Dishwasher of new generation. The Candy CDCP6/E 2000 is the most innovative model in the modern Candy Premium range of dishwashers.

This model embodies the most progressive and advanced technologies, as well as modern materials used to increase the operational life of the device up to 10 years.

Functionality Candy CDCP 6/E 2000

The device is equipped with a “child protection” function for the complete safety of the child. This dishwasher is equipped with the “Aqua Stop” function. With this function, you can independently select the amount of water, which will help to reduce the consumption of electricity and water.856

Useful features:

  • “low consumption” function;
  • “Super Eco Mix” function (with this function, rinse aid is supplied before the start of the main program);
  • “Intensive Zone” function (allows you to wash dishes even in the most difficult places with better quality).


  • VarioSpeedPlus technology allows you to speed up the process of washing dishes by 50%;
  • AquaStop technology prevents drying and damage to the inside of the machine, as well as breakdowns, thanks to the installation of a special plug on all drain hoses.

Distinctive features

  • the dishwasher is distinguished by the ability to adjust the intensity of the water flow;
  • When you select the Delay Timer function, the dishwasher automatically detects and sets the mode, i.e. time and duration of washing dishes.
  • the presence of the “Super 30 minutes” program, which allows you to clean the most difficult-to-clean cutlery and dishes in 30 minutes.

Pros and cons of the model


  • washing dishes at a water temperature of only 45 degrees C;
  • low cost;
  • the possibility of installing an additional basket for cutlery.


  • the ability to load only standard sets of dishes;
  • the presence of one mode of operation;
  • lack of protection from children.


  • number of placed sets: 6 sets;
  • water consumption per cycle: 6.5 l;
  • power consumption per cycle: 610 Wh;
  • maximum power consumption: 1280 W;
  • drying type: condensing;
  • Delay start timer: yes