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Every housewife knows that it is difficult to get rid of odors in the kitchen during cooking. Therefore, in many residential areas, special kitchen hoods are installed in these rooms that solve this problem. But immediately another appears — the noise from the operation of this device. Therefore, when choosing a hood, the range of which is very large on the market, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of its noise during operation. For this purpose, this review was written, which will tell you how to choose a silent kitchen hood in 2022 for your home.

Performance and Noise


It is no secret that the operation of kitchen hoods is accompanied by a certain noise, which is associated with the operation of an electric motor, a rotating fan: there are no completely silent exhaust systems on the market yet.
Noise generation is affected by the following parameters:

  1. Performance is the main characteristic that shows how many cubic meters of air pass through the hood during 60 minutes of operation.
  2. Kitchen area.
  3. The power of the exhaust system depends on the size of the room.

From everything described, we can conclude that the listed parameters are interconnected, and they can be calculated using the formula: the height and area of ​​u200bu200bthe room is multiplied by 12. The result will show how many times the air in the kitchen should be updated when cooking according to Russian standards.
If you intend to remove polluted air from the room, then the result obtained must also be multiplied by a factor of 1.3, taking into account the length of a standard duct, the depth of the shaft and the number of floors in the building.
Most buyers are interested in why such calculations are needed. Their purpose is to choose the optimal hood for your room. When buying such a system, it is necessary to take into account the required performance and noise level during operation.
When buying, you need to know that when choosing a new hood, it is necessary to take the performance a little higher than necessary so that the air circulation is normal.

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Noise level


Manufacturers are increasingly working on the creation of silent hoods in order to make cooking even more enjoyable. To date, there are already special developments in this direction: fans are created with motors that operate quietly. A person almost does not pick up the noise from the operation of such a unit.
Every day a person is faced with different noise, and in order to understand its power, consider the following examples:

  • Whispering conversation at a distance of one meter — 20 dB.
  • The voices of people in the auditorium — no more than 30 dB. Note that this noise level is maximum for multi-storey buildings at night.
  • Quiet conversation creates a noise level of -40 dB — this figure is the limit for living quarters in the daytime.
  • Communication on raised tones — 60 dB. Note that for Europe this figure is considered acceptable for offices.
  • Freight transport moves with a noise of 80 dB.
  • Thunder rolls are characterized by a noise level of 100 dB. Note that at this level, you can listen to music through premium headphones.
  • The sound of a working jackhammer creates noise in the range of 120 dB.

A person begins to feel pain at a noise of 120–140 decibels, and a working hood works with noise up to 65 decibels, so there is no strong effect on the hearing organs.

How high is the noise level of the hood

Before purchasing an extractor hood, it is necessary to consult about its power and performance, and what level of noise it emits at maximum speed. This information can be found in the instructions that came with the device. To date, most manufacturers produce housings of exhaust systems from sound-absorbing materials, which significantly reduces the noise level to acceptable levels.
And also do not forget about the human factor: for one, 55 dB can be quite acceptable, and for another — very loud.
If you want to purchase a kitchen hood with a minimum noise level, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. No need to buy a hood with a large capacity.
  2. You need to purchase exhaust systems with an operating mode regulator. This can be explained by the fact that they operate very rarely at maximum modes.

It is also necessary to always perform maintenance on time, paying special attention to cleaning the filters and the air duct. When they are clogged, the noise increases significantly.

Innovative developments

When buying a silent hood, a woman can be conquered by an attractive design, good power and performance. In the process of cooking, these systems will not interfere with their hum: you can watch a TV series, talk on the phone and even cook when small children are sleeping. Such hoods are perfect for rooms where the living room and kitchen are combined into one room.
Falmec, an Italian brand, created the NRS Noise Reduction System, which literally fascinates with innovation and build quality. Hoods from this series are 85% quieter than similar systems from other manufacturers. The employees of the company have achieved the almost impossible: they have increased efficiency while reducing energy consumption.
When creating the body and components, sound-absorbing materials were used. For this reason, people who have already purchased these hoods enjoy cooking.
When creating exhaust systems, engineers used the following unusual solutions:

  • Exhaust fan — located at the greatest distance from the air intake.
  • Thick body walls, so they absorb sound.
  • The V-shaped traps are constructed from acoustic material and therefore the hood operates quietly.

Hoods from an Italian company create a noise level of no more than 30 decibols, which means that the operation of this system is invisible against the background of the rest of the sounds of the apartment.

Rating of the quietest hoods

Elica Oretta Wh/A/60

This hood from the Italian brand is the undisputed leader. Its characteristics:

  1. Productivity in the mode of an output of pollution is 900 m³/h, in the period of circulation — 650 m³/h.
  2. The noise level is no more than 32 dB.
  3. The design is very elegant, the illumination is provided by two 25 W halogen lamps.
  4. Speed ​​control is standard.
  5. Air purification from pollution occurs due to high-quality coal filters.

The maximum cost for this device is 35 thousand rubles.

Ardesia Basic-F 50 W

This model costs no more than $55, and as it turned out, it is not only the most budgetary, but also the most silent.
The hood has a capacity of 190 m³/h, so it will fit well into the interior of a small kitchen. This system is small in size and very easy to install. The work is carried out quietly, as evidenced by the reviews of many buyers.

Indesit H 161 IX

A good hood, you can become the owner of which for $ 60. Characteristics:

  • Power — 200 watts.
  • Productivity — 250 m³ / h.
  • Noise level — up to 50 dB at maximum power.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the absence of a carbon filter in the configuration.

Candy CCE 16 X

The approximate price of this exhaust system is $130. This model is a fireplace and operates in both circulation and air exhaust modes. Properties:

  1. Power — 150 watts.
  2. Productivity — 450 m³ / h.
  3. Noise level — no more than 50 dB, which is confirmed by user reviews.
  4. Reliability — able to work without repair for 4-5 years.

Despite the fact that this model is outdated, it is still in demand and therefore it can still be bought at the points of sale of household appliances.

Ardesia CN60CR

This domed fireplace exhaust system sells for $150 and is characterized by high performance and is capable of operating in two modes: air extraction and air circulation. It is intended for a kitchen with a large area. Characteristics:

  • Productivity — 400 m³ / h.
  • Management is electronic.
  • Noise — 50 dB at maximum power.
  • Quality build.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Attractive appearance.

In this article, we tried to cover the topic of various exhaust systems as fully as possible, described their advantages and disadvantages. We hope this will help you in choosing the quietest range hood for your kitchen.

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