Built-in full-size dishwasher from a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances. Available in several color variations. Its main feature is the ultra-economical consumption of electricity (refers directly to the sink). But at the same time, it allows you to wash as many as 15 sets of dishes at the same time.

Functional overview

Supported features of this dishwasher:78524

  1. 9 independent programs, you can combine, customize 3 to your liking.
  2. 6 wash temperature selection modes.
  3. Drying — intensive, can be adjusted (affects electricity consumption).
  4. There is complete protection against leaks.
  5. Sound signal (switchable, if necessary).
  6. Child protection.

Pros and cons of the model

Key benefits of this sink:

  • economical;
  • very quiet, despite the use of intensive drying;
  • there is a removable tray for cutlery, as well as a holder for glasses;
  • you can adjust the basket on which the dishes are placed;
  • built-in antibacterial filter.

Main disadvantages:

  • heavy;
  • some find it difficult to understand the available dishwashing programs.


Technical characteristics of the Jacky’s JD FB4101 dishwasher:

  1. Power consumption — up to 1900 watts.
  2. Water consumption — 9 liters with a standard wash cycle.
  3. The duration of washing dishes with the basic program is up to 180 minutes.
  4. Noise during operation — up to 39 dB.


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