Rating of the best robotic vacuum cleaners from Aliexpress 2022 (TOP 10)

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The year is coming to an end, the main players have already released their new products, and we can sum up the preliminary results. For this rating, I have selected the 10 best robot vacuum cleaners that can be purchased on Aliexpress in 22. The presented models differ from each other in design, suction power, navigation, functionality and cost. There are also simple robots for 10-16 thousandh — they are suitable for work in one-room apartments, there are also multifunctional machines for 40-60 thousand rubles — these vacuum cleaners are no worse than a hand-held vacuum cleaner, and the floors are washed at the level of a polisher. Therefore, everyone can find something for themselves. Recently, prices for Ali have not been lower than on Yandex.Market, so I recommend looking at the rating of the best robots in 2022.

Table of participants in the rating of robotic vacuum cleaners from Aliexpress 2022

ILIFE V7s Plus

ILIFE V7s Plus


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.3 l
  • equipment: electric brush, side brush
  • battery life: up to 120 min
  • add. functions: programming by days of the week
  • design features: soft bumper, built-in clock

Unlocks ILIFE V7s Plus rating. One of the most frequently sold models of 2018, it is still in high demand. The popularity of the robot is explained by an affordable price tag of 10 thousand rubles. Before us is a classic robot vacuum cleaner with a soft touch bumper, which is responsible for navigation.: V7s Plus moves in a straight line, detects an obstacle with IR sensors or hits a bumper, then changes direction and drives to the next obstacle.

There are others movement modes: along walls and in a spiral. You can activate them using the remote control. Of the working tools, the robot has an end whisk and a turbo brush, but it will not cope with deep cleaning of the carpet — the suction power is only enough to collect surface debris. If you install a water tank in place of the dust collector, the robot will be able to wipe the floors. The height of the body is only 84 mm, so the robot can easily pass under the furniture.

  • works quietly;
  • compact body;
  • simple control;
  • large tank (300 ml);
  • the turbo brush is disassembled for ease of maintenance;
  • remote control holder in the docking station.
  • weak motor;
  • primitive navigation;
  • one end brush;
  • no adjustment of power and wetting;
  • low reliability.

The basic version of the robot vacuum cleaner, which is only suitable for preventive cleaning in small apartments. Due to the weak navigation system, it is advisable to launch the robot in each room separately. The main problem with this model is that it is obsolete. Most modern economy-class robots are equipped with a gyroscope, suck up heavy particles of debris and connect to a smartphone.




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • cleaning area: 150 m2
  • Smart control
  • automatic return to charging base
  • continuous operation time 120 min

The ninth place is occupied by ABIR X6. Budget vacuum cleaner with camera and gyroscope. The camera reads the outlines of the ceilings and determines the layout of the apartment, and the gyroscope tells the robot its position in space. Already after the first launch, it draws a map in the application, and then gradually refines it. Cleaning is carried out in zigzags without re-passage through the treated areas. On the map, you can specify target areas and put virtual walls. Two end brushes extend the coverage of the surface in one pass up to 350 mm. The motor was placed in the dust collector, so the suction force was brought up to 2500 Pa. This is enough to draw in hair, sand and grains.

The 2600 mAh battery provides up to 2 hours of quiet operation. If necessary, a 360 ml water tank can be installed in place of the dust collector, then he can mop the floors. The fluid supply is controlled by a built-in pump. Despite the large number of sensors and microcircuits, the body of the robot is miniature — 76×300 mm. It maneuvers well between the legs of the chair, passes under the bathtub, radiator and in other hard-to-reach places. The price tag is modest — 16 thousand rubles.

  • camera-based navigation;
  • interactive map;
  • two side brushes;
  • powerful motor;
  • volumetric dust collector (600 ml) and tank;
  • suction and wetting adjustment.
  • weak battery;
  • separate dry and wet cleaning;
  • inconvenient to clean the dust collector;
  • fixed turbo brush frame.

ABIR X6 is suitable for medium-sized homes with a simple layout and moderate levels of pollution. Unlike ILIFE V7s Plus, it processes the room systematically, leaves no gaps, offers more control options, and vacuums carpets better. Wet cleaning here is no longer just a marketing ploy, but a very real, albeit auxiliary, function. The mop leaves a uniform trail and efficiently collects surface dust.


Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot 1C


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • add. functions: building a map of the room, a signal when the battery is low
  • smartphone control
  • operating modes: zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along the walls
  • continuous operation time 90 min

The eighth place is occupied by XIAOMI MIJIA 1C. Although it has been three years since the release of MIJIA 1C, it is still one of the best camera robots. XIAOMI managed to find the perfect combination of price and quality: MIJIA 1C has a corporate design in a minimalist style, powerful motor (2500 Pa) and at the same time a modest price tag of 15 thousand rubles. And after last year’s update, the robot received an interactive map on which you can set target, restricted areas and virtual walls. After saving the map, the smart vacuum cleaner automatically divides the apartment into rooms, whose borders can be changed in the editor. At any time, the assistant can be sent to the bedroom, living room and to any other location.

