Korting are popular dishwashers among Russian consumers.

The famous German brand never ceases to amaze customers with high quality appliances, stylish design and versatility.

Dishwashers from Korting are presented in the categories «Economy» and «Standard».

Among them, it is easy to find an option that is suitable in appearance and functionality.

Distinctive features

Korting entered the Russian market in 2011. Since then, the manufacturer has been constantly improving the technique. Buying German technology, the consumer expects high quality. Korting brand dishwashers confirm this.

Distinctive features are:

  • the machines are quiet, so they can be run at night;
  • many useful programs: leakage protection, eco-mode, quick wash, etc.;
  • the range includes narrow, compact and full-size units;
  • there is a holder for cutlery;
  • there is a BabyCar function for disinfecting children’s dishes;
  • the unit can be connected to hot and cold water supply;
  • there is a led display.


Types of dishwashers

Korting manufactures partially and fully built-in dishwashers, as well as freestanding models. To choose the optimal model, it is worth considering the features of each type.

Fully embedded

Built-in appliances are an actual solution for those who need an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. The stylish and ergonomic model is efficient and consumes little energy.

Most machines have standard dimensions: 60 cm wide, 82 cm high and 55 cm deep. Built-in models do not have side wall cladding, as they are designed to be installed under the countertop. Dishwashers are spacious, so they are suitable for a large family.

Embedded partially

Such models are gaining popularity in Russia.

Thanks to installation under the countertop, you can significantly save space in the kitchen. To get to the chamber, you do not need to open the door. Unlike the fully built-in model, the panel is always visible. Due to the wide range, it is easy to choose a model to your taste.


A classic that never goes out of style. The pluses include the location in any place at the request of the owner.

The machine will not spoil the interior and can become its pleasant addition. The main plus is that in case of malfunctions, it is easier to diagnose, since there will be no problems with dismantling. Dishwashers of this type are about 20% cheaper than built-in ones, which is also an important point.


Advantages and disadvantages

The range includes dozens of models with standard and optional features. A large selection of goods in different price segments simplifies the choice for the consumer. In addition to the distinctive features of dishwashers, there are several common pros and cons.


  • a large selection of programs — the buyer buys a machine with the necessary modes without overpaying for it;
  • the technique is thought out to the smallest detail — large dishes and small items will fit in the chamber;
  • the machine is equipped with three unusually shaped sprinklers located at different angles for better cleaning;
  • leakage protection system avoids flooding if the hose is damaged;
  • Dishes are always clean and dry.


  • some models are noisy;
  • fasteners, valves and filters are made of plastic;
  • Not all machines have the ability to partially load.


How to choose and what to look for?

Choosing a dishwasher is a process that should be approached responsibly. It makes no sense to buy a unit just because of the beautiful performance. There may not be the necessary functions, or vice versa, there may be a lot of options that are not needed.

To make a choice, you should pay attention to a number of nuances:

  • Where will the dishwasher be?. There are floor-standing full-size dishwashers and compact ones that can be installed in a kitchen cabinet. Standard ones can accommodate more than 12 sets of dishes, small ones — up to 10. It is better for a large family to choose a device for installation under the countertop.
  • Built-in or freestanding. With partial embedding, the control panel remains outside, while with full embedding, you can see the panel when you open the door. A prerequisite is installation in a kitchen set. A freestanding machine can be placed in any room. This option is optimal for those who already have a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Number of containers. Standard and narrow type machines have two or three baskets. Often the kit comes with a separate container for cutlery, which is placed on top. You can adjust the height of the baskets to stack large items.
  • Leak protection. There is partial and complete protection against leakage. When fully protected, the tank and hoses are provided. A sensor is installed at the bottom of the case, which reacts to water and shuts off its supply. Dishwashers with full leak protection are more expensive, but eliminate the risk of a flood.
  • Resource Saving. Any dishwasher consumes less water than washing dishes by hand. The main indicator of savings is the energy efficiency class. Modern machines have class A. This means that they consume a minimum of electricity and water.
  • Noise at work. Quiet are models with a noise level of up to 45dB. The average is up to 49 dB, the standard is more than 50 dB. A sign of quiet operation is the presence of an inverter motor. If the machine is quiet, you can run it at night.
  • Special programs. The standard, intensive and economic program is available in all dishwashers. Some models are supplemented with an accelerated and delicate mode, as well as an intelligent program. The machine automatically selects the mode, taking into account the number of dishes and the hardness of the water.


TOP 4 built-in dishwashers Korting

What is the best Korting built-in dishwasher in your opinion? You can vote one once.

Built-in dishwashers are easy to operate, durable and quiet during operation. They fit perfectly into any interior, as they are covered with a decorative panel.

