.
  • If you put it on the floor, condensation will collect. In order for moisture to be corrected, the device must be at a level of 40–50 cm from the floor.

A good humidifier for large rooms, but given the identified shortcomings, I recommend giving preference to the Okami Air 710 Aqua. The overpayment initially seems quite large, but given the lack of costs for consumables, it is leveled over time.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Electrolux YOGAhealthline EHU-3810D

The flagship model of the Swedish manufacturer with an interesting design and a bidirectional rotating nozzle got into the top three. It can work on an area up to 50 m² for about 12 hours. This is facilitated by a tank with a volume of 6.3 liters. It has 9 operating modes in each of which certain settings for maintaining humidity and backlighting are programmed, as well as a manual mode. The function of the PRANA breathing simulator is interesting.

Designed for breathing exercises, increasing the volume of the lungs, improving metabolism and normalizing the rhythm of breathing with the ability to flexibly adjust the time of inhalation, exhalation, breath holding. Each stage is accompanied by a change in the color of the backlight. In addition, the humidifier is interesting with a light and music alarm clock, the possibility of ionization, aromatization, purification and disinfection of water.

Controlled by touch panel and large LED display. Additionally, it is possible to control the remote control, and using a smartphone with integration into the Smart Home system, for this you need to purchase accessories available on the official website of the manufacturer. The price is 9,000 rubles.


  • Price.
  • Brand.
  • Design.
  • Beautiful backlight.
  • Inexpensive consumables.
  • Light and music alarm clock.
  • Bidirectional rotating nozzle.
  • Functional.
  • Water purification system.
  • Breathing trainer.
  • Ability to integrate into the “Smart Home”.
  • Timer on and off.
  • Child protection.


  • A certain percentage of marriage.
  • Materials and build quality.
  • Inconvenient difficult management.
  • Most of the modes are useless in practice and are not used.
  • Error in determining the current humidity level.
  • The water tank is filled inconveniently from the bottom.
  • Large power consumption.
  • The touch buttons are not backlit and do not always work.

Judging by the large number of reviews on the Yandex market, the model is in demand in our country, which, given the cost and functionality, is understandable. At the same time, some users complain about the incorrect operation of the touch buttons, tank leaks and other problems before the warranty period expires. The support service claims that in the new generation of the device all the flaws and comments of the owners are taken into account.

It does a good job with its main function. Thanks to its interesting design, it can become a stylish addition to the interior. It is relatively inexpensive. That is why he got into the top 5 best humidifiers in the premium segment. If you value reliability, ease of use, but do not have the opportunity to buy expensive Okami Air 710 Aqua or Boneco U700, pay attention to Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM.

The best ultrasonic humidifiers for price – quality

In this section of the rating, I have collected 5 popular and optimal devices in terms of price-quality ratio. Since they are all about the same in terms of functionality, I arranged them in descending order of price. The main differences from the budget ones are better materials and assembly, the presence of additional functionality:

  • Backlight.
  • Timer.
  • Support of the set level of humidity.
  • Ionization.
  • Ability to integrate into the “Smart Home”.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Xiaomi SCK0A45

The TOP opens with an ultrasonic humidifier, made in a minimalist design made of high-quality white plastic. It has a large 4.5 liter top-fill tank. Intensity of dispersion is 350 ml/h, work without refueling till 15 o’clock. Recommended service area up to 25m². For control on the case there is only one touch button. The first press activates a weak humidification mode, the second – medium, the third – high, the fourth – automatic mode with maintaining a comfortable, according to the manufacturer, humidity level around 60%.

The additional timer and tank lighting are controlled exclusively from a smartphone through the proprietary MiHome application. In my opinion, this is not very convenient, after all, it was possible to provide buttons for control on the case. In the application, you can see the current operating mode of the humidifier, the current humidity indicator and receive alerts about a small amount of water or emergency situations in the operation of the device.

The humidifier supports synchronization with other smart devices in the “Smart Home” system, which allows you to prescribe scenarios for the operation of the device based on the indicators of an external thermometer and hygrometer in order to maintain the microclimate parameters with maximum accuracy. A special feature is a proprietary water purification system (ultraviolet disinfection zone). The price is 4,500 rubles.


  • Design.
  • Materials and build quality.
  • Body illumination.
  • One button control.
  • Proprietary water disinfection system.
  • Large top-fill tank.
  • High evaporation rate.
  • Moisture does not settle.
  • Quiet work.
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of water.
  • Ability to integrate into the “Smart Home”.


  • Relatively small wet area.
  • There is no container for aroma oils.
  • Management of additional functionality only from a smartphone. You can set the required humidity level, set the timer and use other additional features of the device only through the MiHome application.
  • There are difficulties with synchronizing the device in MiHome.
  • Fixed nozzle.

Fans of the Xiaomi brand will like it. Minimalistic design in the style of the company, MiHome support. True, Russian users note the incorrect operation of the software, and therefore the device cannot always be used 100%. Yes, and in terms of functionality, Xiaomi SCK0A45 is inferior to Leberg LH-803 and Polaris PUH 8505 TFD (it does not have aromatization, air ionization, steam heating functions). In addition, it has a more modest service area.

With all my loyalty to Xiaomi, in this case, I consider it reasonable to buy a Leberg LH-803 or Polaris PUH 8505 TFD – no additional complicated settings are required to unlock their potential. Although Xiaomi SCK0A45, with successful integration into MiHome, may have more flexible microclimate settings with reference to the readings of external sensors that are also integrated into the smart home system. If you actively use innovative technologies, perhaps Xiaomi SCK0A45 will be the right choice.

Best Budget Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Most inexpensive humidifiers come from China, are designed for rooms up to 25 m2, even if the instructions say more and have common disadvantages:

  • Quite a lot of marriage.
  • Low quality materials and assembly.
  • Short power cable.

All these disadvantages are more than covered by the low price – several times cheaper than representatives of the middle price segment. This determines their popularity in our country. I bring to your attention the 5 most popular models. All of them practically do not differ in functionality, so I arranged them in descending order of price.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Xiaomi DEM-F600

Outwardly, it stands out for its rather large dimensions, which is justified by the increased volume of the water tank – 5 liters. At a flow rate of 350 ml/h, this will be enough for 15 hours of operation. It’s nice that the weight of the device fits into the average for this price segment, and there is a handle on the case for easy portability.

Electronic control, 3 modes of evaporation intensity and a timer up to 12 hours, can be selected based on the information on the large LED display. 5 seconds after the mode is selected, the display shows actual information about the air temperature, the device is equipped with a thermometer. The display has a nice soft backlight that can be turned off (night mode). From the position of ergonomics, this model surpasses all competitors in the ranking. Features: antibacterial treatment of the water tank and purification of incoming air with reusable carbon filters.

Water purification in the model is an additional function. A compatible silver ion reservoir is commercially available. In my opinion, the solution is excellent, each user decides whether he needs additional water treatment, and has the opportunity to save money if he uses pre-treated water. The price is 2,500 rubles.


  • Price-quality ratio.
  • Design.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Materials and build quality.
  • Quiet work.
  • Large tank volume.
  • Performance.
  • Swivel nozzle.
  • Timer.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • LED display with the ability to turn off.
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of water.


  • Loud sound when turned on.
  • There are no built-in humidity sensors.
  • The water tank is filled inconveniently from the bottom.
  • No backlit touch buttons.

Surpasses all competitors in this section of the rating in terms of quality, ergonomics, functionality and performance. At the same time, the price remains acceptable. When compared with the closest price competitor Ballu UHB-310, it is only a few hundred rubles higher. On the other hand, Ballu UHB-310 offers water treatment out of the box. Keep this in mind if you use tap water. If you are ready to take on the preliminary water purification, then I consider Xiaomi DEM-F600 the best choice in terms of price-quality ratio in the budget segment. If you are buying a humidifier based on this criterion, in the previous section of the ranking, I talked about 5 more devices that represent the perfect balance of value for money.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Ballu UHB-310

The humidifier of domestic production will continue the rating. It compares favorably with all previous participants in the rating by the presence of a BALLU FC-310 water purification cartridge and an air pre-filter in the kit. This saves the user from the problem of white deposits on the floor, furniture and prolongs the life of the device. In terms of performance, it is comparable to Chinese competitors.

The declared humidification area of ​​40 m² is large in practice. The optimal area remains 25 m². With a tank volume of 3 liters and a water flow rate of 300 ml / h, the device can work up to 10 hours and, if there is no water, it will turn off. The price is 2,370 rubles.


  • Design.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Rubber feet.
  • Swivel nozzle.
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of water.
  • Emergency shutdown at a strong inclination or capsizing.


  • The water tank is filled inconveniently from the bottom.
  • At maximum power, after prolonged use, a puddle forms around the device.
  • The cost of consumables (filter for water purification).

A humidifier that takes care of the health of the user by pre-cleaning the air and water. These processes require periodic capital investments. If you are willing to pay for humidification with clean water, the absence of white deposits on floors and furniture, you can purchase this model. If you don’t want to take on the burden of extra maintenance costs for your humidifier, consider models without water treatment. Among others, I recommend paying attention to Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380/3.0M) and Xiaomi DEM-F600.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Timberk THU UL 15M

Against the background of the previous participants in the rating, it stands out visually by the shape, dimensions and abundance of the proposed color options. Very light – 0.74 kg, almost twice as light as the Leberg LH-11. Of the additional functionality, only low water level indication can be distinguished. Performance is on par with the above competitors. Designed for areas up to 25m2. Evaporates up to 300 ml/h per hour. Without refueling, it can work for about 8-10 hours. The price is 1,700 rubles.


  • Price.
  • Light.
  • Unusual design.
  • A large number of color solutions.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Correspondence of the declared moistening area with the real one.
  • Low water level indication.
  • Swivel nozzle.
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of water.


  • Unreliable. Users note the presence of marriage and a quick failure.
  • Too bright backlight.
  • The water tank is filled inconveniently from the bottom.
  • Noise during work.
  • Small water tank compared to competitors.
  • There is no tray for aroma oils.

Budget humidifier for small spaces. Performance is good for a device in this price segment, however, reliability leaves much to be desired. From this position, based on user feedback, even the cheaper Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380 / 3.0M) wins. On the other hand, Timberk THU UL 15M is more interesting in terms of design and colors.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380/3.0M)

Like the Leberg LH-11, it’s made in China. More compact and lighter. This affected the volume of the water tank, it is less than 0.5 liters. The intensity of spraying and the serviced area are declared large (380 ml / h and 40 m², respectively). Thus, it will work for a few hours less, but should moisten a large area.

At the same time, as users note, the efficiency of humidification decreases sharply with an increase in area over 25m2. This means that in practice, in terms of performance, it does not exceed the Leberg LH-11. A feature of the model is 5 coal filters for water purification in the kit. Management similar to Leberg LH-11. The price is 1,500 rubles.


  • Price.
  • Swivel nozzle.
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of water.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Long power cable.


  • Materials and build quality.
  • The water tank is filled inconveniently from the bottom.
  • Sometimes there is an excessive level of noise (gurgling).
  • The declared area of ​​​​the room for humidification does not correspond to reality.
  • Too bright LED indicator.

At the same price as the Leberg LH-11, the Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380/3.0M) has better workmanship. This is already enough to give preference to him. Let’s add here the presence of carbon filters in the kit, a rotary nozzle, in order to unambiguously recommend it for purchase in the conditions of the need for maximum savings.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

The principle of operation of the ultrasonic humidifier

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

There are different designs of humidifiers. But we will focus on ultrasound. Such air humidifiers are considered the most modern and are most popular with consumers. Let’s take a closer look at their design and find out the best qualities of such devices.

The principle of operation of an ultrasonic air purifier is based on the use of a high-frequency generator. As a result of its action with water, cold vapor is formed. Microparticles of the liquid fall on the atomizer. This is a special membrane with a very high vibration frequency. Now the fan comes into play. It drives air masses through a cloud of water vapor, thereby moisturizing and purifying it. Also, the design provides a filter that purifies the water, preventing the spread of dirt and dust.

The best models are additionally equipped with a hygrometer. This device is able to determine the level of humidity in the room, and the automation will turn off the device so as not to exceed the set values.

Advantages and disadvantages

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Of course, we tried to include the most popular models in our rating, but even they have some drawbacks. As you know, ideal things do not exist. Therefore, it is better to immediately identify the pros and cons of ultrasonic technology for air humidification.


  • very quiet, almost silent operation;
  • the ability to automatically adjust the level of humidity in the room;
  • wide range of setting values;
  • auto-off in the absence of liquid;
  • absolute safety for all living things;
  • purification of water from possible impurities;
  • when used correctly, it does not leave a white coating on walls and furniture;
  • moisture intensity;
  • economy.

Negative points:

  • requires a little more thorough care than other similar devices;
  • the need for periodic replacement of filtration cartridges or the use of additionally purified water;
  • slightly higher cost;
  • the ability to cover a relatively small area of the room.

What to look for when buying

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers. TOP 15 best for an apartment.

