Refrigerator with full size freezer. This model is ideal for small kitchens. Mechanical control. It is possible to move the doors.

Functionality ATLANT ХМ 6024-031

The refrigerator is equipped with the “Super Freeze” function, which speeds up the freezing process by up to 35%. You can also independently adjust the optimal temperature regime in the chambers.45874


  1. Low noise level.
  2. Possibility of hanging doors.
  3. The shelves are made of impact-resistant glass.

Distinctive features

  1. The presence of the function “Superfreeze”.
  2. Convenient management.
  3. Mechanical temperature control.

Pros and cons of the model


  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. Stylish design.
  3. Excellent build quality.


  1. There are often disruptions.


  1. Energy consumption: 383 kWh/year.
  2. Freezing capacity: 15 kg/day.
  3. Freezer defrosting / HTO: manual.
  4. Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber: drip.
  5. Min. freezer / HTO temperature (C): -18°.
  6. Freshness zone (zero chamber): no.
  7. Noise level: 40 dB.
  8. Autonomous cold storage: 17 hours
  9. Refrigerant: R600a (isobutane).
  10. Egg stand: yes.
  11. Form for ice: is.
  12. Stand for bottles: yes.
  13. Total usable volume: 347 l.
  14. Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber: 246 l.
  15. Useful volume of the freezing chamber / NTO: 101 l.