Thermopots are a good alternative to an electric kettle. They attract with a large volume, the ability to heat water and maintain its temperature for a long time.

What is a thermopot?

Thermopot combines the functions of an electric kettle and a thermos, that is, it heats water and is able to maintain its temperature.

Thermopots are especially convenient for families with small children. To pour water, the device does not need to be lifted or moved — just press the button. Thanks to the device of the flask and periodic heating, the water will always be hot.


The thermopot is also intended for a large number of people living in the same area. Everyone may need boiling water at different times, and with this device, the water will always be hot.

Thermo pots are also used in catering establishments. The device will be appreciated at its true worth with a large number of guests when you need to arrange a tea party.

The device can have several temperature modes — usually no more than 5-6. This allows you to adjust the heating so that water at the optimum temperature is always available.

Main thermopot functions — heating and heating water. Additionally, the following options may be provided:

  • Automatic shutdown. The device will turn off if there is little or no water in the tank. This feature is important for security purposes.
  • Button lock. This option is also necessary for security reasons, especially if there are small children in the house. Usually only the fill button is blocked. This function is present in most models of thermopots.
  • Delayed start. This option allows you to set the time to turn on the instrument. This option is convenient when there is no one at home all day or you don’t want to leave the device at night.
  • Blocking the filling of water during heating. This function ensures safety of operation, as if you open the lid during heating, you can get severely burned.
  • Sound signal. It notifies of the completion of work, that is, of boiled water.

Before buying a thermopot, you need to carefully consider what features you need. The more features a device has, the higher its price. Possible changes in the future should be taken into account — a small child may appear in the family, in the presence of which it is important to be able to set different temperature conditions and block the buttons.

Device device

The design of the thermopot is quite simple: a water tank, a heating element and a control element. The body of the device can be made of metal, plastic or glass, but the filling is always the same.

The water tank in a thermopot is a sealed flask — similar designs are used for thermoses. There is air between the walls of the appliance and the water tank. The thermopot cover is hermetically sealed. This is necessary to maintain the temperature of the water in the tank.

At the bottom of this flask is a heating element. It provides hot water. To maintain the set temperature, this element periodically turns on for heating. Most thermo pots have a disc heating element, a spiral design is less common.

Some models provide for the use of two heating elements. One performs the function of boiling water, and the other is needed to heat it.

A mechanical pump or pump is built into the thermopot lid. When the button on the control panel is pressed, water begins to flow from the spout of the device. This principle of pouring water is convenient, since the device is heavy compared to standard electric kettles.

Thermo pot on the table

Principle of operation

The thermopot works on the principle of an electric kettle. Water is poured into the device, and then it is turned on. After the water boils, the thermal switch is activated.

The water in the thermopot cools much more slowly than in the kettle, but still this process occurs. When the water cools down to the mark set by the user, the temperature sensor is activated.

Water must be poured into the device from any container, but do not put it under the tap. It is more convenient to purchase a jug for these purposes.

General rules for choosing a thermopot

The modern market offers a fairly wide range of thermal pots, so the consumer may experience difficulty in choosing. When buying such a device, you should focus on the following criteria:

  • Volume. This indicator should be calculated based on the number of people in the family and the frequency of use of the device. For a family of 2-3 people, a small thermal pot with a capacity of 2.5 liters is enough. If the family is larger or hot water is used frequently, then it is worth purchasing a device with a volume of 3-4 liters.
  • Frame. It is important to determine the material from which the outer part of the device is made. It can be metal, plastic, ceramic or glass. It is not uncommon to use a combination of two materials, such as metal and plastic. Plastic is attractive due to its low cost and rich color range. The disadvantages of such a material are fragility and tarnishing over time. If there are small children in the family, then a plastic case is preferable — metal can burn much more strongly. The metal case attracts with strength and durability, although such material can be scratched.
  • Flask material. Usually metal or glass is used. Glass flasks are more fragile, but do not emit harmful substances, as is possible when using metal. Stainless steel is also safe in this regard. Another disadvantage of metal flasks is the possibility of an extraneous taste of water.
  • Heating element. It is better to choose models with a disk element, since in the presence of an open spiral, you will often have to descale the thermopot. Another advantage of the disc is the lower noise level. It is important to pay attention to the heater coating — it can be silver, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, gold-plated. This addition is necessary to protect the heating element from corrosion.
  • Water supply. The mechanical pump is attractive in that the water will be supplied even during a power outage. The operation of the electric pump is directly connected to the network.
  • Power. Often manufacturers specify two parameters. The higher the first indicator, the faster the device will heat the water. The value of the second parameter depends on the efficiency of the thermopot, therefore it should be minimal. Usually, if there are two power indicators, the device has two heating elements — separately for boiling and heating water.
  • The presence of a filter. This function is necessary if ordinary tap water is poured into the device.
  • Number of temperature modes. For simpler models, water heating is performed in only one mode, for others this parameter can be set independently. Most models with a choice of temperature settings allow you to set it in three positions: 60, 80 and 95 ° C.
  • Control Panel. Sometimes there are models with menus in English, so you should pay attention to this detail.
  • Control panel illumination.
  • Possibility to detach the cover of the device. At first glance, this is an insignificant factor, but if necessary, drain the remaining water or rinse the device from the inside, this feature will be very useful.
  • Rotation on a stand. This possibility is important if the device will stand in the middle of the table. Then it will be convenient for each person to turn the thermopot towards him.
  • Measuring scale. For the convenience of the user, it should be transparent and have digital designations.
  • cleaning function.

