Narrow (40 centimeters) built-in dishwasher DeLonghi DDW06S Granate platinum. It belongs to the premium category, therefore it is equipped with an extensive list of supported functions. In addition to this, it uses a brushless motor.

Functionality DeLonghi DDW06S Granate platinum

Provided functionality in the dishwasher DeLonghi DDW06S Granate platinum:47852

  1. 4 customizable programs, but there is no way to manually set the desired dishwashing temperature.
  2. There is a quick wash and an intensive one.
  3. There is child protection.
  4. Management – electronic, there is a display showing the remaining time until the end of washing dishes.
  5. Full protection against leaks, including blockage of the water supply.
  6. Drying – condensation.
  7. ECO mode, with more delicate washing of fragile dishes.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of DeLonghi DDW06S Granate platinum:

  • excellent dishwashing quality;
  • there are no unnecessary functions and settings, the dishwasher almost independently selects the correct washing mode;
  • does not make noise at all during operation;
  • attractive appearance.


  • expensive;
  • the wash cycle takes a long time with the standard program selected.


The technical specifications of the dishwasher declared by the manufacturer:

  1. Power consumption – up to 2 kW (flow heater is activated).
  2. The inside of the case is made of stainless steel.
  3. Water consumption – 9 liters.
  4. Noise during operation – up to 49 dB.
  5. Weight – 29 kilograms.