Indesit dishwashers are one of the most popular brands in Russia.

The equipment from the Italian brand has won the trust of consumers due to the build quality, wide functionality and reasonable cost.

The company’s lineup consists of a variety of dishwashers for every taste and budget.

Distinctive features

Most dishwashers from Indesit are designed to be built into a kitchen set. There are fewer stand-alone models, but among them there are quite worthy specimens.

The manufacturer took care of consumers by combining a number of features in each machine:

  • Delicate mode. Not all manufacturers of Economy and Standard equipment provide such a function. You can safely put crystal and thin glassware into the chamber, as the machine will not damage them.
  • Shelf adjustment. This feature is available in all models, regardless of cost. You can change the height without removing the shelves.
  • Simple control. A convenient navigation bar is one of the main advantages of Indesit equipment. Even a child can easily cope with a dishwasher.


Types of dishwashers

Indesit dishwashers are easy to use, have several modes and are equipped with additional features that will please every housewife.

The range includes fully and partially built-in machines, as well as freestanding models. When choosing a technique, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of each of them.

Fully embedded

The dishwasher is designed to be built into the niche of the headset and cannot be installed separately. There are full-size and narrow models that can be placed higher.

These machines fit well into the interior: they are covered with a countertop from above, in front – with a facade. The machine is completely hidden from children, so they will not be tempted to press the buttons. Another plus is that the furniture reduces the noise level.

The only drawback is that you need a machine must be integrated into the headset. It will not be possible to put it separately, since it does not have decorative panels. Equipment is more expensive than stand-alone with similar characteristics.

Embedded partially

In terms of functions and installation method, the models do not differ from fully embedded ones.

The difference is in appearance: the control display is outside, not hidden by a panel. The best option for those who do not want to hide the beauty of technology behind the facade.

Models are narrow and full-size. Thanks to the variety, everyone will find the right dishwasher for themselves.


The technique does not need to be hidden in the headset, as it has a stylish and complete look. Dishwasher with a decorative front and a door that can be placed in the kitchen, pantry and other areas. You can choose the appropriate model based on size and function.


Advantages and disadvantages

The Indesit brand has been around for over 40 years. The manufacturer continues to delight customers with high-quality equipment, constantly improving it.

Customers are satisfied with the quality of dishwashers. They last a long time and do not break during the service life. It is enough to evaluate the pros and cons of dishwashers to make a purchase decision.


  • large selection – you can buy a full-size or narrow model with a large set of functions and additional options;
  • the cost of dishwashers is lower than that of others with similar parameters and capabilities;
  • a large set of programs;
  • simple interface, the ability to choose a unit with a display and without it;
  • high energy efficiency, washing and drying class;
  • possibility of connection to cold and hot water;
  • the technique tolerates power surges well;
  • delicate cleaning of dishes;
  • low resource costs.


  • some models are noisy;
  • Not all dishwashers have a half load function;
  • vibration during operation;
  • no display on some models.


How to choose and what to look for?

If you carefully study the selection criteria, you can choose the most suitable dishwasher. In terms of efficiency, all units belong to class A. This means that a minimum of electricity is consumed during operation.

Criterias of choice:

  • Control. All machines have an electronic type of control. But, there is one caveat: not all models have a display on the panel. Dishwashers are not sensitive to power surges, so you can choose a model with or without a display.
  • Connection. All machines can be connected to cold or hot water. Consumers recommend choosing the first option. This is due to the poorer quality of hot water. Because of this, the valve wears out in a couple of months. The use of hot water does not mean more economical consumption of resources, as more electricity is consumed for heating.
  • Noise limit. The indicator is presented in the documentation for each dishwasher. Comfortable can be called from 44 to 49 dB. If the noise level is higher, it may cause inconvenience. Also, it will not be possible to run the wash cycle at night.
  • Programs. Typically, the standard includes regular and intensive. At Indesit, the list is complemented by a fast, delicate and economical mode, which are in each model. You can choose a technique with additional options: pre-soak and bio. The latter mode allows you to break down protein contaminants with minimal electricity consumption.
  • Leak protection. All models are equipped with this feature. The system does not react immediately, but it avoids the flood.
  • Additional options. This includes 3 in 1, indication and half load.


TOP 4 built-in dishwashers Indesit

Which Indesit built-in dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

The list contains 4 models of built-in dishwashers. Each of them has its own characteristics. Even budget models with a minimum set of functions thoroughly wash dishes and cutlery without leaving any dirt on them.


Gray model with a strict design. The bunker holds up to 14 sets of dishes. The standard set includes6

flat and deep plate, saucer, glass, cup and cutlery.

Washing is complemented by condensation drying. The machine will become a reliable household helper. The navigation display is located at the top. It displays all the information about what is happening inside the unit.


