Miele dishwashers are high quality appliances that deliver excellent results with minimal use of resources.

The equipment of this brand is one of the leaders in the Russian market in the category “Economy” and “Standard”.

Unique technologies provide removal of pollution of any complexity.

Distinctive features

Miele is a German company known worldwide for its high quality, durability and sleek design. In 1978, Miele introduced the first electronically controlled dish washer and dryer. Modern dishwashers do not lose their leading positions.

In the production of equipment, developers are introducing innovative technologies that improve the quality of washing and drying.

The design features of Miele dishwashers are as follows:

  • Resource Saving. The modes are programmed in such a way that the minimum amount of water and electricity is used when washing. Consumption depends on the model and the selected mode. Some machines use only 6.5 liters of water per cycle.
  • Convenient sprinklers. Water is supplied from several points, ensuring thorough washing of dishes from different directions.
  • Pull-out tray. All models have a separate tray for cutlery, spatulas and other small items.
  • Fragile section. The container can be adjusted by placing glasses with legs of different lengths and other dishes of non-standard sizes in it.
  • Tabs. As a means, you can use washing tablets, for which a special compartment is provided.
  • Perfect GlassCare. Technology for delicate washing of dishes made of thin glass. The machine itself regulates the pressure of water and temperature.
  • Knock2open. Easy touch door opening system.
  • auto open. Automatic opening of a door after end of work.
  • Waterproof. Leak protection system.


Types of dishwashers

Miele dishwashers are easy to use and come with a host of essential features.

The range includes partially and fully built-in units, as well as free-standing models. When choosing a machine, it is worth evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Fully embedded

The unit is designed for installation in a kitchen set. In the model range there are full-size (with a width of 60 cm) and narrow (with a width of 45 cm) dishwashers. The machine is hidden behind a decorative panel.

The main disadvantage is that you cannot move such a machine to another place. It is worth deciding in advance on the place for the device. If the kitchen is equipped and it is not planned to replace the headset, it is better to choose a stand-alone machine.

Embedded partially

The dishwasher is practically no different from the previous type. The only difference is that the navigation bar is located outside. The equipment is installed in the headset, but the front part is not covered by a panel.


Available in standard and compact sizes. Perfect for any interior style. Consumers appreciate the ability to move the dishwasher to another place – any where there is an opportunity to connect to an outlet and water supply will do.

The machine does not need to be decorated with a decorative panel, as it has a complete look. The range includes white and silver cars.


Advantages and disadvantages

Equipment from the German manufacturer Miele is known for the quality of materials and workmanship, as well as the combination of many functions. The company’s specialists are constantly improving equipment, introducing innovative technologies.

Dishwashers have a lot of advantages:

  • excellent capacity even for narrow cars;
  • high energy efficiency class — A, A+, A++;
  • low water consumption;
  • intuitive interface;
  • a huge selection of programs for washing dishes of various types;
  • gentle cleaning of glass and porcelain dishes;
  • possibility of connection to cold and hot water.

Consumers highlight several disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • Not all models have the option of half loading;
  • noise at work.


How to choose and what to look for?

Typically, household appliances are bought for at least 10 years. Dishwashers are no exception.

The choice of a machine should be approached responsibly. Miele offers dozens of different models. They differ not only in appearance, but also in the set of functions.

When familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of the unit, you should pay attention to a number of parameters:

  1. Number of baskets and the ability to move them. If the containers can be moved, large items can easily fit into the chamber.
  2. Number of sprinklers. The more sprinklers, the better the effect. In addition, their location affects. In Miele dishwashers, the spray arms are located in different parts of the chamber, which ensures thorough washing of dishes from all sides.
  3. Modes. In addition to the daily program, machines can have an accelerated, intensive and delicate mode. All these modes are available in Miele dishwashers.
  4. Additional options. This includes protection against leaks and automatic opening of the door after completion of work. The first function prevents sweat in the event of a dishwasher breakdown. The second is needed for drying dishes: the door opens up to a distance of 10 cm, providing fresh air.
  5. economy. The consumption of water and electricity is one of the main criteria by which one or another machine is preferred. The information is given in the technical data sheet.
  6. Price. Miele manufactures appliances designed for people with different incomes. The line includes budget and more expensive models in the maximum configuration.