Since the choice of climate control equipment on store shelves is very large, it is worth immediately determining the parameters that you should focus on when buying:

  • Humidified space. Calculating it is quite simple. You need to multiply the floor area by the height of the ceilings.
  • Device performance. To obtain the desired effect, it is worth choosing a unit that is capable of passing the volume of air you need through itself at least twice an hour.
  • Water tank. You should not purchase a device with a tank capacity of less than four liters. In this case, you will often have to add water, which is rather inconvenient.
  • Automation. An absolute plus will be the ability to program the humidifier, remote humidification, an auto-shutoff system in the absence of water.
  • Noise level. It is unlikely that you will like a device that interferes with your sleep with its buzzing and hissing. This item is especially important if you are choosing a humidifier for a child’s room.
  • Filtration system. Before buying a device, it is better to immediately clarify which filters are installed in it, how often they need to be changed and how much they cost. Otherwise, this information may come as a real surprise to you.

There are also nice, but by no means mandatory additions:

  • Ionization. It is believed that this function contributes to better hydration.
  • Aromatization of the air. The presence of such a function will allow you to use the humidifier as a kind of aroma lamp. This can be useful in the autumn-winter period, when the risk of colds increases.
  • Water illumination. This humidifier is good to use in children’s bedrooms as a night light. The main thing is that the light should not be very bright or it can be turned off if necessary.

According to sanitary standards, in order to maintain the health and performance of a person, the humidity in the room where he is constantly located should not exceed 60%, and ideally range from 30 to 45%. For our climatic zone, the problem of insufficient humidity is mainly relevant, especially in winter, when radiators heat the air around the clock, mercilessly drying it. This can provoke a number of diseases, reduce immunity. The solution to the problem is an ultrasonic humidifier. This small, almost silent device is designed to make the humidity in the room, whether it be an apartment or a house, optimal. But how to choose a humidifier if you are an absolute beginner in this business? If you read the review to the end, you will definitely learn about the additional features of humidifiers and which manufacturers offer the best options in terms of price / quality ratio.


What Is the Best Floor Air Conditioner for Your Home?


Mobile air conditioners cool the air as efficiently as stationary ones. But they are not tied to a specific room, they are easy to carry and transport, do not require installation and are cheaper than split systems. Not all monoblocks work efficiently and create an optimal microclimate. We have compiled a rating of the best mobile air conditioners in 2022 based on user reviews and data from Internet resources. Let’s find together the answers to the most popular questions related to mobile air conditioners, and also determine which air conditioner is best for you?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

What is a mobile air conditioner?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

A mobile home air conditioner is a monoblock device that performs tasks related to maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the house. As a rule, modern electronic devices successfully perform the following processes:

  • lowering or raising the temperature in the room;
  • air cleaning;
  • air drying.

The best models can perform all of the above operations, more budget options – just a few of them. Our rating includes various models – both those that have broad functionality and simpler samples.

Inside such a device there are fans, an engine and a refrigerant. Centrifugal fans take air from the room and drive it through the cooling circuit. The heat is removed outside the room, and the cooled air is returned to the room.

As a rule, a good air conditioner cools the air in the room to 18-20 degrees. The most productive devices can lower the temperature even up to 15-16 °, if, of course, the room has good thermal insulation. When choosing a particular model, you can always read the reviews of real customers about a particular model in order to know how the declared efficiency of a mobile air conditioner is true.

What does such a device look like?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Externally, a mobile air conditioner is a rather weighty device, about 60-70 cm high and weighing about 30 kg. However, it is very easy to move it from corner to corner or even from room to room, since any model is equipped with rubberized wheels. Of course, complete with a floor air conditioner, you will also need to move an air outlet pipe, but this is not at all a laborious operation that any adult can do.

Absolutely all mobile air conditioners are equipped with a condensate collector. And you will need to empty this container in a timely manner so that water does not leak onto the floor or carpet. In modern models, when this tank is filled, protection is triggered – and the air conditioner automatically turns off. And that means it stops cooling the room.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a device?

If you do not have the opportunity to install a full-size split system, then the decision to buy a mobile air conditioner is the most reasonable one. This unit has several advantages:

  • mobility, even if conditional or relative;
  • ease of installation;
  • lack of bulky and technologically complex connections (drainage, freon, etc.);
  • great option for accommodation in rental homes or offices.

There are several nuances – for example, noise, because the air conditioner compressor is not taken out, but is located inside the room itself. Also, the compressor heats up the space around it, and it is with this that the entire air conditioner as a whole struggles. But if you live in a rented apartment or cottage, or if you cannot install remote structures on the facade of the building, then floor air conditioners will be your salvation from heat or humidity. What factors will be decisive for you?

How to choose the best air conditioner?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Now on the net you can find a huge amount of information, various ratings of the best manufacturers of equipment and lists of top models of mobile air conditioners. You can read reviews and just buy the model that is more often given positive marks. Or you can go the other way and figure out what criteria to pay attention to when choosing one or another mobile floor air conditioner. So, let’s figure out how to choose a mobile air conditioner?

  1. First of all, it is important power and performance. The more air the device takes in, the faster the temperature in the room will drop. We look at the power of the motor – for a room of 10 sq.m. you will need a motor with a power of 1 – 1.2 kW. Remember, the air conditioner “works” only with the room in which it stands, the air in neighboring rooms is unlikely to become noticeably cooler, even if you install a more efficient version of the device. As a rule, the “top models” of floor air conditioners are designed for 20-25 sq.m., while, for an hour of work, they will wind at least 2-3 kW on the meter.
  2. Condensate trap capacity. The larger the container, the less often it will need to be emptied. Some models provide the ability to evaporate condensate, but this is not always an advantage. Although, models that occupy high positions in various ratings on the Internet, as a rule, use just such a technique for dealing with condensate.
  3. Noise level. As already mentioned, it is the presence of a condenser and fans inside the room that creates the operating noise of the device. In most units, this figure is in the range of 50-52 dB. The best air conditioners in the ranking are noisy at 44-46 dB. You can somewhat reduce the noise of the air conditioner – if you buy a model with a tangential rather than blade type of fans. By the way, such a device consumes a little less electricity than usual.
  4. refrigerant – it is better that R 410A freon circulates inside your household mobile air conditioner – this is the safest option today.
  5. Pay attention to the presence or absence of automatic regulators and switches – the less automation inside the floor air conditioner, the longer it will last you.

Additional options – an ionizer or dehydration, remote control or a timer will be a nice addition to the main functional task of a mobile air conditioner. But sometimes, it does not make sense to overpay for them at all. Which option you prefer is up to you. And now it’s time to consider our rating in detail and name the best mobile air conditioner for 2019.

Overview of the best manufacturers and the most popular models

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Timberk AC TIM 07C P8

Narrow parallelepiped – 27x48x69.5 cm, white body. The weight of the internal block is 24 kg. The monoblock works on cooling with a power of 2050 watts. Power consumption 785 W. Energy class – A. Noise level 45-53 dB. Modes: cooling, ventilation without heating and cooling, drying 1.46 l/h. Air volume 5.5 m3/min. Additional functions: remembering settings, adjustable fan speed, auto-restart. The cost is 13990 rubles.


  • Compact.
  • Wheels on the bottom, easy to move indoors.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Well cools the room up to 12 m3.
  • Maintains temperature.
  • Mobility.


  • Noisy.
  • There is no remote control.
  • Works only for cooling.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Hyundai H-PAC-09C1UR8

Like Timberk AC TIM 07C P8, it works only for cooling. The case is white, without wheels from below. The width is greater than in the first model – 67.8 cm, but the column is lower – 30.5 cm and less in depth by 2 times – 32.8 cm. More powerful cooling power – 2400 W, with a flow of up to 5.53 m3 / min and cooling capacity of 9000BTU/h. Higher power consumption 880W. Energy class – A. The noise level is the same 45/53 dB. Control from the remote control. Modes: night, dehumidification up to 0.9 l/h, ventilation, automatic temperature control. Additional functions:. fault self-diagnosis, on/off timer, 3 fan speeds, airflow direction adjustable, memory settings. The price is 16085 rubles.


  • Powerful and mobile.
  • Perfectly and quickly cools the air up to 22 m3.
  • Acceptable noise level.
  • Stylish design, fits perfectly into any interior.
  • Economical in energy consumption.
  • Minimum temperature 16 °C.
  • Fully corresponds to the cost.


  • Cooling only.
  • There are no rollers to move around the floor.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Electrolux EACM-08CL/N3

Tall narrow white parallelepiped with slightly rounded corners – 69×43.5×33 cm. Heavier in weight than the first two models – 25 kg. There are no legs, as in the Hyundai H-PAC-09C1UR8. Other parameters and characteristics are similar to Hyundai. The difference is in power consumption, it is 40 W higher, and the cooling capacity is 800 BTU / h lower. The maximum service area is 20 m2. Manufacturer’s warranty – 2 years. An additional function is the automatic evaporation of condensate (without draining). The cost is 16170 rubles.


  • Neat, stylish design.
  • Good plastic, does not scratch, easy to clean.
  • Automatic evaporation of condensate.
  • Works well for cooling. For a couple of hours, you feel a real coolness.
  • Produces fresh, pleasant smelling air.
  • Quality build.
  • Big warranty period.


  • Noisy fan.
  • Only one mode – cooling.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Zanussi ZACM-07MP-III/N1

Strict classic case design with dimensions of 69.8×35.4×34 cm. The lightest model in the rating is 20 kg. Cooling power, as in Timberk AC TIM 07C P8 – 2050 W, but power consumption is lower, 780 W. One fan speed. Maximum noise 45 dB. Additional functions, as in the models described above: night mode, self-diagnosis, timer, settings storage, remote control control. The cost is 16,290 rubles.


  • Optimal price/quality ratio.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Simple control.
  • Quiet.


  • All users noted one – removing the corrugations with hot air out of the window. Unsuitable system for hinged windows, only for sliding ones.
  • A very noisy model, comparable to the operation of a Soviet-style Minsk refrigerator.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Ballu BPAC-09CM

Nice silver body. The powerful cooling capacity of 9000 BTU / h, the compact dimensions of the monoblock 69.5x27x48 cm, combined with the high power in cooling mode 2638 and the cost of only 15,000 rubles, raises it one step higher in performance than the Electrolux EACM-08CL / N3 and Hyundai H-PAC- 09C1UR8. Energy class – A. Creates the same amount of cooled air as Timberk AC TIM 07C P8 – 5.5 m3 / min, which is slightly lower by 0.03 m3 / min than Hyundai. In terms of energy consumption, the same parameter with Electrolux EACM-08CL / N3 – 950 W. Noise level 45/51 dB. Weight 26 kg. The maximum volume of the room is up to 20 m2. Additional functions: only ventilation with the possibility of adjusting the direction of flow, remembering settings. Simple fastening of the hot air outlet with the easy window system, no additional parts are needed. Button control only. The warranty period is 2 years.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Beautiful design.
  • The hot air outlet pipe is easily attached.
  • High quality plastic case.
  • Filters are installed on the radiators. Easy to clean.


  • Very poor cooling. The declared volume will cool by 10C in 2-2.5 hours, at an initial temperature of 29 0C.
  • Control with just one button.
  • Very noisy.
  • The vaunted system for tilt-and-turn PVC windows is not suitable, only for sliding frames.
  • There is no temperature control.
  • Very poor set.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Electrolux EACM-13HR/N3

Monoblock for cooling and heating 33 m2. White body with black trim. Overall height – 79.5 cm. Width 48 s, depth 40 cm. Weight 30 kg. Standard energy class – A. Blowing volume 6.83 m3/min. High cooling capacity – 13,000 BTU. In cooling mode, the power is 3810 W, with heating 3660 W. Consumes 1390 W for cooling, 1130 W for heating. Three working speeds. Additional functions: ventilation, temperature support in auto mode, self-diagnosis, night mode, dehumidification up to 1.25 l / h, fan speed adjustable, settings memory, on / off timer. Remote control control. The price is 25716 rubles.


  • Interesting design.
  • Easy installation of corrugations for warm air.
  • Auto temperature support.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Quiet noise level at night.
  • With the declared cooling capacity, low energy consumption.


  • Bulky and heavy.
  • There are no complete instructions.
  • Poor synchronization with the remote control.
  • There is no inverter.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

General Climate GCP-09ERC1N1

Large-sized powerful model with a size of 82.6×47.8×37.8 cm. For heating and cooling 30 m2 with a capacity of 6.67 m3/min. Less cooling/heating performance than Electrolux EACM-13HR/N3 2600/1300W. And the energy consumption is more – 2620 watts. Noise level 50/54 dB. Three adjustable fan speeds. Control from the remote control. Additional functions: anion generator, night and ventilation mode, on/off timer, warm start, settings memory. The cost is 900 rubles cheaper than the Electrolux.


  • High quality assembly. Reliable monoblock.
  • Good set of adapters for corrugations.
  • Quickly changes the temperature in the room.
  • Works for cooling / heating.


  • It is difficult to adjust the corrugated exhaust with conventional vertical windows.
  • Very noisy. Even in auto mode.
  • Lots of condensation.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Zanussi ZACM-09 MS/N1

Monoblock with larger overall dimensions and power than the previous model Zanussi ZACM-07 MP-III/N1. 71.5×43.5×35 cms and 2640 watts. Energy class A consumes 200 W more power to produce 5.83 m3/min of air. It also works only for cooling, with a capacity of 9000BTU / h, respectively, higher power consumption – 980 watts. Designed for 25 m2. Weight more – 9 kg (29 kg). Control from the remote control. Additional functions: ventilation, automatic temperature maintenance, self-diagnosis, night mode, dehumidification, timer, adjustment of the direction of the outgoing air flow. The cost is 1700 rubles more than the ZACM-07 MP-III / N1 – 17959 rubles.