Watch a video with tips on choosing a thermo pot and an overview of the features of three popular models of this device:

It is important to take into account the additional options of technology. For safety, the functions of locking the buttons and pouring water when heated are necessary. It is also important to have a comfortable and strong handle on the device so that it can be carried if necessary.

When choosing a thermopot, any little things should be taken into account. Such a device is used daily several times, therefore its convenience, safety and availability of the necessary options are important.

Which thermopot to choose? Top Models

Today, in any home appliance store you can find a decent assortment of thermopots. When choosing, you should pay attention to the TOP of the best devices.

Panasonic NC-HU301

This model is designed for a volume of 3 liters. The power of the device is 910 W, the second parameter while maintaining the temperature is 13 W.

The body of the thermopot is a combination of metal and plastic. The heating element is a closed coil.

This model has the possibility of stepwise adjustment of the temperature regime — 80, 90 and 98 ° C. Water filling is carried out by an automatic pump.

One of the important advantages of this model is the presence of a built-in battery. This allows the consumer not to be left without hot water during a power outage.

Panasonic NC-HU301

Another advantage of the thermopot is the ability to adjust the filling speed. The consumer can choose one of the 4 proposed modes.

The device has an internal carbon coating that improves the drinking properties of water, and a self-cleaning function. In the absence of water, the thermopot is blocked.

The cost of such a thermopot is on average 6000-7000 rubles.

Redmond RTP-M802

This model is designed for 5 liters. The power of the device is 1200 watts.

The body of the unit is made of stainless steel. For heating, a hidden element is installed, there is a cooling fan.

Temperature conditions are regulated stepwise. You can set the parameter to 60, 90 or 98°C. Separately, there is a boiling mode and an economy mode. The second option is energy-saving — the device will be in a standby state if the light is turned off in the room.

The instrument has a backlit LCD display. Control type — electronic. For safety reasons, you can block the water supply.

Redmond RTP-M802

The thermo pot is attractive with an electromechanical pump, so it will be possible to pour water even when the electricity is turned off. Among the advantages is a temperature regime of 60 ° C — this parameter is important for families with small children.

This thermopot model is distinguished by the presence of a rapid cooling system. This mode allows you to quickly cool the water to 62 ° C.

The average cost of the device is 8000 rubles.

Bosch THD 2021/2023

Such a thermopot is designed for a small family and has a volume of 2 liters. The power of the device is 1600 watts.

The body of the unit is made of plastic. The heating element is a closed coil. For safety reasons, when there are small children, you can lock the control buttons.

The thermo pot has 5 temperature settings. Switching is carried out stepwise. You can set the temperature from 70°C. The sound signal notifies about water heating.

Bosch THD 2021/2023

This model is attractive with an automatic descaling program. The device has a filter, the need to replace which will be notified by a special indicator.

A distinctive feature of the unit is that it heats the amount of water that is required per cup. In this case, you can adjust the serving volume from 120 to 300 ml. This possibility is attractive because a mug of hot water can be obtained in less than a minute.

An important plus of the device is a stand for mugs, which can be set to any height. This is not only convenient, but also eliminates the risk of splashing boiling water.

The average cost of the device is 6000 rubles.

Vitek VT-1198

This model is designed for 4 liters. The power of the device is 750 watts.

The body of the thermopot is made of stainless steel. There is a convenient measuring scale with digital marks 1, 2 and 3 l.

The water supply can be done in different ways — using an automatic pump or by pressing the cup on the valve.

Vitek VT-1198

An important advantage of this unit is the ability to choose the temperature regime. The parameters are adjusted in steps. The minimum temperature regime is only 45 ° C, which is rare for such equipment.

One of the advantages of this model is the delayed start. There is also an energy-saving mode — the device turns off in the dark. If necessary, this option can be disabled.

The average cost of this model is 7000 rubles.

Vitesse VS-162

The body of this thermopot is made of metal combined with plastic (lid, bottom part). The device is designed for a volume of 4 liters. Its power is 750 watts.

The thermopot has a convenient measuring scale with digital designations. The thermopot is distinguished by the simplest control. There are two temperature regimes — boiling (100°C) and 90°C.

The water supply in the thermopot is combined. There is an electric pump, but when there is a power outage, the mechanical pump works.

Vitesse VS-162

Despite the simplest control of the device, safety requirements are taken into account. If there is not enough water, the unit is blocked. There is also a pump lock button.

One of the advantages of this model is an attractive design. The body of the device is made in purple with a floral ornament.

This thermal pot is attractive due to the combination of affordable price, decent quality, simple control and the availability of the necessary options. The average cost of the device is 3500-4000 rubles.

Scarlett SC-ET10D02

This model is designed for a volume of 4 liters. The power of the thermopot is 750 watts. The heating element is a hidden coil.

The case of the device is made of steel in a classic combination with black plastic. The flask of the unit is made of metal. Measuring scale without digital designations, marks are indicated for every half-liter of poured water.

Scarlett SC-ET10D02

Thermopot has 3 temperature modes — 70, 85 and 98°C. Switching of parameters is carried out stepwise.

Combined water supply — electric pump and mechanical pump. For safety reasons, a blocking of the water supply is provided.

One of the advantages of thermopot is the swivel base. The device can be rotated 360°.

An important point is the presence of a shutdown button on the body of the device. Many models are deprived of this advantage, because they turn off only when the plug is removed from the outlet.

A pleasant advantage of thermopot is a combination of quality, necessary functionality and a pleasant price. The average cost of the device is about 3000 rubles.

Thermo pots are much more attractive than electric kettles due to their larger volume and advanced functionality. When choosing a device, it is important to take into account individual needs in order to choose a model that combines good quality, affordable price and the necessary set of features.


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