Microwave Oven: Who Created It and When. the History of the Gadget Since 1945


The modern pace of life dictates its own rules. There are increasingly not enough hours in the day, work is not limited to sitting in the office from 9 to 18, and visits to the gym \ psychologist \ all kinds of courses must be squeezed into an already tight schedule. And no one cancels the correct diet: you need to eat 4-5 times a day for the proper functioning of internal organs and for your own comfort. After all, how much energy is spent every day! So, so that cooking does not take a lot of time, you need to prepare it in advance, and then just heat it up.

Microwave oven: who created it and when. The history of the gadget since 1945

In the middle of the last century, science made a revolutionary discovery – a gadget was invented for heating food as quickly as possible. Who is the genius person who invented the microwave oven, what were its first varieties – further in the article.

Microwave oven: who created it and when

While using any gadget, few people have the idea that this device was invented. And for nothing. After all, the story about when this or that gadget was invented is often quite interesting. At least that’s what happened with the microwave oven.

Stories about who and when it was invented have turned into a legend. But one thing is for sure – back in 1945, Percy LeBaron Spencer contributed to the creation of the microwave oven during his service at the Raytheon company. On October 8 of this year, he patented a method of heating food using electromagnetic waves. The first machine, which works according to this principle, was released in 1947 and did not resemble modern devices: it was huge, the size of a person’s height and weighing more than 300 kg. “Radarange” is the name given to it by the developer. Interestingly, the scientist Spencer received only a small monetary reward for his brainchild, and all the rights to produce the gadget were with the company in which he was registered. Only after his death was he recognized as the one who invented and patented the microwave oven. And his name was later entered into the Hall of Fame of Inventors.

Microwave oven: who created it and when. The history of the gadget since 1945

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The first household microwave oven and the beginning of serial production

Since the first microwave oven was invented, tens of years have passed before its mass use. There were several reasons for this:

  1. Road equipment;
  2. Criticism of this gadget by scientists;
  3. As a result of the second point – negative PR of this device in the press.

Despite these obstacles, work on the improvement and optimization of microwaves was carried out quite actively. And already in 1962, the company “Sharp” launched the first conveyor production of microwave ovens (by the way, the modern analogue of the oven of this company, SHARP R200WW, differs from its predecessors).

Due to harsh criticism, the first serial versions of the unit were not particularly popular, but time passed and microwaves still took over the market. In 1966, a rotating stand for evenly heating food was developed. From the time when the first microwave oven was released until 1979, another transformation took place: the microprocessor control system of the device appeared, which greatly simplified its use. Such microwaves began to actively enter the family life of those times.

Microwave oven: who created it and when. The history of the gadget since 1945

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Modern microwave oven

According to statistics, more than 12.6 million microwaves were sold in the United States in 2000 alone! In those days, when the microwave oven first appeared, no one could think that it would transform and improve so much. The grill function will appear, as in the Gorenje MO21MGE (XY820Z) model, the defrosting mode and the timer. It is these “buns” that you should pay attention to when choosing a gadget for your home. Even office premises equipped with a kitchen cannot do without a microwave oven. After all, saving time at lunch allows you to rest longer. As for control, microwaves are:

  • mechanical;
  • sensory

Also, modern food heating devices, unlike their predecessors, are equipped with a microwave protection system. Therefore, you should not worry about external radiation. For some, microwaves were even able to replace ovens.

Microwave oven: who created it and when. The history of the gadget since 1945

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From the moment when the first microwave ovens appeared, half a century has passed to modern realities. During this time, this gadget has undergone total transformation both externally and internally. The table below provides a brief chronology of the development of this gadget:

The microwave oven was released when no one expected it. And this is a fact. We have Percy Spencer to thank for accidentally or intentionally inventing such an ingenious way of reheating food. After all, without such an indispensable item in the kitchen, the life of a modern person would be much more complicated. And no matter what they say about the alleged harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on food, no one is going to stop using microwave ovens.