  • Beautiful design.
  • High quality plastic case.
  • Corresponds to the declared characteristics of cooling.
  • Works great in ventilation mode and dries the air.
  • Simple remote control, intuitive operation.
  • Flow direction adjustment.
  • Automatic condensate removal.


  • Very noisy even at night.
  • No heating.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Ballu BPHS-14H

The monoblock works on cooling and heating, unlike BPAC-09 CM. Two-block. The first block for cooling with a power of 4100 W, the second for heating – 3500 W. Energy consumption A. Productivity is 0.5 m3/min less. High cooling capacity 14000 BTU/h. Energy-saving for the declared power: it consumes only 1300 W for cooling, 1200 W for heating. Fan with 3 operating speeds. Noise 51/53 dB. Impressive dimensions 74.6x45x39.3 cm, heavy weight – 32 kg, control from the remote control. Additional functions: night mode, timer, speed control, settings memorization. The cost is 22169 rubles.


  • Mobile.
  • Cools well and quickly.
  • Dries good quality.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Heating and cooling.

Of the minuses, users noted only a lot of weight.

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?What is the best floor air conditioner for your home?

Electrolux EACM-16/N3

More powerful and efficient 44m2 cooling/heating model than Electrolux EACM-13HR/N3. 4690 W cooling 9.33 m3/min, heating 3900 W. 3000 BTU/h higher cooling capacity. Energy saving, power consumption during cooling 1770 W, during heating 1550 W. Noisier, minimum level 53dB, 9dB higher. Another housing configuration is a low but wide monoblock: 49×76.8×37.6 cm. The weight of the indoor unit is 35 kg., remote control control, 2-year warranty. Additional functions: ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, self-diagnosis, night mode, dehumidification, timer, adjustable fan speeds, air flow is corrected by direction, warm start, settings memory. The price is 30914 rubles.


  • Manufacturing quality. All parts, including the body, are reliable and durable.
  • Cools the air quickly. After 1-2 hours it reaches the set minimum temperature.
  • Acceptable noise.
  • Installation of drainage and drainage is not difficult.
  • In auto mode, it evaporates condensate.
  • Freeze protected.

Cons users have not identified.


Rating of the Best Humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


A humidifier is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor climate. The device helps to increase and maintain the optimal level of humidity in the room. But the market is huge, as is the price run. And are additional functions such as auto mode, timer, steam direction adjustment, remote control worth overpaying? And are devices with such functionality necessarily much more expensive? Armed with expert opinion and user feedback, I have selected 8 best humidifiers from different price ranges and is ready to talk about each model, their advantages and disadvantages.

Table of participants in the rating of air humidifiers for an apartment and a house in 2022

Royal Clima Sanremo

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 40 m²
  • humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • water flow: 380 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 3 l
  • additional features: aromatization
  • features: fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment

Opens the Royal Clima Sanremo rating. Budget Chinese humidifier with an unusual design. The lower part is white, and the upper part is white, blue or purple. The solution is controversial, some users like it, in my subjective opinion, it looks cheap. The humidifier has an evaporation capacity of 380 ml/hourwith a three-liter water tank, it will last for 8 hours of continuous operation in maximum mode.

The efficiency of humidification is ensured by the rotary design of the atomizer – it rotates 360 degrees. In terms of functionality, the device is as simple as possible – stepless power adjustment with rotary switch, LED indicator of work, automatic shutdown in the absence of water. There are no additional options, which is not surprising with a price tag of 2500 rubles.

  • Price.
  • Steam outlet direction adjustment.
  • It is inconvenient to pour water – you need a watering can.
  • Noise level.
  • Bright LED.
  • Cannot cope with air humidification in a large room with a critically low level of humidity.
  • The quality of materials and assembly, low reliability (according to user reviews).
  • Sometimes leaves a puddle underneath.
  • There is no additional functionality.

The model is quite popular in our country, and therefore was in the ranking. As experience shows, it is not very reliable, materials and build quality leave much to be desired. On Yandex. There are a lot of positive reviews and ratings in the market. Most often, users appeal to a low price. For its price tag, it is really not bad, but when compared with competitors from the same price range, it loses to them in terms of functionality and workmanship. Therefore, in my opinion, Royal Clima Sanremo received the last place justifiably.


Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 30 m²
  • humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • water flow: 200 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 4.5 l
  • control: mechanical
  • features: fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment

The seventh place is occupied by VITEK VT-2347. A budget humidifier from a Russian brand with individual advantages over competitors. First of all, these are two outlet nozzles with the ability to adjust the direction of steam outlet by 360 degrees. Due to this, a more even distribution of moisture occurs in comparison with competitors. Designed for rooms up to 30 m². Water consumption is quite modest – 200 ml / h against 380 for Royal Clima Sanremo. This can be seen as a plus – a 4.5 liter tank will last up to 22 hours of continuous operation, on the other hand, this is a minus – the speed of the process of increasing humidity decreases, sometimes it is impossible to achieve the optimal indicator in a very dry room.

The device has 3 modes – are selected using a rotary switch, there are LEDs by which you can identify the active one. The advantage over Royal Clima Sanremo is the convenient top water refill. And also there is a transparent scale for determining the amount of water in the tank. The price is 3,000 rubles.

  • Price.
  • Simple control.
  • 2 nozzles with the ability to adjust the direction of the steam outlet.
  • Ease of use.
  • Large container volume and low water consumption.
  • Handle for transporting the tank.
  • There is no way to adjust the humidity level – the manufacturer did not even indicate what humidity level and in what mode can be achieved.
  • High noise level.
  • The declared service area, according to user reviews, is too high.
  • Not suitable for use in very dry areas.

Budget, as simple as possible humidifier without additional functionality. Suitable for small rooms with non-critical reduction in humidity levels. For large rooms that require effective humidification, you will have to consider more expensive models, such as the Ballu UHB-990. You can save another 1,000 rubles and purchase Deerma DEM-F500. It wins in terms of evaporation power, but, according to user reviews, you can run into marriage.

Deerma DEM-F500

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 30 m²
  • humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • water flow: 350 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 5 l
  • filters: pre-filters
  • features: fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment

In sixth place is Deerma DEM-F500. Sub-brand Xiaomi in 2020 introduced a compact and quite efficient humidifier. Of the design features, it should be noted the presence of carbon filters – this prolongs the life of the device, softening the water, cleans the supplied steam. Let’s go through the functionality: a rotating nozzle, shutdown when there is no water in the tank. Unlike competitors above, it has a flavoring function. Designed for rooms up to 30 m². The volume of the tank is 5 liters.

With a capacity of 300 ml/hour, this can last up to 16 hours depending on the rate of evaporation. The amount of water can be read from the transparent strip in the tank. Bay below. The water inlet is larger than the Royal Clima Sanremo, but it is still inconvenient to add water. 3 operating modes. The noise level in the maximum mode does not exceed 36 dB. Mechanical control, by means of a rotary switch. The price is 2,000 rubles.

  • Price.
  • Simple control.
  • Low noise level.
  • Purification of water by coal filters.
  • Tray for aroma oils.
  • Inconvenient topping up of water, it is necessary to remove the tank.
  • According to user reviews, there is a certain percentage of marriage.

Budget humidifier for those who are forced to save money. Judging by user reviews, a considerable percentage of marriage, so only 6th place. But we recommend looking at more expensive competitors or VITEK VT-2347 if the humidity level in the room is not critically low.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Humidifier

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 35 m²
  • humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • water flow: 300 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 4 l
  • smartphone control: yes
  • features: hygrostat, fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment

Fifth place goes to Xiaomi Mi Smart Humidifier. Inconspicuous from a design point of view, the device is made in the classical form of a cylinder, with dimensions of 190 x 190 x 324 mm. It consists of two parts – a water tank made of metal enriched with silver ions, and a working platform based on a ceramic core, a guide bell and a turbofan. Productivity – 300 ml / h, the capacity of the four-liter tank is enough for 13 hours. Suitable for rooms from 25 to 35 m². Noise level – from 32 to 38 dB, it depends on the mode.

The control is similar to the competitors above and is implemented by a rotary switch, but unlike them, it is a 4-position. The fourth mode is responsible for automatically maintaining the set humidity level – a hygrometer is built into the device. To control the humidity level and set the desired value, use the application on the smartphone. You can adjust from 40 to 70%. The device will turn off when the set parameter is reached and turn on if the humidity level drops below. It is worth considering that the error in this case will be considerable, since the device measures the humidity in its immediate vicinity. In the application, you can set a timer, see the current level of humidity in the room. It is easier to do this if you know Chinese or English – the application is not Russified and works with the humidifier only when you set geolocation on your smartphone. The price is 4,000 rubles.

  • Design.
  • Simple control.
  • Ergonomics (easy refilling, easy cleaning).
  • Ability to set the desired humidity level.
  • Timer.
  • The walls of the reservoir are enriched with silver ions.
  • Tank volume.
  • Low noise level.
  • Loud warning about the end of the water.
  • Chinese fork.
  • To control from a smartphone, you need to set the geolocation “China”.
  • The application is not Russified (Chinese, English).
  • No display.
  • There is no water level scale.

A good unit for humidifying the air in a small room. Compared to competitors, it has additional functionality that can be used by installing the application on a smartphone. If you like a minimalist design without any frills, lights and touch controls, feel free to choose this model. 89% of Yandex users. The market recommends it. If backlighting and additional functionality are important besides performance, consider the Ballu UHB-990.

Philips HU2718/10

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 32 m²
  • number of speeds / operating modes: 3
  • water flow: 200 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 2 l
  • control: electronic
  • features: timer, hygrostat, fan speed / evaporation intensity adjustment, display

Fourth place goes to Philips HU2718/10. Attracts attention with design. It is shaped like a turbine. The main body color is black, in the center there is a copper-colored insert. The mesh of the upper part of the same shade, through which humidified air exits. The volume of the water tank is only 2 liters, however, the consumption is low – only 200 ml / hour. This does not affect the quality of moisture. The recommended area of ​​the room is up to 32 m². The technical feature of the device is based on the natural process of water evaporation..

The manufacturer called its technology NanoCloud. The water tank is at the bottom. As it evaporates, it comes under the influence of the built-in fan, which supplies humidified air to the upper part of the device, distributing it over the entire area of ​​​​the evaporator – this way humidified air spreads over a large area. Built-in hygrometer readings are more accurate than competitors, which means that the automatic mode works more correctly. The control panel is also located there – 4 buttons: on / off, adjusting the evaporation power, fan speed, setting the timer. There is a display, it displays the settings and the current level of humidity in the room. Additionally, night fan operation is provided. at minimum speed with low noise level. The price is 10,000 rubles.

  • Design.
  • Built-in fan.
  • Effective humidification with low water consumption.
  • Does not leave marks on furniture and floors.
  • Uniform hydration.
  • Convenient management.
  • Night mode.
  • Timer.
  • Water purification filter.
  • Price.
  • Lack of remote control.
  • Water is poured into the lower part, it is necessary to disassemble each time to add water.
  • Dimensions.

5 stars from 100% of Yandex users. Market, who left their reviews. There is nothing revolutionary in the device. Our parents humidified the air in a similar way by placing a container with cold water in front of the fan. The manufacturer simply hid it all in a beautiful case. In view of this, the price of the model seems too high to us, so 4th place and advice to wait until it gets cheaper: usually a year after the start of sales, any humidifier loses up to 20% in price, and if an older model comes out with additional functionality, then up to 50%.

Boneco W200

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 50 m²
  • humidifier type: traditional
  • water flow: 350 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 4.5 l
  • control: mechanical
  • features: fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment

Top three opens Boneco W200. Swiss-made humidifier with humidifier and air washer functions: increases the level of humidity, purifies the air from dust, allergens, etc. Advantage over ultrasonic humidifier – no water quality requirements (you can use regular tap water). The principle of operation is as follows: air from the room is pumped into the apparatus from above, passes through a sponge filter, put on a drum, the lower part of which is placed in a water tank, where all dust and harmful particles are washed off, and the purified moisture, evaporating from the sponge, returns to the room. In terms of humidification, these devices are less efficient than ultrasonic humidifiers, but they make the air cleaner. Additionally, an ionizing silver ISS rod is provided for this.

There are only 2 modes of operation – normal and quiet (night). They differ only in the speed of rotation of the drum. The modes are switched by a rotary control on the case. The case itself is made of plastic in the form of a classic parallelepiped. Let’s go through the features: designed for room humidification up to 50 m², productivity – 350 ml / hour, a 4.5-liter water tank is enough for 13 hours of continuous operation, the noise level is from 27 to 37 dB. Boneco W200 is noticeably larger than its competitors in the ranking, but smaller than most air washers on the market. Cena – 19,000 rubles.

  • 2 in 1 device.
  • Air cleaning.
  • Brand.
  • Additional water purification with a silver rod.
  • Tray for aroma oils.
  • Price.
  • Dimensions.
  • Noise level.
  • 2 operating modes.
  • Bright LED.
  • There is no additional functionality.

