Philips is a Dutch company that occupies a leading position in the home appliance market. The reason for this is their excellent manufacturing quality with every new model.

The blenders of this company, which are used by craftsmen from all over the world, deserve special attention.

How to choose?

If you are a fan of making various sauces and cocktails, then a stationary blender will become your best friend. Often, such blenders have a bowl, the capacity of which can be from one and a half to two liters (depending on the device), with a power of 200 W to 500 W.

If you need to prepare thick dough, you will need an immersion blender up to 1000 W with the appropriate attachment. Submersible blenders are also used to prepare minced meat or grind hard nuts, grind seeds, dried fruits, or greens.

Each Phillips blender comes with two types of attachments. This can be a cone-shaped nozzle with smooth edges to prevent splashing while the blender is running. Alas, such a nozzle has one significant disadvantage — it mixes worse. The second type of nozzles is a nozzle with wavy edges that create waves that suck the whipped mass towards the center. The disadvantage of this nozzle is that the entire mass will be sprayed.

Philips uses only durable stainless steel to make earbuds that will last much longer than plastic earbuds that tend to crumble over time.

When choosing a blender, few people think about the characteristics of the mixing bowl. But it is quite important to consider its capacity and the material from which it is made. The small bowl is ideal if you are going to grind small portions of ingredients to add them to the main dish, for example: garlic, herbs, nuts. Using a large bowl is an advantage when preparing various mixtures in liquid form.

When considering the material of the bowl, it is worth paying attention to two materials:

  • Glass. The bowls made of glass have a decent weight, scratch resistance, but, unfortunately, they break when dropped.
  • Polycarbonate or plastic. Bowls made of polycarbonate are lighter than glass and have a lower price, but over time the material wears off due to scratches.


TOP 5 Philips immersion blenders

Which Philips immersion blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

There are several different series in the Philips blender family, with both advantages and disadvantages. One of the main series includes the Viva and Avance series, which have quite interesting blenders.

It is worth noting out of the whole variety of models only five of those who stand out from the rest with their attractive characteristics.

HR2655 Viva Collection

This blender is hand-held and has a fairly powerful 800W motor. one

The set comes with only three attachments, while the blender itself has only two speeds, in addition, the set also comes with a whisk and chopper.

The blender’s foot is made of metal, although the blender itself is submersible and has a bowl made of plastic..

A nice addition to the blender is that it is equipped with a turbo mode and ProMix technology, which was developed in collaboration with specialists from the University of Stuttgart and is designed for faster and more efficient blending.


  • Powerful motor for good chopping.
  • Interesting proprietary features such as ProMix and Turbo Mode.
  • Metal leg for diving.


  • The presence of only three nozzles.
  • There are only two speeds.

HR2633 Viva Collection

The motor power of this blender is 700W and is submersible. The kit comes with everything 2

only a whisk for whipping and a mini chopper.

With such characteristics, its weight is only 1.2 kg and has a leg made of metal.


  • Metal immersion leg.
  • Pretty light weight.


  • Not the best engine.
  • Small set available.

HR1679 Avance Collection

The type of this blender is a mini-combine with a power rating of 800 W and is 3


The mini harvesters are equipped with a large chopper with a capacity of 2 liters and a small chopper with a capacity of 300 ml..

The material of the immersion part is metal.

The set comes with a whisk for whipping, nozzles for dicing and shredding.


  • The blender has multiple speeds.
  • Large grinder and small grinder.
  • Large complete set.


  • No significant shortcomings were noted.

HR1672 Avance Collection

Immersion blender with 800W motor power and blade material — strong four


The blender has Philips proprietary features such as: SpeedTouch — stepless speed control with one button, ProMix technology.

The capacity of the glass is 700 ml, without the possibility of crushing ice.

Complete with measuring cup, compact chopper, whisk and XL chopper.


  • Strong, powerful engine.
  • The material of the knife is strong titanium.
  • The presence of proprietary functions: SpeedTouch, ProMix.
  • Good equipment.


  • Small glass.
  • Lack of ice crushing capability.

HR1676 Avance Collection

The new Avance collection has an advantage that allows 50 percent better 5

beat mass than previous generations.

This function is the basis of the main ease of use of the hand blender, which is in the middle-level category in terms of technical characteristics and functionality, as well as cost.

The engine allows you to work at a power of 800 W and has a smooth adjustment of the speed of rotation of the nozzles.


  • Refers to a new collection whose characteristics make them stand out.
  • High engine power.
  • Smooth adjustment of rotation of nozzles.


  • No significant shortcomings were noted.

TOP-5 stationary blenders Philips

Which Philips stand blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Also among stationary blenders, there are 5 unprecedented favorites.

Vacuum Philips HR3752

The Philips HR3752 vacuum stationary blender, with a power of 1400 W, has only eightone nozzle.

Supports pulse mode and vacuum technology, with the help of which, before mixing, the air is pumped out of the jug.


  • High engine power.
  • Support pulse mode and vacuum technology.


  • The presence of only one nozzle.

HR3655 Avance Collection

Due to the high power of 1400 W, the device is able to «accelerate» the working nozzle up to 35 7

thousand revolutions per minute and process even tough products as efficiently as possible.

The innovative ProBlend 6 3D technology helps preserve the flavor of processed ingredients.

The Philips HR 3655 kitchen stationary blender is equipped with a large 2-liter bowl made of durable glass, as well as two capacious glasses with sealed lids in order to take the finished drink with you.

Thus, you can always have freshly squeezed juice or a natural smoothie at hand.

The manufacturer also provides a special program for crushing ice. For maximum convenience and efficiency of operation, smooth adjustment of the speed of rotation of the nozzle and an additional pulse mode are implemented.

The product can serve as an excellent choice for people leading an active and healthy lifestyle.


  • The presence of a high power engine.
  • 6th generation ProBlend technology.
  • The presence of a huge bowl of durable glass.
  • The presence of two glasses with a sealed lid.
  • Possibility of crushing ice.


  • No significant shortcomings were noted.

HR3556 Viva Collection

700W motor featuring 6th generation ProBlend technology for a thorough 9

crushing and whipping.

It has several speeds with molded regulators, with support for pulse mode.

Comes with blender, pitcher and bottle of On the Go.


  • 6th generation ProBlend technology.
  • Multiple speeds with molded adjusters.
  • Support for pulse mode.
  • Nice equipment in the form of: a blender, a jug and a portable bottle.


  • Really weak engine.

HR2874 Daily Collection

A rather weak blender, with a motor whose power is limited to 350 watts, ten

having a bowl with a capacity of 0.6 liters.

It has only one speed, with support for a pulsed mode.

Comes with a filter for milk and juice.


  • Support for pulse mode.
  • A nice bonus in the form of a filter for milk and juice.
  • The presence of a bowl.


  • Frankly little power blender.
  • Small bowl capacity.
  • Has only one speed.

HR2102 Daily

A blender with the ability to crush ice with a power of 400 watts. Comes with a set 5glass, capacity 1500 ml and mini chopper 120 ml.

The complete set of the blender is limited to a plastic jug with a lid.


  • Possibility of crushing ice.
  • The presence of a large complete glass.
  • The presence of a mini grinder.


  • Small set.
  • Pretty weak engine.

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