For contact processing of the coating, it is armed with an end brush and a floating turbo brush.. It adapts to the contour of the floor, ensuring a secure fit of the socket in all areas. The water tank comes separately. This made it possible to increase the volume of the dust collector to 600 ml. The robot can also vacuum and mop floors at the same time. The 2400 mAh battery provides up to 1.5 hours of quiet operation.

  • corporate design;
  • room selection in the editor;
  • rational construction of the route;
  • washable HEPA filter;
  • complex cleaning;
  • good build quality.
  • weak battery;
  • small tank volume (180 ml);
  • minimum equipment;
  • fear of black surfaces.

This is a balanced vacuum cleaner for small apartments. It copes with any garbage that the dog brings home, cleans carpets from wool, draws sand from cracks up to 2 mm deep. Unlike ABIR X6, MIJIA 1C can vacuum and mop floors at the same time, which cuts the time for complex cleaning in half. But the most important thing is robot from Xiaomi can be sent to any room with the touch of a fingerwhich is more convenient than constantly drawing geometric shapes on the map.

360 S7

360 S7


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.5 l
  • suction power — 2000 Pa
  • smartphone control
  • equipped with lidar
  • continuous operation time 120 min

In seventh place is 360 S7. Another representative of the classics, which has retained its relevance to this day. 360 S7 is equipped with lidar, so it builds and stores a map after the first cycle of work. In total, up to 10 cards are stored in memory — the option is useful for multi-level houses. In addition to the IR sensors, a TOF sensor is built into the bumper so that the assistant can drive faster along the walls. In the application, you can change the boundaries of rooms, give them familiar names, draw rectangular sectors, and restricted areas for dry and wet cleaning. It is not necessary to encircle carpets with restricted areas, it recognizes them and automatically bypasses them. with a mop installed.

The nominal suction power is 2000 Pa, but in terms of the quality of garbage collection, the robot will not yield to analogues with 2500 Pa. To make him wipe the floors, just fasten a 150 ml tank under the bottom. The battery is not the most powerful (3000 mAh), but it is enough for an average apartment. Depending on the power, the vacuum cleaner processes from 50 to 100 sq. m per working cycle. At the start of sales for 360 S7, they asked for more than 30 thousand rubles, and today you can take it on Ali for 18,500 rubles.

  • laser navigation;
  • carpet recognition;
  • planning cleaning in the right rooms;
  • full Russification of instructions and applications;
  • high-quality plastic and reliable assembly.
  • filtering only through a HEPA filter;
  • uncontrolled water supply;
  • no spare cloth and filter;
  • no virtual walls.

Purpose 360 ​​S7 — dry cleaning. The robot efficiently collects wool, seeds and large debris such as building blocks or small stones. Unlike MIJIA 1C 360 S7, it changes the motor power depending on the floor covering, which allows you to save battery power more economically. The 360 ​​robot navigates better in rooms with complex layoutsbut during wet cleaning it is impossible to leave it unattended.




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • suction power — 6000 Pa
  • smartphone control
  • three filters (mesh, foam and HEPA filter)
  • continuous operation time 120 min

In sixth place is the most powerful robot on the market NEATSVOR X600 Pro. The manufacturer claims a suction power of 6000 Pa. In fact, this figure is half, or even three times less, but NEATSVOR copes with dry cleaning better than analogues in its price range. This is advantageously achieved by means of a second end brush. The difference compared to «one-armed» robots is noticeable on a smooth floor and thin carpet. The garbage falls into the dust collector with a volume of 600 ml. Three filters are installed inside (mesh, foam rubber and HEPA filter), so even fine dust will remain inside the container.

If you replace the dust collector with a tank (350 ml), it will be able to clean the floors in the entire apartment. The robot controls the water supply and not only collects surface dust, but also scrubs dried shoe marks. The WeBack application is used for control. On the compiled map, you can draw rectangles for local cleaning, set up virtual walls and restricted areas. The manufacturer did not save on the battery — a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery is installed in the compartment under the case. Taking into account the described technical characteristics, the price tag is low — 22–26 thousand rubles.

  • premium battery;
  • quality cleaning;
  • triple filtration;
  • two end brushes;
  • attractive design.
  • non-proprietary application;
  • the cover collects fingerprints;
  • alternating dry and wet cleaning;
  • does not divide the house into rooms;
  • afraid of black carpets.