A simple, reliable device for cleaning and humidifying the air, especially for regions with poor ecology or for apartments located near the carriageway with an increased amount of dust and allergens in the air. At the same time, you should not expect a miracle of moisturizing. Ultrasonic devices cope with this task better and faster, and they are several times cheaper.

Ballu UHB-990

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 40 m²
  • humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • number of speeds / operating modes: 4
  • water tank volume: 5.8 l
  • installation: floor, desktop
  • features: timer, hygrostat, fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment, display, water preheating

In second place is Ballu UHB-990. Sales of the model started in 2017. After 4 years, she does not have many worthy competitors. It differs from its competitors in the ranking by advanced functionality. It can supply both cold and hot steam, performing the functions of humidification and heating at the same time. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees for even distribution of moisture. Another model is equipped with an ionizing filter and a tray for aroma oils: it cleans the supplied steam from impurities and fills the room with fragrance. Among the functions are a timer, adjustment of the degree of humidification, maintenance of a given level of humidity, shutdown in the absence of water. Control – touch panel and remote control.

To help the user – LED-display, it displays the current operating mode. The case is made of white plastic in the form of a slightly beveled parallelepiped. The humidifier is designed for a room up to 40 m², productivity – 350 ml / hour, 5.8 liter water tank is enough for 16 hours of continuous operation. The maximum noise level during operation does not exceed 38 dB. The water container is illuminated from the inside with a blue LED during operation. The solution is controversial: it can, for example, serve as a night light, but not all users like bright light. The price is 7,200 rubles.

  • The volume of the water container.
  • Functional.
  • Convenient control (touch or from the remote control).
  • Tray for aroma oils.
  • ionizing filter.
  • Rotary sprayer.
  • Large volume water tank.
  • The bright backlight does not turn off.
  • The hot steam function, according to some users, is useless.
  • When you turn on the warm mode, steam starts to leak.
  • Water inlet from below.
  • Sometimes it gurgles.
  • The hygrometer does not work correctly.
  • Price.
  • Short power cable.
  • There are no consumables (cleaning filters) for sale.

One of the most popular humidifiers in the Russian Federation, not without flaws. Before giving preference to it, it is important to understand whether you will use the hot steam function. If yes, feel free to take it, if not, pay attention to the Electrolux EHU-5015D.

Electrolux EHU-5015D

Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)Rating of the best humidifiers in 2022 (TOP 8)


  • serviced area: 30 m²
  • humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • water flow: 300 ml/h
  • water tank volume: 4 l
  • control: electronic
  • features: fan speed/evaporation rate adjustment

Gold picks up humidifier Electrolux EHU-5015D. The model belongs to the mid-price segment. The price is 5,500 rubles. Among the features:

  • Design (shape of a rounded parallelepiped, black color). Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2019. There is an analogue in white (EHU-5010D).
  • Function button. The first press activates the automatic mode of operation, when the device itself maintains optimal humidity by adjusting the steam supply, the next 3 presses – 3 power modes from minimum to maximum, and the fifth press – turns off the device, a long press turns on / off the backlight.
  • Housing illuminationwherein each color corresponds to a certain level of humidity in the room. For example, purple tells the user that the humidity level is below 70%. Once this threshold is exceeded, the backlight will change to blue. Thus, the owner can determine the need to change the evaporation intensity mode or turn off the device. Let’s make a reservation that color indication change has errors, since the built-in hygrometer analyzes the level of humidity near the device, which does not always match the level of humidity in the entire room.

Designed for rooms up to 30 m², productivity – 300 ml / hour, a four-liter water tank is enough for 12 hours of continuous operation. The humidifier is easy to use thanks to the top water inlet. There are carbon filters for preliminary water purification – white deposits on furniture and floors are minimal. There is a container for aroma oils.

  • Reliability.
  • The quality of the build materials.
  • Design.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Informative backlight.
  • Simple control.
  • The volume of the water tank.
  • There is a tray for aroma oils.
  • Coarse water filter.
  • There is no on/off timer.
  • The lower part is not attached to the water tank – it is inconvenient to move the device, especially if there is water in it.
  • No remote control.
  • Errors in determining the level of humidity in automatic mode.
  • Some users don’t really like the one button operation. For example, to turn off the device after working in automatic mode, you need to press the button 4 times.

98% of Yandex users. Market recommend the model for purchase, and we join, considering this humidifier the best in terms of price-quality ratio. Moisturizes well, easy to use and maintain, equipped with informative backlight. One-button control is a matter of habit, in our opinion, it is more convenient than not. Errors in determining the level of humidity – a problem with all humidifiers with an internal hygrometerbut the remote control, like the timer, is really not enough, but let’s take into account that the device is not from the premium segment.

In this price range, smartphone control boasts Xiaomi Mi Smart Humidifier, and even then not without dancing with tambourines – installation of China geolocation, non-Russian application. And without the latter, the control of the device is completely reduced only to the choice of evaporation power. Ballu UHB-990, which can be given commands using the remote control, costs almost 2,000 rubles more, and of the special functions it can only offer hot steam, which is useless for most users. The claims to the design features are justified, the manufacturer could provide latches. On the other hand, any mount eventually becomes unusable due to physical influences, so its absence can be considered as a plus in the treasury of the reliability of the model.

In the budget segment, there are worthy models that can quickly humidify the air in small rooms. For example, Xiaomi Mi Smart Humidifier. However, if it is possible to overpay a few thousand, it is better to choose Ballu or Electrolux. Pleasant bonuses here will be the presence of a timer, a built-in hygrometer and other additional functionality. But buying top models is not always justified: most often you pay exclusively for the brand. Air washers, such as the Boneco W200, should be chosen more for cleaning than for humidifying the air, but if you live in conditions of increased dustiness and with a relatively low humidity index, you can buy such a device. If the humidity is too low, and there is not so much dust, the overpayment by several times is not justified.


Table of Participants in the Rating of Air Purifiers 2022. TOP 7 Best for Allergy Sufferers and Asthmatics


Air purifiers are used to eliminate dampness, mold, tobacco smoke and other odors in the room, remove allergens and bacteria, and improve the quality of the air you breathe. I have studied the purifiers on the market today, owner reviews and expert reviews to choose the best models for 2022.. Also, when selecting air purifiers, I paid attention to such characteristics as performance, operating modes, filtration system and the availability of additional options for air purification. The TOP includes 7 best cleaners from different price segments from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022

AIC CF8410

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 3.
  • Installation: floor.
  • Ionization function: yes.
  • Additional features: UV treatment.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: 30-50 dB.

I’ll start from the seventh place, which is occupied by the AIC CF8410. The model is made in a white case, the air ducts are hidden so as not to spoil the view. Due to the rather large size, the model can be installed on the floor. It is equipped with stable legs. The most important feature of this purifier is the equipment with a variety of filters. to achieve the best air purification quality. It has a pre-filter to eliminate large dust particles, HEPA filter class H14, which serves to eliminate microparticles and allergens, a carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors. And also the model is equipped with a UV lamp and a photocatalytic filter, which together cope with particles, viruses and fungi missed by other filters. The device also has an air ionizer. The ionizer and UV lamp are included separately.

The purifier can work at three power levels, which are switched using touch buttons in the upper part of the case. And if you wish, you can set the timer for the duration of the device – up to 10 hours. This model works with low productivity when compared with other models – only 180 m3 / h.

Tefal PT2530F0 (Pure Air Essential)

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 3.
  • Installation: floor.
  • Ionization function: no.
  • Additional features: no.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: 35 dB.

Sixth place goes to Tefal PT2530F0 (Pure Air Essential). This is a fairly large cleaner designed to be installed on the floor. It is made in an attractive design with an interestingly designed front panel with holes for the supply of purified air. The touch control panel is placed on the top of the device. It can be locked to prevent accidental button presses and settings changes.

According to the manufacturer, this high-performance model retains up to 99.98% of microparticles thanks to a three-stage filtration system.. It is represented by a pre-filter that traps large particles and dust, a carbon filter that serves to eliminate unpleasant odors in the air, and an ALLERGY + fine filter that successfully copes with the smallest particles of dust and allergens. There is an indicator on the housing that will tell you when the filters need to be replaced..

The cleaner is designed for rooms up to 90 sq. m. It can work on one of three power modes. Besides, using the timer, you can set the duration of the work to 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. And at night, you can turn on the silent mode, in which work occurs at reduced power, with a minimum level of noise and with the indicators turned off.

Boneco P340

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 4.
  • Installation: floor.
  • Ionization function: yes.
  • Additional features: no.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: 57 dB.

Fifth place goes to Boneco P340. This model with similar capacity (230 m3/h) is designed to clean the air in rooms with an area of ​​​​about 23 square meters. m. The cleaner is made in a stylish white case with black trim and a control panel placed on the top of the case. It has several buttons and a large set of indicators that allow you to control the settings. The model has three power modes and an automatic mode.. In Auto mode, the intelligent control system controls noise during operation, reducing it to a minimum (35 dB) at night. Air purification occurs by passing it through a pre-filter, coal and HEPA.

If necessary, using the timer, you can program the device to turn on or off after 1-8 hours. With a separate button, you can turn on the ionization function to saturate the air with useful ions.

A feature of this model is the ability to obtain data on indoor air quality.. Due to special sensors, the cleaner evaluates it and reports it using a light indicator. If it glows green – everything is fine, yellow – satisfactory, red – the quality is poor.

Philips AMF220/15

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 3.
  • Installation: floor.
  • Ionization function: no.
  • Additional features: no.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: 34-48 dB.

Fourth place is occupied by Philips AMF220/15. This floor model with an interesting design has a unique feature to raise and lower the temperature of the air, and not just clean it. At the bottom of the case there are filters (preliminary, Active Carbon and NanoProtect HEPA)which trap up to 99.95% of particles as small as 0.003 microns, including allergens, dust mites and mold spores. The device is designed for air purification in rooms up to 42 sq. m at a speed of 163 m3/h. And for cleaning to be as fast and efficient as possible, the device can rotate 350 °.

The air cleaner can operate in fan mode with three rotation speeds and in heater mode with a power of 1250 W, 1500 W or 2200 W. A blue or red indicator lights up around the round outlet to indicate which mode is currently on. When working in any of the modes, the air is automatically cleaned. You can control the work using the remote control, which has a magnetic base for the possibility of fixing on the docking station.

Another feature I would call a very informative display. On him displays the room temperature, the content of particles in the air with a size of 2.5 microns, a warning about the need to replace the filter. And the color bar is illuminated with a color that speaks of air quality – from blue to red. The indication can be customized to your taste – full, partial, in which only air quality is displayed, or use night mode, in which any glow is turned off.

Ballu AP-120

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 4.
  • Installation: floor.
  • Ionization function: yes.
  • Additional features: UV treatment.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: from 21 dB.

Top three opens Ballu AP-120. Attractive appearance, narrow body, for easy portability, the device is equipped with an integrated handle at the top. There are filters behind the grille with ventilation holes.: pre-cleaner, which traps fine dust particles, carbon, which eliminates odors, and HEPA 13, which traps up to 99.99% of fine substances, including allergens and viruses. For air disinfection, you can turn on the UV lamp that is installed inside the device. And to saturate the air with useful negatively charged ions, there is an ionization function. In order to timely replace the filter, there is a corresponding reminder.

This is one of the most powerful models in my rating, which processes air at a speed of up to 320 m3/h. You can adjust the power manually, and there is also an automatic and night mode, in which the indicators turn off and work occurs at minimum power. In the auto mode, the device constantly measures the number of particles in the air and, with their increased content, increases the power of work.

The model is equipped with a display that shows the operating speed, enabled functions, and there is also a color indication of air quality. If necessary, the indication on the display can be turned off and the panel can be blocked from accidental switching by children. And the next model – Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 – has the ability to remote control.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 6.
  • Installation: floor.
  • Ionization function: yes.
  • Additional features: no.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: up to 64 dB.

Silver takes Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4. The model is equipped with a circular air intake to improve the efficiency of indoor air purification. It also has the highest operating speed – up to 400 m3/h. The housing is equipped with a pre-filter, a carbon filter and a high-efficiency filter from Xiaomi, which is even more efficient than HEPA. During operation, the air is saturated with useful ions.

The air purifier can operate in three power modes. It also has an automatic, night and favorite mode, which is programmed individually. In auto mode, the device scans for particles in the air and automatically adjusts the operating speed to achieve an effective result. There is a display on the case for easy control of settings.. It displays data on temperature, time, active mode of operation and other settings. And the color indicator with the help of color changes informs about the degree of air purity.

An important feature of the model is the possibility of remote control through a voice assistant and a smartphone. In the application, you can set up operation, turn on the timer, receive data on air quality, when filters need to be replaced, and lock the control panel. The filters here have a long life and require replacement only once every 6-12 months.

Smartmi Air Purifier P1

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics


  • Number of modes: 4.
  • Installation: floor, desktop.
  • Ionization function: no.
  • Additional features: no.
  • Timer: yes.
  • Noise level: n/a.

The leader of my rating is the power of Smartmi Air Purifier P1. This is a more compact purifier with a neat round body and a leather strap for easy portability. Due to its small dimensions, it can be placed on the floor or on a table. The design of the air cleaner provides for circular suction of air and its passage through three filters: pre-filter, effective H13 HEPA filter that traps up to 99.97% of particles, and charcoal, which eliminates unpleasant odors.

