Rating of the best gas heaters in 2022 (TOP 12)

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When you need to temporarily heat the room, you can do this with a universal gas heater. They come in the form of converters, wall-mounted or floor portable. In nature, in the cool season, you can use the outdoor version of such gas equipment, and when hiking or fishing, its compact counterpart will come in handy. This type of heating devices is valued for mobility, economy, high performance. After studying hundreds of reviews and expert opinions, I have compiled a rating of the best gas heaters in 2022.

TOP 10 best heaters from Aliexpress

Rating of the best manufacturers (firms)

TOP of the best gas heaters

When choosing heating equipment, the first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the device. Of course, it should be chosen based on the needs and place of its application. But in order for it to be effective in operation, it is recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer (company) that has positive recommendations and reviews about the quality of the product.

The market for such products is oversaturated. Heating equipment is represented by many manufacturers that meet quality criteria. However, among them there are those that won the championship. Among the companies whose heating equipment deserves attention and has proven itself well during operation, the following can be distinguished.

  • Ballu — a specialized company for the manufacture of climate equipment. It has representative offices all over the world, the main ones are located in Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Poland and China. The company has in its composition specialized laboratories for conducting experiments in design and a design bureau.
  • Timberk — the company was founded in 2004, today it distributes its products in Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS. Climate equipment is presented in a wide range (more than 120 items), which can be conditionally divided into split systems and specialized heating equipment.
  • Kovea — founded in 1982, is a popular and widespread company in the world for the manufacture of spectrum goods outdoor. Including has a wide range of gas burners and lamps.
  • Pathfinder — Russian company, with a specialized profile — travel equipment. Among other things, it produces gas-fired heating devices for the tourism industry. The products have been produced since 1991, have proven themselves well and are supplied to neighboring countries.
  • Siabs — Italian company, marked by the uniqueness of the presented products, which has no analogues. Especially the company was noted for its impeccable quality during the operation of heating devices.

The companies mentioned above were selected in the rating of the best, formed on the basis of consumer reviews. The evaluation criterion is the quality and efficiency in the process of long-term operation.

Types of gas heaters

If you decide to buy a gas heater, then you should familiarize yourself with their varieties. Heaters of the same type are intended for the house and apartment. And for a garage or a summer residence, completely different gas burners are offered. As well as a separate category are outdoor devices for heating.

Consider which of the models are the best for use in specific conditions.

TOP 3 floor gas heaters

Timberk TGH 4200 M1

Timberk TGH 4200 M1

The rating is opened by the Timberk model, which has a minimum power of 1.55 kW and a maximum of 4.2 kW. It is designed to heat a room up to 60 m². Fuel — propane, butane. Gas consumption — 0.31 kg / h. A gas cylinder up to 15 kg can fit inside the device (it must be purchased separately). Three levels of heating power. The heater has the function of infrared heating, CO level control system2, rollover cut-off system, gas control and piezo ignition. The scope of delivery includes a reducer and a gas hose. All switches are located at the top of the case, so quick access to the settings is possible.

  • piezoelectric ignition;
  • blocking the gas supply without fire;
  • durable, high-quality case;
  • low gas consumption.
  • strong gas pressure extinguishes the glow plug;
  • sometimes there is an arbitrary shutdown of the device;
  • gas cylinder must be purchased separately;
  • ceramics crumble over time;
  • without a cylinder easily overturns;
  • there is a smell of gas.

The model copes well with heating a large room with a small gas consumption (300 g / h). But the lack of a cylinder in the delivery set is a minus, although for such a price we can hardly demand more. The device is not without flaws, during its operation the smell of gas is felt, periodically it turns off by itself. The price is 6 thousand rubles.

TOP-2 wall-mounted gas heaters

Hosseven HDU-3

Hosseven HDU-3

The wall-mounted heater of the German company Hosseven with a power of 2.7 kW is designed for heating a room with a maximum area of ​​30 m² at a gas flow rate of 0.27 m3/hour. The heat exchanger of the gas convector Hosseven HDU-3 is made of steel, has developed fins, which increases heat transfer, provides a quick exit to operating power after switching on. The built-in thermostat maintains the set temperature. It has a closed combustion chamber. The intake of air and the ejection of combustion products is carried out through a coaxial flue pipe. A telescopic coaxial chimney is included in the scope of supply. Air heaters do not require additional organization of ventilation. The device is made of high quality cast iron, which ensures a 50-year service life. All air heaters are equipped with a POLIDORO burner and SIT gas fittings, which additionally guarantees the reliability and durability of the equipment.

  • good quality assembly materials;
  • closed combustion cycle makes the convector safe for health;
  • beautiful, compact;
  • the ability to work from a cylinder with liquefied gas;
  • gas valve Sit (Italy).
  • with a strong warm-up, it starts to work loudly;
  • high price.

