Bosch MSM14100 blender.Photos, Specifications, Reviews, Pros and Cons.


The Bosch MSM14100 blender is a handy blender that is great for making a variety of purees, smoothies and shakes. This model is designed using all modern technologies, which guarantees you the safest and cleanest work with the device. And thanks to the universal mode of operation, you can easily use it for a variety of purposes.


This blender model is easy to use with just the touch of a button, which is provided by one moderate mode of operation, which is suitable for preparing everything you need, whether it’s a puree for children, a smoothie or just a cocktail. Also, the presence of a measuring cup in the kit will allow you to easily mix different products or sauces for grinding or mixing them.

Blender Bosch MSM14100

Distinctive features

The handle is ergonomically designed for your comfort, and thanks to the special design of the immersion part, the blender works without splashes, so you put a minimum of effort when working with it, without spending them on unnecessary cleaning. Also, please note that all plastic parts that may come into contact with the product are made of special non-toxic and, importantly, heat-resistant plastic.

The attachments are fixed to the motor block using a swivel principle, which ensures maximum safety when working with a blender. At the same time, the knife is made with 4 sharp blades and guarantees long-awaited results when chopping and mixing products.

Pros and cons of the model

Safe and reliable design, easy to use, low noise, no splashing, heat-resistant plastic removable foot, long-term use.


  • Type – submersible blender
  • Power – 400 watts.
  • Number of speeds – 1
  • Turbo – No
  • Power – Mains
  • Material — Plastic
  • Warranty period — 1 year
  • Country of manufacture – Slovenia
  • Nozzles – 3 nozzles

Complete set – blender, nozzles, measuring cup, power cord, instruction manual, warranty card.

Bosch MSM14100