With compact dimensions, the model has a fairly high cleaning speed – up to 250 m3/h. In addition, the air cleaner’s laser sensor constantly monitors the amount of allergens and fine particles in the air, and if necessary increases the power to quickly eliminate them. In addition to auto mode, there is a night mode in which cleaning takes place at minimum power with low noise and with the indicators turned off.

Above there is a touch control panel with a display. But you can also control the operation of the cleaner through the application and voice assistants.

What are air purifiers?

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

The device and principle of operation of this device are quite simple – the air cleaner drives air flows through the filters inside itself. All sorts of contaminants settle on the filters of the device. Often, an air purifier for the home is equipped with an ionizer, and also additionally disinfects or flavors the air.

The filters that are installed in household cleaners are different:

  • electrostatic or plasma – trap dust particles;
  • photocatalytice – remove an unpleasant odor, tobacco smoke, microspores of fungi and mold;
  • HEPA filters – help in the fight against dust and allergens;
  • Carbon filters – mechanically screen out dust and other microparticles, well purify the air from odors;
  • Ionizers – serve to disinfect and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

In modern high-quality appliances, a multi-stage air flow system is used – several different filters are installed at once, which provides comprehensive cleaning, disinfection and humidification of air for the home.


When choosing a device for your home, give preference to models with an air ionization function. Otherwise, you and your family will constantly inhale the so-called “dead” air – such a microclimate loses its natural charge and becomes harmful to all living things in the room.

If you need both purification and humidification of the air inside an apartment or house, you can choose an air washer for yourself. It is more bulky, but does not require the cost of consumables and replaceable filters. It is enough just to add water to the tank and periodically clean the spinning discs through which air is driven.

How to choose a good air purifier

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

Here are a few criteria that will help you choose the right air purifier model for your apartment or house.

  1. Air volumes. For an hour of work, a good cleaner must pass through itself three volumes of the room in which it is located. We calculate the volume of the room and multiply by three – this is the desired indicator for your purifier.
  2. Power. Directly affects the speed and intensity of the device. But if you want the cleaner to work all the time, pay attention to low-power models.
  3. Problems that the device will deal with. Depending on the task that you set for the device, choose the filtration of the purifier. And then, you can always enjoy clean and fresh air in your home.
  4. Additional functions. The presence of a display, indicators of water level or filter contamination, a timer, backlight, ultraviolet radiation, flavoring – all this increases the purchase price, but also makes the operation of the device more comfortable. From customer reviews, we can conclude that it is really worth overpaying for controlled air humidification, and all other functions of purifiers and humidifiers are not of decisive importance.


Remember, any device requires maintenance and cleaning. Some filters need to be washed or changed quite often (electrostatic, carbon), and some less often (photocatalytic).

It’s time to decide on the brand and model of the best device for cleaning the air in the house.

Rating of the most popular manufacturers of household air cleaning equipment

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmaticsTable of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022. TOP 7 best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

  • Sharp. A well-known Japanese company that has been producing only high-quality and modern household appliances on world markets for more than a hundred years. All air cleaners are prudently equipped with a filter system that filters out dust and dirt particles of various sizes, while Plasmacluster ionization technology effectively fights mold and harmful microorganisms.
  • Ballu. An international holding that relies on innovative developments and modern technologies. Air purifiers under this trademark are distinguished by the presence of a variety of filters and a modern stylish design.
  • Philips. A Dutch company that conquered the market with simple and practical household appliances. Philips air purifiers are ideal for allergy sufferers and people with hypersensitivity. The air purification technology used in the devices of this manufacturer does not provide for the production of ozone or the use of chemical compounds – everything is natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Venta. It was this German company that produced the world’s first humidifier., which is now sold under the name “sink”. This super economical and extremely effective device not only removes dust from the air, but also helps to maintain a natural and healthy level of humidity in the room. Venta sinks are productive, reliable and easy to use.
  • AIC. A young but dynamic Chinese company. High-quality materials, careful assembly of devices, the use of effective methods and air purification systems.


How to Choose a Heater for a House or Apartment


The lower the temperature outside the window drops, the more often we think about how to warm the room until the central heating turns on. This question is especially of concern to those who cannot count on common boiler rooms at all, and are forced to heat their homes on their own.

A wide range of heating appliances often puts us in front of a difficult choice. How to choose the right heater for an apartment, cottage or large country house? What are they and what should you pay attention to when buying? We will look at the answers to these and other questions below.

TOP 10 best heaters from Aliexpress

Oil heaters

oil heater

Such heaters are great for heating not too large rooms. An oil cooler is a small battery that is filled with special mineral oil. Also inside there are one or more heating elements with the help of which the heating takes place. Outwardly, they are similar to traditional cast-iron batteries, consisting of several sections. The more of them, the more heat the heater is able to give.

Some oil coolers have built-in fans. They disperse warm air around the room, and heating occurs faster.

Sometimes you can find oil coolers of a slightly different design. They are a single or double sealed panel filled with oil. The surface area of ​​such a device is lower compared to “batteries”. This means that it will warm up the room much longer. However, at the same time, it takes up much less space and can be used in small spaces.

Like all heaters, oil batteries have both advantages and disadvantages. The first ones include:

  • Most heaters are equipped with a thermostat. It allows you not to “burn” electricity for nothing, but to set the air temperature in the room, upon reaching which the device will turn off on its own.
  • Many models are equipped with a timer. Thus, you can program the heater to turn on at a specific time.
  • Pretty democratic value.
  • Compactness and mobility. Most models are equipped with special legs and wheels. With their help, you can place the device in any convenient place.
  • Hot oil takes a long time to cool down. So the heater will give off heat for a long time after it is disconnected from the network.
  • Models without a fan operate completely silently.

There are also many disadvantages of oil heating radiators. The main one is that the surface of the battery gets very hot. So it should not be placed in those rooms where there are small children. An oil heater weighs a lot. In addition, it takes quite a long time to reach operating temperature. So if you want to quickly warm up the room, this option will not work. Well, the main drawback: oil heaters can not be called economical. They consume quite a lot of energy.

Convection heaters


The device of such a device is subject to the laws of physics and is based on the phenomenon of convection. Everyone knows that cold air is heavier than warm air, which means it is located closer to the floor. It gets through the lower grate of the heater to powerful heating elements, heats up and naturally rises to the ceiling. Meanwhile, the process is repeated from the beginning.

Depending on the type of fastening, convectors can be divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Wall. They have a nice design and can serve as an additional decoration of the interior. Most often they are placed under the window like conventional batteries.
  2. Floor. They have additional legs or wheels, thanks to which they can easily move in any direction.
  3. Embedded. Differ in the complexity of installation. They are built into pre-prepared niches in the floor and are used for additional heating of rooms with large panoramic windows.
  4. Ceiling. They are installed, like wall-mounted ones, only at the top, on the ceiling.

Depending on the type and source of heating, convection heaters are divided into the following types:

  1. Gas. Often used for heating industrial premises of a large area. Rarely used in the residential sector.
  2. Water. In some cases, they require additional equipment: pipelines and a hot water boiler.
  3. Electrical. The most popular option for houses and apartments. They do not require the installation of additional equipment, are easy to maintain and install.

Some convection heaters are equipped with additional fans. This contributes to better air circulation and allows you to warm up the room well in a relatively short time.

The advantages of such devices include:

  • Relative quiet operation (if there is no additional fan).
  • The presence of a built-in thermostat that provides independent switching on and off of heaters at the right time.
  • Overheating alarm relay.
  • relative safety. The surface temperature of the heater rarely exceeds 65 degrees. So getting burned is unlikely.
  • Ease of use, especially for outdoor models. You don’t need to install anything, just plug it into a power outlet.
  • They are quite economical and consume a quarter of energy less than their oil counterparts.

The downsides of such devices, though a little, but they still exist.

Firstly, with their help it is difficult to warm up very large rooms. A portion of warm air will cool down before the next one heats up. So they are not suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

And secondly, the convection type of heaters is not suitable for people suffering from various forms of allergies. Constant air circulation creates drafts, which contributes to the active movement of dust particles and household mites around the room.

Infrared heating units

Infrared heaters

This is one of the most modern types of climate technology. Their principle of operation is based on the emission of infrared waves of various ranges. A good infrared heater can be compared to a bright sun warming us on a summer day. Inside the heaters there are special lamps made of quartz, carbon or halogen. Air is evacuated inside the tubes and there are tungsten or carbon fiber filaments. Behind the tubes is a mirror or polished metal reflector. The front is covered with a mesh panel.

Unlike all other heating devices, infrared heaters do not warm the air, but the surrounding objects. Already they, in turn, transfer heat into space.

Like convection, these devices come in different mounting methods. They can be placed under the ceiling or hung on the wall. And you can prefer a portable floor option. It is also good because it can be taken out, for example, to the veranda. Since the rays heat objects and scatter in the air, they are not afraid of any drafts or wind. Thus, this is the only device that can effectively warm you in open areas.

Advantages of infrared heaters:

  • Very economical consumption of electrical energy.
  • Perfect noiselessness during operation.
  • They can work without moving air in space, which means they are ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • When you turn on the heater, it will become warm in just a few seconds. You don’t have to wait until the room warms up completely.
  • The territory warms up simultaneously in all directions. It all depends on where exactly the rays are directed.

Disadvantages of devices:

  • Care should be taken when choosing a powerful shortwave instrument. If the calculations are made incorrectly, headaches may occur. They should never be used in rooms with low ceilings. They are intended mainly for outdoor use.
  • High-quality infrared heaters have a higher cost compared to other types of climate technology.

fan heaters

fan heaters

Traditional thermal fans are considered to be the most democratic in terms of cost and easy to operate. They are installed on a table or on the floor and are able to provide fairly quick heating of the air in the room.

The variety of such heaters is small. It all depends on what kind of heating element is installed inside. They can be:

  • Open spiral – heating temperature is about 700-800 degrees.
  • Tubular heater – heating more than 200-250 degrees.
  • Ceramic plate – no more than 190 degrees.

Devices with an open coil, of course, warm up the room faster, but they burn oxygen and pollute the room with combustion products of dust and other small particles. In this case, it is best to prefer a model with a ceramic plate. The heat from it will be the same, but the smell is much less.

To quickly warm up the room, many models are equipped with an additional rotary device. In this case, they are able to distribute warm air 180 around them.

With all their positive qualities, fan heaters are quite buzzing, so that during long work they can cause headaches.

What options to choose?

Advantages and disadvantages of an inverter heater

So which heater to buy for your home, office or cottage? What type to give preference?

Regardless of which option you prefer, you should first decide on some basic parameters. Perhaps their definition will help you make the right choice.


Underfloor heaters are the most popular. This design allows you to move the device to a convenient place or hide it in the pantry until the next time.

Fixed wall or ceiling placement is necessary when the instrument is to be used permanently. In this case, the inclusion will be made with one click, and the wires will not get tangled underfoot.


In the general case, this parameter is selected at the rate of 0.1 kW per 1 square meter of the room. That is, 1.5 kW is enough to heat a room of 15 m2.

The presence of a thermostat

The presence of this device allows you to maintain the set temperature automatically. Thermostats are electronic and mechanical. The first sets the parameters more precisely, but can be damaged by random power drops in the network. The second is much more durable, but its accuracy rarely exceeds 2 degrees.

In order not to spoil the electronic thermostat, it is necessary to install an additional protection system against voltage surges.

Additional functions

Many models of climate technology have additional options designed to provide the desired degree of comfort and safety. These include:

  • waterproof case;
  • protection against overheating or freezing;
  • various timers;
  • rollover shutdown;
  • ionizers or humidifiers.

By themselves, they should not be a decisive criterion in the choice, but they can tip the scales to one side or another, other things being equal.

TOP 10 best heaters from Aliexpress

Which is better to choose?

Choosing a heater for your home is not an easy task. It is difficult to give advice on this matter. It all depends on what kind of room should be heated and how quickly it needs to be done.

For example, a fan heater with a ceramic plate is suitable for installation in a nursery. All other options should be used exclusively under parental supervision or placed under the ceiling.

For the bedroom, it is best not to use models that have a built-in fan. Their noise will be annoying during sleep. In this case, an oil cooler or a conventional electric convector is best suited.

If you come to the country for a short time and want to quickly feel comfortable, a portable infrared model is the best fit. With it you will be quite comfortable both in the house and in the yard.

In general, if you correctly determine exactly where and how often the device will be used, then the answer to the question of which heater to choose for the house for the cold season will be found by itself.


Which Heater Does Not Burn Oxygen and Does Not Dry the Air


When choosing a heater for an apartment or house, we are mainly guided by the criterion of power, and hence the ability to heat a particular area. But, we must not lose sight of the fact that different heaters affect the atmosphere in the room in different ways. Many of them dry the air. Therefore, it is very important to make a choice in favor of a device that not only produces heat, but also maintains a healthy microclimate. After all, this directly affects the state of general well-being and human health. Now let’s take a closer look at which heater does not burn oxygen.

Which burn oxygen and which do not?