A model of excellent quality, which, according to the manufacturer, is designed for 50 years, with a high efficiency of 90%. The device is safe due to the closed combustion chamber, after its operation it is not necessary to ventilate the room due to the smell of gas or burning. Of the minuses — it starts to work noticeably louder when it gets very hot, otherwise it is a very successful and good device. The price is 15500 rubles.

TOP-5 compact (for a tent) gas heaters

Hyundai H-HG3-25-UI777

Hyundai H-HG3-25-UI777

Gas infrared heater of a well-known manufacturer. The maximum power is 2.5 kW. Designed for heating with propane or butane of a room with a maximum area of ​​40 m². The gas consumption is 0.22 kg/h. The device can heat the room, cook food in the open air: for this, the delivery set includes a grill grate. It is equipped with manual ignition, heating power adjustment, protection against tipping over and overheating.

  • low price;
  • compactness;
  • perfectly warms;
  • you can cook food.
  • the paint peels off very quickly;
  • often fails;
  • there are cases of fire when first turned on;
  • bad smell;
  • short hose.

The model is cheap, but of poor quality: after a couple of uses, the paint begins to crumble, an unpleasant smell comes from the device. There are many cases of ignition during start-up, due to defective parts or incompetence of the user. The price is 1300 rubles.

TOP-2 gas street heaters

NeoClima 07HW-B

NeoClima 07HW-B

The Neoclima 07HW-B outdoor heater is designed for heating open spaces: gazebos, terraces, cafes. It has a stylish design, cylindrical shape, made in steel color. It will become a heating device and a stylish piece of furniture. The minimum power is 5 kW, the maximum is 11 kW. Designed for space heating with a maximum area of ​​20 m². Runs on propane or butane. The maximum gas consumption is 0.85 kg/h. A cylinder up to 27 kg can fit inside the device: it is installed inside the heater itself and is hidden from prying eyes. The height of the living flame is 1.5 m. Like most modern heaters, the principle of its operation is to radiate infrared heat. The heater has a gas control system, a tilt protection sensor, a piezo ignition and a thermostat. The package includes a pressure reducer, a gas hose.

  • can be used in open spaces;
  • very good as additional lighting;
  • smooth power adjustment (5–11 kW);
  • live flame — up to 1.5 m;
  • rollover protection sensor.
  • high fuel consumption;
  • overcharge;
  • warranty is only 1 year.

A very beautiful heater with a maximum open flame height of 1.5 m. It looks very nice and can be used as additional outdoor lighting at night. The device can work with different gas cylinders up to 27 liters — this is a standard indicator. But fuel consumption per hour is very high and far from economical. Thanks to its high power, its smooth adjustment, the device does its job perfectly. The price is 15 thousand rubles.

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Ballu BOGH-15

Ballu BOGH-15

The device has an interesting design: live fire enclosed in a flask made of high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass attracts visitors to cafes and restaurants. A unique feature of the heater is that starting, adjusting the height of the flame and turning it off is possible manually on the control unit located on the dashboard. The minimum power is 5 kW, the maximum is 13 kW, which is slightly more than in NeoClima 07HW-B. Designed to heat a room with a maximum area of ​​20 sq. m. Works on propane, butane. The maximum gas consumption is 0.97 kg/h. A gas cylinder up to 27 kg can fit inside the device. The heater is made of corrosion-resistant alloyed stainless steel, protected from atmospheric precipitation from above by a four-sided reflector, the surface area of ​​which is 0.5 m². A multi-level protection system is responsible for the safety of operation. The tilt sensor turns off the flame when the gas heater is tilted more than 45 °, the thermoelectric sensor and the solenoid valve stop the gas supply in critical situations — when the flame goes out or when there is a gas leak. Due to the built-in wheel base, the heater can be freely and safely moved on any surface, despite its large size and weight (40 kg). The device can also be used as an advertising surface: for its placement, a slate magnetic surface is provided with a mount on the bottom of the case. The package includes a pressure reducer, a gas hose.

  • a unique modernized burner (developed by the Institute of Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences);
  • high strength, corrosion resistance;
  • the unique design of the afterburner ensures 100% combustion of the fuel mixture;
  • thermal glass japanese flask.
  • high price;
  • large size and weight;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • before the first ignition, an air lock comes out for a long time;
  • the remote control is provided only in the Ballu BOGH-15E model.

The heater is very large, heavy, especially when compared with NeoClima 07HW-B. It has great power, but at the same time it has a high fuel consumption — 0.97 kg / h, so you will have to change gas cylinders very often. The device has various protective functions, which I consider to be pluses, but the NeoClima 07HW-B model has an open flame, and the BOGH-15 has a flame inside a heat-resistant flask, which is also beautiful. The price is 32300 rubles.

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