8 Best Espresso Coffee Makers: Rating of Chaldo Coffee Makers


Brewing espresso, almost the most common drink in the world, is easy if you resort to the help of a coffee maker. This type of kitchen machine is notable for the fact that, in addition to regular ground coffee, special capsules (or chalda) can be installed in them: the number of packages depends on the number of servings. The list presents the most famous devices of this type, with the help of which a delicious, aromatic drink with foam is obtained. The rating will help determine which espresso machine is better.

Delonghi EC156.B

This device with a power of 1100 W guarantees the enjoyment of one or two portions of a drink in one session. Natural foam is achieved due to two Crema filters. The device is equipped with a built-in tamper for tamping coffee powder, and also allows the use of a lid.

This is an easy-to-use coffee maker that is suitable for everyday use at home or in the office. Its 5 main advantages:

  1. The presence of a cappuccino maker with a “panarello” nozzle for whipping beautiful milk foam.
  2. Ease of control – to turn on and prepare a drink, it is enough to turn the regulator using the switch on the panel.
  3. Built-in lights that show whether the Delonghi EC156.B is on or off.
  4. The water tank (volume – 1 liter) and drip pan are removable.
  5. Option of independent shutdown (after 9 minutes).

Compared to others, the model is inexpensive.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

Saeco Poemia Focus HD8323/39

This is a convenient coffee maker that is compatible with both “bags” and ground coffee. The manufacturer used high-quality plastic to manufacture the device. The process of preparing a drink is simple due to the thoughtfully easy accessibility of all buttons and compartments – you can quickly add water, add coffee, clean the tray or filter. The power of the model is 950 W.

Among the advantages it is worth noting:

  • panarello, or cappuccino maker, which is enough to dip in milk to get a delicious, aromatic foam;
  • availability of hot water supply option for tea;
  • you can make two cups at the same time – convenient for a family of coffee lovers;
  • a convenient measuring spoon is included in the package.

Saeco Poemia Focus HD8323/39 cups and also adjusts the strength of the coffee.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

Delonghi ECI 341 CP

The main feature of this model is a stylish vintage design. It is compact and designed in a copper shade. This favorably distinguishes it from the rest of the kitchen equipment. Refined matte finish and chrome elements complement the unique image of the device.

Functionally, the Delonghi ECI 341 CP does not differ from other devices produced by this brand. The standard liquid capacity is 1 liter. Power – 1050 W. Common options are present:

  • independent disconnection;
  • heating the cup;
  • adjustment of steam power;
  • brewing several types of coffee;
  • the drip tray is removable.

The model is notable for its three filter elements with a double bottom, which are suitable for portioned or simply ground coffee. The thermostats are separate. A coffee sealer is sold in the set.

A significant drawback is the high cost. In terms of price, the model is more expensive even than other analogues of this manufacturer. At the same time, its functionality is almost standard.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

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Delonghi ECP35.31

Another option from the expensive ones of this brand. This coffee machine is decorated in a traditional black and silver color combination, so it will look perfect in a kitchen in a classic or modern style. The device is compact and arranged simply, but it has many interesting “buns”:

  • a professional cappuccino maker, foaming milk in two modes, serving water for tea;
  • convenient metal control panel;
  • built-in thermal block made of stainless steel;
  • drip tray of removable type – a double model is provided.

Delonghi ECP35.31 for coffee lovers who are sure that there should be a lot of their favorite drink. The device prepares coffee in cups up to 13 cm. It has three replaceable filters. The volume of the water tank is 1 l.

The model has few disadvantages. This is the absence of a display, an indicator showing the level of liquid, a container for ground coffee.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

Saeco Poemia HD8425/21

This is a unique model that will appeal to lovers of modern design. Available in steel and black, it will look good in a small kitchen, office or spacious studio. It is distinguished by high energy efficiency and the presence of an ecological passport, which speaks of the practicality and safety of the device.

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Saeco Poemia HD8425/21 a number of features:

  • filter element Crema, with the help of which the drink will be fragrant, with a beautiful and stable foam;
  • standard options – cappuccino machine, quick heating of cups;
  • there is a tank for ground coffee;
  • the possibility of brewing for two;
  • serves water for tea.

950 W of power is enough to make a drink with an excellent aroma and taste in a minimal amount of time. The device is compatible with a Brita water filter and comes with a cup holder.

Among the disadvantages is the impossibility of installing tall cups or mugs for making coffee – there is a height limit of 75 mm.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

Delonghi ECP33.21

The peculiarity of this model is in the innovative removable tray, which will allow you to prepare coffee in cups up to 13 cm. The possibility of brewing two portions at the same time will satisfy avid coffee lovers. The price of the device is more affordable than many models of this brand, so it is worth the attention of frugal buyers demanding quality.

Functional Delonghi ECP33.21

  • independent disconnection;
  • the cappuccino maker serves hot liquid;
  • heating the cups;
  • management of the steam supply process;
  • a compact system for storing accessories will come in handy in a small-sized kitchen of a house, apartment or office.

The model has a removable double tray for drops. The classic silver-black color scheme will allow the device to fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen.
typical for most coffee machines of this type. It does not have a display, a tank for ground coffee.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

Saeco Poemia Top HD8327/99

A traditional option for the home. The machine is not much different from the analogue described above, but it is designed in a more vintage and unusual design for this type of product. It has the main functionality – the presence of a built-in cappuccino maker and a Crema filter for excellent foam. Saeco Poemia Top HD8327 99 is made of stainless steel. This material belongs to the “premium” class due to its durability and stability.

The main advantages of the device:

  • you can heat cups or make tea (hot water is served);
  • easy access to the necessary elements of the coffee maker, which allows you to quickly clean it;
  • quick switching from espresso mode to steam supply for high-quality milk churning;
  • the presence of a display.

The set includes a “Cream” filter element-sieve and a measuring spoon.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

Delonghi ECZ 351 GY

Here the manufacturer worked on the design. The gray shade of the ribbed body goes well with the chrome components. Which is better to buy an espresso coffee machine that will fit into a modern interior, such as hi-tech or modern? This option is suitable.

Characteristics of Delonghi ECZ 351 GY for devices of this manufacturer. It is always ready for use, suitable for tableted or ground coffee. The standard power indicator is 1100 W. There are several useful options:

  • automatic shutdown – after 20 minutes, and this time can be adjusted using a special button;
  • button illumination;
  • exclusive stainless steel components, the boiler is also made of steel;
  • two autonomous thermostats;
  • cappuccino system.

In addition to standard devices, the package includes a measuring spoon.

Disadvantages are typical. This is a small space for a cup – up to 7.7 cm, and the device is overpriced, compared to its typicality and few differences from others.

8 best espresso coffee makers: rating of Chaldo coffee makers

The rating of espresso coffee makers will introduce you to the most popular and functional devices of well-known global brands. Each model has options and features that will attract the attention of passionate coffee lovers. All of the above products will give owners the opportunity to feel like qualified baristas. It remains to decide which option to choose from the list.