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

What is the essence of the problem? A certain category of heaters is very dry air, that is, greatly reduce the level of moisture. Oxygen heaters of the old generation mainly burn oxygen:

    • those that have an open heating element (spiral),
    • fan heaters,
  • fireplaces;
  • homemade heating devices.

The optimal indicator for a person, the humidity level is 60%. With strong heating, this balance is disturbed, and there is a constant desire to ventilate the house. Such manipulations in the cold season are not very convenient, because this can lead to drafts. Yes, and it is illogical to heat and release heat.

Another disadvantage of such heaters is that the dust that enters the heating object causes it to burn, and therefore the exhaust of toxic substances enters the air.

There are many disadvantages. To make the right choice in favor of a heater for your home, you should find out which of them do not dry the air.

Modern heaters are designed in such a way that the level of oxygen combustion is quite low, and some models do not burn it at all. Fortunately, there is a choice of such heaters now. All of them differ not only in brand and manufacturer, but also there are different types and principles of operation.

Types of heaters that do not burn oxygen

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

If you are faced with the question of choosing a safe and efficient heater for your home or other premises, then the following options are offered to your attention:

  • Infrared heaters.
  • Oil batteries.
  • Convectors.
  • Micathermal heaters.
  • Ceramic panels.
  • Quartz heaters.
  • Vapor heaters.

In practice, these devices are widely used for heating homes, offices or cottages. Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Table of participants in the rating of heaters that do not burn oxygen in 2022

Infrared heaters

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Heaters of this type have proven themselves well. Their direct action is aimed at heating objects, and then heating the room as a whole. Thus, even when it is turned off, heat is maintained in the room for some time.

  • It does not affect the air. That is, they do not overheat it, thereby do not burn oxygen.
  • Safe enough, since infrared rays will in no case cause burns to a person.
  • The advantage is its versatility. Such a heater can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors.
  • Another advantage is the low power consumption and relatively low cost of this device.

An infrared heater is somewhat similar to a convector, but differs in the principle of operation. Therefore, when choosing, consumers often vacillate between the two options.

TOP 3 best infrared heaters

  1. Timberk T-TH0.8-Z10
  2. Hyundai H-HC2-10-UI690
  3. Ballu BIH-L-2.0

Oil heaters

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

This type of radiator produces heat by heating the oil inside it. Thus, heat of a given temperature is radiated (depending on the mode).

Oil, like the previous ones, does not burn oxygen, therefore it is optimal for the correct balance of heat and moisture. The advantage of this type of heater is that the apartment heats up quickly. However, among others, it has fewer advantages, due to the fact that:

  • Consumes quite a lot of electricity.
  • The surface of the radiator gets hot. This is the risk of getting burned.
  • Such a heater must not be left on when leaving the premises.

TOP 3 best oil heaters

  2. Electrolux EOH/M-9157
  3. Ballu Classic BOH/CL-07

Convector heaters

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Very popular type of heaters for any room. The device has a fairly natural way of working. From below, through the grate, cold air enters the radiator, heats up to the desired temperature and exits. Over time, the air cools and the procedure is repeated. With the help of the sensor, you can set the degree of heat.

The convector works in such a way that heated air comes out, but without loss of moisture. This type of heater does not contain a fan, it heats only the air, and the case itself does not heat up, which makes it safe. That is, this is the best way to maintain the desired temperature in the room, while not violating the level of humidity. There are three types of convector heaters – wall, floor and built-in.

TOP 3 best convector heaters

  1. RESANTA OK-2000SN
  2. Thermex Pronto 1500M
  3. Nobo NFK 4S 10

Micathermal heaters

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

This is a modern type of heater – it is a fairly new technology. By type it belongs to infrared, and is characterized as an economical heating option. Unlike similar heating devices, it emits long infrared waves.

Such a device can be used as a floor radiator or mounted on a wall. The heating element of this device is a metal plate with a transparent layered mineral coating.

Such a heater is considered know-how among climate technology, so its cost is higher than others. If you decide to purchase this particular type of heater, then given its novelty and high price, it is recommended:

  • Strictly follow the instructions for use;
  • Buy such equipment only in specialized stores, with the possibility of an exchange or return if necessary;
  • Find out about the availability of warranty service.

You are glad that there are plenty of options for heating the room in the cold season. And even more pleased that there is an opportunity to choose one that will not only warm, but also not harm your health.

We can safely say that all the options considered deserve attention. Choosing a specific one should be based on personal preferences, as well as the dimensions and interior of the room.

TOP 3 best mikathermal heaters

  1. Polaris PMH 2085
  2. Ballu BIHP/R-2000
  3. Electrolux EIH/AG2-2000E

Ceramic panels

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

This type of heater is characterized by a hidden heating device. Designed in such a way that the heating element is in a ceramic shell. That is, heat does not come from it directly, but from a heated ceramic surface. It can be emphasized that such a heater dries the air less than one that emits heat from a heated metal surface. Since the latter is more capable of oxidizing the air by burning it.

This model is characterized by a relief coating, due to which the surface of the heater heats up less, and therefore it will dry the air less.

TOP 3 best ceramic heaters

  1. Normand 700 E
  2. LUXOR W350M
  3. Nikapanels 330

quartz heater

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

A type of infrared type of heaters, as well as from among those that do not reduce the level of moisture in the room. This is because quartz is a highly resistant material. It does not heat up to a very high temperature, and as a result does not burn oxygen. However, it effectively heats objects and people. Gives off pleasant, natural-like warmth.

TOP 3 best quartz heaters

  1. Timberk T-CH1.2-A11
  2. RESANTA IKO-1500L
  3. Ballu BIH-L-2.0

Vapor drop heaters

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

Which heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

This radiator has a special scheme of operation. It contains a heating element, and as an aid – water. That is, water is heated, resulting in the release of warm steam, which heats the room. The condensate is collected in the radiator and the circulation process takes place.

According to the characteristics, it is easy to understand that such a device does not dry the air at all, but on the contrary, it contributes to a favorable and necessary level of moisture in the room.

At the same time, the vapor-drop device for heating is quite economical, since it consumes little electricity. And when it is turned off, the heat is retained for a long time.


How to Choose an Electric Fireplace for a House or Apartment: Varieties, Advantages and Disadvantages


A fireplace is a real luxury in a home. Its presence adds chic and wealth. And most importantly, it is the creation of a cozy homely atmosphere. But, not everyone has the opportunity to equip their home with such an attribute of the interior. Firstly, even where there is the possibility of arranging a natural fireplace, this is a rather painstaking and expensive pleasure. Secondly, in an ordinary apartment, the possibility of installing it is limited.

However, don’t deprive yourself of the fun. Now there is a great alternative – electric fireplaces. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, it usually serves to heat the room. In order to understand how to choose an electric fireplace, it is worth considering in more detail their types and characteristics.

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantagesHow to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Types of electric fireplaces

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantagesHow to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Electric fireplaces have been successfully in demand for a long time, so there is a wide choice depending on the manufacturer, mechanism of operation, design, and the like, and choosing the one is not so easy. If the task arose to buy a modern artificial fireplace, then you should know how they differ from each other.

According to the principle of work

In addition to decorating the room, the electric fireplace also performs the function of a heater. According to the principle of this function, they are divided into:

  • Spiral – heat comes from a heated spiral. However, the level of its heating can be critically high and this causes overdrying of the air and a decrease in the level of moisture in the room.
  • Infrared – heating in this way has a mild effect. This type does not affect the state of the microclimate, does not burn oxygen. Therefore, it is considered to be predominant.

By installation method

  • Electric furnace. Freestanding fireplace. Style may vary. However, its main advantage is its portability. Easily moves around the room without any extra effort. Usually it has a stove body and looks quite impressive in a home interior.
  • Hearth. This is a frameless type of electric fireplace. Such a device is easy and convenient to build in any place. Usually such a place for him is a portal, a niche, a wall. A very successful type for any design decision. It can be framed for every style.
  • Wall electric fireplace. This is a very simple and concise solution for a home fireplace. It is compact, mounted by mounting on the wall, like a plasma TV. If you prefer this type of fireplace, then you can install it yourself without any problems.
  • Built-in fireplace. This electric fireplace is difficult to distinguish from a living one. It produces such an effect through a visual recess in a niche or portal. That is, this electrical device needs a mandatory frame. Quite a good option, because it can be used in any style. Interesting design solutions are mounting it in furniture or a wall.


How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantagesHow to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

All types of fireplaces, except for electric stoves, require a good frame (portal, niche). In stores, you can pick up a case specifically for the type of electric fireplace. In this regard, there are many options that will satisfy every taste.

You can also make a portal yourself. It is not very difficult and the costs are low. However, if you have your own view on the arrangement of the fireplace, then with the help of improvised means (drywall, decor) and imagination, you will make the original fireplace of your dreams.

By the effect of a living flame

Electric fireplaces for a house or apartment should be chosen taking into account how realistic they reproduce a live flame. Manufacturers in this sense are progressing. In particular, it is possible to buy a fireplace equipped with different mechanisms:

  • The “flame” effect is reproduced by vibrating red stripes and foil.
  • Flame – reproduced by the image on the screen and the sound of firewood crackling.
  • Built-in fragrance, which adds naturalness due to the smell of burnt firewood.
  • Steam electric fireplace. Such a mechanism most realistically reproduces the glare of the flame. This is due to halogens – yellow and red backlighting in combination with steam. In addition, it does not dry at all, but rather moisturizes the air.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Like a real fireplace, an electric fireplace has its pros and cons.


  1. A great way to improve the design, make the room stylish. In addition, they are quite safe and do not require additional care like a natural fireplace. For example, the owners are deprived of the burden of cleaning it from soot after each ignition.
  2. Easy installation. In most cases, it just needs to be plugged into an outlet. Does not require excessive preparation of a place for a fireplace: base, stove, hood.
  3. Safe. They do not heat nearby interior items and do not heat up themselves.
  4. Price. Buying a decorative fireplace is much cheaper than installing a natural version.
  5. New models of electric fireplaces are able to convey the effect of fire in a very natural way, which is difficult to distinguish from the real one.
  6. This type is unpretentious in care, unlike the wood version.
  7. Does not require additional funds. Works from the mains, while a real fireplace needs a constant supply of firewood.
  8. Not only decorates the interior, but also is a means of heating.


  1. The reproduction of the flame, although as close as possible to the real one, is not a natural fire.
  2. The fireplace itself consumes little electricity, but when the heating function is connected, consumption increases significantly.

How to choose

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantagesHow to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

When choosing an electric fireplace, it matters for what purpose you purchase it. If only for interior decoration, then you will only be interested in its design and reproduction quality. But if you are also interested in its practical aspects, then you should carefully approach the choice. In any case, in order for this attribute in the house to bring aesthetic pleasure and be practical, pay attention to the following points.

  • Power. Not all artificial fireplaces have a heating function. Therefore, if you need it, find out if it is provided for in the electric fireplace you have chosen and what kind of power (what area it can heat).
  • Options. Choose an electric fireplace according to the dimensions of the room. Do not choose a giant fireplace in a small area room. So you only emphasize its modest space.
  • Style. The main thing is that it harmoniously blends into the existing interior: it emphasizes and complements.
  • Find out the possibility of separating the functions of simulating a flame of fire and heating. And also, the ability to control the heating power.
  • Backlight. There are models that provide for the possibility of its regulation: brighter, dimmer.
  • Sound. Can be built into the fireplace or missing. Ask about the availability of this function in the selected model or about the possibility of embedding it additionally.
  • The best option with a humidifier. Such a fireplace reproduces a flame very realistically, and at the same time is an air humidifier.
  • Framing. To do this, there are various materials, both natural and artificial options. True, marble and wood will be more expensive, and plastic is cheaper. Choose an affordable option, but make sure it’s safe.

Choice of interior style

How to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantagesHow to choose an electric fireplace for a house or apartment: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Style is the main issue when choosing a fireplace. After all, with its help you want to make your home elegant, with a beautiful design. To do this, use the general recommendations.

  • If the design of the room is classic, choose the same frame for the electric fireplace. It is better to make it rectangular. Modeling, marble is best suited as a material for framing.
  • The effect of gold is successful for baroque.
  • For a living room or office, successfully equip the English style. In this case, the portal for the fireplace can be decorated with wood boards.
  • Stone (natural or artificial) can be successfully used to equip a country-style fireplace.
  • If this is a loft style, then the brick is simply irreplaceable.
  • Ceramic framing will successfully emphasize the epic.

An electric fireplace is, of course, not a real fireplace and the cost of installing it is incomparably less. But still, you should carefully approach the choice so that his presence in the house seems integral and creates a positive atmosphere.


Rating of the Best Gas Heaters in 2022 (TOP 12)


When you need to temporarily heat the room, you can do this with a universal gas heater. They come in the form of converters, wall-mounted or floor portable. In nature, in the cool season, you can use the outdoor version of such gas equipment, and when hiking or fishing, its compact counterpart will come in handy. This type of heating devices is valued for mobility, economy, high performance. After studying hundreds of reviews and expert opinions, I have compiled a rating of the best gas heaters in 2022.

TOP 10 best heaters from Aliexpress

Rating of the best manufacturers (firms)

TOP of the best gas heaters

When choosing heating equipment, the first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the device. Of course, it should be chosen based on the needs and place of its application. But in order for it to be effective in operation, it is recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer (company) that has positive recommendations and reviews about the quality of the product.

