6 Best Siphons for Carbonating Water

Do you love drinking sparkling water? Well, why not cook it yourself then? Now you can even do it at home. You just need to get the appropriate siphon. In this review, we will talk specifically about devices designed for carbonating water.

Rating of the best siphons for carbonating water

Home Bar Smart 110 NG

Rating: 4.9

6 best siphons for carbonating water

The most advanced siphon for carbonated water. And it is also one of the most compact. You can easily put it on the dining table or even near the computer. And there is no abstruse electronics here that could suddenly fail. Therefore, a very long service life can be expected.

This model is designed for use with SODASTREAM cylinders. To install such a cylinder, a convenient screw-in connector is used. It is curious that the Home Bar Smart 110 NG does not even need to be connected to the mains – just screw in the bottle, wind the bottle, press the button and wait for the result.

Included with this model you will receive a liter bottle. It is impossible to find fault with the quality of its manufacture – the manufacturer even abandoned bisphenol A, thanks to which the bottle will be as harmless to humans as possible. The device is also compatible with a 1.5-liter bottle, but it is not included in the kit. But on the other hand, one 425-gram cylinder is supplied with the siphon. It is enough to prepare 60 liters of carbonated drink. We advise you to immediately buy a couple more cylinders. In the future, you will be able to change empty cylinders for filled ones, saving significantly.

Otherwise, this is a typical siphon for carbonating water, which does not have any additional functionality. It has an automatic pressure release, and random drops of water in this case fall into a removable tray. In a word, this is a very good, but very expensive purchase!


  • The warranty period has been extended to two years;
  • Convenient connection of a cylinder with gas;
  • Comes with a BPA-free bottle;
  • Does not require connection to the mains;
  • Has a removable drip tray
  • Modest size and weight.


  • High price;
  • Expensive cylinders are used.

iSi Classic Soda Maker 2120333

Rating: 4.8

6 best siphons for carbonating water

Would you like to get a nice siphon for carbonating water? In this case, we recommend taking a look at the iSi Classic SodaMaker 2120333. If, of course, you find it on sale, it will be taken apart very quickly.

All structural elements of this model are made of stainless steel and plastic. Unlike the device discussed above, disposable 8-gram balloons are used here. This imposes certain difficulties on the use of the siphon. The fact is that finding such cylinders for sale is more difficult than the device itself. The similarity lies in the fact that this siphon also does not require an electrical connection.

Water here is poured into a transparent bottle, the volume of which is 1 liter. Then water is poured from this bottle into a mug or glass using a spout made of stainless steel. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not say what materials this bottle was made of. But we hope that there are no materials harmful to the human body in its composition.

Perhaps the main drawback of the product is its price. Which of the Russians dares to pay 7 thousand rubles for such a siphon? If an aggregate was created from silver, then there would be a different conversation.


  • Nice appearance;
  • No need to connect to the mains;
  • Easy use.


  • Kayser and iSi cylinders are rare;
  • High price;
  • Poor quality cylinders;
  • A primitive adapter is used.

Sodastream Genesis

Rating: 4.7

6 best siphons for carbonating water

This siphon has a familiar appearance. Most of all, it looks like some kind of coffee maker. Only the drink here is poured not into a cup, but into a screw-on bottle. Another very interesting fact is the existence of four color options – perhaps the prettiest looks Sodastream Genesis with a red case.

The complete set of the device includes the siphon itself, a liter bottle and one carbonation bottle. The latter is enough to fill with gas about 60 liters of water. Then you will have to buy additional cylinders. Each will cost 2900 rubles. Or 690 rubles if you provide the manufacturer with an empty bottle.

The device itself, together with the cylinder placed inside it, weighs no more than 2.2 kg. Its body is made of food grade plastic. Silver elements on it make the design even more attractive. On the top of the device, you can find a single button. It allows you to make soda in three different concentrations. Therefore, Sodastream Genesis will appeal to those who do not like highly carbonated water. The readiness of the drink will be signaled by a sound indicator.

Perhaps this is one of the best siphons for carbonating water. But he is too expensive. On the manufacturer’s website, only cylinders are now sold, and in third-party online stores they ask for 9,000 rubles for a siphon. However, how can such a device be cheap?

It remains to be added that this model takes up very little space on the table, and, as you already understood, it does not require an electrical connection to use it.


  • The case was created from harmless plastic;
  • Supplied with bottle and cylinder;
  • Three degrees of water carbonation are available;
  • Convenient and easy use;
  • There are four color options;
  • Does not require connection to the mains.


  • High price.