TOP 5 built-in Miele dishwashers

Which Miele built-in dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

The rating presents 5 built-in dishwashers from the German company Miele. Each is equipped with an inverter motor for quiet operation.

The line includes narrow and full-size cars. Taking into account the assessment of consumers, it is possible to highlight the pros and cons of each model.


Ergonomic unit with six programs for dishes of any degree of soiling. Hopper surface6

made of stainless steel, and the baskets can be adjusted to your liking.

The dishwasher is rated A for energy efficiency, which means it uses the least amount of resources.


  • dimensions – 87x45x60 cm;
  • water consumption per cycle – 9 l;
  • power consumption – 0.8 kW / h;
  • power – 2200 W;
  • noise level – 45 dB.


  • mode for heavily soiled dishes;
  • fast cycle;
  • turbo function – acceleration of any mode;
  • delicate mode for fragile dishes;
  • pre-soak.


  • fits only 9 sets;
  • no half load;
  • no intelligent drying.


Miele G 5100 SC is the best choice for those looking for a dishwasher with a large chamber. Roomy unit7

with an excellent set of features. It works quietly due to the presence of a modern inverter motor.


  • dimensions – 60x60x84 cm;
  • water consumption per cycle – 13 l;
  • power consumption – 1.02 kW / h;
  • power – 2200 W;
  • noise level – 46 dB.


  • capacity 13 sets;
  • quiet work;
  • 5 basic modes;
  • delicate and fast mode;
  • handy container for small items.


  • not resistant to power surges;
  • weak protection against leaks;
  • only products recommended by the manufacturer can be used;
  • high price.

G 4263 Vi Active

The G 4263 Vi Active model, in addition to basic modes and functions, has several additional options thateight

improve washing efficiency.

Suitable for large families as 13 sets can be loaded at one time. It has an A+ energy rating.


  • dimensions – 60x57x80 cm;
  • water consumption per cycle – 13.5 l;
  • power consumption – 1.04 kW / h;
  • power – 2100 W;
  • noise level – 46 dB.


  • 5 basic modes;
  • eco mode;
  • intensive cleaning for stubborn dirt;
  • accelerated and gentle mode;
  • delayed start from 1 to 24 hours.


  • the door does not open after washing;
  • high consumption of water and electricity;
  • noise at work.


A worthy technique for people who value their time. Capacity – 9 sets. Option for families of two9

. The unit is fully integrated into the headset. The electronic panel simplifies the process of controlling the machine.


  • dimensions – 44.8x57x80.5 cm;
  • water consumption per cycle – 8.7 l;
  • power consumption – 0.52 kW / h;
  • power – 2100 W;
  • noise level – 46 dB.


  • you can delay the start up to 24 hours;
  • there is a mode for washing dishes made of porcelain and thin glass;
  • fast mode to save resources;
  • convenient baskets with the possibility of adjustment;
  • Cup holders included.


  • high price;
  • complex instruction;
  • unreliable plastic parts.

G 4980 SCVi

Dishwasher 60 cm wide, designed to be fully integrated into the kitchen setten

. The equipment consumes little electricity (class A ++) despite its large size.


  • dimensions – 59.8x57x80.5 cm;
  • water consumption per cycle – 9.9 l;
  • power consumption – 0.94 kW / h;
  • power – 2100 W;
  • noise level – 45 dB.


  • convenient navigation panel;
  • capacity 14 sets;
  • energy class A++;
  • 5 basic modes;
  • delayed start.


  • no delicate mode;
  • long programs;
  • does not dry well;
  • does not turn off automatically at the end of the cycle.