Korting offers dozens of built-in models. There are TOP 4 best models.

KDI 4540

The 45 cm wide dishwasher can be connected to hot or cold water supply. Housing made of stainless steel6

, so over time, plaque does not form. Inside there is a compartment for cutlery, and the height of the baskets can be adjusted.


  • dimensions — 88x45x56 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 0.69 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 9 l;
  • power — 2000 W;
  • noise level — 49 dB.


  • full protection against leaks due to the AquaControl system;
  • effective drying through the vent;
  • uniform distribution of water;
  • economical use of resources;
  • delay start up to 24 hours;
  • display of data on the display.


  • noise at work;
  • incomprehensible instruction;
  • plastic parts;
  • small guarantee.

KDI 45130

A narrow dishwasher that fits into the set even in a small kitchen. The model is equipped with an S-Form sprinkler7

which evenly distributes water and ensures efficient cleaning.


  • dimensions — 88x45x56 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 0.74 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 12 l;
  • power — 1900 W;
  • noise level — 49 dB.


  • holds up to 10 sets of dishes;
  • there is a basket for appliances;
  • you can postpone work for up to 12 hours;
  • after the cycle is completed, it emits a sound signal;
  • AquaStop system protects against leaks.


  • large dishes are poorly washed;
  • when opening, the remaining time is not displayed;
  • it is impossible to report the dishes after launch;
  • emits a sound when the mode is automatically changed.

KDI 60165

A full-size dishwasher that washes 14 standard place settings at a time. The camera is illuminated by lampseight

. There are three baskets that can be adjusted in height.


  • dimensions — 88x60x56 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 1.05 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 11 l;
  • power — 2000 W;
  • noise level — 45 dB.


  • cope well with strong pollution;
  • dries dishes quickly
  • blocks the water supply in the event of a breakdown;
  • easy to manage;
  • You can set up a delayed start.


  • difficulties with the installation of the facade;
  • does not dry plastic and metal;
  • incomprehensible instruction;
  • does not always cope with rinsing;
  • noisy at work.

KDI 45175

Dishwasher of narrow type. Fits perfectly in a small kitchen. The dishes can be arranged in three containers that can be adjusted9

in height. From the inside, the chamber is illuminated with lamps. One load can wash 10 sets of dishes.


  • dimensions — 88x45x56 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 0.74 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 12 l;
  • power — 2000 W;
  • noise level — 49 dB.


  • well washes dishes of varying degrees of contamination;
  • there is an active drying function;
  • completely protected from leaks;
  • convenient to use;
  • is inexpensive;
  • the workflow is shown on the display.


  • short warranty period;
  • frequent breakage of plastic parts;
  • not all detergents are suitable.

TOP 3 Freestanding Korting Dishwashers

Which Korting freestanding dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

The main advantage of a freestanding dishwasher is that it can be placed anywhere where there is access to communications.

Korting brand dishwashers are distinguished by ergonomics, stylish design and versatility. In the selection of TOP-3 freestanding machines of high-quality German assembly.

KDF 2050W

Compact technology is suitable for rooms with any area. The hopper holds 6 sets of dishes. The machine is fineten

suitable for a family of two. The main advantage is the low water consumption per cycle.


  • dimensions — 43.6x55x50 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 0.61 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 6.5 l;
  • power — 1300 W;
  • noise level — 49 dB.


  • convenient control panel;
  • display of information on the display;
  • delayed start option;
  • quality wash.


  • plastic bottom of the bunker;
  • the door does not lock when opened;
  • bad lattice for mugs;
  • bad drying.

KDF 2050 S

Compact model with loading up to 6 standard sets. One set includes a plate for the first and second, a mugeleven

, cup and cutlery. The machine allows you to save on bills.


  • dimensions — 43.8x55x50 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 0.61 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 6.5 l;
  • power — 1300 W;
  • noise level — 49 dB.


  • easy to manage;
  • there are 6 washing modes;
  • information about the course of the cycle is displayed;
  • completely protected from leaks.


  • the door is poorly fixed when opened;
  • the smell of plastic in the first cycles;
  • click when turned on.

KDF 45150

Ergonomic unit that does not require a lot of space. Equipped with a standard motor that does not exceed12

the volume of conversations. There is a timer to delay the cycle.


  • dimensions — 84.5×44.8×60 cm;
  • energy consumption per cycle — 0.69 kW / h;
  • water consumption — 69 l;
  • power — 2000 W;
  • noise level — 49 dB.


  • holds 9 sets of dishes;
  • removes all impurities;
  • economically consumes resources;
  • There are 6 wash modes.


  • noisy at work;
  • too long modes;
  • short warranty.

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