The market for such products is oversaturated. Heating equipment is represented by many manufacturers that meet quality criteria. However, among them there are those that won the championship. Among the companies whose heating equipment deserves attention and has proven itself well during operation, the following can be distinguished.

  • Ballu – a specialized company for the manufacture of climate equipment. It has representative offices all over the world, the main ones are located in Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Poland and China. The company has in its composition specialized laboratories for conducting experiments in design and a design bureau.
  • Timberk – the company was founded in 2004, today it distributes its products in Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS. Climate equipment is presented in a wide range (more than 120 items), which can be conditionally divided into split systems and specialized heating equipment.
  • Kovea – founded in 1982, is a popular and widespread company in the world for the manufacture of spectrum goods outdoor. Including has a wide range of gas burners and lamps.
  • Pathfinder — Russian company, with a specialized profile — travel equipment. Among other things, it produces gas-fired heating devices for the tourism industry. The products have been produced since 1991, have proven themselves well and are supplied to neighboring countries.
  • Siabs – Italian company, marked by the uniqueness of the presented products, which has no analogues. Especially the company was noted for its impeccable quality during the operation of heating devices.

The companies mentioned above were selected in the rating of the best, formed on the basis of consumer reviews. The evaluation criterion is the quality and efficiency in the process of long-term operation.

Types of gas heaters

If you decide to buy a gas heater, then you should familiarize yourself with their varieties. Heaters of the same type are intended for the house and apartment. And for a garage or a summer residence, completely different gas burners are offered. As well as a separate category are outdoor devices for heating.

Consider which of the models are the best for use in specific conditions.

TOP 3 floor gas heaters

Timberk TGH 4200 M1

Timberk TGH 4200 M1

The rating is opened by the Timberk model, which has a minimum power of 1.55 kW and a maximum of 4.2 kW. It is designed to heat a room up to 60 m². Fuel – propane, butane. Gas consumption – 0.31 kg / h. A gas cylinder up to 15 kg can fit inside the device (it must be purchased separately). Three levels of heating power. The heater has the function of infrared heating, CO level control system2, rollover cut-off system, gas control and piezo ignition. The scope of delivery includes a reducer and a gas hose. All switches are located at the top of the case, so quick access to the settings is possible.

  • piezoelectric ignition;
  • blocking the gas supply without fire;
  • durable, high-quality case;
  • low gas consumption.
  • strong gas pressure extinguishes the glow plug;
  • sometimes there is an arbitrary shutdown of the device;
  • gas cylinder must be purchased separately;
  • ceramics crumble over time;
  • without a cylinder easily overturns;
  • there is a smell of gas.

The model copes well with heating a large room with a small gas consumption (300 g / h). But the lack of a cylinder in the delivery set is a minus, although for such a price we can hardly demand more. The device is not without flaws, during its operation the smell of gas is felt, periodically it turns off by itself. The price is 6 thousand rubles.

TOP-2 wall-mounted gas heaters

Hosseven HDU-3

Hosseven HDU-3

The wall-mounted heater of the German company Hosseven with a power of 2.7 kW is designed for heating a room with a maximum area of ​​30 m² at a gas flow rate of 0.27 m3/hour. The heat exchanger of the gas convector Hosseven HDU-3 is made of steel, has developed fins, which increases heat transfer, provides a quick exit to operating power after switching on. The built-in thermostat maintains the set temperature. It has a closed combustion chamber. The intake of air and the ejection of combustion products is carried out through a coaxial flue pipe. A telescopic coaxial chimney is included in the scope of supply. Air heaters do not require additional organization of ventilation. The device is made of high quality cast iron, which ensures a 50-year service life. All air heaters are equipped with a POLIDORO burner and SIT gas fittings, which additionally guarantees the reliability and durability of the equipment.

  • good quality assembly materials;
  • closed combustion cycle makes the convector safe for health;
  • beautiful, compact;
  • the ability to work from a cylinder with liquefied gas;
  • gas valve Sit (Italy).
  • with a strong warm-up, it starts to work loudly;
  • high price.

A model of excellent quality, which, according to the manufacturer, is designed for 50 years, with a high efficiency of 90%. The device is safe due to the closed combustion chamber, after its operation it is not necessary to ventilate the room due to the smell of gas or burning. Of the minuses – it starts to work noticeably louder when it gets very hot, otherwise it is a very successful and good device. The price is 15500 rubles.

TOP-5 compact (for a tent) gas heaters

Hyundai H-HG3-25-UI777

Hyundai H-HG3-25-UI777

Gas infrared heater of a well-known manufacturer. The maximum power is 2.5 kW. Designed for heating with propane or butane of a room with a maximum area of ​​40 m². The gas consumption is 0.22 kg/h. The device can heat the room, cook food in the open air: for this, the delivery set includes a grill grate. It is equipped with manual ignition, heating power adjustment, protection against tipping over and overheating.

  • low price;
  • compactness;
  • perfectly warms;
  • you can cook food.
  • the paint peels off very quickly;
  • often fails;
  • there are cases of fire when first turned on;
  • bad smell;
  • short hose.

The model is cheap, but of poor quality: after a couple of uses, the paint begins to crumble, an unpleasant smell comes from the device. There are many cases of ignition during start-up, due to defective parts or incompetence of the user. The price is 1300 rubles.

TOP-2 gas street heaters

NeoClima 07HW-B

NeoClima 07HW-B

The Neoclima 07HW-B outdoor heater is designed for heating open spaces: gazebos, terraces, cafes. It has a stylish design, cylindrical shape, made in steel color. It will become a heating device and a stylish piece of furniture. The minimum power is 5 kW, the maximum is 11 kW. Designed for space heating with a maximum area of ​​20 m². Runs on propane or butane. The maximum gas consumption is 0.85 kg/h. A cylinder up to 27 kg can fit inside the device: it is installed inside the heater itself and is hidden from prying eyes. The height of the living flame is 1.5 m. Like most modern heaters, the principle of its operation is to radiate infrared heat. The heater has a gas control system, a tilt protection sensor, a piezo ignition and a thermostat. The package includes a pressure reducer, a gas hose.

  • can be used in open spaces;
  • very good as additional lighting;
  • smooth power adjustment (5–11 kW);
  • live flame – up to 1.5 m;
  • rollover protection sensor.
  • high fuel consumption;
  • overcharge;
  • warranty is only 1 year.

A very beautiful heater with a maximum open flame height of 1.5 m. It looks very nice and can be used as additional outdoor lighting at night. The device can work with different gas cylinders up to 27 liters – this is a standard indicator. But fuel consumption per hour is very high and far from economical. Thanks to its high power, its smooth adjustment, the device does its job perfectly. The price is 15 thousand rubles.

Ballu BOGH-15

Ballu BOGH-15

The device has an interesting design: live fire enclosed in a flask made of high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass attracts visitors to cafes and restaurants. A unique feature of the heater is that starting, adjusting the height of the flame and turning it off is possible manually on the control unit located on the dashboard. The minimum power is 5 kW, the maximum is 13 kW, which is slightly more than in NeoClima 07HW-B. Designed to heat a room with a maximum area of ​​20 sq. m. Works on propane, butane. The maximum gas consumption is 0.97 kg/h. A gas cylinder up to 27 kg can fit inside the device. The heater is made of corrosion-resistant alloyed stainless steel, protected from atmospheric precipitation from above by a four-sided reflector, the surface area of ​​which is 0.5 m². A multi-level protection system is responsible for the safety of operation. The tilt sensor turns off the flame when the gas heater is tilted more than 45 °, the thermoelectric sensor and the solenoid valve stop the gas supply in critical situations – when the flame goes out or when there is a gas leak. Due to the built-in wheel base, the heater can be freely and safely moved on any surface, despite its large size and weight (40 kg). The device can also be used as an advertising surface: for its placement, a slate magnetic surface is provided with a mount on the bottom of the case. The package includes a pressure reducer, a gas hose.

  • a unique modernized burner (developed by the Institute of Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences);
  • high strength, corrosion resistance;
  • the unique design of the afterburner ensures 100% combustion of the fuel mixture;
  • thermal glass japanese flask.
  • high price;
  • large size and weight;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • before the first ignition, an air lock comes out for a long time;
  • the remote control is provided only in the Ballu BOGH-15E model.

The heater is very large, heavy, especially when compared with NeoClima 07HW-B. It has great power, but at the same time it has a high fuel consumption – 0.97 kg / h, so you will have to change gas cylinders very often. The device has various protective functions, which I consider to be pluses, but the NeoClima 07HW-B model has an open flame, and the BOGH-15 has a flame inside a heat-resistant flask, which is also beautiful. The price is 32300 rubles.


Which Bosch Refrigerator Is Better to Buy


In this ranking, I have collected the 10 best Bosch refrigerators of 2022. The Bosch brand has been improving the technology of refrigeration appliances for more than 80 years. All modern models with an innovative system that keeps food fresh for 5-10% longer. Since 1997, Bosch refrigerators have been assembled in the Russian Federation from components. These are models with a standard width of 60 cm. The most important quality that determines the choice, users consider the ergonomics of the internal cameras and build quality.

In my rating, I included models with a lower freezer, a guarantee for a linear compressor from 10 years, a freezing capacity from 4.5 to 18 kg / day and autonomous cold storage from 14 to 24 hours. Manufacturers are selected different: Russia, China, Germany. I’ll tell you about popular drip models up to 39 thousand rubles. I will describe in detail the pros and cons of models with NoFrost from 34,500 rubles. I will help in the selection of the best brand built-in refrigerator.

TOP 3 models with drip defrost

I chose to review the models of the NatureCool series. This is a unique Bosch refrigeration technology. Cooling without forced circulation directly from the evaporator. An excellent option for preserving the freshness of food 10% longer than in conventional refrigerators.

LowFrost cooling system – there are no metal elements in the freezer, an evaporator is built into the wall. The contact of warm and humid air is excluded, which means that there is no frost on the surfaces.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KGV36NW1AR

A simple, reliable representative of the NatureCool series. Large capacity refrigerator (223 l) and freezer (94 l). Compartment for fruits/vegetables with VitaFresh humidity regulator, volume – 26 l, it is equivalent to 2 buckets of apples.


  1. Easy to manage.
  2. Freshness zone for long-term preservation of products.
  3. Ergonomic shelf placement.
  4. Very quiet, noise – up to 40 dB. Users in the reviews note that it can be installed even in a studio apartment. There is no high frequency squeak that is sometimes found on inverter motors.
  5. Compact, roomy.
  6. Economical to maintain, inexpensive to repair. Few parts to replace.
  7. Laconic appearance.
  8. Doors can be repositioned.
  9. Keeps cold for almost a day (22 hours) when the electricity is turned off.


  1. Manual defrosting of the freezer chamber. For a price of 29 thousand rubles, it was possible to make a drip system.
  2. Sometimes frost appears on the wall of the refrigerator compartment.

In terms of the ratio of positive and negative reviews, the model clearly wins by a plus. Reliable assembly, although they are now produced in the Russian Federation, you can feel the control of specialists. Marriage does not occur. There are no returns of equipment. In terms of volume, it meets the needs of a family of 4-6 people. And for quiet operation, this is an ideal technique for studio apartments, families with small children, offices, cafes. This model will be replaced only by a device with No Frost, but for an extra charge of 5,500 rubles: the cheapest representative of Bosch KGN36NW14R costs 34,500 rubles.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KGV36XL2OR

A beautiful two-chamber refrigerator with a metallic-colored body and overhead aluminum handles. The model in terms of volume, freezing power, cold support is completely similar to Bosch KGV36NW1AR. But the depth dimensions are 2 cm less (63/65). Sometimes this becomes a decisive factor if the technique is needed for small or crowded kitchens. More profitable in terms of energy consumption in class A +, it uses 68 kW / year less electricity. The difference in price (35,500 rubles): as for me, the difference of 6,500 rubles is insignificant for reliable equipment that will work without problems for 40 years.


  1. Smooth start of the compressor, without jerks.
  2. Beautiful stylish techno design. Interior lighting is LED.
  3. The flow of refrigerant in the pipes is inaudible.
  4. Excellent economical mode of operation 40 min. workers, 40–50 min. relaxation.
  5. Ergonomics thought out to the smallest detail. Simple, easy dismantling and rearrangement of shelves.
  6. Quality plastic inside and out. No chemical smell.
  7. “Honest” parameter of volumes. Spacious. With the same dimensions with models from other brands, it holds 5-10% more (verified by users).


  1. Does not meet the declared noise level of 38 dB. Works much louder.
  2. Marked plastic, prints are visible on the silvery surface.

With the same basic characteristics as the KGV36NW1AR, the model is slightly narrower, which means less hassle with placement in a crowded kitchen. It is good size for any family. You can refuse Bosch KGV36XL2OR because of the noise, especially for those who are sensitive to the silence of the night. Then you will have to change it to a “cheaper” GV36NW1AR model and save 6,500 rubles.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KGE39XK2AR

The most expensive (38,500 rubles), the highest (200 cm) and roomy (351 l) TOP-3 model. The original color of the body in a beige shade is suitable for a kitchen made in pastel colors. In addition to a small depth (63 cm), external handles built horizontally help save space. With an impressive volume and freezing power (9 kg / day), the device is very economical in energy consumption in class A + – only 307 kWh / year.


