One of the simplest models of refrigerators from Indesit. Supports a minimum of functions, but at the same time it is relatively inexpensive. Without ice maker, with drip defrost system.

Functionality Indesit ES 20

The main supported features in the refrigerator Indesit ES 20:

  1. Electromechanical control (there are both buttons and an adjusting knob).
  2. Doors can be re-hung at the discretion of the buyer.
  3. The minimum temperature in the freezer is -18 degrees, the declared capacity is up to 2 kg per day.
  4. Manual defrosting of the freezer (for a refrigerator, this is only required 1 to 2 times a year, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations).

Temperature management is common, as the compressor is installed with only one cooling circuit.

Refrigerator Indesit ES 20

Pros and cons of the model

Key benefits of Indesit ES 20:

  • inexpensive, one of the most affordable from this manufacturer;
  • attractive design;
  • a large number of options for installing shelves in the refrigerator.


  • must be manually defrosted;
  • low productivity of the freezer (in comparison with other models of the same manufacturer);
  • high power consumption.


The characteristics of Indesit ES 20 declared by the manufacturer:

  • energy class — up to 496 kWh per year (B);
  • total volume — 341 liters, refrigerator — 233 liters;
  • noise during operation — up to 38 decibels;
  • weight — 79 kilograms;
  • autonomous preservation of cold — up to 19 hours (in the absence of electricity).

Indesit ES 20


Reviews about the Indesit ES 20 are mixed. On the one hand, it is a reliable and inexpensive refrigerator, on the other hand, it has very simple functionality. Suitable for those on a limited budget.

Yaroslava Fedorova

Bought 2.5 years ago. Small, tall, so we take up a minimum of free space in the kitchen. Understanding the functions is extremely easy. But the boxes in the freezer are not the most reliable. One already has cracks. You will have to buy a spare from the manufacturer, and the prices for the boxes are high for some reason.

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