NEATSVOR X600 Pro is not as cool as the manufacturer makes it out to be, but better than most analogues. It has cheaper plastic than the 360 ​​S7 and a less functional application, but it can work in large areas, picks up debris more efficiently on smooth surfaces and cleans floors much better. If the result of the work is more important to you, then it is better to take NEATSVOR, if the quality of workmanship and ease of use, you can return to the 360 ​​S7.


Yeedi 2 Hybrid


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.24 l
  • suction power — 2500 Pa
  • smartphone control
  • battery: 5200 mAh
  • continuous operation time 200 min

The top five is opened by YEEDI 2 HYBRID. Instead of lidar, the manufacturer equipped the robot with a panoramic camera, so it won in size: the body height is 77 mm versus 100 mm for models with lidar, and almost did not lose in navigation. After three cycles of work, the vacuum cleaner remembers the map, you can select rooms on it, draw zones for different types of cleaning. YEEDI has a modern working unit: with guides for wool, protection against socks, with a floating turbo brushwhich is disassembled on one side.

Rated suction force 2500 Pa, but since the design was borrowed from Ecovacs, the actual power is higher. It gets sand out of deep crevices, collects heavy debris and cleans even medium-sized carpets with high quality. Air passes three-stage filtrationfree from allergens and mold spores. A 240 ml tank with a dense napkin is inserted into a separate slot at the back. The battery is the same as the NEATSVOR X600 Pro — 5200 mAh. On Aliexpress, YEEDI 2 HYBRID is offered for 22 thousand rubles.

  • compact body;
  • cleaning in the selected room;
  • processes black coatings;
  • powerful engine;
  • modern turbo brush design;
  • two end brushes;
  • independent location of the tank.
  • good passability under furniture;
  • no spare accessories included;
  • remembers only one card;
  • no automatic power boost on carpets.

This is a versatile robot vacuum cleaner that perfectly copes with complex cleaning in a large one-level apartment.. If the 360 ​​S7 boasted ease of operation, and the NEATSVOR X600 Pro boasted high efficiency, then YEEDI 2 HYBRID combines both of these parameters. Unlike competitors with a lidar turret, YEEDI maneuvers much better in a cluttered room.

Proscenic M8 PRO

Proscenic M8 PRO


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.28 l
  • Base with automatic cleaning function
  • smartphone control
  • IPNAS 4.0 technology
  • continuous operation time 120 min

Fourth place goes to Proscenic M8 PRO. Let’s get back to robots with lidar. One of the brightest representatives of this family is Proscenic M8 PRO. The robot is perfectly oriented in space, avoids oncoming obstacles and moves around the house according to the markings on the map. In a proprietary application, you can rename rooms and zone the room in any way. Its engine is one of the most powerful on the market — 3000 Pa. This suction is sufficient for high-quality cleaning of low-pile carpets and collecting cereals from a smooth floor.

Combined type robot container: 300 ml tank with dust compartment and triple filtration. In the floor polisher mode, the vacuum cleaner changes the trajectory of movement from an S-shaped to a Y-shaped, which helps it scrub off the dirt stuck to the floor. But the main trump card of this model is a self-cleaning station, to which he periodically ships the collected garbage. The power of 1050 W is enough to clean the dust containerand to draw out the dust collected on the filters. You can buy an independent assistant for 37 thousand rubles.

  • self-cleaning;
  • advanced cartography functionality;
  • high suction power;
  • control panel on the docking station;
  • complex cleaning;
  • polisher mode.
  • no Russian voice package;
  • the brush is disassembled on one side only;
  • fixed frame of the working block;
  • thin napkin;
  • The water level in the tank is hard to see through the matte plastic.

Proscenic M8 PRO is a premium robot vacuum that does all three well: major dry cleaning, wiping the floor or comprehensive cleaning of the house. In terms of the design of the working block, it is slightly inferior to YEEDI 2 HYBRID, but it surpasses it in navigation and completely frees the user from the routine of emptying the container. For allergy sufferers, this can be a significant factor. True, before buying, you need to consider that the Proscenic application has not yet been translated into Russian.




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.3 l
  • suction power average: 2700 Pa
  • smartphone control
  • touchscreen
  • continuous operation time 200 min

The third place is occupied by ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot with self-cleaning station from Xiaomi sub-brand. This can be guessed both by its name and by the quality of execution. It immediately gives the impression of a premium vacuum cleaner, which it is. Navigation is implemented in the same way as other models with a laser rangefinder, but the motor power and water supply intensity can be set for each room separately. Suction power average — 2700 Pabut thanks to the well-thought-out design of the bottom, ROIDMI copes with cleaning more efficiently than its counterparts.

Two end brushes reduce particle dispersion on hard floors, and the central brush «floats» and disassembles from two sides, without causing unnecessary trouble with maintenance. For wet cleaning, you can activate the Y-shaped mode, then the robot will mop the floors in a herringbone pattern. The self-cleaning station is compact — the docking port is located in the depth, so the parked vacuum cleaner takes up less space. There are no control buttons on the station, but there is a touch screen. On Aliexpress, the price tag for this model ranges from 31 to 37 thousand rubles.