  1. High ergonomics of the organization of internal space. Easy to adjust shelf height. For dairy products, recesses are provided on the side shelf, egg holders.
  2. In addition to maintaining natural humidity, the LowFrost cooling system increases the freezing speed, which reduces energy consumption, preserves all the valuable ingredients and taste in the products.
  3. Defrost is manual, but with LowFrost technology, it will not cause trouble. You will have to defrost every 7-10 months.
  4. Easy control of functions on the LCD display. All information is displayed in real time.
  5. Like the two previous models, it keeps cold for 22 hours in the absence of an electrical connection.
  6. Increased security system. A built-in alarm warns of a malfunction or a left open door.


  1. Noisy at work.
  2. Marked body color. There are prints left.

All users are satisfied with the model for the build quality, roomy volume and ergonomics of the refrigerator and freezer. I think that for families of 5-6 people, as well as for families of 2-3 people, the KGE39XK2AR is a good unit. It is better to pay 3 thousand extra to the price of KGV36XL2OR and buy a refrigerator with a larger volume.

TOP 4 refrigerators with NO Frost

The No Frost system is a technology for cooling products without the formation of ice and frost on the walls of the refrigerator. In the freezer, the products do not freeze out, they retain all their useful qualities. The “ability” of models to instantly cool products and the availability of super-freezing and super-cooling functions are possible thanks to this system. Plus – there is no need to spend time defrosting, although it is worth washing once a year for hygiene purposes.

Another characteristic feature of the brand’s refrigeration equipment is the MultiAirflow system. Each product needs a certain storage temperature. The system creates a uniform distribution of cold air flows, lowering the temperature at each level, and improves the quality of food preservation.

On the minuses: low humidity, quick drying of products, high noise and increased energy consumption.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KGN36NW14R

I’ll start the review with a small one compared to the other participants in the refrigerator rating. The total volume is 287 liters. The choice of buyers determined the size of the refrigerating chamber. It is roomy – 221 liters.


  1. The coating material of the housing prevents the formation of fingerprints.
  2. There are no protruding parts on the body, the door handle is integrated horizontally.
  3. Narrow in width – only 60 cm, which can cause inconvenience when placing pots on the shelves.
  4. The refrigerator compartment has a compartment for storing products with a pungent odor or for those that quickly absorb other aromas.
  5. Large box for fruits and vegetables with a corrugated bottom. Condensation does not form in it, vegetables are protected from transient decay.
  6. Sturdy tempered glass shelves can withstand loads up to 40 kg.
  7. There is a food storage calendar.


  1. Cannot be completed with decorative frames.
  2. Noisy.
  3. Small depth, it is difficult to arrange dishes with a wide bottom.

I was left with the impression that the model is “raw” for 34,500 rubles. Of all the advantages, the most important is the large volume of the refrigerator. Although I, as the owner of a spacious kitchen, do not have to pay attention to the dimensions of the equipment. If you have a small-sized kitchen, you have already “built up” it with headsets, then this model has a lot of advantages for you – compactness combined with a large volume of the main refrigerator compartment. If No Frost, in your opinion, is not worth attention, you read about the cons, I suggest paying 4 thousand rubles extra and taking KGE39XK2AR with drip defrosting and more capacity.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KGN39VW17R

A model with a classic design is only 2,000 rubles more expensive (36,500) than the KGN36NW14R. They have the same volume of the refrigerator compartment (221 l), but the total volume of our hero is larger – 315 l, the freezer compartment is larger – 84 l versus 66 l. With the same energy class A, the KGN39VW17R has a higher productivity – 14 kg / day (10 kg / day).


  1. With compact dimensions (200 × 60 × 65 cm) it is very roomy: the total volume is 315 liters.
  2. NoFrost system – defrosting is not required, frost and ice crust are not formed on the walls of the chambers and on the products.
  3. Fast uniform freezing or cooling of products due to the MultiAirflow system.
  4. Lack of extraneous and unpleasant smells thanks to the coal filter. There is no mixing of odors, the environment for the development of bacteria is excluded.
  5. Modern control system, you can set the temperature mode with an accuracy of up to a degree.
  6. The external display facilitates control over work.
  7. Increased security. Built-in indicators monitor the emergency temperature increase, accompany the detection with an audible signal.
  8. There is a freshness zone with a VitaFresh container. The wavy bottom of the container prevents the contact of vegetables and fruits with condensate.
  9. Excellent ergonomics and organization of internal space. A large number of sets and additional accessories for different types of product packaging.


  1. Noisy.
  2. The door closes tightly, it takes effort to press it tightly.
  3. The door of the freezer is very low, if in a hurry, it beats off the toes.

The model is not suitable for a kitchen-studio – it is noisy, but in the usual “three-ruble note” or “kopeck piece” its work is almost invisible. High freezing productivity is useful when fully loaded products are stored for future use. The normal capacity of the refrigerating chamber for a family of 3-4 people. The No Frost system will save working women from the “headache” with regular defrosting, and food freshness preservation systems will prolong storage and become an article of budget savings. At this price of 36,500 rubles, it is difficult to find a replacement model. The quality and functionality match. You can refuse No Frost and buy a KGV36NW1AR with drip defrost, save 7 thousand rubles, but win a little in the volume of the refrigerator / freezer (223/94 l).

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KGN39VI21R

I decided to include the compact (203×60×66 cm) and volumetric 366 l (279/87 l) model in the rating. It has a very stylish design. The body is made under the “metallic”, successfully combined with modern household kitchen appliances. The shade is practical and the special treatment makes the surface resistant to scratches and corrosion. There is one more feature – the coating with a proprietary composition eliminates the appearance of fingerprints on the shiny chrome surface.


  1. Corresponds to the price (40 thousand rubles) in terms of functionality, ergonomics, build quality.
  2. Energy saving (class A+) with high freezing capacity of 15 kg/day.
  3. Cold support 16 hours during a power outage – more than KGN39VW17R (15 hours) and KAN92VI25 (12 hours).
  4. Long network cable – 2.4 m: the previous two – 1.6 m.
  5. Can be completed with decorative frames.
  6. Can be placed close to the wall.
  7. As in the KGN39VW17R, there is a carbon filter to remove odors and a freshness zone.
  8. Electronic control for each compartment. The screen is displayed on the front side of the door.
  9. Automatic adjustment of the FreshSense microclimate inside the chambers in case of a sharp change in the temperature outside, for example, if sunlight hits the case.


  1. Users noted a common minus – cottage cheese dries quickly if it is not placed in the refrigerator in a special closed container.
  2. Noisy, but this is the trouble of all Know Frost.

A functional, modern refrigeration device surpasses previous models in compactness. Can be installed in niches, corner, close to the wall. The volume is suitable for families of 5-6 people. The food saving features and the NoFrost system will appeal to housewives and working women. Ergonomics and a large volume (366 l) will allow you to place products without problems and damage to safety. Control over a sharp drop in external temperatures will extend the life of the device and storage of products. What would I suggest replacing it with? Only the larger KAN92VI25, but you will need to pay 87 thousand rubles for it.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KAN92VI25

The only rating model with Side by Side. The unusual location of the freezer gives additional volume. The capacity is simply impressive – 589 liters. The refrigerator is designed for a large family, for mini-restaurants and cafes. With its impressive parameters, it is economical in energy consumption – class A +. Nice stylish stainless steel case. Like the KGN39VI21R, the surface is treated with a compound to prevent finger stains and grease.


  1. Energy-saving with a large total volume and freezing productivity of 12 kg / day.
  2. Side by Side freezer positioning system.
  3. Corrosion and mechanical damage resistant chrom-inox-metallic housing.
  4. There is a function of assistance when closing the door.
  5. Holiday function – switching to economy mode.
  6. Protection from children, blocking of the panel from involuntary intervention.
  7. Error warning. When the electronic memory fails, the temperature mode has changed, the door is not closed, an alarm is triggered, and there is sound.
  8. In the freshness zone, a place with high humidity is provided.
  9. Belonging to the SN-T class supports the normal operation of the device at an ambient temperature of +430. And defrosting in the event of a power outage occurs later than indicated in the data sheet: not after 12 hours, but after 15–20 hours.
  10. Stand for twisted ice Twist Ice Box.


  1. The price is 137 thousand rubles. Expensive even for such a modern giant.
  2. Noisy.
  3. Overall: 10-20 cm more free space is required.
  4. Manufacturer – China.

An excellent model for large kitchens, for mini-dining rooms, mini-gardens, cafes, private houses. Modern features and long-term cold storage is a good solution for areas where power outages are frequent. If the obstacle is the price (after all, 137 thousand rubles is a lot even for a very high-quality device), then there is only one piece of advice. Look at competitors with this volume: they are all made in China. But this model is assembled from original parts, not from substitutes. Were going to buy a large high-quality refrigerator – do not hesitate, users with experience in owning Bosch refrigeration equipment for 10-15 years advise.

TOP 3 built-in refrigerators

Modern appliances for a beautiful stylish kitchen. The installation of the refrigeration unit is carried out in a niche with a maximum margin of +0.5 cm from the dimensions of the unit. It is easy to hide the outer part under the furniture facade using the door sliding mount. Demanded for interior design in the same style. Plus, it frees up space. There are no restrictions on the side of the door opening, they are mounted to the left / right.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KIV38X20

Two-chamber model with a bottom freezer and a total volume of 279 liters. Enough space for groceries for a family of 2-3. Simple electromechanical control. The normal energy saving class is A+. Internal and external surfaces are made of plastic. Modern LowFrost cooling system, as in Bosch KGN39VI21R. Without NoFrost, manual freezer defrost and refrigerator compartment drip.


  1. Manufacturer – Germany. Fully fulfills its price of 46 thousand in terms of functionality, ergonomics and duration of operation.
  2. Sophisticated ergonomics of the internal chambers: egg holder, drawers for vegetables (larger volume) and fruits (smaller volume), ice mold, bottle hanger, 4 adjustable and 1 fixed shelf in the refrigerator compartment, 5 shelves on the door.
  3. Belonging to the ST climate class – normal operation in the range +10/+300.
  4. The refrigeration chamber is provided with static cooling circuits.


  1. Manual defrost.

An excellent model of a German brand, made in Germany, there is a set of functions for long-term storage of products, saves energy, productivity – 3 kg / day. Suitable for a family of 3-4 people. Fits well in any designer kitchen. There is no No Frost, but with modern equipment of BOSCH equipment, frost will form gradually, and the freezer will have to be thawed once a year. Users recommend this model as ideal for the price, functionality and durability of operation.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KIR31AF30R

Single chamber model without freezer. Suitable for any kitchen, even with limited space. With automatic defrosting system, excellent ergonomics inside the chamber of medium volume – 174 liters.


  1. Small and compact refrigeration unit.
  2. Energy class – A ++.
  3. Long-term preservation of the freshness of vegetables and fruits in the HydroFresh zone.
  4. Non-glare LED lighting.
  5. Setting the optimal temperature regime thanks to the TouchControl system.
  6. Increased convenience of loading products due to the retractable EasyAccess shelf.
  7. Support for climate classes SN-T. Withstands ambient temperatures up to +400.
  8. Automatic supercooling.
  9. Power cord – 2.3 m.
  10. Very quiet – up to 38 dB.


  1. No freezer.
  2. The price – 51,500 rubles – is too high. You can find models of other brands for 20-30% cheaper and with the same functionality.

The model is not cheap, and even more so without a freezer compartment. But if I were the owner of an elite club, a private bar and other public institutions, I would buy a German refrigerator for the office with silent operation, excellent ergonomics and low energy consumption (100 kWh / year). If you are not satisfied with the volume, then by paying 11 thousand, you can take the Bosch KIR81AF20R with a volume of almost 2 times more.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buyWhich Bosch refrigerator is better to buy

Bosch KIR81AF20R

Spacious single-chamber refrigerator for 319 liters without a freezer, like KIR31AF30R. With automatic defrost, SmartCool and dynamic cooling system, with freshness zone. Sophisticated ergonomics: telescopic skids make it easier to pull out fully loaded drawers, and VarioShelf dividers allow you to place tall packages, bottles, dishes. Tempered glass on the shelves can withstand weight up to 30 kg.


  1. Sealed freshness zone VitaFresh plus Box. FreshSense feature.
  2. Automatic supercooling.
  3. Maintaining a constant temperature at the level of VitaControl.
  4. Energy consumption – class A ++, when servicing a refrigeration chamber of 319 liters, it spends only 116 kWh per year.
  5. Quietest – 37 dB. This is lower than the KIR31AF30R (38 dB).
  6. Increased security. The buzzer sounds when there is a malfunction or the door is not tightly closed.
  7. Removal of odors with a carbon filter, as in KGN39VW17R.
  8. According to reviews, it corresponds to a price of 62 thousand rubles.


  1. No freezer.
  2. No Know Frost.
  3. The door closes hard.

The excellent unit for dachas, hotels, offices, cafe, mini-boarding houses. The capacious built-in unit will not take up extra space and will fit into the interior. In terms of functionality, it is more “fancy” than models with freezers, for example, Bosch KGE39XK2AR. And at the maintained power in the refrigerator compartment, you can keep fresh meat for up to 48 hours.