O!Range CookWare AM-210ACBK

Rating: 4.6

6 best siphons for carbonating water

Another rather beautiful siphon for carbonating water. Its creators abandoned the use of stainless steel, using high-quality plastic. Not everyone will like it, but it is precisely this that has made it possible to greatly reduce the price tag – several times! On a liter bottle of this device is an interesting pattern, made in golden colors. This makes the siphon recognizable.

Like other similar devices, O!Range CookWare AM-210ACBK allows you to carbonate any water, as long as it is clean. You can add syrup, berries and other natural products to it, getting a drink with great taste as a result.

With such a siphon, you will become a little less likely to buy water in plastic containers, thereby reducing your negative impact on nature. It remains to be regretted that the use of this device is not the cheapest pleasure. Cylinders for him cost 549 rubles for a box of ten pieces. One can is enough, as you might guess, to carbonate that same liter bottle. The siphon itself will cost about 2500 rubles. Alas, this price does not include cans – they immediately need to be purchased separately.

Perhaps the main advantage of this model is its ease of use. You won’t need anything other than pressing a single button. The device does not even need to be connected to the mains. Well, the use of disposable cans allowed the manufacturer to significantly reduce the size of his creation.


  • Not very high cost;
  • Modest size and weight;
  • Comes with a stylish bottle;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Does not require connection to the mains.


  • Consumables turned out to be very expensive;
  • Only one degree of gassing strength.

Kayser 1 liter

Rating: 4.5

6 best siphons for carbonating water

This siphon was almost entirely made of aluminum alloy. So, you definitely will not feel harm to your health. At the same time, the device turned out to be very light – it seems that the scales under it will show a lower value than under the plastic counterpart. And not to mention the black color. Almost all details have it here. You can safely put the siphon on the shelf – it definitely will not spoil the interior of the room.

This model comes with a wrench for removing the measuring tube and a capsule for the can. As in the case of the siphon discussed above, disposable cartridges are used here. Most of all, they look like bullet casings. And in terms of weight, of course, they are much lighter – a box with ten cans weighs about 100 g. By the way, such a package will cost you 590 rubles. A decent amount, especially considering that the can is enough to prepare only one liter of drink. And the siphon itself is even more expensive – Russian sellers usually ask 7,000 rubles for it.

Like the rest of the devices included in our rating, Kayser does not require an electrical connection. The carbonation process here is as simplified as possible. However, this applies to absolutely all siphons, which are discussed in this review. But on the other hand, not all of them are able to boast of assembly in the Czech Republic. The creation of Kayser is carried out in this European country. Perhaps this is the reason for the high cost? Also, the price tag, of course, was influenced by a long service life. Buying this model, you will know that you can use it even after five or six years. If only by this time the production of spray cans had not ended. However, no one bothers to buy them for the future – they have an unlimited shelf life.


  • It was created mostly from aluminum alloy;
  • Interesting design;
  • Long service life;
  • Easy to learn use;
  • Does not require electricity.


  • Very high cost;
  • Consumables turned out to be expensive;
  • Only one degree of gassing strength.

Oursson OS1000SK

Rating: 4.4

6 best siphons for carbonating water

This is one of the most affordable siphons for aerating water among those present on the Russian market. At the same time, he is able to boast of far from the poorest equipment.

This model is available in several colors. However, in this case, only the nozzle and the bottom of the bottle differ in color. The bottle itself, which has a liter volume, is made of transparent plastic. What exactly is not specified. Let’s hope that from food – harmless to the human body.

Included with this device you will receive five disposable gas cartridges. In the future, their sets will have to be bought for separate money. For five similar cartridges, the manufacturer asks for 279 rubles. If you do the math, your sparkling water will be quite expensive. But you can cook it yourself. No one bothers to dilute it with compote or juice, getting a drink that you have not tried before.

As in the case of the models discussed above, the process of gassing with Oursson OS1000SK is as simple as possible. You need to pour the filtered water into the bottle, stopping at the appropriate mark. Next, a charging rod is wound onto the bottle. A can of gas is inserted inside the siphon head. Everything! It remains only to turn the whole structure and shake the bottle. The drink is ready! Now you can add syrup or something else to the water. By the way, the kit includes instructions, supplemented by several recipes for making very unusual drinks.

Perhaps Oursson OS1000SK is a good thing for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are already tired of freshly squeezed juices, then why not add sparkling water to them? But it must be admitted that the cost of owning this siphon cannot be called any low.


  • Easy to learn use;
  • There are several color options;
  • Low cost;
  • The set includes five disposable bottles.


  • The design is made of plastic;
  • Only one degree of gassing power;
  • Very expensive consumables.


This is the list of the best siphons for carbonating water. All the devices discussed in this material can be easily found in Russian online stores. You just have to decide how much water you need to carbonate, and how much you are willing to spend.