  • exquisite design;
  • xiaomi quality;
  • modern design;
  • special settings for each room;
  • rational navigation;
  • low noise level (54–61 dB).
  • poor-quality translation of the application;
  • 250 ml tank — smaller than Proscenic M8 PRO;
  • mediocre wet cleaning;
  • no spare end brushes.

Similar to the Proscenic M8 PRO in many ways: similar design, self-cleaning and cleaning functionality. But the ROIDMI body is made of more expensive plastic, there is no Russian language in the application, and the design of this vacuum cleaner is more successful. Therefore, it copes with cleaning better, even despite the lower suction power. If you manage to find it for 31 thousand rubles, you need to take it without hesitation: this is the best robot with a cleaning station in this price segment.

Roborock S7

Roborock S7


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.5 l
  • suction power: 2500 Pa
  • smartphone control
  • cleaning and absorbent brush
  • continuous operation time 200 min

Silver is taken by a new generation robot from Roborock model S7. This is the only vacuum cleaner on the market that lifts the mop on carpets. The advantage of this technology is that the assistant can do a comprehensive cleaning with one start, vacuum the carpets and wash the floors. The need for detailed zoning of the room also disappears, although if necessary, it is quite simple to do this — carpets are displayed on the map. During dry cleaning, it cleans floors with a rubber roller and sweeps dirt from corners with a 5-beam brush.

Taking into account the improved design of the working unit, the suction force of 2500 Pa is enough to pull out the dust that has settled in the carpet. And during wet cleaning, the central part of the mop vibrates, removing stubborn dirt.. Vibration frequency, suction power and water flow can be adjusted individually for each room. At a discount, you can pick up a high-tech vacuum cleaner for 39,400 rubles, and for a fee you can purchase a self-cleaning station. The Roborock S7 has a rather original one: firstly, it has its own HEPA filter, and secondly, it can work without a bag.

  • picks up the mop;
  • reliable accessories;
  • detailed cleaning settings;
  • deep cleaning of the carpet;
  • simple maintenance;
  • full Russification.
  • one end brush with screw fastening;
  • does not drive under the curtains;
  • minimalistic equipment;
  • single filtration (HEPA filter);
  • does not recognize objects on the floor.

One of two candidates for the title of best vacuum cleaner 2022. Unlike the previous representatives of the rating, this is a truly innovative vacuum cleaner that can make life much easier for its owner, especially if you take a self-cleaning station. The difference in cleaning quality compared to competitors can be seen on the example of a door mat: a regular vacuum cleaner will only pick up wool and crumbs, while the Roborock S7 will also pull out sand. The first step towards a handheld vacuum cleaner.




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.5 l
  • suction power: 4000 Pa
  • smartphone control
  • bagless
  • continuous operation time 60 min

And now we have reached the leader of the rating — this is ECOVACS DEEBOT T9 AIVI Plus. For navigation, it is equipped with lidar and a front camera. Lidar helps to build a map. It supports 3D mode — you just need to arrange virtual furniture and you can enjoy the three-dimensional picture. The camera recognizes objects on the floor and helps you choose the right route: go around excrement, wires, socks, carefully handle furniture legs, pots, boxes. The claimed suction power is 3000 Pa: by the standards of Ecovacs, this is a very powerful motor that will actually give odds to any “monster” with a 4000 Pa engine. The Ecovacs working unit was copied from the American Roomba i7 — two extractor rollers rotating in opposite directions. Such a system is effective even on medium-pile carpets, and rollers polish hard floors to a shine.

To wash the floors, there is a module with a vibrating mop. Garbage accumulates in a dust collector with triple filtration (mesh, foam rubber, HEPA filter), so the robot combines the function of an air purifier. If necessary, you can insert a special tablet into the slot on the tank, then the vacuum cleaner will emit a pleasant aroma. The second unique feature is blowing dust off the body of the vacuum cleaner so that it always looks beautiful. A kit with a self-cleaning station will cost 65 thousand rubles.

  • two end and two central brushes;
  • object recognition;
  • 3D map;
  • detailed cleaning settings;
  • hurricane motor;
  • built-in fragrance;
  • vibrating mop.
  • don’t pick up the mop on carpets;
  • the station does not work without a bag.

DEEBOT T9 AIVI Plus combines all modern technological advances. It not only deep cleans carpets like the Roborock S7, but also recognizes objects, which greatly improves the usability in homes with furry residents and children. Wet cleaning here is implemented at the level of a professional polisher. If only the central segment of the mop moves with Roborock, then with DEEBOT the entire mop moves back and forth, so the quality of wiping is even higher. This is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for anyone who can afford one.

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