  • dimensions – 60x57x82 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 1.04 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 11 l;
  • power – 1900 W;
  • noise level – 49 dB.


  • roomy, there are compartments for cutlery and large dishes;
  • the case is protected from leaks;
  • you can move the holders for small items;
  • During washing, you can open the door to put the dishes in.


  • the door is not securely fastened;
  • there is no display showing the time until the end of the wash;
  • after the cycle is completed, there is no beam on the floor;
  • In some modes, the dishes do not finish drying.

DIF 04B1

A full-size model that will be a great solution for a large family. The machine can be completely covered7

facade or leave a panel with a display outside.

The dishwasher is equipped with electronic control. There are programs for washing dishes of any degree of soiling. You can delay the start from 1 to 24 hours.


  • dimensions – 82 × 59.8 × 55.5 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 1.04 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 12 l;
  • power – 1750 W;
  • noise level – 51 dB.


  • holds up to 16 sets of dishes;
  • frying pans, baking sheets and pots are well washed;
  • there is an eco mode;
  • excellent value for money;
  • convenient design;
  • simple control.


  • noisy at work;
  • difficult to find accessories;
  • divorces remain if there was a large load;
  • vibrates strongly;
  • There is no automatic water hardness control.

DIF 16B1 A

The dishwasher is equipped with six washing modes for dishes of any type. Up to 13 sets of dishes can be washed in one cycle.eight

The adjustable basket allows you to place pots and pans. For protection against floods, a special function is provided.


  • dimensions – 60x57x82 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 1.04 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 11 l;
  • power – 1850 W;
  • noise level – 49 dB.


  • there is a holder for glasses;
  • works quietly;
  • there is an economy mode;
  • comfortable handle;
  • Holds a lot of dishes.


  • no delayed start;
  • there is no separation on the work of baskets;
  • large distance between the bars in the lower box.


A narrow dishwasher that is easy to attach even in a small room. Despite the small9

dimensions holds 10 standard sets of dishes.

It has a low price compared to models from other manufacturers with similar functionality. There are 7 modes, including the BIO program. This is an option for those who need a quality wash at a low temperature.


  • dimensions – 82 × 44.5 × 55.5 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 1.01 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 10 l;
  • power – 1900 W;
  • noise level – 49 dB.


  • leakage protection;
  • pleasant cost;
  • quality washing;
  • economical consumption of water and electricity;
  • simple installation;
  • silent operation.


  • there are plastic elements that wear out quickly;
  • not enough options;
  • no half load;
  • no touch screen and 3 in 1 function.

TOP 3 freestanding dishwashers Indesit

Which Indesit freestanding dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Despite the growing demand for built-in appliances, freestanding dishwashers are still popular.

They do not need to be built into the headset, so they become a great option for a well-equipped kitchen. The dishwasher looks ergonomic and is combined with any interior.

DFG 15B10

Model DFG 15B10 is a great option for large families. Washes up to 13 sets of dishes in one cycle.ten

Belongs to class A, consuming a minimum of electricity.

The surface of the chamber is made of stainless steel. At the disposal of the consumer as many as 5 programs for effective washing, including intensive and delicate.


  • dimensions – 60x60x85 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 0.8 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 11 l;
  • power – 1900 W;
  • noise level – 51 dB.


  • compact size;
  • simple and fast installation;
  • economical consumption of water and electricity;
  • many modes;
  • gently cleans fragile dishes.


  • no half load;
  • no display;
  • short-lived plastic parts;
  • not all means are suitable.

DFG 26B10

The unit has six programs in its arsenal, including economy, intensive and fast with a cycle time of 40 minuteseleven

. You can turn on the pre-soak to remove stubborn dirt.

The dishwasher automatically determines the hardness of the water, selecting the appropriate parameters.


  • dimensions – 85x60x60 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 1.04 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 11 l;
  • power – 1900 W;
  • noise level – 51 dB.


  • delayed start up to 9 hours;
  • the presence of an eco-mode;
  • gentle washing of fragile items;
  • saving energy costs;
  • two spacious baskets;
  • fast wash.


  • makes noise and vibrates during operation;
  • no cutlery tray;
  • weak valve for water supply.

DFP 58T94

The dishwasher is equipped with a quiet inverter motor. Easy to operate and does not require expensive maintenance12

. Consumes a minimum of resources.

Suitable for any dishes: you can wash baking sheets, large pots and pans. Leak proof: the sensor reacts instantly to a leak.


  • dimensions – 85x60x57 cm;
  • electricity consumption – 0.93 kW / h;
  • water consumption per cycle – 9 l;
  • power – 1900 W;
  • noise level – 44 dB.


  • does not leak;
  • there is a fast mode;
  • gently launders fragile dishes;
  • you can delay the start up to 24 hours.


  • no indicator light
  • broken plastic parts;
  • small guarantee.