How to choose a washing machine for your home

Choosing a washing machine is not easy, because it is important to know the basic rules for choosing.

Choosing a washing machine should not be thoughtless. It is important to remember that it should fit the interior, not interfere with kitchen utensils and be practical to use. But taking all this into account in practice is quite difficult.

Embedded technology is an extremely convenient invention of mankind. This allows you to save space in the room, moreover, it looks great against the background of other pieces of furniture. This applies closely to the kitchen, because, as in this room, you usually need to place the maximum amount of equipment, while not losing convenience.

A popular option for built-in appliances is a washing machine. Largely because, by measuring its dimensions, you can perfectly fit it into the kitchen set, and make a countertop on top. So there are appliances in the kitchen, and the space is practically arranged. True, not all washing machines fit perfectly into the space, combine the convenience of performance and ease of connection.

Advantages of installing a machine in the kitchen

Pros and cons of built-in washing machines

It is very convenient to install the machine in the kitchen, because it is a gain in space. For example, in the bathroom it is difficult to install it without losing space, but in the kitchen it is practical – because the place above the machine can be equipped with a countertop. Moreover, the machine built under the countertop always looks stylish and modern and will fit into any interior without question. We must not forget about the proximity of communications, because the drain and water supply are nearby, so you don’t have to make extra tie-ins, you don’t need to carry out additional pipes.

True, there are also negative sides. It is impossible to store dirty laundry in the washing machine, it is better to put a basket in the bathroom for this purpose, because storing dirty things in a room intended for cooking is against all the rules. The second – after washing, it is better to leave the door of the machine open, as evidenced by the rules for its operation.

Purchase rules

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should pay attention to the following factors when buying. First, pay attention to the prices, check out the assortment and prices offered in stores. Of course, you need to measure the space where the machine will fit in your kitchen. It may turn out that well-known manufacturers do not create machines for the dimensions you need.

An important role is played by the color of the machine, because every housewife wants everything in the kitchen to be harmonious. To choose a countertop and a typewriter according to color shades is a very stylish and modern solution.

When studying the size of the washing machine, pay attention to its depth, because additional centimeters may be needed. The machine also has accessories, which also take up space, this factor must be taken into account when choosing built-in appliances.


When choosing a washing machine, you need to know that each has technical characteristics. And the choice should largely depend on them, because each person is individual and selects the technique for himself.

An important detail is loading, meaning how many kilograms can be loaded into the washing machine as much as possible. Narrow washing machines usually regulate loading up to five kilograms. And here it is important to understand how many kilograms are enough for you to wash.

It is convenient that each device has a booklet on the rules of operation, which states how much a certain item in the wardrobe weighs, in approximate terms, of course. If you save money and take a machine with a minimum load, this can affect the life of the device, because then the machine will have to be started much more often.


It is important to know that when it comes to embedded technology, it usually has standard dimensions: about 60x55x82. At the same time, a stand-alone machine will also perfectly hide behind any kitchen cabinets. There are many more stand-alone models in stores.

The technical characteristics include the washing class. The highest is marked – A, and the lowest is marked with the letter G. The same designations are used to indicate the spin class, as well as energy consumption.

Washing and spinning class of automatic washing machines

Other characteristics of washing machines

If above we talked about the important characteristics of washing machines, now we will talk about those that simply add ease of use. Management can be manual and mechanical. The first option involves the possibility of setting the washing parameters. Usually they are all displayed. There are machines that have a removable top cover. It is convenient for installation in the kitchen.


You should not buy washing machines that have a hot water connection function, because typical Russian conditions of pressure surges, turning off hot water can create unnecessary problems. All this will be the answer to the question: how to choose a washing machine in the kitchen.

additional functions of washing machines

All this suggests that the choice of a washing machine is far from an ordinary purchase, it is worth planning its appearance, characteristics, calculating dimensions, this will avoid unnecessary problems. Even imperceptible errors can take a long time. And the correct layout, precisely measured dimensions and a well-chosen washing machine will save a lot of nerves and allow you to enjoy excellent built-in appliances in the kitchen. It’s worth a little work to combine all the ideal parameters of the machine for your kitchen into one.

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